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  1. Muhammad S.

    C Programmer in Embedded Systems/RTOS/Linux domain

    Pakistan - Last active: 2 days ago - Tests: 5

    I am an electrical engineer with strong aptitude towards embedded software. I have quite extensive experience of C programming, RTOS, Embedded Linux, Yocto and Poky. Also, my EE skills enable me to work on electronics hardware. I have been involved in some very high end embedded system designs featuring Cortex-A15/Cortex-A9 ARM cores. In Linux kernel space I have ported many Linux device drivers. Also I have done a lot of configurations/packaging for user space utilities to include those in a distribution. I have many open source contributions in Yocto project. In RTOS space I have worked on ARM AT91SAM, Cortex-M3/M4, STM32 and LM3S series. I have quite extensive experience of USB stack, TCP/IP, I2C, SPI, UART, GPIOs and Flash memory. All this experience enables me to develop a BSP for any board/architecture as well as write right highly optimized embedded applications. As an independent freelancer, I want to provide my engineering services to the clients with quality, commitment and professionalism, as high as someone expects from a well established corporate.

    $16.67 /hr
    21 hours
  2. Kavi Arasan

    Kavi Arasan

    Mechatronics engineer

    India - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 3

    To have a growth oriented and challenging job, where i can contribute my knowledge and skills to the organization and enhance my experience through continuous learning SKILLS • Robo studio, ANSYS(Micro and Smart Systems), Basic C, Matlab, Keil IDE, Computer servicing, Electronic circuit Simulation. • Office suite: MS-office word, MS-office PowerPoint, MS-office excel.

    $6.00 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Librae L.

    Librae L.

    Maker & Hacker

    China - Last active: 30 days ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 4

    Brief: - an experienced embedded system engineer for 5+ years in a famous semi conductor company. - a hacker - a maker - a football player - a piano rookie Some interesting stories other than full time job: - Github user since 2010. - Wrote an RTOS kernel for fun. - One of the very first backers of Spark. Started the first RTOS port for spark core. - Contributor of NuttX. - Played with px4 auto pilot. - Own a Raspberry Pi and sometimes do some tinkering with it.

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Simone Marra

    Simone Marra

    Embedded Firmware Developer

    Italy - Last active: 08/27/2014

    Years of experience in embedded applications, starting from Microcontrollers (Microchip, TI, Freescale, etc...) up to more complex systems like XMOS (parallel Microcontrollers with DSP-like performace) and also linux embedded. Several years of firmware development with TCP/IP Stack, GSM/GPRS, RTOS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and bootloaders. Several years of support service for both professional and community/forum needs with step-by-step tutorials and wiki pages. Very good C language skills, good C# programming skills. Very good team working attitude. I can provide support for firmware development, PCB designs (prototype-like), basic software development.

    $20.00 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Mayur Ruikar

    Mayur Ruikar

    Embedded System Developer

    India - Last active: 6 months ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 2

    Over the last 5 years, I have made wide range of Embedded System Projects. Projects includes "Capacitor Testing Unit", "Andon System", etc. I have proficiency in C,C++, LINUX, RTOS, PYTHON. I worked on platform such as AVR, ARM, PIC, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, TI MSP430. I also have experience in HTML,OpenCV, MATLAB, Android application, IOT. I am seeking opportunity in embedded system and related field.

    $50.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Zhe Wu

    Zhe Wu

    embedded software developer

    China - Last active: 4 months ago

    Almost 10 years embedded software development experience ,since 2006 . 4 years+ US. AU. outsourcing project implement experience . Basic & Enough technology English conversion --- sometimes , I can't get your joke immediately but I will lol less than 1 minute later. ;) Good at C/C++ Good at python Good at embedded linux/vxworks/freeRTOS/ucosII/Superloop software development . Good at Windows/Mac(underprivileged)/Linux(QT based) GUI software development . Joined VOIP (sip based) projects . Joined Bank USB-dongle projects . Joined Geography (GPS/BeiDou based) projects . Joined CAN-bus(J1939 based) projects . Joined BLE (CC2540 based) projects . Used ARM 7/9 CM0/CM3 tool-chains (GCC/Keil/IAR) Used Mips tool-chain (GCC) Used MC51 tool-chain(Keil)

    $25.00 /hr
    0 hours