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Anton B.

Anton B. Agency Contractor

Front-end JavaScript, HTML5 Developer

Ukraine - Tests: 3

Highly qualified, responsible, work under deadline Front-end JavaScript, HTML5 Developer. I have strong JavaScript skills and good knowledge of AngularJS and jQuery frameworks. Also I have experience in developing and supporting cross-browser and cross-platform functionality and in supporting mobile application and websites with different CMS. I believe that only hard work can bring needed result! Best skills: Platforms: Linux Languages: JavaScript Tools: Grunt, git Frameworks: AngularJS, jQuery Additional skills: Platforms: Mac OS X Languages: PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS Tools: GIMP, Photoshop

$22.00 /hr
0 hours

Paolo Brasolin

Paolo Brasolin


Italy - Tests: 7

I have ten years of experience using TeX in its various flavours. I worked on a wide variety of projects, from theses (both humanistic and scientific) to books and dictionaries. Being fluent in TiKz, I have an interest in high quality technical illustration. Bonus: higher education in physics/mathematics, well-rounded programmer.

$20.00 /hr
10 hours

Ronald Sulbaran

Ronald Sulbaran

Systems Engineer | Software Developer | c/c++ expert

Venezuela - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 3

I'm passionate about High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications, Computer Architecture and Digital Systems: Modeling, Synthesis, and Simulation. I have more than 4 years as Teaching Assistant in Computer Architecture, Digital Systems and Microprocessors at Universidad de los Andes and more than 5 years developing c/c++ applications. 1 year developing High Perfomance Computing Applications in Fortran and C using MPI (OpenMPI and MPICH2). 1 year configuring High Performance Computing clusters in platforms as Amazon EC2, Google Cloud Computing: Compute Engine, and beowulf systems. 1 year writing bash scripts. 4 years developing Java applications. 4 years simulating Digital Systems with Systemc and VHDL. Skills with Verilog, matlab(Specifically with Data Visualization), FPGA, ISE WebPACK Design Software and Alliance CAD, CUDA. JUnit, Qt/QtCreator,Eclipse, Maven, MySQL, Python and Multithreading. I like teaching and I like learning new technologies.

$20.00 /hr
66 hours

Anton G.

Anton G. Agency Contractor

System/Network Administrator

Ukraine - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 5

Reliable and hardworking system/network administrator with tons of experience over my shoulders. Providing technical expertise for IT network building, implementation, optimization and upgrade Monitoring the network environment including Cisco managed switches and wireless controller routers, switches, firewalls, software applications Installation, configuration and maintenance of system network components (CentOS, AltLinux, FreeBSD, Windows Server 2012) Performing troubleshooting and diagnosis to hardware/software network failures, and providing solutions. Providing administration support, installation, configuration and maintenance of services: FTP, DHCP, DNS, 1C server (CentOS + postgreSQL, apache), VPN(L2TP/IPsec), NAS, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Here are my best skills: Platforms: Linux (RHEL / CentOS, Ubuntu Server / Debian), FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Network solutions: Cisco routers, Mikrotik RouterOS, Hewlett-Packard ProCurve Web Server: Apache, NGINX Mail: Postfix, Dovecot, Cyrus IMAP and others Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server Virtualization: KVM, Xen, MS HyperV Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), OpenStack Security tools: iptables, PF, VPN, OpenSSL Additional skills: VoIP services (Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Cisco), analog PBX systems (Panasonic) Programming: BASH, Perl, PHP, VBScript Diagnostic services: Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix

$20.00 /hr
131 hours

Aleksandr Z.

Aleksandr Z.

Expert UNIX and network administrator

Russia - Tests: 10

My goal is customer satisfaction. If you need to get something done - leave it to me. OS: Linux - expert, FreeBSD, solaris and Windows Server - proficient Cloud services: AWS, Rackspace Web servers: Apache, Nginx, Tomcat Database servers: Mysql, Postgresql Monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, Monit, Munin, Cacti Virtualization: Citrix, OpenVZ Mail servers: Dovecot, postfix, Exim Backups: Bacula, duplicity Other: standard network services (DNS, DHCP, LDAP, Samba, http proxy, VPN, backups, monitoring etc), firewalls and routers (iptables, iproute, VLAN, bridging, bonding, bgp, ospf, infiniband).

