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  1. Ariane mae P.

    Ariane mae P.

    data entry/ Customer Service

    Philippines - Tests: 6

    For 7 years with different experiences. I have been into promoting and providing excellent customer service. I work at call center as a Customer Service Representative. Providing customer satisfaction, and providing excellent in sales promotions. I gained more skills and knowledge when the company i work for promoted me to Customer Service Specialist which the goal is to provide resolutions to customer's problem and taking all supervisor's call when needed. Part of my job is data entry also. I am looking for an opportunity that would be able me to provide my assets.

    $5.00 /hr
    2,572 hours
  2. Baby Jane Santos

    Baby Jane Santos

    Customer Service Representative


    My career goal is to always give my best in everything I do, have a job which provides me satisfaction and that will help me develop my skills and achieve my personal goals. I am currently looking for a part time position in an environment that offers a greater challenge, increased benefits for my family, and the opportunity to learn and experience more on things I do best- giving an excellent customer service. I have been working in the call center industry for 8 years now and I can say that I have learn how to multitask, handle stress and how to easily adapt to sudden changes. I can work hard with full determination and dedication to achieve the team's goal. I am looking forward to work in tandem with a team in a challenging and competitive environment where I can improve my knowledge, share my ideas or capabilities and put them to use for the development of the organization.

    $3.33 /hr
    10 hours
  3. Tessa anne feline T.

    Tessa anne feline T.

    Customer Service Specialist

    Philippines - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 2

    For more than three years working online, I have fully developed my customer service, sales, marketing, and English communication skills through my previous job as a Senior Customer Account Executive. And now I am seeking for the best position to utilize these skills and provide the best quality of service to my clients and to meet or exceed to their expectations.

    $7.00 /hr
    2,208 hours
  4. Ronald Cruz

    Ronald Cruz

    Customer Service Agent/Writer

    Philippines - Tests: 3

    I am currently a call center agent. I've been in the customer service industry for 3 years and ongoing. I've handled technical, billing, customer security, and general support (I am universal agent). I also write during my free time since I'm an Education Graduate, major in English. I've been a ghost writer since college and my forte is Literary Criticism. I love to read books and write poems. I don't write in the formal tone; I write in a conversational tone.

    Groups: Pro Customer Service

    $4.44 /hr
    153 hours
  5. Makena Hulme

    Makena Hulme

    Data Entry, Customer Service

    United States - Tests: 2

    Throughout my years in high school and college I have developed a wide variety of skills in website development, HTML, customer service, data entries and content writing. My core competency lies in my ability to listen to instructions and carry out tasks in a timely manner. I am passionate about my work and will be a great addition to any team.

    $12.00 /hr
    245 hours
  6. Karen Ann Ocampo

    Karen Ann Ocampo

    customer service representative

    Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    Email support, I am using Amazon Seller central, Bqool, Spreadsheet for this job. Handled customer's complaints, sending our replacement, refunds and handling customer's negative feedback/reviews. ASO Keyword Ninja, Type and Theme App Researcher IOS app keyword Research App Title/ App Icon Researcher Virtual Assistant in Researcher and Data Mining ( Experienced Customer Service Representative (inbound) in Health Care Insurance and in telecommunications and information services company for 7 months.

    $4.50 /hr
    96 hours
  7. Hendrick Hueck

    Hendrick Hueck

    Customer Service Specialist

    United States - Tests: 5

    I have been working face to face with customers for 5 years as a manager at Mc Donalds, where I have honed my communication skills and developed a high level of problem solving skills. I also learned managing daily expenses, managing labor costs, managing inventory(daily/weekly/monthly), and working with many teammates to acchieve excellence. I will do my very best to accomplish goals and tasks set for me and I thank you for taking the time to review my job request.

    $11.16 /hr
    191 hours
  8. Rahima A.

    Rahima A.

    Experienced customer service representative

    Bangladesh - Tests: 1

    I am a diligent individual with a diverse employment history in roles orientated around customer service and information technology. As an extremely hardworking individual I am committed to meet all the challenges of employment with the highest of standards. I thrive as a member of a highly motivated team and able to work on my own initiative. I believe my enthusiasm and personal drive will be an asset to any organization that employs me.

    $5.00 /hr
    6,833 hours
  9. Edsel John Ocampo

    Edsel John Ocampo

    Customer Service Representative

    Philippines - Tests: 3

    I started to work at a call center company as a telemarketer in May 2006 and was promoted as an OIC however, I needed to leave the company by the end of the year for a better offer. I then transferred to a BPO company for a financial account as a Collections Officer for a US based bank. In September of 2009, I was let go of the company for they had to down size. I then got in to a different BPO industry where we handled a financial account mainly for medical expenses. I was then promoted to a level higher, as an Escalations Specialist for a new account. I handled 3 line of business' mainly for Employee Services, Admin work, and Payroll. I then left the company in March of 2013 for I had to attend to some family matters but got back with the industry in June of 2013 as a Senior Utility Coordinator for a Mortgage Company where we handled foreclosed properties until it gets sold. I left the company in June 2014

    $4.00 /hr
    1,120 hours
  10. Fay Garner-Barrow

    Fay Garner-Barrow

    Customer Service/Telemarketing Specialist

    Barbados - Tests: 1

    I am a highly motivated individual with excellent interpersonal skills. I bring extensive knowledge and experience from the call center industry. My duties included but were not limited to; appointment setting, customer care, telemarketing, tech support, conducting surveys and debt collecting. My inbound and outbound experience was on a dialer but I also did cold calling. Most of my customer care experience was calling customers in the US. I spent over 5 years working for one of the largest debt collecting companies in the US. My role was calling consumers in the USA and offering ways to clear their debt, settle or set up payment plans. Appointment setting experience: Calling owners of restaurants in Massachusetts and scheduling appointments with a coordinator of a Food festival held in July 2014. Calling owners of apartments for sale in New York and scheduling appointments with a Real Estate Broker. Calling owners of small auto repair shops in Philadelphia and scheduling appointments with a financial advisor to discuss funding. Calling dentists in Philadelphia and setting appointments with a video producer for online review branding videos. Handling inbound and outbound calls from potential customers in California who signed up on a website to get more information about a program and scheduling appointments to meet with owner of a fitness center. This job also required: Sending and replying to emails and text messaging. Calling potential clients up to 6 times unless contact is made. Sales Experience: Handling inbound and outbound calls from across the USA, booking photo booths for a company headquartered in Arizona. Team player and hard working. Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel My home office is in a quiet area of my basement. I have a working laptop, USB headset, high speed internet access, VOIP and printer. My system allows me to make and receive free unlimited calls from USA and Canada. Please contact me for an interview at your convenience.

    $10.00 /hr
    77 hours