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David R.

Senior Oracle Developer/DBA

United States - Tests: 11

My career objectives are to continue enhancing and expanding a twenty-six year career in computer and information technology management by providing competent, timely, and professional information technology (IT) services using current and emerging technologies. Specific areas of interest and expertise include database administration and application development, data warehousing, client-server and web-based application software development.

$44.44 /hr
3,690 hours

Ali N.

Ali N.

Software Architect / Developer(C++, C#), Computer Science Reseracher

Sweden - Tests: 13

I have several years of experience in developing Windows and Web based software, including Sharepoint, database, and industrial monitoring and control applications. I have used Visual Basic, C#, C/C++ (Win32/MFC/CLR/Linux), and Microsoft SQL Server 2000-2008 proffesionally to develop software solutions. I used advanced object oriented concepts and architecture patterns in software development. Moreover, I am a computer science researcher. My research fields of interest include computational neuroscience, neuronal networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, and computer software.

$60.00 /hr
64 hours

Lakshmi S.

Agile PM/Scrum master/Prod Owner, Agile Coach,SAFE Agilist

India - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 3

Thank you for viewing my profile. I started my career as a software developer and moved up the ladder to take on complex project management tasks. I have worked on all phases of software projects i.e: pre-sales support, project planning and tracking, requirement analysis, user-interface design, development, testing, maintenance and product implementations. While I used waterfall model on my projects earlier, I have been using agile methodologies in recent years. I am a Certified Scrum Master as well as a Certified Scrum Professional from Scrumalliance. I have also been certified as a Product Owner by Scrumstudy. I can help enterprises transition to agile. I am a certified SAFE Agilist (SAFE stands for ScaledAgileFramework). This is a framework which is recommended for large and complex Scrum/Agile projects. I am comfortable using : - Program and Portfolio management using Jira Portfolio, Big Picture, etc - Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Ontime for release/sprint planning , tracking - Balsamiq, Irise for mockups - MS project for planning and tracking I have worked with remote teams and enjoyed the experience. Weekly meetings, triages and regular communication have helped in effective project management. I have worked on projects in the finance, social media, health, retail and e-learning domains. I have worked in large organizations like Siemens and Microsoft and also small startups. I believe this exposure helps me adapt to different organizations. I have been training as well as coaching organizations new to Agile & Scrum

$38.89 /hr
3,493 hours

Frances O.

Frances O.

Writer - SEO/Product Description/Web Content/Blog/Article

Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 2

*High level of experience in article writing, web content writing, and product description writing. Has completed various writing assignments on the following topics: children, baby/parenting, education, health and beauty, consumer products, home improvement, food, travel, real estate, and online marketing. *Experienced and highly skilled web content writer (for landing page, homepage, index page, category/section pages, product descriptions)

$22.22 /hr
73 hours

Carl Francis Conanan

Carl Francis Conanan

Graphic Designer, Image Masking Expert, TSR/CSR Voice/Chat/Email

Philippines - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 14

I am a highly skilled Graphic Designer and Technical Support / Customer Service Representative. I have 10 years experience as a graphic designer and 5 years experience as TSR/CSR. I have accumulated hundreds of hours of work and numerous positive feedback with regard to my work ethics. My main strengths in graphic designing are: - Clipping Path (Deep Etch, Background Removal) - Alpha Channeling (Clean Background Removal of Hair/Feather) - Image Manipulation, and - Image Restoration My main strengths as a call center representative are: - Troubleshooting knowledge (Computers and Smartphones) - Customer Service Skills - Voice/Chat/Email support My extensive work experience have helped me a lot and it molded me to be a better worker ready to offer my services to the customers. Availability and communication is not a problem and I am online most of the time.

