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Anton S.

Anton S.

Senior iOS developer

Belarus - Tests: 15 - Portfolio: 8

Software developer for more than ten years. Started my first iOS application back when iOS SDK was introduced. Since then I had explored plenty of dark corners of iOS ecosystem and this really helps me to pick the right tool for the job. I am self-motivated agile worker. Always friendly and proactive in communications which makes me a good team member/leader. I have extended experience with following technologies: Apple native frameworks - from UIKit/Autiolayout and CoreData down to OpenGL, CoreAudio and Accelerate.framework Ad-Hoc app distribution - Testflight, HockeyApp, ; In-House app distribution Project management - JIRA, RedMine Continious integration - TeamCity, Jenkins My code contains best practices, always clean, self-documented, editable, localized and synchronized. Most of UI is in storyboard. I can use any VCS, but git is my favourite one. My experience is not limited by C / Objective-C / Objective-C++ / Swift. I have experience in backend development so it is not a secret "where it all comes from" or how to report a bug. oDesk officially recognises me as one of the best mobile developers for the projects I have worked on, my work history and communication skills.

$35.00 /hr
1,816 hours

Diego Gutierrez

Diego Gutierrez

Systems admin, DBA, developer, application architect

Argentina - Tests: 19 - Portfolio: 2

During my 20+ years of experience, I've gone through several different IT roles: developer, analyst, database designer, database admin, systems administrator, network designer, team leader, architect, CTO. This background allows me to understand all aspects involved in application development, being able to design a complex multi platform app from the ground up as well as help troubleshooting an existing app's problems or weird system behaviour. P.S.: NOT a translator.

$33.33 /hr
4,779 hours

Mariusz Lukasz Linkiewcz

Mariusz Lukasz Linkiewcz

PHP/JavaScript web developer

United Kingdom - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

Short overview I have recently created various of websites that included: - HTML5, CSS2-3 - PHP (OOP) with MySQL - JavaScript + AJAX and jQuery - JSP - RESTful services - JSON, XML data structures I can use following PHP frameworks: - Laravel - CodeIgniter Long overview/about me I come from Poland but currently live in UK. Programming is my passion, I have started programming when I was 15. My first language was Pascal, then I moved to Delphi for a while before starting to create a simple 2d and console based games in C++. I gained some experience in Java hosting my own game server (I did not write the game thought) which I created plugins and scripts for. I basically created a scripting language that I needed to create quests for players. Now I am a web developer with experience in languages such like Java, C++ and C#. I make sure to fit employer expectations making sure to write my code using newest standards and best practices. My main principle is to make the code easy to understand for the future modifications (so any programmer can easily understand what is going on in the code). I am familiar with creation of static and dynamic websites, small and big, database dependent and/or config dependent, with or without authorization, standalone or as a part of a bigger system, with or without the administration panel. My basic rules when programming are... a) Follow "Don't repeat yourself" principle. b) Make the code clean and lean. c) Make it self commentary! d) Comment it (as the code is self commentary, minimal comments will do). If any of those does not apply, the code should be fixed. Optimization and modularity does not always apply so those are not my "always use" rules.

$16.67 /hr
443 hours

Jayson Cena

Jayson Cena Agency Contractor

Linux(Debian/Red Hat),Oracle DBA, Linux Cluster Admin,Virtualization-H

Philippines - Tests: 4

To obtain a position that will enable me to experience and learn new ideas on system administration like complicated enterprise infrastructure design specially high-availability and fault-tolerant infrastructres. My core competency lies in designing new system infrastructure using open-source software. I also have some experience in VB6, ASP, PHP.

$26.67 /hr
1,137 hours

Igor Gnip

Igor Gnip

Software Developer

Serbia - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 1

I am experienced with multitude of programming languages and tools including C, C++, Delphi, PHP and Java. With >10 years of experience in programming - reading other people's code is not a problem. I can find my way in strange obscure undocumented code and I can fix bugs or write completely new code from scratch for You.

$30.00 /hr
0 hours

Jeffrey C.

Jeffrey C.

Experienced Android Developer / Graphic Designer

Malaysia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 17

First of all, I am a highly committed, very much a self-starter, and here to bring your amazing idea live in the world to facilitate people. I love my job and very keen to work the best out to satisfy client's requirements and goals. I have been working on android application development for about 3 years and so far I had completed more than 20 android application projects including android games as well as software application. Basically, I have experiences in android development such as application, widget and games. Besides, I am also working as a graphic designer which focusing on logo design, banner design, graphic design, mobile app icon design, gaming design and etc. For more references and details about my completed design project, it is best to refer to the completed project section. My objective is that it is a serious commitment for me to handle and complete every client project promptly and accordingly in order to meet their requirement as well as to meet their goals.

$16.67 /hr
11 hours

Marko Marinkovic

Marko Marinkovic

ICT specialist

Serbia - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 3

I have tried to explore life more closely in the last few years by working on some less challenging jobs, such as taxi driving or pizza delivery, and I am still looking for the "right" job that will fulfill me, and provide enough for my family and me. Don't be surprised if You find my application in unusual places. I am willing to jump out of my expertise into something new. It proved good in the past.

$15.00 /hr
3 hours

Mishari Muqbil

Mishari Muqbil

Highly experienced systems engineer, administrator and developer

Thailand - Tests: 16 - Portfolio: 4

I have experience in: Performance Optimization, Client + Server Security, Server Virtualization, Programming (Python, PHP, C, Java, Javascript, JACK, Lisp, ASM and others), Debugging, Troubleshooting, Information Retrieval and Extraction and various others on mainly Linux, OSX and Windows For the last 15 years I have performed in the leadership role of Senior Systems Administrator, Senior Systems Architect, Chief Technical Officer, Lead Developer and various other at companies ranging from small startups to companies with thousands of employees. My philosophy is self sufficiency where I deliver to the client what they require by maximizing existing resource in order to be able to meet their requirements and solve their technical problems without any lock ins or waste. With my broad skill sets, I am highly qualified to advice and implement the best solutions for my clients and am able to step up to challenges where others have lacked the perception to do so.

$100.00 /hr
43 hours