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  1. Pavel Pachkovskij

    Pavel Pachkovskij

    Full Stack Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, DevOps Expert

    Belarus - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

    I am Senior Ruby on Rails developer with 6+ years of experience. TECHNOLOGIES: Frontend: jQuery, Highcharts.js,Backbone.js, AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap Backend: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Jekyll, Golang DevOps: Chef, Capistrano, Amazon OpsWorks, Docker, JuJu Charms Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ Payment Gateways: Stripe, PayPal, Skrill APIs: Google APIs, Twilio, Mandrill, Mailgun, Quickbooks, Mixpanel Misc: PDF and Spreadsheets generation, PDF-templates filling and and signing, Emails styling Workflow tools: github, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine, New Relic, Airbrake, Mailtrap

    $40.00 /hr
    146 hours
  2. Danny Toi

    Danny Toi

    Web Developer - NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP

    Malaysia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 8

    Hi, I am Danny from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. From the very beginning of my career as an IT developer, I take every single moments of my life as an opportunity and try to act on it. I am very keen to keep long-term, trustworthy relationships with clients all around the world. I believe that choice, not chance, determines my destiny and hope to make the beneficial and realistic choice with you. For the last one and half year, I was so lucky to meet great people here on Upwork and do various projects successfully. Talking on my technical background, I am a full-stack web developer with a special interest in AngularJS, Node.js and several PHP frameworks including Laravel. I always try to deliver the best-of-quality products/services and write the maintainable and testable code which can be understood easily by other developers. Below are some other technologies and tools I am experienced in: - Grunt, Bower, NPM - jQuery, Underscore.js - Twitter Bootstrap, LESS - CodeIgniter, WordPress, Doctrine 2 - Unix server administration (AWS, DigitialOcean)

    $60.00 /hr
    3,846 hours
  3. Bryan McNamara

    Bryan McNamara

    Application and Website Development

    United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 8

    Efficient and well structured code that adheres to best practices. Solutions designed to achieve goals while maintaining sound design principles. Attended Ohio State University for a Bachelors in Computer and Information Science. Currently completing degree program at Liberty University for Bachelors in Information Systems Management with an Application Development Cognate.

    $40.00 /hr
    1,790 hours
  4. Leo A.

    Leo A.

    Wordpress Expert

    Canada - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 7

    Hello Over the last 8 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, javascript, Bootstrap and MySQL including sites for startup companies, small and large businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. I also have some experience in the following areas: - Responsive Designing, PSD to Wordpress, - Wordpress Multi-sites(WPMU), - Wordpress Multi-languages(WPML) configuration, - Real Estate Site Management(IDX), - Optimizing and Speed Up Web sites, - ACF, CPT, Mailchimp, Weebly and Wordpress Custom Theme Development. - Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, SASS, HAML, SLIM - jQuery frameworks, - Git, Heorku, Bitbucket I like to manage my projects utilizing my strong communication, organizational and technical skills to deliver on time and on budget. I look forward to discussing any upcoming development needs you may have. Many thanks Leo A.

    $33.33 /hr
    16 hours
  5. Ben Allfree

    Ben Allfree

    I turn your ideas into working software.

    United States - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 28

    My dad knew I was a programmer before I did. He bought me that first book when I was about 10. That was 28 years ago. I am a programmer with major project experience in every major language, platform, and operating system. I love working with small companies and startups. Whether you need someone to lead your team, program into the wee hours of the night, or just need someone to talk to, I can help. As your next Virtual CTO or chief architect, I can help translate your ideas into working software. As a full stack programmer, I provide frontend programming, backend programming, mobile programming, and infrastructure buildout. Whether solo or as your team lead, I bring years and depth of experience to your business. I don't have an hourly rate. If I can help you and add value to your cause, we will find a way together. You and I will choose an hourly rate that makes sense for your goals. I tell people that I am a thinking programmer. Not a "ninja", or a "rock star", or someone who "bangs out code". I am not a "Ruby guy" or a "PHP guy", or an "Agile guy" or a "Waterfall guy". I am just your thinking, capable, competent programmer who sees the world in full color and adapts to the situation. Someone who sits down with you and talks plainly about your goals and what it will take to reach them. If I am the right fit, I say so. If I am not the right person, I tell you that too. Building a technology business requires more than just programming skills. Knowing how to put together servers, infrastructure, networking, security, partner integrations, prototyping, and beta testing are factors which heavily influence your success. So as well as being your programmer, I am also your systems architect and technology advocate. Embedded systems projects are flooding Kickstarter, and I love it. If you need to create and program physical devices using Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino, or chipsets from Intel, ARM, and Motorola, I can offer hands-on help and experience. What about video games? Mobile, desktop, or console? I have experience with many of the top game engines including Unity, Unreal, Cry, Game Maker, and many other game development stacks including retro gaming. Or let's create your own game engine and show them all how it's done :) It has been my privilege to work with top brands like Sony, Nestle, NBC, Polaroid, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, and Adobe. As well, I have worked with many promising startups and am honored to be an oDesk Gold Member, an Upwork All-Star, and Upwork Top Rated Freelancer, and an Upwork Verified Web Developer. I have over 2,500 hours clocked on Upwork, a 5-star rating, and am 99% recommended by over 50 clients. Thank you to Upwork and all my clients who helped make this happen for me, it is a HUGE honor. Building hardware and software through Upwork is my full time occupation. I continually learn new ways and approaches to help you avoid costly mistakes and rework in your next project. If you are considering a new venture, a major addition to your existing software, or just need help crossing the finish line, you may be interested in my free ebook titled "Staying Lean". It teaches you how to build your tech startup *without* big budgets and venture capital. The book is free, all I ask in return is the privilege of keeping in touch with you. What do I love right now? What should you be looking at to build your next project? Glad you asked! My clients and I love Laravel, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ionic, Django, AngularJS, Bootstrap, mobile hybrid apps, iOS, Android, PHP, Symfony, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, mySQL, video, Facebook API, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Andruino, Twitter API, Single Page Applications (SPA), Auth0 (Hosted Identity Management), Composer, Bower, Node and NodeJS, grunt, SASS or SCSS, and much more!

