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Brijesh A.

Brijesh A. Agency Contractor

Website/Database Dev,J2EE,JSP,javascript APIs,Technical Writing, Apps

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

I am having more than 8 years of experience in the field of software development. I have worked with various small companies as well as companies like TCS & Infosys. I have worked on different projects from domains like telecom, gaming & finance. I am good at providing solutions and can help optimize your business process. Most of my experience is in the field of web based applications involving technologies like, --------------------------------------------------------------- PHP, Java/J2EE, .net, sharepoint, javascript APIs, jQuery, Dojo, Bootstrap, AngularJS, MongoDB Ajax, database like MySQL, Oracle & MsSQL server --------------------------------------------------------------- With oDesk, I start my career as an independence developer and I am confident that with my strong technical skills I will create win-win situation for me and my contractors. Thank you, Brijesh Amin

$25.00 /hr
1,994 hours

Roque Abella

Roque Abella Agency Contractor



Highly skilled at relationship‐ building with clients and across organizations and teams; except tonal writing, presenting, and interpersonal communication skills. Adept at assessing needs, generating options, and implementing solutions in collaboration with clients and stakeholders. Well‐versed in all phases of recruitment and hiring, including defining job roles, assessing needed skills and qualifications, and evaluating candidates. Experienced at managing projects from the requirements gathering/needs identification phase through to completion.

$3.33 /hr
14 hours

Amy McHugh

Amy McHugh Agency Contractor

Experienced VA / Administrative Support / DTP Professional

United States - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 25

I have a strong background in administrative and sales support, data entry, web research, Photoshop image editing, graphic design, web design using Weebly and desktop publishing. I have proficient various computer abilities. I am quite experienced with a variety of CRM databases. I am proficient in all Microsoft applications. I enjoy learning new techniques in those applications to improve the quality and speed of my work. I enjoy building a relationship with my clients as I look forward to working with them for a long time to come. Working in an administrative support role, it is very important to me to develop good relationships with clients that I support. I know that I have succeeded in this area as my clients are very comfortable speaking with me about their needs, and trust me to provide accurate and timely support. I want my clients to know they can depend on me to provide a great service to them and their clients. I have enhanced my customer service skills, over the years, and I have earned several awards in customer service. I take pride in my job and strive for excellence each and every day. I know what needs to be done and I complete it with precision without needing assistance. I believe in prioritizing and making checklists to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner. I am a quick learner and very eager to succeed in my career. Details are very important to me and I make sure that nothing is overlooked. I have ensured accuracy by implementing a system of checking my work during and after a task is completed. I am very dependable. When I say that something will be done by a certain deadline, it is always completed on time. I have become very knowledgeable and computer savvy. I am quick to become familiar with new software. I consider myself trustworthy and driven. I am a dedicated worker that is eager to learn new things. I currently use Microsoft office 2007, Photoshop CS3, and Adobe Acrobat X.

$26.67 /hr
3,239 hours

Alberto Racho Jr L

Alberto Racho Jr L Agency Contractor

Expert in SEO Specialist/link builder/Data Researcher

Philippines - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

My objective is to deliver my best in every job given, while also keeping my skills oriented. I am a hardworking, versatile and detail-oriented individual. My services include: -Software Implementation Specialist -SEO On page and Off page -Data Entry Specialist -Researcher -Web Designer/Developer. -Graphics Designer -Video Editor My Previous Work experiences are: - Searched Engine Optimization Specialist - Data Entry Analyst

