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Last updated: May 1, 2015
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  1. Ernie Laurence

    Ernie Laurence

    Novelist with professional editing experience.

    United States - Last active: 09/16/2013 - Tests: 3

    I am an English native speaker and writer who has written a large number of novels. For the past two years I have also written a number of short stories as a freelance writer for a gaming company in Florida. In the past seven years I have taught high school Physics (among other things) in both Texas and now Florida. Before that I designed video game with a focus on writing dialogue and storyline. Over the past ten years I have done a number of professional editing jobs that included everything from term papers, memos, and advertisements to full length novels. One thing that drives me as a writer is continual education to improve my writing skills. I have taken a number of writing classes through various media including classes on self-editing. I also maintain a blog that has an established viewership. My goal as a writer is to continue to publish novels, expanding that into a full company that includes multiple authors, video games, movies, and other forms of entertainment and informational media. In the short term, I would like to expand into the freelance market further to help financially facilitate the expansion of that company.

    $38.89 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Benjamin Rice

    Benjamin Rice

    Programmer, with GameDev experience

    United States - Last active: 5 days ago - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 5

    I have been obsessively in front of a computer keyboard since the age of 11. That was 34 years ago. I don't have any oDesk feedback yet, because so far, all my clients have kept me for possible future work. But you can see that I have worked many hours on oDesk over the past couple years. I am a native English speaker, and a thorough communicator. C#, Unity3D, UI & Networking are things I am particularly interested in and have experience with. But I also have experience in nearly every aspect of game design and development, because nearly all my projects were developed solely by myself. I also have experience with C/C++, Ruby, Regular Expressions, AutoIT automation & scripting, LSL scripting Papyrus scripting (Skyrim modding), dBase scripting & some pretty large and elaborate batch file scripts. Also a little bit of PERL. I have employed BEPU Physics, Farseer Physics (although I successfully made my own collision and response systems with algorithms I invented prior to that), & LibOpenMetaverse libraries. I am willing to learn just about any other language/environment. I've been using Unity3D for over a year, and am willing to learn ALL aspects of it (that I may not be currently familiar with) on my own time. Because I want to know it inside and out. I've been programming with C# since 2007 (8 years). I useding XNA for about 4 years. I finished a music game with them about 5 years ago. Which you can download & play (see below). I've worked for an employer on a C# / OpenTK game, and for their C++/OpenGL (Gnomescroll) game for exactly 1 year. It is like a sci-fi version of Minecraft, and had fairly regular activity from its player base. I've personally been working on an ambitious first person shooter adaptation of the original Rogue recently. With procedural weapon spells. I have yet to record a video of my latest project (a 2D procedural platformer), but you can view some short clips of some of the other games/engines I've made or worked on at: I made quite elaborate automated avatars in the virtual world Second Life with C# and LibOpenMetaverse. I made utilities and tools to help admin a group of Quake 2 servers with Ruby. I made a tool that would gather auction data from EverQuest 2's StationExchange website (they unfortunately dismantled that service shortly afterwards) and alert me when great deals were about to close so I could buy to resell. I'm also an artist, although I haven't put much time into it since my younger days. All my pictures being entirely traditional media. But have a look at my logo designs below. Also some of the textures in Gnomescroll were made by me.

    $16.39 /hr
    631 hours
  3. Morgan Heacock

    Programmer/Game Developer

    United States - Last active: 02/27/2014 - Tests: 5

    I have a passion for Games, Creative Problem Solving, Elegance in Programming and Visual Design and Providing a Positive User experience. I\ have two and a half years experience in the QA/Test Industry of Games as a SDET Providing Engineering and Technical/Utility Support to Test Teams. I have also provided Contract Work for developing education and training applications in addition to Game programming for a number of platforms. I am completely comfortable with C# but have familiarity with a variety of languages and can readily adapt including working through previous projects and expanding on them.

    $38.89 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Jacqui Lynn Chua

    Jacqui Lynn Chua

    Social Media Savvy, Customer Relations Expert, Experienced Supervisor

    Philippines - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 7

    Highly experienced in Customer Experience and Customer Service & Support, Marketing, Merchandising and Promotions. Looking to pursue a work from home career.

