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  1. Christina Martinez-Williams

    Christina Martinez-Williams

    Detail-oriented Administrative Support and Excellent Writer

    United States - Last active: 7 days ago - Tests: 1

    I am a self-motivated and task-oriented administrative support person whose skills include attention to detail, a strong work ethic, an ability to remain focused, efficient follow-through, and strong responsibility. My administrative strengths are complimented by my quick learning, integrity, and achiever nature. My two bachelors degrees (B.S. Math, B.A. Spanish) and three masters degrees (M.Ed. College Student Affairs, M.Ed. General Education, M.Ed. Special Education) have helped me not only to perfect my administrative skills but also to develop excellent writing skills. Through my professional roles, I have become an expert at managing data; creating documents and systems to streamline and help communicate and organize information; and prioritize, manage, and successfully complete multiple tasks and deadlines at one time.

    $40.00 /hr
    215 hours
  2. Marie Gacke

    Marie Gacke

    Owner, Lighthouse Concierge Services, LLC

    United States - Last active: 24 days ago

    The past two years I have served growing businesses as a concierge, accomplishing a variety of tasks to ensure my clients are able to focus on their priority of connecting and expanding their business. My clients are allowing me the opportunity to handle the background work that is necessary but time-consuming. To this end, I have experience with research, data entry, LinkedIn (Premium and Navigator), Google+, Facebook, Buffer, Pagemodo, and have connections with reputable graphic designers and InfusionSoft experts that I work with to accomplish long-term projects (webinars, social media management, blogs/vlogs, etc.) I am skilled at learning new concepts quickly, accomplishing tasks in a timely manner, and communicating effectively with clients from all manner of income. I look forward to connecting with you.

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Jie C.

    Jie C.

    Physics & Electronics Lecturer and Entrepreneur

    United States - Last active: 18 days ago - Tests: 1

    Dr. Jie Chen received my PhD in Applied Physics in 2010 in USA. Dr. Jie Chen is the leading scientist and an expert on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry optical sensing technology. He successfully created the first analytical optical models of Pilkington TEC series photovoltaic glass, the sole supplier for First Solar, which in turn produced the 14% efficient champion solar cell module in 2014, and the small size CdTe champion solar cell (with an efficiency of 17.3%) in 2012. Dr. Chen also created and optimized the through-the-glass optical model for the first state-of-the-art, on-line spectroscopic ellipsometry optical scanning system for photovoltaic manufacturing applications. The systems are currently implemented in Calyxo GmBH plants. Currently Dr. Chen is a lecturer teaching at both Owens Community College and ITT Technical Institute, Maumee, OH. In summer 2015, he will teach three courses including Digital Fundamentals, Integrated Circuits and Microprocessors and Microcontrollers at ITT Technical Institute. Dr. Chen is also an entrepreneur, as the co-founder of Resonance Group, ltd. They specialize in designing electronic systems (both hardware and software) for testing, measuring and controlling custom processes and equipment. He have done a lot of custom software programming, circuit board design, assembly work, 3D CAD modeling, and mechanical fabrication for test stands, jigs, and mechanical assemblies. One of his personal professional hobbies is, he love to meet young people, and feel satisfied to see their progress in their studies and performance. In the past 10 years, he has been tutoring many students in physics, Math, aged from elementary school to undergraduate level. Of course, as a native Chinese currently living in Toledo, OH, USA, he had numerous experiences on English-Chinese, Chinese - English translation in varies business and academia presentations in the past 12 years.

    $30.00 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Chris P.

    Chris P.

    Earth-Sciences Technical Jargon Translator / Writer

    United States - Last active: 17 days ago - Tests: 7

    My interests are quite varied. That previous statement is, in reality, an understatement. When one has a passion for a subject, one tends to truly enjoy sharing information about that same subject. I have a passion for many subjects and truly enjoy sharing information about all of them. My formal education provided me with exposure to a fantastically broad range of topics ranging from jurisprudence to cometary phenomena. This is why I hold over 231 credit hours in college course work. In the years after my university attendance I worked numerous jobs: as a tombstone & monument cutter and polisher in Waco; a student radio manager & commercial radio deejay; a wet-chemistry analyst; a GIS specialist; a sound-board operator at a restored theater; a nightclub bouncer; a food-server and bartender and a few odd-jobs of some note (e.g. deconstructing the 100-year old livery stable belonging and adjacent to the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas.) Of all my various jobs, I have found that work related to earth sciences is most complementary to my skills and interests. My career as an independent contractor working offshore as an oceanographer and surveyor (18+ years) has provided me with a very broad range of experiences and perspectives. It has been my joy to work amongst personnel from most all sea-faring nations during that career. My responsibilities offshore included heavy equipment and electronics installation and operation, troubleshooting (software, mechanical, electrical), data & imagery collection, data & imagery processing, data & imagery interpretation, technical report copy-writing, and copy-editing ... to help insure all data products produced by our team adhered to clients' expectations for deliverables and deadlines. I am adept at creating or sourcing relevant drawings, sketches, tables and images to make professional, print-ready publications. I have extensive experience in print publication of mapping products, especially large-scale plots on various physical medium (vellum, heavy paper stock, etc.) in large quantities for multinational clients in the offshore survey realm. Offshore projects on which I participated include: preliminary surveys for numerous submarine fiber-optic cables and pipelines; academic and scientific exploration of sub-sea volcanic vents (black smokers) and fault zones off the Oregon, Washington and Galapagos coasts; deployment and recovery of various scientific instruments in weather conditions ranging from placid to life-threatening; providing mapping support for Remotely Operated Vehicles working in all capacities (work-class, exploration, research, high-definition imagery ("eye-ball sled")); interpreting and presenting scientific data and imagery to managers and clients according to established formats and deadlines; monitoring underwater currents in real-time for deep-drilling rigs; updating nautical charts for NOAA in Alaska and on three coasts of the US; and participating in the river clearance survey to insure that US Navy and hospital ships could navigate the Mississippi river from the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans immediately after Katrina made landfall. The hard work necessary to maintain my reputation as a valuable component to highly specialized teams in a very small industry for nearly two decades has ultimately provided me with the skills necessary for communicating oftentimes difficult concepts in an easily understood format in conversational language for managers and clients alike.

