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Dario Bucabal

Dario Bucabal

IT, Virtual Assistant, eBay, Amazon, Data Entry, Research & Admin

United States - Tests: 18 - Portfolio: 12

Absolutely 100% customer satisfaction on services rendered. Already had IT related job experience, Customer Service and Technical Support Representative with local and international account. Been working as Quality Management Officer (QA) one of the biggest telecommunication company in the Philippines. More skills on administrative work, technical troubleshooting and customer service. Also, deep in doing research works, data entry, virtual assistant and even paper works. Hardworking, can stay long in the company as long as I can contribute and productive.

$15.00 /hr
1,670 hours

Sergey G.

Sergey G.

QA Expert, Salesforce Administrator

Belarus - Portfolio: 8

• Over 10 years of experience in IT • Over 6 years of experience as Quality Assurance, Salesforce Administration and Support Engineer in commercial and custom applications with a focus on Salesforce and platform; • Strong knowledge of software testing theory and methodologies; • Experience in preparing all types of documentation, including test and bug reports, test cases and test plans, installation and configuration support guides; • A strong team player with an ability to take on new roles and responsibilities.

$27.00 /hr
3 hours

Rafaqat Inayat

Rafaqat Inayat Agency Contractor

14000+Hour,VA,Data Entry,Web Research,SEO,Wordpres

Pakistan - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 30

My Goal is to work in certain company,Institution or Employer where I can put my best and excel in any given task may it be office base work or home based. I want to obtain a challenging work which would take full advantage of my Skills. I am Masters of Commerce from Superior University Lahore, Pakistan.I have been teaching College handling Commerce Subjects such as Principle Of Accounting,Advance Accounting, Cost Accounting, Commerce and some General subjects related to Commerce. I can also be your online/offline Personal Assistant I have good experience in the following areas: Restaurant Menu Building (We have expert staff for menu building, have completed Many restaurant/bar/wine menus) I am fast and reliable data entry worker. I have wide experience handling Website Research. I have wide experience regarding Ads postings I have experience in Video Making particularly in images and soundtrack in ANIMOTO, and other related software. Articles Submission I can add Create Store and Add product on Any Famous Online Store.. Data Entry/Processing/Analyzing/Extraction Google Maps Social Bookmarking Submission Directory Submission I have experience basic creating and editing, designing Website in Word press Keywords Research/Maker I am willing to go online while working and can always keep on tract. I am looking forward to help you in any projects you may have as long as I know how to perform it successfully and perfectly according to you standards and satisfactions. Thanking you in advance and Rich Blessings to you. Regards, Rafaqat Inayat

$3.00 /hr
14,144 hours

Mir Jahangir Hossain

Mir Jahangir Hossain Agency Contractor

Experienced Web Designer/Developer and Programmer

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 8

I am an efficient IT professional with 14+ years of experience operating all the major IT infrastructure dominions. Well-versed in developing and delivering apps across platforms and devices. Focused on excelling in mission-critical production support, strategic adaptability, long-term corporate vision and business goals. Posses in depth knowledge in Website Design and Development, Programming, Database Management System, Project Management, Search Engine Optimization, Content Management System & E-Commerce Applications ACCOMPLISHMENT: ► Managed a team of Business Analysts and Software Engineers located in various regions across the United States and South Asia ► Oversaw IT infrastructures of more than 10 office locations worldwide including USA, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco and Panama ► Collaborated with the IT team to design, implement and enhancements of various IT projects which resulted in a productivity increase of 40% ► Developed an in-depth knowledge of the company’s application portfolio, development tools & procedures ► Managed complex Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing deployment programs, facilitating acquisition of business requirements ► Designed, developed and maintained various Content Management Systems, Portals, Web based applications & responsive websites ► Handled corporate banking, financial transactions, office administration and miscellaneous operations SPECIALTIES: ★ Technology Strategy Developments ★ Business Intelligence Solutions ★ Project Management ★ Cloud Computing ★ Database & Network Administration ★ Content Management System ★ Disaster Recovery ★ Finance ★ Administration COMPETENCIES (Tools & Technologies): ◆ Microsoft Azure ◆ SAP Business One ◆ SQL Server ◆ Visual Studio (.Net) ◆ Salesforce ◆ Sage ACT ◆ QuickBooks ◆ DevExpress ◆ RedGate ◆ CodeCharge ◆ R Analytics ◆ WordPress ◆ Joomla

$20.00 /hr
44 hours

Nicolae G.

Nicolae G.