$20.00 /hr
202 hours

Vladimir Fedak

Vladimir Fedak Agency Contractor

Data analysis and forecasting. Linux System administration

Ukraine - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 9

Nice to meet you! My name is Vladimir Fedak and my mission is to ensure the stable operation of your IT infrastructure and develop solutions to help growing your business! I started providing my services in 2005 and there are hundreds of successful projects on my list. I offer: 1. Linux System Administration. DevOps Engineering OS: RHEL-like, Debian-like, Gentoo, Windows Virtualization technologies: OpenVZ, Qemu-KVM, ESX(i), OpenStack, Proxmox Cloud technologies: Openstack deployment, support and monitoring OwnCloud: installation, configuration, integration with LDAP, WHMCS and e-mail High-Availability (Failover technology): heartbeat Load balancers: Linux Virtual Servers, HAProxy Server monitoring: Nagios, Zabbix, Icinga2, Graphite, Grafana + own plugins for custom checks Web Server: Apache HTTP, Apache/Tomcat, Nginx, Lighthttpd Network and protocols: OpenVPN, Tunneling, Proxy, VNC, DHCP, DNS, VLAN, policy routing, iptables, OSPF Hosting: WHM, WHMCS WHMCS: script creating, module completing, integration with other systems (LDAP, ownCloud) VoIP: Asterisk, Elastix, PBX Configuration Management: puppet DBMS: MySQL Backup systems: Bacula deployment, scripting,support and monitoring Scripting languages: PHP, Bash, Python 2. Web development. Ecommerce Skills: HTML5, CSS3, XML, XSLT, JSON, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.js, Bootstrap, Ajax PHP 5, Yii, Laravel MySQL, MongoDB Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento 3. Big data Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Skills: C++, Python, C#, MATLAB, Java, VB, Prolog, Haskell, SQL, Assembler, MQL4, QPile, CLIPS Web scraping software Distributed systems Automated trading systems 4. QA automation Skills: Java (Junit, TestNg), Selenium IDE, Selenium (Webdriver), Eclipse Juno, Maven, JMeter, Jenkins, Thucydides, Inteljia IDEA, Sikuli IDE, Sikuli, Winium, Codeception PhpStorm, Browserstack 5. Android apps development Mobile applications for business Mobile applications for government 6. UI/UX design, Web design 7. StartUp consulting and project management

$27.78 /hr
210 hours

Konstantin Konstantinov

Konstantin Konstantinov

Senior System Administrator / C#, ASP.NET Developer

Russia - Tests: 11

My CV at StackOverflow: My education: ✔ Master of Physics, Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Chelyabinsk State University My experience: ✔ Windows Server 2012, IIS 8, MS SQL Server 2012 (Replication), Git, TeamCity, YouTrack, Selenium (C#) ✔ Maintenance and troubleshooting of Windows XP/7/8, Windows 2003/2008 Server (AD DS, DNS, DHCP, WINS, DFS, Group Policy, GP Preferences, TS, RemoteApp, PPTP VPN, IIS 6.0, 7.5, WSUS); ✔ Windows Batch, Windows PowerShell, VBScript scripting; ✔ Hyper-V virtualization, p2v using SCVMM and Disk2vhd; ✔ Maintenance of MS SQL Server 2000/2008 — installation, configuration, database backup, database recovery and consistency, database design, database security and performance tuning, T-SQL, stored procedures, triggers, UDF, CDC; ✔ Maintenance of 1C:Enterprise 7.7 for SQL (150+ distributed databases) and 1C:Enterprise 8.2 and databases on MS SQL Server 2000/2008 R2; ✔ Maintenance of L2 switches and MikroTik (we have three MikroTik RouterOS (with four ISP) as Hyper-V Guests) — Queue, Firewall, 150+ IPSec tunnels with D-Link DI-804HV, NAT, Mangle, Scripts, etc.; ✔ Maintenance of WSS 3.0 — installation, configuration, backup, deployment custom solutions, pages customization using SharePoint Designer 2007 (another tools that i am using for administering WSS 3.0: SharePoint Manager 2007, SharePoint Tips Utility Pack), development Event Handlers (the last event handler that i have wrote allows delete of list attachments only for item's authors) using Visual Studio 2008, Visual Studio 2008 SharePoint Extensions 1.2 and WSP Builder, deployment custom Web-Parts, some experience with jQuery library for SharePoint SPServices; ✔ Development C# Web Service (for 1C:Enterprise 7.7 for SQL which get some data from this service via V7HttpReader class); ✔ Development my own web project "IT — Infrastructure" on C# ASP.NET Dynamic Data with Entity Framework ORM, MS SQL 2008 R2 and IIS 7.5 (here i am using Regular Expression with Expresso tool, LINQ and also there are some Web Services in this project for Autocomplete control, etc.); ✔ Development my own web project "HelpDesk" on PHP 5.3 (with xajax) and MySQL 5.5; ✔ Maintenance of of PBX Panasonic TDA100 (COS, TRS, DISA, etc.)