    $120.00 /hr
    2,563 hours
  6. Anton Valy

    Anton Valy

    Ruby on Rails + Node.js + Python developer

    Romania - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 5

    Hi, I have an extensive experience with web & mobile development, have worked with many mid-sized companies looking for outsourcing, and helped them create and bring to market meaningful products, services and experiences. *On-time delivery, correctly implemented functionality and usability *, this is my motto. I will help you in the following areas: Mobile: - Objective-C (iPhone, iPad, Mac OS); - Android (Phones, Tablets, Kiosks, Taxi Kiosks, Different Glasses, Watches, Photo Cameras); - Windows Phone 8. Web: - PHP (Web) + frameworks (Zend, Yii etc); - J2EE (Web) + frameworks (Appfuse, Spring etc); - JS, HTML, HTML5, Ajax, CSS; - Tweeter Bootstrap. Servers: - nginx; - Cross platform servers: Apache, Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, GlassFish; - Amazon (EC2, RDS, S3); - BaaS solutions: Parse. Databases: - MySQL; - PostgreSQL; - Mongo DB; - Simple DB; - SQLite. Desktops: - Windows 8 (.Net); - Java (Windows, MacOS, Linux); - Objective-C Mac OS. Additional technologies: - Google Glass development; - NFC development; - Car computers apps development – Ford Mobile; - Sky glasses apps development. - Design (Mobile for iOS and Android, Web); - Testing; - Startups consulting (business model generation, customers development, customer validation); - Mobile marketing - building marketing companies for mobile startups (Android and iOS platforms); - Orginizing mobile payments and gateways (PayPal, Google Checkout, Visa..), systems for selling online things and exchange markets for things - money; -Building mobile Marketplaces (mobile excursions, trips, tickets etc). I am looking forward to working for you. Kind regards.

    $34.90 /hr
    8 hours
  7. Lucas Bakker

    Lucas Bakker

    NodeJS, Python, MEAN Stack, Ruby on Rails, Php Professional

    Netherlands - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 5

    World class service for world class startups! Top rated skillful web developer who is willing to work passionately to get my clients succeed in web world. I have 7+ years experience in web world, major in NodeJS, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails and Php. Quick leaner for any new technology I am highly experienced in: -Frontend : AngularJS, Html5/ Css3, Bootstrap, jquery, BackboneJS -Backend : NodeJS (MEAN stack), Php, Ruby -Database : Mysql, Postgresql, MongoDB, SQLite, NoSql -Frameworks : Php Slim, Laravel, Cakephp, Symphony, Ruby on Rails, NodeJS ExpressJS, SalesJS -Php CMS(Content Management System) : Wordpress, Magento, Drupal -Revision Control Systems: SVN, Github, Bitbucket -APIs: Stripe, Paypal,, Facebook API, Google Maps API, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest -Operating systems: Linux, OS X , Windows I provide a premium service, I don’t cut comers and I don’t look for the easiest way to implement your design needs; I look for the right way. I code so that design and functionality is intuitive and stable. I do all I can to make my clients happy. Thank you.

    $50.00 /hr
    3 hours
  8. Olivier D.

    Olivier D.