Experienced Researcher with PhD in Economics and Econometrics

Romania - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 6

I am a experienced academic writer specialized in Finance, Economics and Statistics. I hold a doctoral degree in "Finance" (September 2013), a master degree in "Banks and Financial Markets (July 2010) and a bachelor degree in "Finance and Banks" (July 2008). I have written 19 academic articles indexed in international journals (2010-2014), 1 book as author (2014) and 2 books as co-author (2013-2014). In the period between 2010 and 2013, I participated to 10 national and international scientific conferences. In addition, I was editor for 4 books published between 2013 and 2014. I have experience in banking as I worked for the National Band of Romania (2008-2010), research, academic writing and empirical analyses as PhD student within the Doctoral School of Economics and Business Administration - "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi (2010-2013), and audit & financial analyses as auditor at one of the largest companies in Romania (2014-present) All the aforementioned results rely on advanced competencies in using the Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), statistical analyses by using EViews 7.2 and SPSS (financial time series modeling using unit root tests - ADF, PP, KPSS, Zivot-Andrews with one structural break, regression models, cointegration - Engle-Granger and Johansen, VAR and VEC models), EndNote referencing software (for reference styles as APA 6th, Harvard, MLA, Chicago etc.), Adobe Professional for administrative services. ************************************************************************************ Selected articles * Ghiba Nicolae, Sadoveanu Diana, Avadanei Anamaria (2012), Real exchange rate behavior in 4 CEE countries using different unit root tests under PPP paradigm, Proceedings of 30th International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics, Silesian University in Opava Publishing, School of Business Administration in Karvina, ISBN 978-80-7248-779-0, pag. 225-230; * Avadanei Anamaria, Ghiba Nicolae (2011), Evaluating and managing systemic risk in the European Union, Hradek Economic Days Proceedings, Economic Development and Management of Regions, ISBN 978-80-7435-101-3, pag. 22-26; * Ghiba Nicolae, Sadoveanu Diana (2012), Testing Purchasing Power Parity in Romania using standard unit root tests, with one structural break and cointegration analysis, Romanian Economic Journal (REJ), 44, iunie 2012, ISSN 1454-4296, pag. 225-241; * Ghiba Nicolae (2012), Purchasing Power Parity influence on real exchange rate behavior in Romania, CES Working Papers Series, 3(4), ISSN 2067 - 7693, pag. 524-536; * Sadoveanu Diana, Ghiba Nicolae (2012), Purchasing Power Parity: Evidence from four CEE countries, Journal of Academic Research in Economics, 4(1), martie 2012, Editura Fundația România de Mâine, ISSN 2066-0855, pag. 80-89; * Ghiba Nicolae (2010), Exchange rate and economic growth. The case of Romania, CES Working Papers Series, 2(6), ISSN 2067-7693, pag. 73-77; *.Ghiba Nicolae (2011), The Relationship between Productivity and Relative Prices in Romania (Balassa-Samuelson Internal Mechanism), Ovidius University Annals, Economic Sciences Series, 11(1), Ovidius University Press, ISSN 1582 – 9383, pag. 819-823; * Sandu Carmen, Ghiba Nicolae (2011), The relationship between exchange rate and exports in Romania using a VAR model, Annales Universitatis Apulensis, Series Oeconomica, 2(13), ISSN 1454-9409, pag. 476-482; * Avadanei Andreea, Avadanei Anamaria, Ghiba Nicolae (2010), Financial integration of European Money Market form EMU to the Global crisis and beyond, Ovidius University Annals, Economic Sciences Series, 10(2), Ovidius University Press, ISSN 1582-9383, pag. 17-23; * Ghiba Nicolae (2012), Exchange rate and currency market evolution during the recent crisis, Proceedings of the 2nd ASECU Youth Meeting – Current Challenges of the Global Economy, Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași, ISBN 978-973-703-782-4, pag. 40-45; * Ghiba Nicolae (2011), Testing Balassa-Samuelson Model Hyphotesis in Romania, Collection of Papers – volume I, 12th Doctoral Annual Conference Proceedings, Oeconomica Publishing House, ISBN 978-80-245-1773-5, pag. 51-60;

