Quantitative Analysis Specialists

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  1. Sayne Dalton

    Sayne Dalton

    PhD qualified: Researcher, Dietitian & Nutritionist

    Australia - Portfolio: 1

    My goal is to utilise my research skills, nutrition knowledge and experience, to drive change in the nutrition and health sectors and positively influence public health. I recently completed a PhD that explored the challenges of promoting whole grain consumption and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the science relating to whole grains and health. I am passionate about leveraging this knowledge to drive research and to develop solutions that will increase whole grains in the food supply and overcome the barriers to whole grain consumption. I am also a consultant researcher, dietitian and nutritionist. My consultancy focuses on providing research contract services, along with regulatory and nutrition marketing solutions to the food industry sector. I work with stakeholders to develop healthy food products and brands that are competitive in domestic and global markets. My nutrition consulting services include: - Research consultation - Secondary data analysis of clinical and large cohort studies - Development of food composition databases for research and nutrition practice - Food label analysis - Scientific literature reviews - Regulatory compliance - Scientific writing - Nutrition communications

    $150.00 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Javaid Iqbal

    Javaid Iqbal

    Incharge Project Management Group (Planning, Monitoring and Control)

    Saudi Arabia - Tests: 1

    Hi. I am an engineering professional, currently, operating as the Incharge of the Project Management Group at an EPC firm. My experience is mainly with professionals working in the oil, gas and chemical industries of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Clients with whom I have worked with include Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Petro Rabigh, Philip Morris, United Energy Pakistan, MOL, OMV and Attock Refinery. Being, relatively, a young professional in my field, I have managed to become the incharge of the project management department at my firm within three 3 years after my graduation. This was all due to my desire to work hard and to be a perfectionist. With my team and sound knowledge of the field, I have been able to deliver results to my clients by planning, monitoring and controlling high-to-mediocre level construction and turnaround projects. What brings me to "UpWork" is the desire to work on new and different tasks from new clients/people. This will allow me to enhance my knowledge and introduce me to the intensity of the rapidly changing market's supply and demand. I believe a person can provide the solution to every problem once he sets his mind on it. We as humanity have come this far, haven't we?

    $7.78 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Christopher P.

    Christopher P.

    Data Analyst

    United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 4

    I have worked as a data analyst in a university setting for over three years. I have considerable experience with descriptive, predictive and inferential statistics . I have assisted professors and students with their research and theses. My goal is to use industry standard software (such as SPSS, MS Office, Adobe Acrobat, Tableau) to generate reports that highlight what procedures I implemented, what those procedures mean, and the strengths and limitations of my analyses.

    $21.11 /hr
    33 hours
  4. Valentina P.

    Valentina P.

    Multilingual data analyst/entry and market research

    Italy - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

    I'm an italian marketing researcher, I am skilled in statistical analysis, media and marketing research. Multilingual Italian/French/ English. Accurate data entry skills, experienced in database and excellent attention to detail. Ability in multi-task. Bilingual Italian/French due to family background and studies. Master's Degree in Economy and Management and Ph.D in Communication and complex systems.

    $30.00 /hr
    15 hours
  5. Marius Anthonisen

    Marius Anthonisen

    Marketing Manager

    Norway - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

    My name is Marius Anthonisen, and I am a 21-y.o guy from Norway. I have expert experience within social media, digital marketing and B2B.I am also an excellent Norwegian writer/reader, so if you need any help with translation, don't hesitate to initiate contact. I am also a huge soccer fan, and have in dept knowledge of every aspect within European football. In have also a great track record in the crowd funding world, both reward-based and equity crowd funding. Contact me for tips & tricks regarding CF.

    $50.00 /hr
    14 hours
  6. Stanislav M.

    Stanislav M.

    Expert in PPC systems for Russian auditory: Yandex/Begun/Google.RU etc

    Russia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 5

    I can create and manage advertising campaign with smart media planning. I have great experience in Pay Per Click ads in Russian segment of Yandex Direct, Google Adwords and other Russain PPC systems. Also in social media such as vkontakte.ru (VK.com), odnoklassniki.ru etc. I work with PPC about 7 years so I know how to get most cheep and quality traffic from Russian auditory.

    $33.33 /hr
    104 hours
  7. Oleg Popov

    Oleg Popov

    Statistical analysis

    Ukraine - Tests: 1

    Statistical analysis it's my main job. I use an R programming language for statistical calculations. For a last 6 years I have worked in the field of psychology, pedagogy, sociology, market research. My special abilities: - recovering of missed data; - removing outliers by different methods; - different kind of smoothing for time series models; - fitting best linear models; - nonlinear and linear predicting; - neural nets; - cluster and factorial analysis with exact criterion of factors and clusters; - working with huge data arrays; - automation of common statistical tasks to make massive computing; - psychometric calculations for questionnaires, validity, reliability etc. - of course, all standard methods (descriptive, correlations, stat. criteria, multidimensional methods, etc).

    $10.00 /hr
    551 hours
  8. Carl Quema

    Carl Quema

    Expert Market Research for Philippines

    Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 5

    I am strong in math, possess a good amount of business knowledge as I have experience in the retail sector (convenience store and restaurant) and advertising. I currently own/manage a poultry farm and I'm eager to help fellow entrepreneurs/businesses who would need my skill set. Im willing to work on projects, from creating business plans to analyzing financial data to consulting work. My expertise is business in the Philippines. If you want to know more about our market, need any research done here, both qualitative and quantitative, I am the right person to approach

    $23.00 /hr
    11 hours
  9. Clifford A.

    Clifford A.

    Bank Manager/Programmer /Data Analyst/LAN Admin/"Freelance Programmer"

    Philippines - Tests: 1

    I'm currently holding a managerial position with one of the most outstanding bank institution in the Philippines. Passed its prestigious and superb training for officers known as Officership Training Program (OTP). Being with the institution for more than 8 years, I've learned a lot about banking products and services which includes loans, investments, credit cards, branch banking, accounts, accounting, sales and marketing, point-of-sale and more. I have also proven that i can stand through stress and pressure and can deliver my task on time in minimal supervision. I was trained to interact with different kinds of clients and to lead a team. Moreover, i have developed my skills in Computer Programming, LAN Administration, Desktop Support and became proficient with Microsoft and Open Office Applications. This time I'm seeking opportunities to advancing my expertise to a new field of industries.

    $8.89 /hr
    1,530 hours