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Marjorie Joy Pantig

Marjorie Joy Pantig

ABAP R/3 Developer

Philippines - Tests: 8

I am an experienced programmer seeking for part-time opportunities that would help broaden my horizon. I had been working for nearly 10 years in the industry as a SAP ABAP R/3 program designer and developer, and have had experience handling quality initiatives such as software testing and root cause analysis. I am familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel, and had had some (albeit limited) experience in VBA and macro development. I also have a typing speed of 83wpm.

$3.33 /hr
82 hours

Jeff Ryan

Jeff Ryan

Expert Data Scientist

United States - Tests: 2

I am an applied mathematician/data scientist with over 16 years of industry experience. I have led projects that include high-frequency trading, statistical DNA reconstruction, negotiation modeling, natural language processing, programming language development, and a variety of machine learning methods for predictive modeling. I have expert knowledge of mathematics, statistics, probability, machine learning, computer architecture, algorithms, and several programming languages and tools. I offer the following services: --Building predictive models on big data --Building predictive models on small data --Analytics pipeline design and database schema design --Data cleaning and standardization --Advising on experimental design when gathering data --Clear presentation of results to non-technical audiences Some cool projects I've done in the past: --Built a fully automated model that predicts US Supreme Court justice votes better than the best human predictors, based on natural language processing (75% accurate and improving) --Created an algorithm to identify the host organism of an unknown, fragmented DNA sample (30x faster than previous state of the art) --Developed successful automated trading strategies --Established a model to exploit arbitrage between betting venues --Calculated optimal strategies in structured negotiations --Modeled urban real estate markets --Built a realistic model of birds flocking --And more!

$55.00 /hr
0 hours

Shawna R.

Shawna R.

Looking for a little bit of creative assistance?

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 8

Clever, powerful words are those that have the ability to captivate an audience. How captivating is your content? A few carefully chosen words can speak volumes for your business, engage your readers and help you rank higher in search engine results - - if you choose wisely. If you're in need of more exposure, want to connect with your readers or desire to increase your page rank using proven SEO practices, I would love to work with you! I've performed writing, editing, project & social media management, blogger outreach and SEO services for a number of satisfied clients. My goal is to exceed the expectations of each and every client I work with. Rest assured that I will give your project the time, care and attention to detail that it deserves. Want to learn more about me? Visit, where I blog about my journey to live a more frugal lifestyle, as well as my adventures in parenting, step-parenting and so much more!

$24.00 /hr
173 hours

Chad Stembridge

Chad Stembridge

Video and Film Editor / Certified FCP X Pro

United States - Tests: 20 - Portfolio: 15

When you're telling a story through video, it's worth telling it well. If you're looking for a solid editor, why not connect with me so we can figure out if I'd be the right guy for your project? I'm at home using Final Cut Pro X, and quite versatile in Adobe Premiere Pro as well. When I'm cutting film, story is at the forefront of what I do. Is it clear? Will it make sense to the intended audience? Does the tone and pacing match the content? I'd love to talk with you about how I can make your story come alive. Quality is extremely important to me; in visual media, poor quality hurts the message of what is being communicated. I strive for excellence.

$75.00 /hr
2 hours

Harwinder Kumar

Harwinder Kumar Agency Contractor

Malware / Hack Removal, Web Security, WordPress Expert

India - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 11

I'm top rated Upwork freelancer and offer services in Malware / Hack Removal, Ethical Hacking / Internet Security, WordPress Development, Linux Server Administration, Site Transfer, Zen Cart / Drupal / Joomla Upgrade. Over the last 3 years, I have worked on 2000+ sites security (cleaning from malicious code and hardenening security) and 250+ sites transfer. Service Description: 1. Malware / Virus Removal from Sites / Computers (Cleaning Hacked Sites). 2. Website Security and Maintenance (Implementing general security measures and tips to maintain security). 3. WordPress (Sites development and troubleshooting errors). 4. Zen Cart / Drupal / Joomla Upgrade (Upgrade to their latest stable version). 5. Server Admin (Linux / Windows - Managing servers). 6. Site Transfer to New Host / Domain. 7. Optimize & Increasing Speed of Sites (Reducing Page Load Time). 8. Optimize and Increasing Speed of Windows Operating System Based Computers (Win 7, 8, XP and latest editions). 9. Google AdSense Optimization (Implementing tips to get maximum revenue from AdSense ads). 10. Penetration Testing (Checking site for security vulnerabilities).

Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers, Crossrider...

$25.00 /hr
1,381 hours

Shannon B.

Shannon B. Agency Contractor

editor/proofreader, grant writer (non-profit/NGO),

Canada - Tests: 21 - Portfolio: 2

Never underestimate the power of clear and concise communication - whether in academic, business or personal life. I have been working for 10+ years as a consultant, working to strengthen oral and written communication to ensure the effectiveness and power of ideas. También hablo español con fluidez y traduzco ida y vuelta entre las dos lenguas (inglés y español) cotidianas. I have experience ranging from business and development proposals, PhD dissertations, company presentations, website and blogging, and copy editing. My masters degree is in International Development and I have worked managing portfolios of up to 45+ projects in Latin America. I am familiar with grant writing and a variety of donor requirements for proposals including CIDA/ACDI (now DFATD), USAID, CFGB, I have worked in DART disaster response situations in both Vanuatu and Nepal, so I'm also familiar with OCHA format and flash appeals. Additionally, previously having worked in the financial industry for 4+ years, I am familiar with the banking and insurance industry. I have many years experience working with ESL students to improve the tone of their writing, as well as the understanding and integration of colloquialisms into their day-to-day communications. I look forward to doing business with you and helping you maximize your communication potential. ***************************** Please check out my oDesk test scores: 4.9/5 - Spanish to English translation (top 10% on oDesk) 4.75/5 - U.S. Academic Writing Skills (top 10% on oDesk) 4.75/5 - Online Article Writing and Blogging (top 10% on oDesk) 4.5/5 - Office Skills (Top 10% on oDesk) 3.9/5 - Microsoft Word 2010 (Top 10% on oDesk)

$20.00 /hr
399 hours

Charisma Faye S.

Charisma Faye S. Agency Contractor

Customer Service Representative

Philippines - Tests: 5

With excellent data entry skills, proficiency in MS office and Google Spreadsheets, Virtual assistance / Customer Service experience, and fluency in English both verbal and written, and passion for work, this freelancer is looking for a position in a company that rewards hard-work, dedication and commitment to excellence. All throughout the years, I have experienced working in various spheres of influence, from my personal interest of multimedia and computers, like video / photo editing and basic computer troubleshooting; to the fields of Health care and social work to being in the BPO industry, and currently as a freelancer. These backgrounds made me possess an exceptional work ethic and commitment to organizational objectives.

$3.50 /hr
2,129 hours

Austin Holt

Austin Holt

Magazine writer and editor with 10 years' industry experience

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 10

After a decade of writing and editing for some of the largest lifestyle magazines and custom publishing houses in the American South, I have finely cultivated the ability to match my voice to the needs of my client while maintaining the highest standards of creativity and competence. As a trained journalist, I know how to peel away the layers of the onion and arrive at the core of a story. As a writer, I have extensive experience weaving ideas into compelling copy. As an editor, I have mastered the ability to take a good story and make it exceptional. It's been a rewarding career, and one that I have taken into my own hands: a few years ago, I went freelance, and have never looked back. I specialize in article-format writing, and in the editing of completed periodicals/manuscripts (grammar, flow and content). Additionally, I have experience in long-form ghostwriting. I am also a professional photographer and photo editor with six years' experience in the editorial genre. As a creative consultant as well as a content provider, I exercise a well-developed acumen in my field, and expect a capacity for productive collaboration from my clients. Deadline-driven pieces are preferable: a career in magazines has hammered a respect for delivery dates deeply into my work flow. I'm also really easy to get along with, which, believe it or not, is one of the most important aspects of taking your idea and translating it to the page. Please peruse the portfolio samples featured on my profile page. Should you require specific examples of writing/editing, references, or additional information, please let me know via private message. Cheers, Austin

$25.00 /hr
2 hours

Maria Paiva

Maria Paiva Agency Contractor

Experienced Writer For The Web

India - Tests: 9

Useful, relevant and engaging content is what changes the game for good. I've graduated with an English Honours degree, Mass Communication and have been working with web masters, entrepreneurs and startups in curating content for their websites, marketing materials and content marketing protocols for 8 years. I have written articles, web content, ebooks, blog posts, press releases and newsletters on varying niches and genres.

$16.67 /hr
0 hours