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Hire a copy editor today to review and correct, format, stylize and otherwise prepare written content for typesetting, publication or print. In addition to catching errors in writing, copy editors often standardize headers and footers, add headlines, and shorten or lengthen text to fit length limits. Their job is to make written information clear, concise, accurate and consistent.

Copy editing (also written as copyediting) involves the correction of punctuation, spelling, grammar, terminology, jargon and semantics to prepare text for publication in a particular style or voice. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, you’ll find copy editors who can style and prepare publishable written content for businesses, professionals and individuals around the world.

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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Amanda Hurtt

Amanda Hurtt

Experienced and meticulous writer and marketer

United States - Tests: 6

I have experience in meticulously revising and writing business documentation, resumes and cover letters. I place great emphasis on ensuring an organization or individual has a consistent and appropriate writing style when editing or writing for a client. I hold a bachelor of science degree in business and certificate in marketing from Georgia Tech.

$34.00 /hr
2 hours

Patrick Seguin

Patrick Seguin

Expert Copywriter & Editor with Marketing Experience

Czech Republic - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 12

I write copy that helps you build and nurture mutually beneficial relationships with your customers. Complementary marketing skills enable me to identify market needs and communicate clear solutions. Writing has always been fundamental to my career. With over two decades of personal and professional experience, I can ensure that you speak with your audience effectively. I have over 15 years of experience in online marketing and product marketing, gained through positions in major international companies operating in the Czech Republic, including O2 and AVG Technologies. At present, I'm developing and executing communications strategies and producing content for eFace2Face, Inc., provider of the world’s only complete web-based video selling and electronic signature solution. I enjoy using my writing skills to breathe life into innovative ideas while working with talented people who are eager to share their knowledge and skills. Let me know what I can do for you. I look forward to meeting you!

91% Job Success
$50.00 /hr
4,192 hours

Cheryl Humphreys

Cheryl Humphreys

Highly skilled writer and editor

United Kingdom - Tests: 20 - Portfolio: 14

Highly skilled editor and technical author. Co-author of "7 Steps to Making Money on oDesk" and "Get the Best - A Guide to Hiring the Best Freelancers on oDesk" Strong writing, editing, planning, administration & organisational abilities across all sectors. Proactive in prioritisation of workloads across several clients alongside solid engagement with stakeholders. Published author of two books on Celiacs Disease as well as ghostwriter for many other books (available on Amazon and other sites under pseudonyms). For the latest updates on my freelance career,

90% Job Success
$33.33 /hr
346 hours

Jonnathan Saavedra Ospina

Jonnathan Saavedra Ospina

English-Spanish Translator, Social Media Manager

Colombia - Portfolio: 13

Experienced Social Media Manager, blog articles writer, translator English-Spanish-English, marketing online, internet research, keywords research, data entry, ad posting, fast at typing, honest, responsible, reliable an punctual. I translate any document from English to Spanish and viceversa. Transcriptions from audio/video to text. I'm also able to manage Social Media Networks in order to promote a product or company. Microsoft office skills. Video editing. Upload videos. I teach English and Spanish as foreign languages. I advertise on classified portals to promote and sell products online.

94% Job Success
$11.00 /hr
24 hours

Jade K.

Jade K.

Instructional designer and developer of award-winning e-learning

United Kingdom - Portfolio: 4

I am an independent e-learning consultant specialising in instructional design, e-learning development and blended learning design. With an in-depth understanding of instructional design and a keen eye for visual design, I create learner-focused e-learning materials that are both effective and easy on the eye. I use a wide variety of e-learning and multimedia development tools with particular expertise in Articulate Storyline and Studio. Previously I worked in libraries in the higher education sector with a particular focus on developing online learning materials to support students’ academic skills development, including the University of Manchester Library’s award-winning “My Learning Essentials” programme.

$60.00 /hr
0 hours

Kristin Jordan

Kristin Jordan

Writer with Social Media and Digital Marketing Experience

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

With a degree in Literary Arts from Brown University and over 5 years experience in freelance writing, blogging, marketing, and public relations, I have all the skill sets needed for your job. I am also a competent and efficient worker (I can get a lot done in an hour) and I am proficient in English, well versed on various social media platforms, and organized. I have the ability to multitask effectively and meet tight deadlines. I also strive to provide high quality content and great assistance. At the moment, I do a variety of projects with different clients on an ongoing basis and I am seeking more of the same, ideally 15-20 hours a week of consistent work.

75% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
194 hours

Averyll O.

Averyll O.

Virtual Assistant and Content Creator

Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 3

Over the past few years, I have encountered and handle great customers, and employers. Different, but all have one goal. For me, to give them great service and great work that will exceed their expectations. My great focus now is working on designs, chat support, techincal and sales. I am also interested in being a virtual asisstant and anything you want me to work with. My main purpose for you is to give you a work well done, for me to learn and gain experiences and from both of us to earn a lot from it.

97% Job Success
$5.00 /hr
593 hours

Germe noah D.

Germe noah D.

