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Petr Bystricky

Petr Bystricky Agency Contractor

Responsible at work

Czech Republic - Portfolio: 8

GENERAL BUSINESS ACTIVITIES: We are small group of 25 people of freelancers and currently we are focusing on administration works like tagging photos for real estate companies, ads posting and now all basic data entry works and in future we would also like to focus on more kind of business like graphic works. Etc. This means we would like to be able to bring complete solution for customer if necessary from any administration work such as Microsoft office, Email etiquette, Data entry, Administration, Customer support, Technical support experience, Information research and up to website design.We are available minimum of 8 hours daily. So we are small but very stable team and lot of supported freelancers.

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Tripti S.

Tripti S. Agency Contractor

PHP MySql Wordpress Magento Shopify Cake Yii Experts

India - Portfolio: 21

Team of high quality PHP developers and web designers. We are dedicated into CMS and framework based website development. Our good hand in below technologies: CMS 1) Wordpress (Woocommerce, Pluging, theme development and customization) 2) Magento (Multi Vendor, online shop portal etc) 3) Shopify (Multi Vendor, online shop portal etc) 4) Prestashop 5) Opencart PHP Framework 1) CakePHP 2) Yii 3) CodeIgniter 4) Zend 5) Laravel Design 1) HTML/HTML5 2) CSS/CSS3 3) PhotoShop 4) DreamViewer 5) Logo and business card design 6) JavaScript 7) Angular JS We have done 100s of project, you can check through this link: Our main motto is to provide 100% satisfactory work with high quality results to client & within their budget. We are always ready to work with different kind of project in same time and capable to handle them simultaneously.

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Jayanta S.

Jayanta S. Agency Contractor

Complete Solution For Web Design, Web Developmet & Mobile Apps

India - Portfolio: 53

IndianIQ is a web service company, which offers a wide range of services starts from designing to development. It will cover almost all the fields in the best possible way. To be the best we know what and how to present beautifully the working of the client's need and their advantages be highlighted. IndianIQ will provide you with an attractive and most convincing website to enhance your marketing goals. The only way to success is through the right path and that's what we provide you. So go for the best that's how you will be the best don't opt for the second best. We are an India based web development company specializing in low cost web site design, web application development, flash web site design, website re-design, website maintenance & up-gradation, web hosting, SEO, E-Commerce, graphic design, email template design, email marketing and support.

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David B.

David B. Agency Contractor

Quality, Dedication, Perseverance and Hardwork

India - Portfolio: 5

***4700+ Hrs of Admin Support and 100+ Jobs*** Specialized in MS-Excel & Macros, Database Cleansing, Data Extraction from Web/PDFs/Emails, Data Analyzing, MS-Word Formatting, Mail Merge, Fact Checking, Customized email sending, MS-Access, Web Research and all types of Admin/Data Entry related projects. ** I am a full time 'Elancer' available 18/7 ** Able to work both independently and as a member of a team. Service Description ADMIN '''''''''''''''''' * Data Entry: Excel, Word, Access, Online Databases, Google Documents * Data Cleansing & Formatting - Sort, Compare, Validate, Duplicates. * Web Data Extraction - Websites, Given Db'S, Other Specified Sources * Web Research & Analysis * Mailing Lists Development * Leads Generation * Mailchimp * Customized individual email sending * Fact Checking * Mail Merge -Word/Excel * PDF/OCR/Image To Word/Excel/HTML & Vice Versa * PowerPoint Slideshows/Presentations * Ads Posting * Events Listing * Hotel Accommodation reservation WORDPRESS / BLOGS '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Regular Blog / WordPress Posting * WordPress / Blogs Admin CRM DB ''''''''''''''''''''''' * Zoho * Salesforce * Infusionsoft * Customer Email Support & Online Chat Support eCommerce '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Magento Products uploading * Gathering data from specified sources * Formatting/sorting of data to match client's criteria * eBay, Amazon, Google Products DATA MINING '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Websites Scraping * Email Data Extraction DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Image Editing (Photoshop) * Youtube * Xtra Normal Cartoon Movie Clips Creation * Files, Videos, Images Uploading/ Downloading SEO ''''''''''''' * Link Building * Directory submissions * Forum postings * Blog commenting * Article submissions * Social Bookmarking * B2B Directory submission * Keyword research * Social media accounts handling (Face Book, LinkedIn, Twitter etc) * Tracking and producing reports (SERP/Ranks/ Competitors etc) * Knowledge in working with premium SEO tools. ACCOUNTING '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' * Book Keeping * Quickbooks * M.Y.O.B. Thanks & Regards Rohan B

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Kimberly R.

Kimberly R. Agency Contractor

13 Years Experience in Call Center (BPO) Industry

Philippines - Tests: 2

Discover why Converjams Virtual Solutions is the most ECONOMICAL and SMARTEST way to support your business needs: Converjams Staff reports physically and directly to our office to perform their daily tasks. Unlike every other home-based firms/agencies or Independent Home-based agents, At Converjams, you will be certain that none of your agents are slacking off…or worst, has fallen asleep while you expect them to bring business to your company. Continuous coaching/training shall be conducted by the management to ensure agent’s effectiveness that will enable them to deliver unparalleled results. Your campaign will be spearheaded by a Call Center Executive with dedication to resolve any type of business challenge and an unmatched experience in Customer Service and the Call Center Industry. Therefore, your agent’s performance and productivity are well-monitored. Transparency – We provide reports (daily or weekly – depends on your requirement) and up-to-date information regarding your campaign which would enable you to be on top of all the activities made. All equipment (Computers, Headsets, Modem etc) are of high quality so you shouldn’t be bothered by technical problems or issues which usually hinders agents from performing their tasks. We have a back-up generator so you no longer need to hear the most famous alibi of home-based workers in the Philippines, which is “Power Outage”! Save yourself from the hassle of dealing with your staff’s HR Related issues and payroll concerns. Should there be anyone with performance issue or attendance issue, our HR Team will have to deal with them and find a replacement to ensure that the operations won’t be disrupted. Most importantly, we have the best hourly rates in the market! Off-shore firms or agencies charge you for Agents/Staff that they themselves, haven't even met or physically seen. Home-based Freelancers on the other hand, usually end up outsourcing their tasks to inexperienced staff so they can either work on something else or go to sleep…while Call Centers out there may watch over your Agents/Staff but they’d surely get a big chunk of your profit!