    Full stack Ruby on Rails Engineer

    France - Tests: 1

    ### Area of Expertise ### Programming languages : » Ruby, Javascript, (C++, Java, Python). System Administration : » Strong Linux/Unix knowledge (Debian/Centos/OSX). Databases : » Mysql, MongoDB, Postgresql, Redis. Backend Frameworks : » Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Nodejs/expressjs. Frontend Frameworks : » JQuery, Angularjs. Hybrid mobile apps : » Ionic framework, ngCordova, crosswalk. Version Control : » Git, svn. Testing : » Rspec, Cucumber, Factory-Girl, Capybara. Deployment : » Capistrano, Vagrant, chef-solo. » AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean. » Vmware (Esxi), Xen Cloud Platform, experimentations with open-stack. Design : » Photoshop, Indesign. » Html5/Css3, Haml/Sass, compass. » Twitter Bootstrap, Zurb foundation. Project Management: » Agile methodologies. » Project planning. » Good knowledge of JIRA. website => Github =>

    $40.00 /hr
    6 hours
  9. Thomas W.

    Thomas W.

    Full stack Ruby on Rails/AngularJS/NodeJS/ReactJS Developer

    Germany - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

    I am a talented and experienced full stack web application developer who has 8+ years experience in web development and about 5 years in ruby on rails, My abilities focus on creating web applications using ruby on rails, angularjs, nodejs, emberjs, backbonejs, spree, refinery-cms, twitter-bootstrap, capybara, rspec, cucumber, coffeescript, javascript, jquery, ajax, haml, slim, erb, mysql, mongo, postgresql, factorygirl and so on. Ruby and JavaScript are the main programming languages I've been dedicating myself to for the recent years and I'm confident that I've come to have a deep understanding of the concepts, tools and libraries that are built around them. I can implement complex algorithms, I have experience in building web applications and websites (coding both backend and frontend) and I am also able to handle planning and prioritizing features to get efficient results. My main principle is: correct processes provide correct results. I am very interesting in ongoing jobs and partnerships, so it is very important that my clients had be happy to work with me. I stick to DRY principle, REST / MVC design pattterns and Test-driven development cycle (TDD) in writing code . I'm familiar with many popular RoR gems (Rspec, Capybara, Devise, Spree). My key skills: - Backend: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Spree, Refinery-CMS - Frontend: HAML, SCSS, LESS, SLIM, ERB, AJAX, Zurb, Twitter-bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Coffeescript, AngularJS, BackboneJS, D3.JS, Kendo UI, EmberJS, KnockoutJS, HighchartsJS, ReactJS - ROR Testing: TDD, BDD, Capybara, Cucumber, Rspec, Webrat, factory_girl - Javascript Testing: Jasmine, MOcha, Karma, Protactor - ElasticSearch, Solr, Rescue, Sidekiq, Faye, Rabbit MQ, Zero MQ - Mobile Development: Android, iOS, Xammarin - Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MYSQL, MSSQL - Operating System: Windows, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu - Web Servers: IIS, Apache, Nginx, HAProxy - Version Control: Git, TFS, Subversion, Stash, Bitbucket - Cloud Platform: Azure, Heroku, DigitalOcean, AWS * Core Skills - Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, D3JS - Test Driven Development & Behavior Driven Development(RSpec, Cucumber) My objective is to develop long-term collaboration with people and, most important, create valuable work on projects I'm part of. I'm confident that I can bring a good percent of hard work, dedication and quality development to any business.

    $44.44 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Iurii B.

    Iurii B. Agency Contractor

    Engineer (Rails, React, Marionette, Web Components)

    Ukraine - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 6

    Hey, there! My latest work has design & developer award on I have a HUGE experience in frontend development. __ ABOUT ME I am a creative frontend developer. I like awesome projects! Our latest projects are highly rated on Over last 4 years, I have been aiming at providing good services to clients. I am a JavaScript expert and worked on 100+ medium & large level applications. Contact me if you think you have a proper frontend and backend development requirement. I have a team with me as well. __ FRONTEND Frameworks: Backbone / Marionette / Fluxxor /Flux + React. Tasks runners: Google Starter Kit / Yeoman / Grunt / Gulp / Webpack. Preprocessors: SASS / LESS / Stylus / Coffee. Loaders: Browserify / RequireJS. HTML & SASS Frameworks: Susy / Bourbon / Neat / Compass / Bootstrap. Components: Polymer / Web Components / React / Bower. Package Manager: Bower. Methodology: BEM / SMACSS. Testing: Chai / Jasmine. __ BACKEND Framework: Ruby on Rails, RoR. Databases: MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. API: Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, Parse. Web Services: Google Cloud, AWS, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Rackspace. __ TOOLS OS: Macbook Pro OS X, iPhone 6 iOS. SVN: Bitbucket, Github. Project Management: JIRA / Trello / Slack. __ CONTACT ME I am open to interesting and fun consulting gigs, short-term contracts, workshops and any exciting projects working with nice people.

    Groups: BigCommerce, Corona Labs...

    Associated with: ABC Solutions

    $45.00 /hr
    2,016 hours