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Scott W.

Scott W.

Experienced QA Professional

United States - Tests: 5

If your objective is to deliver high-quality applications, websites or documentation, on-time and within budget, we should talk. With over 20 years experience in Quality Assurance and Systems Testing, I can help you with your complete testing life-cycle including: Test Strategy Definition, Requirements Analysis, Test Plan Design, Test Case Preparation, Test Scripting, Test Execution, Project Planning & Tracking, Metrics Reporting & Analysis, Training & Documentation, and Process Improvement. I have worked with Global 500 companies serving Retail, BFS, Telecom, Aerospace, and Utilities, as well as with IT companies in the US and India. I am comfortable across varied work environments and with diverse cultures.

$45.00 /hr
2 hours

Emily Hunter

Emily Hunter Agency Contractor

Giving Voice to Your Vision

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 6

Passionate professional copywriter dedicated to accuracy, timeliness, and service. I have ghost written hundreds of informative articles on subjects varying from pressure washing to barber shops. As a ghost writer, I am representing YOU, and I am honor bound to put your best foot forward. Freelance copywriting requires several traits: imagination for presenting a unique perspective on the work, dedication to timelines and promises, and a fascination and passion for the written language. I have all three of these traits, and will use all of my skills to give your vision a voice.

$33.00 /hr
0 hours

Charles Jaeger

Microsoft Excel / VBA developer

United States - Tests: 3

20 years in IT industry. Native English speaker with a degree in Computer Engineering. Experience in RDBMS - Access / SQL Server VBA code for Microsoft Excel C/C++/C#/F#/Java/Python/R/.Net

$11.11 /hr
0 hours

Jules B.

Jules B.

MS Access developer and troubleshooter

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 3

Look no further for an MS Access expert. I'll quickly understand your needs and deliver a powerful, intuitive solution. Stuck on a frustrating problem? I'll fix it--just read my reviews! Sure, those $12/hour offshore programmers are tempting, but we all know: you get what you pay for. I'll complete your project quickly and efficiently, and I'll still be here in 6 months--or 2 years--when you need a minor update. I've developed several enterprise Access solutions from customer specifications, converted and enhanced legacy systems, and written feature-rich, complex reports. In 15 years of experience, there is very little I have not done in Access! VBA, query writing, complex reports, interface design, import/export, interoperability: bring it on. Have you seen my Odesk test scores and reviews? Customers love working with me because I quickly understand their needs, and I speak to them in plain English instead of dazzling them with techno-babble. In my career I've linked MS Access to several ODBC back-ends, including health data systems, and of course every version of SQL. Shortly after Access 2007 was released, I was the first person to notify Microsoft of two bugs. I had to devise my own clever workaround until they released SP1. I look forward to speaking with you (from my U.S. landline telephone, or name with a dot between) soon. Thanks, Jules

$125.00 /hr
1,336 hours

Adriana G.

Adriana G.

Professional sofware developer

Romania - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 1

I am a professional software developer with over 10 years of experience in analysing, designing and developing enterprise applications. The developer's moral responsibility should not end once the program is deployed and the project is formally accepted. My measurement of success takes into account not only how well explicit requirements are implemented, but the degree to which the architecture is designed to accommodate new features, allowing the project to grow. Skills and competencies: - Programming languages and technologies: C/C++, Java, SQL, Php, Java Spring, Spring Web Flow, Hibernate, JSP, Java Script (Ext JS, Secha Touch, JQuery, Ajax) – Markup Languages: HTML/DHTML, XML, XSL – Modeling languages: UML/OCL – Database management systems: PostgreSQL , PostGIS (stored procedures, triggers,database optimization, load balancing), MySql – Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MacOS – Other: Latex, Metapost

