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Ali N.

Ali N.

Software Architect / Developer(C++, C#), Computer Science Reseracher

Sweden - Tests: 13

I have several years of experience in developing Windows and Web based software, including Sharepoint, database, and industrial monitoring and control applications. I have used Visual Basic, C#, C/C++ (Win32/MFC/CLR/Linux), and Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008 proffesionally to develop software solutions. I used advanced object oriented concepts and architecture patterns in software development. Moreover, I am a computer science researcher. My research fields of interest include computational neuroscience, neuronal networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer software.

$60.00 /hr
64 hours

Bhagwad Park

Bhagwad Park Agency Contractor

Expert Creative Writer with SEO Skills

India - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 8

As an experienced Content writer and SEO expert, I have logged hundreds of hours producing high quality articles and helping my clients rank well on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. With a feedback score of 4.99, and enthusiastic praise from dozens of clients about timely communication and reliability , I have also had the honor of being selected amongst the top 25 best writers on oDesk for a given month. I am an expert on a large variety of software including Joomla, Squidoo, Wordpress, Shopsite, and Magento. I have years of experience with technology and have written a large number of technical articles. I've also blogged on dozens of websites and have ranked high for innumerable articles. Here's a sample of my articles based on category: Examples of my Technical Writing Examples of Blogging: Examples of SEO: Clients have utilized my wide SEO experience to ensure that their sites are set up properly and have the highest chance of ranking well. I utilized keyword research, link building, article writing, and proper structure to achieve the best possible SEO results over time. You can find more about my services on my website

$22.22 /hr
1,707 hours

Maita eva P.

Maita eva P. Agency Contractor

Hardworking Online Data Entry Professional / Ebay Seller Consultant

Philippines - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

to be able to establish good working relationships while enhancing my skills and strengths. i want to give employers their money's worth by giving my 100% time, effort and dedication.

$11.11 /hr
13,726 hours

Matthew K.

Matthew K.

Software Samurai

United States - Tests: 7

Former engineering director of a ubiquitous JavaScript-based software platform scaled to 1.8 billion monthly users--most of the internet. Primarily advising and investing in startups these days, but secretly I love coding. It's the most relaxing thing in the world for me--been writing software since before I could ride a bicycle. So I made this profile to be a sort of web development Batman, swooping in to right wrongs and do fun projects. Things I love and do well - JavaScript - Node.js - WebGL - Online marketing - Growth hacking - Building & managing teams - Software project management - Web performance tuning - Automation - QA Things I do well - SEO - Conversion optimization - HTML5 - CSS3 I realize I'm more expensive than most and probably for most projects you don't need my level of expertise or competence--the fact that I work at lightspeed and document well may not matter most of the time. However, if you enjoy iterating towards an optimum and want to draw on my experience, I would love to share it with you.

$250.00 /hr
0 hours

Gregg V.

Gregg V.

