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Kathy Edens

Freelance Copywriter

I help my clients reach their readers and customers through compelling and engaging written content. In addition to a Bachelor of Science in Professional Writing and Psychology, I have experience in writing web content, case studies, white papers, ghostwriting full length books, newsletters, articles, blog posts, sales letters, landing pages, advertorials, fundraising letters, lead-gen letters, brochures, press releases, and flyers. I have a diverse set of clients from industries such as technology, finance, health, retail, insurance, B2B, information marketing, professional services, and nonprofit. I encourage you to see what my clients have to say about my work. I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with my writing.
Copywriting Content Writing Ghostwriting B2B Marketing 3 more
Tests: 3 Portfolio: 1

Jane E Munday

Professional Researcher and Writer

I have 20 years experience in Technical/Business Writing and Research, with an MSc in Computer Science and an MA in Social Science Research Methods. I specialise in survey design & analysis, white papers, internet research and technical content. PLEASE NOTE: I only undertake Business Contracts. No Student Essays, Thesis or Dissertations. My work has informed large scale bid documents, presentations and proposals. I have completed research reports on Teenage Alcohol Abuse, Tourism at Iconic Bridges, The Low Carbon Economy, Agglomeration in Manchester, Cheshire and Liverpool. I have also designed a range of internet surveys for use in LimeSurvey or SurveyMonkey. My core competency is in desk/secondary research (including analysis and interpretation) for business. I am seeking ways to help you get the information your business needs to grow and expand - using techniques from both Business Intelligence and Market Research. Key Skills: Business Writing, Technical Writing, Technical Content Writing, White Paper Writing, Business Reports, Survey Design, Online Surveys, Internet Surveys, Survey Data Analysis, Report Writing, Content Editing, Case Studies, Feasibility Studies, Article Writing, Questionnaires. Please Note: To see all my feedback, please scroll down and select View More. Some recently closed jobs are empty of feedback due to the administration process.
Internet Surveys Survey Design Report Writing Article Writing 6 more
Tests: 13 Portfolios: 9

Helen Atkinson

Medical Editor

I am an experienced medical editor with advanced writing skills and a solid background in both basic science (undergraduate degree in Chemistry) and medicine (MD). Because of my knowledge of medical science and terminology I am able to intelligently translate key medical concepts into accessible language for both the general public and the academic community, generating clear and consistent high-quality medical content.
Editing Proofreading Medical Writing Internet Research
Tests: 6 Portfolio: 1

Nicole C.

Math Content Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Writer, LaTeX, MathML

I have been writing for over 15 years everything from business proposals to academic papers and creative writing. I tutor English, Science, and Math at the high school, college and university level. I have been tutoring for over 20 years. I have advanced level skills in LaTeX with a focus on math equations.
Mathematics Lesson Plan Writing Teaching Mathematics Editing 6 more
Tests: 8

Jenny Griffin

Environmental Communication Consultant

Freelance environmental/science writer specializing in ecology, marine science, sustainability, green building, climate change, environmental health and conservation issues. I offer environmental writing and copywriting services, including: attention grabbing sales copy, green blogs, articles, web content, press releases, environmental educational resources, technical writing & environmental reports. I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Marine Biology, a Diploma in Nature Conservation, and a Certificate in Freelance Journalism. I have taken courses on science writing and communicating science to a non-scientific audience, & courses on 'Covering Climate Change' & 'Covering Water Quality'. As a qualified and experienced ecologist/environmental educator, I have a deep understanding of ecological principals and environmental/sustainability issues, together with a knack of communicating complex subjects in simple terms that my target audience - typically non-specialists - can easily understand. I also have a wealth of experience in the pet care industry, and write extensively on pet care and animal husbandry topics. I am a committed team player with excellent research skills, and to ensure client satisfaction, I will go the extra mile - with a smile :)
Environmental Science Climate Sciences Technical Writing Scientific Writing 6 more
Tests: 8 Portfolios: 4

Mervin Huang

Expert Translator/Writer/Marketer

Versatile, innovative translator/writer/researcher with years of hands-on experience in accounting, finance, writing, and data analysis. Expert in literary Chinese, history, TCM, and political science. Translation: Provide high-quality translation for 15 years based on my expertise in various areas including health, IT, finance, real estate, fashion, politics, literature, and history. Well versed in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese, good command in Cantonese, native written English and very fluent spoken English. Writing: A good grasp of Chinese and English languages, deep knowledge and frequent practice in the business world, and consistent study into various subjects enable me to provide excellent work of Chinese and English in both business writing and academic writing. Business consultation: Having studied business administration at college and fulfilled different roles (accountant, PMC, researcher, editor) in various industries (manufacturing, finance, and e-commerce), I have been utilizing my knowledge and analytic skills for 10 years to serve clients from many countries, providing solutions in outsourcing, import/export, marketing, and SEO/SEM.
Translation English Chinese Translation Chinese English Business Writing Market Research 6 more
Tests: 32 Portfolios: 15

Heaven Hodges

Technical Editor

I specialize in copyediting and typesetting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) documents in U.S. English. My work history includes editing the technical writing of authors who are not native English speakers. Copyediting is the service you need if you have finalized the structure and content of your text but are not ready for the final error-checking just before release (i.e., proofreading). I edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, diction, usage, clarity, conciseness, internal consistency. I also typecode. Unlike general editors, I have technical user experience and research experience. I am familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style, the AIP Style Manual, the Microsoft Manual of Style, and the CSE style manual. I can track changes to your document with Git, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, and directly in LaTeX source files. I also use LaTeX to typeset exams, journal articles, forms, and more. I work with open source document formats such as OpenDocument and lyx, and markup languages such as HTML5 and Markdown. I do not use Skype.
Technical Editing Copyediting Technical Writing Editing 6 more
Tests: 14 Portfolios: 5

Mikhail Kutuzov

Ph.D. scientist, native Russian speaker, fluent in English

My main profession is researcher in Biology and Biochemistry (Ph.D. in Chemistry). Technical/science writing is part of my profession; I have published 55 research articles, reviews and book chapters, mostly in English, some in Russian or bilingual journals. Also as part of my main job, I have been editing manuscript drafts written by junior colleagues and students (non-native speakers and native English speakers with limited technical writing experience). I am also fluent in colloquial French, and can translate texts from French into English or Russian.
Technical Editing Translation Russian English Translation English Russian Translation French English
Tests: 3 Portfolio: 1

Devon Cohen, M.D.

Science Writing and Professional Communications

I am an academic science & professional communications writer and editor with an M.D. from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. I gained a foundation in these fields from the Johns Hopkins University, where I earned a BA in Public Health Natural Sciences and Psychological Brain Sciences. I have extensive research and academic writing experience in healthcare, psychology, neurology, sleep medicine, infectious diseases, and environmental science.
Medical Writing Academic Writing Editing Research Papers 6 more
Portfolio: 1