    $38.00 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Jason R.

    Jason R.

    Photographer | Designer | Developer

    United States - Last active: 12 days ago - Tests: 3

    I'm an artist of many mediums, and a creative with a curious streak. I enjoy working with clients who understand the value of quality content, whether it's to be read, seen, heard, or experienced. I have a soft spot for branding, as it plays such a vital role in the overall success of any organization, large or small. My projects primarily involve one or more of the following: Photography, Retouching, Video Production/Editing, Web Design and Development, Brand Architecture and Design, Communication Design, and Big-Picture Consulting.

    $90.00 /hr
    0 hours


    Experienced Marketer, Writer, Researcher,Translator

    United Kingdom - Last active: 16 days ago - Tests: 11

    I am a highly experienced professional interested in freelance positions in writing, research, translation, marketing,branding (positioning, strategy, communications). Background: 20+ years' experience in leadership roles in marketing, marketing communications, market research, talent/hr and management. This experience has been gleaned through positions in NY, London, W & E Europe among blue-chip US-based and UK-based multinational corporations. Before business my experience was in academia. I have experience as an author of articles and as teacher at university-level in business administration and in teaching English as a foreign language. If you're interested in world class quality and precision, contact me. My subject areas: Humanities (all- incl. History, Social Sciences, Lit.), Marketing, Communications, Business Admin., HR/Talent management. My degrees: BA Fine Arts (Art History, Music), MBA, MA in TEFL/Applied Linguistics, PhD in Middle Eastern Studies. Other: W4, National Insurance and Italian personal and company tax codes for billing. US, EU citizen.

    $30.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Rebecc S.

    Rebecc S.

    United States - Last active: 6 days ago - Tests: 1

    Since 2010, I've been providing copy editing, proofreading, and fact checking services to a variety of customers, including academics, fiction authors, safety consulting firms, IT departments, and more. I have experience working with Chicago, MLA, and APA style manuals. I am currently working on a PhD in English Literature from Western Michigan University, and I have an MA in Medieval English Literatures from the University of York and a BA in Publishing Studies from Illinois State University.

    $30.00 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Sarra G.

    Sarra G.

    consultante multimedia content

    Canada - Last active: 1 month ago

    I'm freelancer, working for my agency Credo Productions. Credo productions is a small Canadian video production agency, offering its services to a variety of markets including: corporation, public institutions, non-profit organizations, artists and professionals. Our team cumulates more than 3 decades of expertise in various domains including video production, graphic illustration creation and animation and project management. Our main mission is to create professional quality videos that help our clients achieve their strategic goals and make them shine. You can see more details and updates on our website:

    $38.89 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Loic Maroso

    Loic Maroso

    Professional English/Spanish to French Translator

    Spain - Last active: 29 days ago

    I am a native French speaker, and I have 11 years of experience in translating documents from English and Spanish into French. My experience covers a wide scope of subjects, including technical manuals, Tech/Engineering, Literary, Law/Patents, Science, Financial, Marketing, and It. I provide my clients with professional translation services helping them to converse properly with their French audience. I also offer global solutions as for instance product localization and community management services by auditing Content Management Systems and all kind of editorial assets with the aim to rationalize the whole translation process to save time and money. I use TRADOS 2014 translation environment software to ensure consistent terminology management across all of your texts. I have no time restrictions, and my response time is from Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. CEST. Priding myself on responsiveness and reliability, I consistently complete projects on time and budget. I always follow my projects very closely and manage communication with the client.

    $30.00 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Johanna Schwalm

    Johanna Schwalm

    Experienced Executive Assistant

    United States - Last active: 1 month ago - Tests: 1

    I have been providing executive level support to company Presidents, Vice Presidents and Senior Directors since 1998. My experience has been in Advertising, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Sales, and Finance industries. I am poised, confident and experienced with good communication skills with a broad range of experience. Prior to 1998, I spent 11 years working in Long Term Care and Assisted Living as an Activity Director and Alzheimer's Unit Manager and I spent 2 years as a private consultant in the field of Alzheimer's Care. All of my experience prior to April, 2014 was in-house. As of April 2014, I no longer work in-house, I work remotely and have been providing virtual support and project management services to several Pharmaceutical executives with whom I interacted in varying capacities throughout my career. I enjoy virtual assistant work and I look forward to working with a variety of clients and having the opportunity to experience a wide range of projects and responsibilities.

    $44.44 /hr
    0 hours