Expert C#/.NET Developer Newly Returned To Upwork. First Hire Discount

United States - Tests: 21 - Portfolio: 8

If you don't have IT or software project experience, please don't contact me (unless you're a trusting adventure-seeker :) Bring Your Own Designer! IT Industry Knowledge Includes: - Best-practice Design & Implementation - B2B & B2C e-commerce - Systems Automation - BPR/Workflows- SaaS/Web 2.0 - Cobranding Vertical Industry Knowledge Includes: - Real Estate, Construction and Manufacturing management systems - Insurance (workflow) - Digital Media (distribution and conversion automation) - Healthcare (data collection & management) Some Background Information: - I have designed, implemented, and administered a wide variety of m$ft infrastructures, operating systems, servers, and applications for over 10 years. - I manage Apache, NFS, Samba, Asterisk, Bind, and other services on Red Hat-esque (CentOS, Fedora) servers. - I have been working with .Net since it was in beta. Before getting into C#, I used VB.Net for several years. - I've been writing enterprise-scale business and data layer code for over 4 years. - I've been managing and programming Microsoft SQL Server since version 6.5 (and am up to date on 200X), and Microsoft Access for many years. - I've worked with MySQL/SQLite and PHP (4+) as a hobbyist for several years. I can perform most any task required to update an existing site, but am probably not suited for a new development project in PHP.- Prior to .Net I programmed in traditional asp using VB Script, COM & DTC. - I manage my own dedicated windows 2k3/8 servers with multiple running applications and servers. - I have experience with a wide variety of third-party components and controls., and can assist in integration, middleware, queuing services, etc. - I'm not a graphic designer, and prefer to leave site layouts and graphics to someone more suited to that type of work. I am ok with creating basic layouts (and working within the popular graphics editing programs), but for a polished look, I'll either work with your designer or contract to another party on your behalf to acheive the look that you're after. Getting What You Pay For: Sure, you can find loads of developers here and on other similar service sites at a fraction of my rates. Why would you pay me? - I will stand behind my work. If you're unhappy, we'll fix it. - I will not charge for time spent figuring out how to solve general technical problems. If I don't already know how to implement a relevant solution, I will spend MY time researching and figuring it out. We're supposed to be professionals, and if we don't understand what the problem is, we shouldn't be charging you. Besides: each time I solve a unique problem, it makes me more effective; for you, me, and my next happy client! NOTE: Most of my work is done for companies' internal intranet, operations and LOB applications. I've added a few items to the portfolio, but please ask me about the other work which I can't showcase. While I'm often bound by NDA/Confidentiality agreements, I can explain more about my background in a general way than is illustrated publicly.

$75.00 /hr
1,668 hours

Margaret H.

Expert PHP, mySQL, AJAX, etc. Programmer in US that Communicates Well

United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

Over the past several years, relationships with large corporate clients have taught me the power of a strong testimonial. As an independent contractor, referrals have always been a leading contributor to my project pipeline. I seek to bring to Odesk the level of excellence I exhibited in corporate settings. I want to establish relationships involving clients who need back end web development work, web applications, e-commerce sites and custom online software. In addition to knowledge of php, mysq, ajax, html, dhtml, and other technologies, I have hands on experience in the Construction, Pharmaceutical, Marketing, and Financial industries. Reliable. Consistent. Affordable. Talented. Non-conventional. Communication is key. Reachable online and by phone. Will quote flat rates based on specification when so required

$17.00 /hr
81 hours

Bel R.

Bel R.

Data Entry Specialist/Transcriber/Subtitler/Captioner

Philippines - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 2

I have years of experience doing data entry, transcription, subtitling (English only), research and a few months of captioning as well. I am hardworking, dependable and a fast learner. I'm seeking for opportunities where I'll be able to utilize my skills while helping an organization or an individual achieve his/her goal. I'm also willing to learn and expand my horizon.

$6.78 /hr
8,252 hours

Karina Alvarez

Karina Alvarez

Customer & Technical Support Manager, Project Manager, Virtual Prof.

Philippines - Tests: 21 - Portfolio: 11

I want to be able to utilize my skills in customer service, data entry, management, technical support, web research, writing and at the same time learn new skills. For the past 6 years, I have worked for call centers for both customer service and technical support accounts (handled USA,UK and Australian markets). I value efficiency and integrity. I completely understand how and what it takes to be an excellent conversationalist, to be flexible, to be working in a team, and to be doing my best in everything that I do. I am computer savvy, costumer service oriented, a lover of writing and very keen to details. Prior to my pursuing a career in the call center industry, I worked as a Manager for Review Services in a Tutorial and Review Center where my management, leadership, mentoring and decision making skills were put into practice and honed.

$7.78 /hr
8,064 hours

Jonathan Paul Baroma

Jonathan Paul Baroma

Website Developer/Designer with expertise in wordpress and ecommerce

Philippines - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 17

-Be able to diligently assist clients by accomplishing tasks with a high level of accuracy and satisfactory results. -Be able to provide results which meets the expectations of clients or buyers. TECHNICAL SKILLS: Programming Languages: PHP, Javascript/JQuery, HTML/CSS PHP Framework: Laravel WP Framework: Genesis, Visual Composer, Webflow CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal Woocommerce: Woocommerce, Magento Mobile Dev: Apppresser, PhoneGap Editor Applications: Dreamweaver Operating Systems: Windows, Linux Development System: Virtual Box, Vagrant Database Systems: MySQL Version Control: Bitbucket, Github, Sourcetree App

$15.00 /hr
1,141 hours