    $5.00 /hr
    579 hours
  5. Samuel Schumacher

    Samuel Schumacher

    United States - Last active: 02/20/2014 - Tests: 1

    Samuel is a homeschooled, high-school senior who has been designing websites for about 2 years. He founded Sam's Web Design, LLC in January 2014 to help local businesses get their brands out on the internet. Sam's goal is to provide his customers with clean, easy to navigate, and informative websites that will help their businesses and organizations grow. As a student, Samuel charges much lower rates than other web design companies without sacrificing quality. Right now, his focus is mainly on small to mid-size websites until his experience has increased to encompass larger ones. You can contact him to get started on your own website project or to get more information. He also has about 3 years experience in the game development field and currently has 2 games listed on the Windows Store. Thank you for stopping by!

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Bryan M.

    Bryan M.

    I'm an American.

    United States - Last active: 09/04/2013 - Tests: 3

    My name is Bryan Maxwell. I have been doing web development, and management for over 8 years now. I speak english, clearly. I communicate, clearly. I work equally as clearly. I might not be the most cost-effective developer on oDesk, but you get what you pay for.** ** ### **Previous work/examples** **Time, Inc. ** I was responsible for creating a cost-effective, yet functional AJAX based ad management system that allowed the Time, Inc. sales staff to dynamicall sell, create and publish advertisements online instantly. **Conde Nast, Inc.** - Allure Magazine - Time Magazine - Glamour Magazine NDA-Disclosure for private consulting. All web related. SEO, Traffic, etc. **Wizard Magazine** (A popular comic book.) **Wizard Universe, Inc**. (Wizard Magazines parent company.) I was in charge of the development team of their newly launched website. I was in charge of branding, design, content acquisition, and saw the project from inception to maturity. ** WaxJelly, Inc.** Personal weblog/internet company I co-founded with a fellow web developer, and internet entrepreneur. I have the attitude, the experience, and the expertise to handle any and every project regardless of size. I have a winning mindset and I believe it's necessary to be a go-getter and meet deadlines by whatever means necessary. I'm consistent, reliable, and honest. I won't underbid your projects, nor will I overbid them. I will always give you a fair price, and work out the details so you have a clear understanding of what the whole scope entails. **I am offering contract-to-hire **Currently I live in Texas, but I am willing to work remotely for a company full-time, and part time. Hire me, try me out, then we'll see what else we can work out. **Technical experience **I am only listing skills that I still actively use. I don't list every language I've ever read a book about, I just list the things I can do immediately.** **I have used** PostgreSQL** for 2 years now. I have used **MySQL** for 4 years now. I have used **PHP** for over 5 years now. I have used **Ruby** for over a year. I have used **XHTML** and **CSS** for over 7 years. I have used** Photoshop 7/CS** for over 8 years. I have used **C++/C/C3/Visual Basic** for over 6 years. I have used **Javascript** for over 5 years. I have used "**AJAX**" and **Asynchronous requests** for about 3 years. Thank you for your time, now **let's create something.** ** P.S.** I can definitely provide working proof of my resume above upon request.

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  7. jason rogers

    jason rogers

    Software Developer engineer

    Japan - Last active: 07/08/2009 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 4

    Dear Sirs, I'm a recently Graduated Software developper currently residing in Japan. During my studies I have specialized in software developpement using mutltiple technologies. My strength stands in my ability to adapt to the problems that I'm facing. My studies includes 2 six month placements in professional environement. In both cases I was working a researching and implementing new technological solutions for my employers (cf: employement history). I have good OOP skills and modeling languages, this conbined with my knowledge of sevral programming languages, allow me to adapt to any problem and effecently produce adapted solutions. my current skills include: Languages: C, C++, Java, Objectiv-C, Cocoa, CocoaTouch Modelling languages: UML, SADT, SA, HOOD Artificial Intelligence: lisp, prolog, Multi Agent systems and distributed problem solving. 3D:OpenGl 2.0, Java3D, 3DSmax, Virtools. Database:Oracle (Installation, Maintenance and Usage), SQL, MySQL, PHP, Pl/SQL. GUI:elaboration, SWING, MFC Audit:Evaluation and study of software quality and life cycle. Web: HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML. My primary objective on ODesk is to gain valuable professional experience and therefore I don't mind the hours spend logged on the project or doing personal research outside the project.