$4.00 /hr
0 hours

Anton Lysenok

Anton Lysenok

System Administrator / DevOps / SA TeamLead

Ukraine - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

13 years experience in Linux/FreeBSD/Windows services Unix OS: FreeBSD 4.5-11, Linux Gentoo, Redhat, CentOS, Debian Windows: 95, 98, XP, 7, 8, 10, Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 Networking: ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, Any kind of 7th level proto, MTU, IP fragmentation, reassembling, TCP windows, SNAT/DNAT and other IP refinements. Advanced routing, BGP, OSPF, PPTP, IPsec, OpenVPN, vtun Firewalls: ipfw, pf, iptables Source compiling: static and dynamic libraries linking, GCC tuning, building own RPMs and DEBs. Mantaining own FreeBSD port with my tool. Source code or coredumps research and fix various issues. GDB, strace debugging. AWS: EC2, S3, Route 53, Cloud Front WEB services: nginx load balancing and static content handling, Apache HTTPD, PHP SAPI/CLI/FPM, CDN. Mirroring: lsync/rsync, NFS Programming: Shell scripting, Perl, C/C++, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/JQuery Backup systems: Amanda, Bacula, dump/restore tools Deployment tools: cfengine, ansible Content repos: SVN, GIT IP telephony: Asterisk

$20.00 /hr
16 hours

Dwijadas D.

Dwijadas D.

Linux System Admin - PHP - LAMP/LEMP Stack - Glassfish/Tomcat admin

India - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 2

Hi, I am a passionate linux system administrator, Drupal developers with a thirst for system administration and web design and development. Skills:- # Linux server administration in RHEL, Centos, Debian, Ubuntu (administration, configuration, audit, optimization) # LAMP/LEMP Administration # Web servers: nginx, Apache (installation, configuration, optimization) #Application Server: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Glassfish # Database servers: MySQL, Postgresql, MariaDB, MongoDB (installation, configuration, optimization, profiling) # Webhosting Administration Panel: VMManager, cPanel, ISPConfig, Plesk, DirectAdmin, VestaCP, webmin # Network services: dns (bind, powerdns), vpn (mpd,pptpd,openvpn), firewalls (iptables/ipfw), file server (samba3/4), proxies (squid, 3proxy, privoxy, nginx) # Mail servers: Exim, Postfix, Sendmail, Zimbra, Qmail, Dovecot + Spamassassin, ClamAV # Load balancing: HAproxy, Nginx, PowerDNS, BIND, Route53 # FTP: Vsftp, Pureftp, Proftp # Virtualization: OpenVZ, KVM, VMWare, VirtualBox # Cloud hosting (Amazon EC2, AWS, S3, Digital Ocean, Rackspace) # CMS: Drupal # Server performance tuning and security audit. I believe in efficiency and dedication of my work. Ability to meet deadlines. Professionally committed with my work. And above all I can assure you of quality work with minimum amount of time.

$15.00 /hr
73 hours