$8.89 /hr
3,387 hours

Preston Hunter

Preston Hunter

top-level SQL database designer (esp. MySQL, PHP)

United States - Tests: 48 - Portfolio: 14

I am one of the top database design specialists on Upwork. My sophisticated hand-crafted database design will save your organization significant time and money. I am a serious professional with over 20 years of experience as a programmer and database specialist. My emphasis has been on creating elegant SQL database design integrated with user-friendly front-end software (desktop and web applications). I have worked mainly as a database designer, programmer and database administrator for bioinformatics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and biomedical research applications. I also have extensive experience programming database-centric software (websites, web applications, desktop applications) for publishing, business, financial, personnel and other purposes. One of the things I enjoy most is creating database schemas which make sense for both programmers and non-programmers, designing with an eye toward flawless data integrity, maximum maintainability and optimal performance. I love crafting websites and web applications which perform with shocking speed. It makes for a better experience for users, developers and administrators. My expertly designed database systems - with well-written queries, intelligently chosen indices, and sensible caching strategies - can easily perform 10 to 100 times faster (using the same underlying hardware). My emphasis when working with clients is on their data and system usability, not specific trends or technologies. But in case you're wondering about some specifics, I strongly believe that the database data should be integrated with but also somewhat independent from a presentation/application layer. Data in the database should be easily accessible from one or many different applications built using one or multiple different technologies. Currently I favor PHP/JavaScript/HTML5 for web applications, RealBasic/Real Studio/Xojo for cross-platform applications [Mac OS X/Windows/Linux], Xcode for Mac OS X-only/iOS applications, Visual Studio for Windows desktop applications. I prefer using MySQL for back-end RDBMS, but I also use Oracle, Microsoft MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL and SQLite on a regular basis. If your data and information organization is already in great shape, and if you are satisfied with how your database-integrated software and website performs, then you probably don't need a high-end expert like me. I can make routine modifications, add to well-crafted existing systems, etc. But so can many other people. But if you're just getting started on a new system that you want done right, or if you suspect your database website programming strategy needs an overhaul, then I can get you on the right track in a short amount of time. * * * * * * * * Let me mention a few of the client-friendly policies and practices I apply with all my clients. I don't do these things to distinguish myself from other contractors. (I would hope they all do the same.) I do these simply because this is how I would want to be treated if I was the client: - You don't need to have your own web servers; I can host development and/or live production work on my own high-capacity servers. - I don't mind working on a client's servers, or doing dev work on my servers and transfering finished work to client's servers. - I do not charge clients any fees for hosting their websites or software systems, or for moving their websites or software systems elsewhere. - I provide clients with root log-in access to all the work I do for them; you are welcome to log into the server (cPanel, FTP, and phpMyAdmin) at any time and copy or back-up or move any work I do for you. - If I am working for you, all work product, all source code, all database design belongs to you. Always. Period. - I am happy to work with you and/or other programmers you enlist to work on a project; I am happy to pass off development work. - I do not provide mysterious "black box" solutions. I am happy to have you look under the hood at everything I do. You don't need to know anything at all about the inner workings of a system. Or you're welcome to ask about the most intricate details. - If we're developing a system from scratch, I prefer to do so using very widely-available technologies (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript/HTML5) which you can hire countless other people to work on if you decide to have other developers work on your system. - Do not be embarrassed to ask ANY question! I enjoy working with clients who have zero technical know-how in programming/databases/etc., partially because I appreciate their expertise in OTHER fields (real estate, art, medicine, law, science, civics, etc.) If you already know everything about databases and programming you probably wouldn't need me, would you?

$86.00 /hr
929 hours

Bhagwad Park

Bhagwad Park Agency Contractor

Expert Creative Writer with SEO Skills

India - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 8

As an experienced Content writer and SEO expert, I have logged hundreds of hours producing high quality articles and helping my clients rank well on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. With a feedback score of 4.99, and enthusiastic praise from dozens of clients about timely communication and reliability , I have also had the honor of being selected amongst the top 25 best writers on oDesk for a given month. I am an expert on a large variety of software including Joomla, Squidoo, Wordpress, Shopsite, and Magento. I have years of experience with technology and have written a large number of technical articles. I've also blogged on dozens of websites and have ranked high for innumerable articles. Here's a sample of my articles based on category: Examples of my Technical Writing Examples of Blogging: Examples of SEO: Clients have utilized my wide SEO experience to ensure that their sites are set up properly and have the highest chance of ranking well. I utilized keyword research, link building, article writing, and proper structure to achieve the best possible SEO results over time. You can find more about my services on my website