Sales Agent/Translator/Transcriptionist/Web Researcher

Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 2

Transcription I have a great experience in transcription from interviews, movies, lectures, webinars down to podcasts. I can work around 1-2 hours of video or audio per day. I can transcribe around 10-15 minutes of audio per hour provided that the audio is clear with an American or British accent. I research difficult terminologies to keep accuracy at 99% or higher. Translator I am good with Cebuano to English, Filipino to English and vice versa in translation. Sales I am an excellent Sales Agent who has been in the top list and awarded few times with my dedication and hard work. I have successfully balanced Customer Satisfaction versus Sales and Conversion and is consistent with it. I worked as a Live Chat Product Specialist and Sales Agent of a company for around 2 years. Data Entry I am an experienced data entry specialist who is keen to details, format, and accuracy to whatever little thing I need to work with. I am working with data entry my entire life once in a while. I am a speed typist (up to 90 wpm) with great skills in Office applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher. Web Researcher During those times when I am an SME(Subject Matter Expert), I was given an additional task to research competitors to be able to make comprehensive comparisons and keep the company I'm working with on top. I was successful in gathering information about their plans and services and its benefits and pricing to make sure that our plans and offers are both competitive and feasible. I am always willing to learn new things and a challenge lover. I love to go above and beyond my limitations and client's expectations in work.

57% Job Success
$3.33 /hr
0 hours

Rizza M.

Rizza M. Agency Contractor

Virtual Assistant/Layout Designer

Philippines - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

Hello there! Thanks for visiting my profile. I'm an organized and hardworking individual with self discipline and time management skills necessary to deliver quality services, strict deadlines, and high expectations for the clients. I'm capable of doing tasks like: - Data Entry - Graphic Design - Web/Internet Research - Social Media Management I'm also willing to undergo training or self-study for the task that are new to me.

Associated with: Gffworks

$5.67 /hr
85 hours

Fatima A.

Fatima A. Agency Contractor

Your All-in-One Website Solutions Provider

Pakistan - Tests: 26 - Portfolio: 18

Setting up a site? Pick your CMS--or don't--and let's go. I can handle both plain HTML/CSS (that includes HTML5/CSS3) websites and Wordpress-based websites. I can install Wordpress, upload and customize your selected theme, customize templates, set up the most important plugins, add pre-existing content, do basic troubleshooting, act as a liaison between you and site developers you may have already hired (being fluent in both Geek and Human!), and make sure you get a shiny new website that's powerful yet simple enough to run all by yourself if you want. Need to fill up your shiny new website with equally shiny content? I'm a versatile writer, editor, and blogger who's full of ideas, handy with Powerpoint and Word (read: presentations, ebooks, infographics) and can even come up with a graphic or two when you need me to. You can hand over your content development, production and management tasks to me knowing they will be done with the utmost dedication and attention to detail--while you focus your energy on other things, like running a business. Got a shiny new website filled with awesome content nobody's visiting? I hear you. And I can help you. I can take a look at your SEO, social media presence, AdWords campaign, email marketing, copywriting and anything else we need to get that ball rolling. You throw the party, let me find the guests. There are some things I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole though: blackhat SEO, blackhat SMM, article spinning, and generally wasting your time, my time, and the customer’s time. --- I'm all about 3 things: Words. Websites. Web Marketing. 1. Words: My first love is wordsmithing: I find the written word seductive and am fascinated by everything about it, from the diversity of meaning it can hold to the impact it can generate and even down to the way strokes of ink are arranged on a page, digital or otherwise. I’ve been interested in creating languages since childhood. The combination of an engineer’s curiosity and something of a pedant’s perfectionism pushed me to pay particular attention to the formal rules that govern how we express ourselves through language while simultaneously trying to find new and better ways to do so. Tasks such as editing, analyzing and proofreading come to me naturally. 2. Websites: I fell in love with the WWW at the tender age of 13, when I made an online news magazine monstrosity back in 2002-2003, created in Microsoft FrontPage using HTML I’d painstakingly learned from Neopets, and hosted on Angelfire. I would rush home every day to fire up my computer, wait for the old 14.4 kbps dial-up modem to connect, then spend long hours working on what fit a prepubescent’s idea of the “front page of the Internet” in the time before Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed. Childhood bliss. Three years ago, I decided to take our relationship to the next level, and things have only gotten better since. My standard-issue tools include WordPress and the meat-and-potatoes of frontend development: HTML/CSS/JS. I can also manage servers insofar as they affect website performance, security, and SEO. 3. Web Marketing: This should be “digital marketing”, but alliteration is fun. I never thought I’d be interested in marketing: I’m not some soulless hype machine, I scoffed. So why am I sending out these email newsletters, you ask? Why do I enjoy spending time trying to analyze buyer personas from campaigns covered by the national trade magazine, you wonder? Why do I hear about an interesting new idea or product and instantly start to think about the best ways to persuade more people of its merits? I finally had my coming out in 2012, when I realized my long-time secret love affair with sales funnels, ad campaigns, and marketing tactics was more than just a passing fling. You cannot be a sixteen year old who hoards issues of marketing magazines, re-reading them obsessively, and not be in it over your head. In addition to the usual marketing mix, I can also handle client communications, customer support, and other aspects of customer relations–because great customer service is great marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be soulless. --- Working with Me: Because I tend to invest myself heavily in the projects that I take up, I prefer to be selective and would rather commit myself to jobs that inspire me on a personal level. I take pride in my work and I enjoy devoting myself to things I can believe in–products, ideas, people, causes.

Associated with: Aisha Haleem

96% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
384 hours