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller

    Game Designer and Topical Blogger

    United States - Last active: 03/05/2014 - Tests: 4

    GAME DESIGN (EXPERIENCE: 1) I'm an indie developer working on a few projects while simultaneously learning the fine points of game design. Coming up with game concepts is a passionate love of mine and I like virtually everything in a game to be meaningful or purposeful...even the HUD design. I do NOT design games with sexual tones, wonton violence, gore, blood, foul language, or the like. I do not mind exploring strong themes, however. But there is a limit and I will not cross it. Currently, I'm working on a 2D stealth game akin to "Metal Gear" (NES). Two other "learning" projects are variations on the infinite runner genre. My first games which I developed were for the TI-83 graphing calculators. I did not use any uploaded program but rather the native program editor on the calculator. These games included... - Side-scrolling space-shooter with 3 different weapon types. - "First person" shooter with a "complex" scoring system, various weapon animations, a save feature, options menu, and an introduction story board before the game. (My high school teacher was most impressed by this.) - A gambling game based off the Price-Is-Right TV game show game, "Plachinko", where a disk falls down a slanted beg board into slots of different values. If the player lost all disks, he could use some of his earnings to buy back more disks. - A bowling game that employed three different types of curves: straight, and low and high-curving balls to throw down the lane. An "animation" would sweep any knocked down pins away and redraw standing pins (represented by simple circles). Accurate scoring and a high score feature were included. Future projects I plan to work on include... - Two games - one RPG, one 2D space-shooter - whose single story will explore complimentary points of events in gameplay and narration. - A Java-based racing game for mobile that will literally allow the player to cruise the USA. - A platform game based on a USB drive with a mild anime flair. The story will explore the difference between the spiritual self and the physical body. - And more...! TOPICAL BLOGGER (EXPERIENCE: 10 years) As a blogger, I cover mostly Biblical topics, but I also enjoy covering social issues, as well. On rare occasion, I break lose and will do something completely silly, all for the fun of it. My goal in writing is to help people understand the deeper context of a topic or issue. Especially when such are controversial or highly debated. It's my desire for people to have knowledge and well-reasoned understanding that is based on something more than a biased opinion. I have been doing amateur blogging for many years, progressively improving my skills in communication and research. When doing any article, I never assume my readers are dull-minded nor complete geniuses. I always hope anyone can learn at least something from my writings, even if it's perhaps a new perspective on a matter they already know much about. Teaching and encouraging people is a deep desire of mind, so no matter what topic I write on, if someone comes away feeling empowered, educated, and/or lifted up, then I have done my job well.

    $11.11 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Nakul Kundra

    Nakul Kundra

    Nakul Kundra

    India - Last active: 08/21/2014 - Tests: 2

    ***************5+ YEARS OF RICH EXPERIENCE IN WEB AND MOBILE APP/GAMES DEVELOPMENT*************** We are web and mobile apps and games development company doing business from the last 5 years. We are new into Odesk and on the verge of making a another cool relations with our clients across the globe. We are masters in web development and have developed more than 1000 websites in last 5 years. IN terms of Mobile apps and games development, we have a good portfolio as well. Being India based Japanese company, we believe in delivering the quality products in a specified time frame. We like the honesty and looking to build long term business relations with our existing and new clients.

    $17.00 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Yonikko Takano

    Yonikko Takano

    Data Entry / Technical Support

    Philippines - Last active: 12/26/2014

    Fluent English and Verbal Skills. Working as Manager on an advance US Telco Account. Have been with BPO for 7 years. can type up to 70+ WPM and very knowledgeable in MS Office tools. Can help you with data entry or provide support for technical stuff like Internet, Cable TV and VOIP Products. Hard working and self motivated. Can also work with minimal supervision and very efficient worker. I also have a wide imagination and creativity. Loves games and can also help you support or development if you are a game provider. Hard working, Passionate, Self Motivated, Strategic, Innovative and Results Oriented - Words that will best describe me.

    $15.00 /hr
    0 hours