$18.00 /hr
177 hours

Tina Trajković-Filipović

Tina Trajković-Filipović


Serbia - Tests: 1

Curriculum Vitae 1985-1989 – Yugoslav-French Society kindergarten 1989-1997 – Experimental Elementary School Vladislav Ribnikar 1997-2001 – Philological High School in Belgrade (major in French and English) 2001-2013 - Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Department for French language and literature (completed a four semester English language course as the auxiliary subject) July 2005 – November 2006 – engaged in Clio Publishing Company (Project Manager, Foreign Correspondent and Foreign Rights Manager). In addition to part-time translation jobs (both of specialized and literary texts) from French and English languages into Serbian and vice versa, took part in the following projects: Klod Žilber – Muzej i publika, Clio, Belgrade, 2005 (proof-reading, French) Bernar Deloš – Virtuelni muzej, Clio, Belgrade, 2006 (proof-reading, French) Žak Omon – Teorije sineasta, Clio, Belgrade, 2006 (translation from French) Translated the following children’s encyclopedia for Laguna Publishing Company: Meri i Džon Gribin - Stvaranje budućnosti, Laguna, Belgrade, 2007 (translation from English) December 2006 – October 2010 – worked as translator and a proof-reader from Serbian into English for Princip Bonart Pres Publishing Company: Serbia by Roads, Railways and Rivers, Princip Bonart Pres, Belgrade, 2007 (translation from Serbian into English) One Hundred Good Reasons to Visit Serbia, Princip Bonart Pres, Belgrade, 2007 (translation from Serbian into English) SERBIA ― National Review (fifteen editions of the bilingual magazine – translation from Serbian into English) Since June 2011 has worked for the Loudworks Lipsync Dubbing Production Agency, translating dialogue lists for the Japanese animated film (manga genre) Kirarin Revolution from French into Serbian, and dialogue lists for French animated film Lily, as well as adapting translation for Japanese animated films Animal Detectives and Class Rep in Love. Also translated dialogue lists for Disney’s adventure cartoon Tara Duncan (from English into Serbian). Currently translating dialogue lists for Japanese animated film Lil Pri (from English into Serbian). I have also translated dialogue lists for the following animated films: - Octonauts, from English into Serbian - Code Lyoko, from French into Serbian - Everything’s Rosie, from English into Serbian - Dofus, from French into Serbian Since September 2011 has worked as part-time translator for Click Fashion Studio (including translation of FAAR Magazine, as well as a number of contracts, bulletins and web presentations, and all necessary materials for the Belgrade Fashion Week project and other relevant projects): Faar Magazine 09, Fashion Studio Click, Belgrade, 2011 (from Serbian into English) Belgrade Shopping Guide, Fashion Studio Click, Belgrade, 2012 (from Serbian into English) Faar Magazine 10, Fashion Studio Click, Belgrade, 2012 (from Serbian into English) Faar Magazine 11, Fashion Studio Click, Belgrade, 2013 (from Serbian into English) Recently published a translation for Mostovi, a magazine for translated literature of the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia: Žil Vern, Žil Braltar, Mostovi, No. 152, September 2012 (from French into Serbian) Since November 2012, member of the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia Since November 2013 has worked as a Media Translator for Prava i Prevodi - Permissions & Rights; International Copyright Agency: - Translating dialogue lists for the French show Côté cuisine into Serbian; subtitling and adapting dialogues - Translating dialogue lists for the French show Inventive Recipe into Serbian; subtitling and adapting dialogues

$11.11 /hr
0 hours

Michael T.

Michael T.

Transcriber: Fast, thorough, faithful to audio.

Philippines - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 4

Transcribing all topics strange, old and new under the sun, faithfully and efficiently to your specifics. 1. CONSISTENTLY accurate, no guesswork. 2. NINETY-NINE to 100% overall transcript quality for clear dictations. 3. BIG experience with English conversations and interviews, speeches and lectures, podcasts, webinars, modules, various medical reports. (General and Medical Transcriptionist since 2003, past experiences as Editor and Quality Assurance Officer.) 4. SUPERIOR FOCUS and attention to detail; hard-to-match resourcefulness and comfort level with all jargon and proper nouns. The Woods Guide Transcriber, fingers fast, senses committed, sharp of ear, hungry of mind, seeking truth in sound, homing in on the words, a focused companion on a long-term work journey, at your service.

$12.14 /hr
3,002 hours

Timothy Joseph Fabie

Timothy Joseph Fabie

Speedy Graphic Designer (Print & Web)

Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 271

*** Need Graphics done fast? I am your guy. MY DEDICATION, LOYALTY AND HARDWORK ARE SECOND TO NONE, I AM SOMEONE YOU WOULD WANT TO BE ON YOUR TEAM FOR LONG TERM PROJECTS *** I am a Full-time ODESK Freelancer, I have more than 5 years of work experience as a Graphic Artist. I am online 8-12 hours a day and always available to work. I am honest, reliable and willing to work on a weekend. I use Photoshop in all my designs and English is my 2nd language. I hope to find someone who can keep me for long term projects. I can be your MOST dedicated and loyal contractor, All you need to do is to give me a chance to showcase what I can do. Please check out my designs @: My skype is: tjfabie

$35.00 /hr
1,421 hours

Sebastian B.

Sebastian B.

Graphic Designer | Logo Design & Branding

Romania - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 24

I'm a Romanian based Graphic Designer with more than 10 years of experience in Graphic Design. I worked for three years as graphic designer at an Italian agency specialized in branding (Gian Brogi & Co.), two years as art director at a business magazine (Vivid - Business & Lifestyle) In the past four years I worked on upwork and I had more collaborations with advertising agencies in US, France and UK. Some of the most notable clients I worked for are: - Harvard University - CFDT (French Democratic Confederation of Labour) - SCC (State Career College) - CDA (Center for Disease Analysis) - Bioplanet, Sprig, Basilur Tea Denmark, True Anthem, SICAS (Swiss Institute for Computer Assisted Surgery), Mandala Homes, Hamaco Trading, JCM Foundation, Nanostone Water, Pacific Capital Australia, FFG (Fornaro Financial Group), Digital Research Technologies, Donna Vincent Roa, VIVID Business and Lifestyle Magazine, Reel Finans, Pensionskraft, Ponte Partners.

$25.00 /hr
2,896 hours

Matt Greene

Matt Greene

Mobile App and Web Development

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 91

Matt Greene -CEO of Populace, Inc. a mobile and technology company located in the Metro Atlanta, GA area. With more then 6 years of mobile development experience, we have developed over 200 apps, all available in the App Store. In addition to these publicly available apps we have also developed enterprise applications for medium to large companies. Search "Populace, Inc." on the web or the App Store for project references. Cheers!

$50.00 /hr
70 hours