$5.50 /hr
59 hours

Rajiv S

Rajiv S Agency Contractor

Founder & CEO- Project Manager/OpenTok & Tokbox Development

India - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 9

Prologic Technologies is a full fledged IT services company, successfully conducting business in the IT marketplace and helping our clients in their web engagements. We are a rapidly growing team of handpicked professionals including technical experts, creative designers, web strategists and project managers. We understand that businesses are dynamic and require dynamic solutions, at times even in complex environments. We treat every project as new, while using our lessons learned from the past projects to prevent risks. That is where we like to take up challenges and bring the projects to a successful closure, because in the end its all about the client's success. We offer specialized services in the following areas: > eCommerce and e- Business Applications > Security Applications for PCI standards compliance > Online Retail and Whole Sale Store Fronts with eCommerce Integration > Back Office Management Solutions > Web TV > Flex Front- End and Back- End Applications > Google Map API > Google Earth API > Online Payment Processing > Payment Gateway Integration > Video Streaming > Web Services > API development > Order and inventory management systems > CRM Softwares > Open source application development > Social Networking websites Prologic has a wide array of skill set and technology expertise: Programming Languages: * * * #WebRTC #OpenTok #TokBox #Screen-sharing #video #voice #messaging #iOS_Android SDK's #Text chat >PHP >ASP.NET >Visual Basic .NET >Visual C# .NET >ASP Scripting and Other Languages: * * * >HTML/ DHTML >XHTML >JQuery >XML >JavaScript >AJAX >FLEX Frameworks: * * * >Cake PHP >Codeigniter Data Modeling: * * * >MS SQL Server >MySQL >UML >Enterprise Architect >SmartDraw Graphic Designing: * * * >Adobe Flash >Adobe Photoshop >Adobe Dreamweaver Content Management System (CMS): * * * > WordPress > Joomla

$17.00 /hr
484 hours

Alexis Leodan Bonilla

Alexis Leodan Bonilla Agency Contractor

Productivity, Fraud & Remote Team Management Expert, Salesforce Admin

El Salvador - Tests: 9

In my current position, I manage the company's Fraud Prevention, Mediation process and drive Productivity enhancements. I focus on enforcing company policies and procedures for over 1000 employees all over the world. My tasks include investigating fraud, contractor/employer Mediation, hiring, training, creating training materials, setting goals, quality control, generating reports and driving success by helping the team grow as professionals. I have learned the secrets of sustainable remote-team management, which will enable any company to tap into the vast talent available worldwide. I would like to share my experience and help companies take full advantage of the huge benefits of hiring contractors remotely, without having to worry about security, lack of transparency and poor productivity. I have worked closely with Engineers to develop the necessary tools that create a virtual environment of transparency where contractors can demonstrate their skills, and Managers can track productivity to make the proper business decisions to achieve company goals. I also provide the company with Salesforce Management and Automation creation services. I have been working with Salesforce for over 5 years, so I have gained a lot of experience in creating objects, workflows, automated emails, formulas, Visualforce, Conga Composer, Echosign and Apex basics. My schedule is flexible, so I have time to help in Salesforce related tasks. From 2004 until 2010, I worked in the Call Center industry and I learned many different things. I worked in Customer Service for over 5 years and Sales for about 1 year. I worked myself up to becoming a Team Manager and Back-up Supervisor. During this time, I learned how to become a team player, and how to manage people in order to reach goals and company targets. It is very gratifying to help people grow and develop their skills in order for them to become more efficient and effective professionals. All this experience has taught me the essentials of being an effective leader, which in turn is paramount to running a successful business. I also have a lot of computer knowledge since I repair and build computers as a hobby. I worked for during these years and I learned a great deal about travel and I became proficient in the Sabre GDS.

$30.00 /hr
10,363 hours

Rita Zamora

Rita Zamora Agency Contractor

Back Office/Database Admin. Experience in Entertainment Production

Philippines - Tests: 3

For the past two years, I have done back office work for an internationally known consulting firm, mainly supporting the learning team in their New York and China offices. This gave me a great opportunity to work with different people from all over the world. My work entailed a great deal of creating and sending out email reminders/reach outs, as well as database management. Foy my past work experiences, I have worked for two call centers, both as a customer service representative. In the Entertainment field, I have worked as a production manager, script writer, production assistant, events spinner, and marketing assistant for corporate events and a television noon-time show. I am a team player. I am very easy to work with and am very eager to learn new things. I am looking forward to doing more back office and administration tasks here in oDesk.