$22.22 /hr
1,707 hours

Aswin Satyanarayana

Aswin Satyanarayana Agency Contractor

Quick, Prolific, Versatile, & Experienced Writer

India - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 15

I am Ashwin (Ash) and I am a professional Internet Marketing consultant. I am a blogger, social media manager, Email marketing expert, marketing strategist, and content marketer. I have a bachelors degree in Automotive Engineering and an MBA from Ohio University, Athens. I am also a Certified Behavioural Analyst (CBA) and business coach having gained certifications in DISC and MBTI ( Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I write with a passion and with complete attention to detail. I also work for the benefit of my clients and that'll show in my interactions with you. -- I don't mind working overtime to meet deadlines and ensure top-notch WOW factor in our work quality. -- You could take a gander at my portfolio which has been redone to reflect our all-rounded experience in blogging, writing, content development, social media management, and Virtual Assistantship. I write on services marketing, marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, investing, personal finance and insurance, dating, health and many other niches. -- I am so confident about our quality, workmanship and ethics, that we offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee. -- I work with an attitude and for the benefit of my clients and not for me. So, I reserve the right to fight to death (or walk away) if you choose the wrong way to do business ( like Black Hat SEO, cheap content, Cloaking, etc.) -- I train myself continuously to cater to ever changing demands on the Internet. Presently, I am learning HTML 5, CSS 3, jQueries, PHP & My SQL and much more. -- I always use blogging/writing best practices. I have highly systematic process to follow before any blog post, article, or other is delivered to clients. Online Businesses, e-commerce sites, blogs and all forms of this new media would die a premature death without information -- which is made possible by using words. Persuasive copy is the centrepiece of all e-commerce. Good copy is the Impetus for your company's sales, reputation and helps in improving your brand. Branding isn't something that belongs to the classrooms of Whartons, INSEAD, Harvards and Thunderbird -- it is plain common sense. Branding is all about what name comes up when you think of a product/service. It is an unshakable, firmly entrenched and deep-rooted promise a company makes to a customer. You don't need millions of dollars for powerful branding. You only need commitment and guts to hold on to that promise you made to your customers. But, How would anyone know? Copy. Powerful copy can help you collect leads; perform marketing to global audience; increase trust and establish rapport with your leads. It can help you make money, make a name for yourself and build brands. Shabbily written, lousy copy can only make people feel apprehensive about dealing with you. The way it works online is when someone reads what you have put up on your website. Read more and more. Get ready to buy one day and then whip out the credit card finally. The most important thing here is that they buy when they want to. The fact is that we have to work together until that day comes, no matter how hard it is. No matter what it takes. I work with clients to make their copy stand out. Communication is powerful and it has to be done the right way. We would like to team up with clients and ensure that they get their money's worth. -- Does your website or any of your collateral speak about " what's in it for the customer?" -- Do you communicate in a way the customer Understands? In THEIR language? -- Does your copy sound like it talks down to everyone else? E.g : " We are The world best real estate Service Providers and hence you BUY from us; YOU lousy, nondescript customer, don't you dare scurry away from us and buy from some other sleazy scum bag. ( well, you won't see this really, but this is how Most people feel when they read copy like that) If your copy has errors, how would your service be? If I were the customer, I would think that since you don't bother to proof read what you have written, you won't bother to serve me well. The result? You know what it is! My services span across the following Genres: -- Ebook Writing ( On Business -- entrepreneurship, Online Businesses etc, Personal Finance) -- Articles ( Business, Finance, Health, People and Dating, technology, Internet, etc) -- SEO Writing ( Not keyword pumping; Pure information rendering with laser like focus on keywords provided -- there's a difference, isn't there? ) -- White Papers, Report Writing -- Web Site Copy (persuasiveness digitized; can reflect the voice and personality as recommended by the client). So you now know what to do. I won't eat you up or charge you for talking to me. Here's a toast to your success ( with yours, comes mine!) Ash

$25.00 /hr
2,620 hours

Maita eva P.

Maita eva P. Agency Contractor

Hardworking Online Data Entry Professional / Ebay Seller Consultant

Philippines - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

to be able to establish good working relationships while enhancing my skills and strengths. i want to give employers their money's worth by giving my 100% time, effort and dedication.

$11.11 /hr
13,734 hours