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Sameer Albadarna

Sameer Albadarna Agency Contractor

Proposal Writing , Research , Data Entry

United States - Tests: 1

ASPS provides its clients with a wide range of professional business and administrative services. ASPS is a business unit of Aurora Starco Company (ASC), a leading supplier of US government agencies with high quality and mission critical supplies and equipment. We utilize the human and technical resources of ASC to deliver the same high quality, professional services in every project we perform. Our staff includes highly qualified professionals with over 10 years of experience in their respective fields. In addition, ASPS has access to ASC's network of seasoned Virtual Workers of ASC to select the best-suited team for specific projects we take on. We consider client satisfaction and retention to be more important than the money we receive for our work. Towards this end, we have set a policy of offering our professional services to our first time clients at a fraction of the price we regularly charge with guaranteed satisfaction.

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Elena Stratiievska

Elena Stratiievska Agency Contractor

It project manager, digital-marketer, social media manager


My name is Elena. I am owner and project manager in Start Digital agency. We have two offices in Kyiv and Zaporozhye (Ukraine). We have two departments: web-developing and digital-marketing. In the first department team is specialized in Drupal. We use SCRUM to organized our work. Second department have the goal to promote clients project. We have english speaking specialists in these sphere: marketer, PR-strategist, SEO-master, PPC (Google certified partner), SMM-manager, E-mail-marketer, Web-Analyst. Our team are realized more than 20 projects in such kind of sphere: real estate, polygraphy, law firm, visa Center, sales projects and other. We can find the greatest strategy to promote your business.

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Long Nguyen

Long Nguyen Agency Contractor

Virtual Assistant/ Ecommerce support/ Internet Marketing/ Web Research

Vietnam - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 7

We are a team of Vietnam freelancers (AM team). With a wide range of experience in Virtual Assistant, Data Entry, Web Research, Ebay/Etsy/Amazon support... We will make you satisfy with our service. Our slogan: We Save Your Time. ----------------------------------------------------- I am Long Nguyen. I have been working in AM team since 2013 when the team had just started. With nearly 3-year experience working variety of tasks from Data Entry, Web Research, E-commerce Support, Internet Marketing, I believe that the success of my career is all from the success of my customers. Therefore, I always try my best to support customers. SERVICE DESCRIPTION I am specialized in: • Admin Support: Internet Research (Data Research, Email Research, Keywords Research...), Data Entry, Email handling • Internet Marketing: SEO Onpage, Offpage, Social Media management, PPC campaign, Email marketing... • E-commerce Support: uploading products on Amazon, Etsy, Lazada, Zalora; inventory management, customer services... ----------------------------------------------------- CONTACT INFO: Website: Email: Skype: longnh.vietnam ----------------------------------------------------- Thank you for looking at my profile. Have a nice day!

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James Burns

James Burns Agency Contractor

Drupal Experts

United States - Portfolio: 80

CMS Website Services LLC a Raleigh (NC) US based Co. with its development base in India is a premier Web Development firm offering customized solutions to help businesses streamline their business processes, increase bottom lines & exercise an edge over competitors. We provide custom Drupal Web Design, Database Designing & Application Development Services & have developed more than 1000+ Drupal websites in various industries & E-commerce gateways since 2006 on projects on the 5 continents including US, Europe and Australia with our highly qualified SWOT teams of Drupal and Mobile Development specialists. With a die-hard policy of offering 100% bug free, fully tested, offered solutions to our client?s satisfaction. Customer Service Helpline is 9 AM to 3 AM IST Mon-Fri. In the Mobile arena, we bring forth highly skilled, expert developers in Mobile Development whose skills & knowledge can be judged by Elance ranking given in their respective test/skills set criteria.

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Kamalavel Rajendran

Kamalavel Rajendran Agency Contractor

Executive Director at Mallow Technologies Private Limited

India - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 2

We at, Mallow Technologies, take pride in delivering quality mobile and web applications. We do not just make apps, we make dreams come true. Are you ready to make your dream come true? Then get your ideas transformed to an app with us. Our resolve is to reinvent the digital landscape of businesses of all sizes, by delivering solutions and products that positively impact organizations and individuals. With expertise encompassing web, mobile, and cloud – Mallow technologies Private Limited, deliver results that are scalable, and sustainable. We develop native iOS and Android apps for the Mobile Platform and use PHP(Laravel) & ROR for developing the Web apps. Frontend team works on Angular Js, HTML, CSS etc., We are supported by teams like Business Analysts and Testing team for the successful outcome of all our projects. Business Analyst team will be taking care of the project requirements and will act as Client representative for our in-house team. Testing team will take care of the overall bug free outcome of the projects. We develop apps from scratch to uploading of the app in App Store and/or Playstore. At present we have more than 100 satisfied clients, in which most of them come back for their new projects. We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.

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