$27.78 /hr
364 hours

Siarhei Sikorskiy

Siarhei Sikorskiy

Software project manager, team lead, UI, UX,developer:VB, MSSQL, MySQL

Canada - Tests: 37 - Portfolio: 1

I love programming, and would like to take part in large, medium or small projects/tasks where is my experience can be beneficial. 1. 7 years experience in VB6 + MS SQL 2000-2008. 2. more than 300 projects: ERP, HR, CRM, Time&Attendance, Shipping, Order Management, Integration with BusinessVision, tracking and reporting system, document management, import/export and parse different data 3. have an experience as a single developer, like a team manager and project manager, qa and tech writer. So I know all details about these spheres 4. worked in office and remotely - understand all aspects of such kind of work 5. follow the best practice to write well readable and commented code 6. use ErWin to design DB logical and physical models 7. have a great communication skills in meaning of understanding and explanation details of a project/task. Last 10 years closely work with a team 30 people: qa, designers, developers, db architects, pm, tech writes .

$56.00 /hr
0 hours

Brittany F.

Brittany F.

Writing and French to English Translation Services

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a concentration in Interiors Merchandising. I also have a minor in French Language and a second minor in Business Administration. I am a native English speaker (American) with formal education in French language and literature and I spent 5 months studying abroad in Switzerland, taking college courses taught in French. I spent four years working in the marketing department for a manufacturing company in the Home Furnishings industry. While at that job, my duties included copy writing for web and print marketing and drafting hundreds of letters to clients (business to business). I also rewrote the sales manual for our team of sales representatives and was actively involved in the buying and design process for our product line. I have a personal interest in etymology and am careful about the proper use of homophones (such as they're, there, their, etc.).

$12.00 /hr
9 hours

V. Heidr R.

V. Heidr R.

Improve Your Digital Footprint And Your Digital Karma

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 16

What are you looking for? More importantly, what are those eyes on your sites and social media looking for? I can not only help you discern why your emails just aren't converting. We can also take a look at, why all those blog posts, articles, and social media pages aren't bringing in the sales. From there? Well, let's do something about it. The digital landscape is changing. It has been since about 2009, with each animal named Google update. It's no longer enough to have bland, pat pieces on your blog or pushy sales emails that don't even get opened. So, what can you do? Well, first, you have got to look at your content and see what it says about your brand. About you. I began writing copy in 1994, as a way to earn a little extra cash as a teenager. At the time, I was already excelling in my English classes. Back then, it was all print- you know, those shy little days before the internet meant tying up the phone line and that awful modem noise. I remember very well when all those Black Hat techniques were being deployed. Don't know what black hat SEO is? Well, you're lucky. But, you actually do. Think back on nonsense looking articles. Looked like a thesaurus threw up on them, but had a few words repeated over and over? Yes. I dove into content marketing early on and I remember it well- I also remember when Google brought in all sorts of animal named updates and crashed those people to the ground. You don't have to worry about that now. It's actually easy to avoid penalties and have content that people adore. Leave the spam for your spam and eggs, guys- and don't forget the hashbrowns. You need content that not only catches their attention, but keeps it and conveys your brand's ability to be trusted. Leadership. That's where I come in. A goal without steps taken is nothing more than a fantasy. Share your goals with me- and watch me make them come to life.

$27.00 /hr
0 hours

Gaurav S.

Gaurav S.

Professional Banker | Finance, Business & Economics Writer

United Kingdom - Tests: 9

A career Banker with 5 years of front end experience with a British Bank. MBA, Certified FRM and CFA Level 3 candidate. Interested in Financial, Economics & Business writing/ projects. I have managed many Global Fortune 500 clients for my Bank, so you can undoubtedly expect impeccable quality content and unrivaled professionalism.

$30.00 /hr
5 hours

Brandi Marcene

Brandi Marcene Agency Contractor

Wording Your Ideas

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 15

Catching the imagination of others and then planting a seed that would flower and come to fruition is all what we do. We have a dynamic team of writers who are masters in their own fields and experienced in writing Articles, eBooks, Web Copies, Press Releases, Blogs and other types of non-fiction writing. Our work is unrivalled, seize the reader's attention and ensure continued reading. Working under strict deadline to complete the project or walking an extra mile just to satisfy our clients is never a problem for us.

$20.00 /hr
18 hours