$10.00 /hr
4,277 hours

SenthilKumar V

SenthilKumar V Agency Contractor

Project Manager (Web / Mobile Application)

United Arab Emirates - Tests: 5

I am an Engineer having 13+ years of experience in the areas of Project Management, Design and Co-ordination. My Current role will be as Staffing Manager who will focused on bidding the projects on Web development, mobile development and Web Maintenance project. I have a team of young and dynamic software engineers who can work with great efficiency and deliver the projects with quality on time.

$20.00 /hr
245 hours

Joanne Santiago

Joanne Santiago Agency Contractor

Risk Management Analyst

Philippines - Tests: 4

My name is Joanne Clemente Santiago. I am 26 years old and I am currently residing in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I have an experience in working in a call center and a bank. The first job that I landed after I finished college was a company called Arvato Digital Services. It is a German owned call center supporting Microsoft in the USA. I was hired as a project based employee for customer service. I did customer service for two months before I got moved to being an escalations representative. I cannot say that it was a promotion since there were no papers signed and there was no raise in salary. Since it was a project based employment, there were no benefits aside from the monthly salary that I was getting. I decided to move to another company to help myself move up. As some would say, you have to move out for you to move up. My second company was a US owned bank - J.P. Morgan Chase. I worked as a Financial Service Adviser helping Americans about their credit cards from the bank. The job was pretty easy, activating the newly received credit cards and giving the customers some information about it. There was a little up-selling sometimes, if you can get a customer to buy some extras or add some benefits to the card. After a short while, I was invited to join another line of business in the bank and was offered the Risk Management post. I thought about it and gave it a shot. This time, I had to work for the bank in preventing Fraud to happen, still for credit cards. It was a lot easier when I was just a Financial Service Adviser. Fraud Team was different. It was totally challenging as everyday you get to interact with different people and you have to be really focused in determining the factors that are being affected by Fraud. I was really into it, enjoying every single day at work, but then again I had to leave the company to attend to important family matters. I am a mother of one daughter. My partner and I decided that it would be best for a kid to have a mother beside her most of the time if not all the time. My partner is in another province in the Philippines, while my daughter and I are staying in my parents' here in Nueva Ecija. I really enjoyed working and I kind of miss it already. Then I realized that I can have a job while looking after my kid. I would really appreciate if you review my application. I may not have the most experience, but I learn fast and I am very much willing to give time and educate myself with what your company needs.

$5.00 /hr
644 hours

Ricardo Ramel Casas

Ricardo Ramel Casas Agency Contractor

Senior Customer Services Rep, Helpdesk Support, Transcriptionist, RN

Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 6

Thank you for visiting my profile, you definitely found what you are looking for! My name is Ricardo Ramel Veneracion Casas I'm a Registered Nurse by profession but I chose to be a customer service/recruiter champion; I know that what brought you here is the need to fill an opening at your company and that you are looking for the best customer service agent for you clients that you can get at an affordable price. I know that if you take a couple of minutes and read over my profile; you will feel comfortable knowing that you have found the right person! You can rest assure that I will work just as hard for you as I have with those contact centers that I worked for professionally. I always exert all my effort to accomplish any task at hand! Expert competence in Customer Service skills. Excellent ability to multitask and to work in a fast–paced environment, meeting your strict deadlines. Exceptional versatility and adaptability in any tasks given. I have excellent interpersonal skills, confident and poised in interactions with individuals at all levels. I am an organized individual with exceptional follow through-abilities with client or customer involved. I love working in a challenging environment. I am detailed oriented and resourceful in the completion of projects or tasks involved. Having handled different levels of responsibilities within the operations group, I am well versed in customer service principles, technical support, quality assurance and leadership development. I would like to know how I can assist you, I encourage you to get to know more about the details of my career performance, please contact me. Let's work together to make your campaign a success. Happy to be of service!

$7.00 /hr
2,049 hours