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  1. Sari M.

    Sari M.

    Freelance Writer and Photographer

    United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 6

    I would like to use my broadcast and journalism background in tandem with my writing, researching and reporting talents to create exceptional articles and reviews to drive traffic to your website. I am an experienced health, fitness and sports writer with a nose for news and current events. I worked in radio and television for five years and have a talent for voice-over work. I am a fourth-generation photographer and run my own photography business. I love using my photography skills and creativity to create images that encompass the needs of each individual client. I have provided clients with head shots, family portraits, engagement photos, book covers, landscapes, and still life photos. I am also an adept photo editor and enjoy turning mundane photos into true works of art.

    $19.00 /hr
    767 hours
  2. John michael joseph S.

    John michael joseph S.

    Creative Writer specializing in Tech and Health

    Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

    Hi! My name is John Sol Cruz. I am a universal freelance writer who specializes in Tech and Health, but I also worked in real estate and content marketing. I even helped write an ebook once about Android Rooting and ROMs. I am a writer with humble beginnings but with great determination to please and to succeed. Every day is a learning experience and every job is a goal met with 100% of my best performance. I am heavily engrossed in the mobile tech world, and I love reading and writing about new things in tech and a bunch of other things I find interesting to read. I mostly read news from Google News as well as from news apps like Flipboard and Appy Geek. About social media experience, my Google Plus presence is public but my Facebook page is mostly for friends only. I do have a public figure page on Facebook, but my likes aren't really high. I don't really know what to do with it yet. I own a Twitter account for news updates, but I don't use it very often to tweet. I just use it mostly to gather information that goes on around me and the tech world. Facebook (Public Page): https://www.facebook.com/jsolcruzwittenworks Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/106839457430963672892 Twitter: @xenomigs If you wish to view my LinkedIn Profile, here it is: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/john-michael-sol-cruz/35/913/8b3 My LinkedIn profile has my full educational and work background for your convenience. I am interested in expanding my horizons and I my colleagues and teachers will attest that I am a quick learner. Indeed, I am willing to learn more about the vast world of writing. I always aim to please, so if you need something improved, or have some criticism of my work, feel free to express them right away so I can adjust my work to your preference. I have written several blogs using my own name such as: http://rescueroot.com/blog/ http://technewsgadget.net/author/jcruz/ http://www.technobloom.com/ Other works were not in my name and as such, I have no permission to disclose. If you need more samples of my work, I would be willing to oblige I was also told that I have a great voice and a natural sounding US and European accent. To tell the truth, it depends on what kind of media I am totally into at that moment, so my natural accent may change at times. I like speaking in the English language more than my local one, which is both my boon and my bane in certain cases. It definitely serves as a great boon in any line of work that I have been in. I am open to explore other forms of freelance work. If you are willing to teach, I am willing to learn. Feel free to send invitations my way in case you want to have a writer with amazing command of the English language and yet have a clean slate to train.

    $11.11 /hr
    1,743 hours
  3. Joanne Vun Shi Yi

    Joanne Vun Shi Yi

    Music Engraver/Arranger

    Malaysia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

    I have been experienced working as a music engraver using music data entry software sibelius and finale. Transcribing audio music into sheet music has always been my strength. I have transcribed mostly contemporary tunes such as jazz, pop, country, R&B. Also, I am very fluent in using cubase and I am able to produce midi, minus-one (backing tracks), jingles, pop/jazz tunes

    $15.00 /hr
    102 hours
  4. Renée Moura

    Renée Moura

    Translations, games and writing

    Finland - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 4

    I am a freelance Brazilian Portuguese teacher and translator based in Finland. I am experienced with academic writing in both English and Portuguese (Brazil) languages. My main area of study is digital culture and media, but I am also interested in topics such as music, games, photography and travelling. I can translate content from Finnish, English and German to Portuguese language. Also, I can write articles for blogs and websites, as well as create SEO content for social media pages. Additionally I offer consulting in gamification/ludification strategies for companies, startups, websites and app developers. Please feel free to contact me via personal message if you wish to know more about my services!

    $25.00 /hr
    14 hours
  5. Jaime Aguado

    Jaime Aguado

    Music Producer, Arranger and Keyboardist.

    Spain - Tests: 3

    Hi, I am a professional musician, arranger and Music Producer. I own my professional recording studio (I do deliver .mp3, .wav, or .aiff formats depending on my clients needs). My production expertise is in Filmscoring, R&B, Hip Hop and Pop/Rock music. And that's for sure my greatest passion. Gear Highlights: KEYBOARDS AND SYNTHS - Nord Stage 2 - D.S.I. Prophet 12 - Moog Little Phatty Stage II - Arturia Minibrute GUITARS - Fender Stratocaster American Vintage '62 - Gibson Les Paul Standard - Dean Hardtail - Taylor GS Mini - Alhambra J-3 - Alhambra CS-2 STOMP BOXES - Strymon Bigsky - Strymon Timeline - ProCo RAT - POD HD300 I'll do my best to assure your satisfaction, whatever your need may be. Attention to detail, accuracy and goal orientation are my main strengths. Let's get to work! ;)

    $17.00 /hr
    24 hours
  6. Virgie Thibault

    Virgie Thibault

    Expert Writer/Editor

    United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

    I have a passion for all forms of writing, and I've mastered the art of editing as well. I enjoy manipulating stories, essays, articles, screenplays, poetry, and other documents to not only fit grammar rules, but also continuity and style. The bulk of my experience as a writer and editor was acquired while I attended the University of California in Riverside. I attended many creative writing workshop classes, earning a reputation with my professors for my skills, including the 2012 poet laureate of California, Juan Felipe Herrera. While my formal work experience may not be in writing or editing, I have also gained experience in transcription, reception, data entry, customer service, and voice over acting.

    $16.67 /hr
    10 hours
  7. Nick Gilbert

    Nick Gilbert

    Freelance Voice Actor/Narrator

    United States - Tests: 1

    I am a professional Voice Actor and Narrator, with multiple audiobooks already completed, along with other projects. I do all of my recording from home, using a Blue Snowball microphone, and using Adobe Audition 3.0 as my recording software. I can and will fully edit, time, and normalize any and all audio, as required of the job. If at any time you have any questions of me, feel free to contact me!

    $22.22 /hr
    18 hours
  8. Linda Lindh

    Linda Lindh

    Swedish translator and writer

    Sweden - Tests: 7

    24 years old and from Sweden. I translate from english, danish, german and dutch to Swedish. I write in both english and swedish, articles, blog posts, novels, newsletter, emails and anything else you can need help with. I'm used with taking care of social media too, like facebook, twitter and instagram. Just contact me and I can help you and come up with a good plan specific for you. I always want to do my work as fast as possible, but never deliver something I'm not completely satisfied with. I always strive to be better and reach new and higher goals.

    $27.78 /hr
    48 hours
  9. Adrian Jandongan

    Adrian Jandongan

    ajandongan - whatever you need is what i have to offer

    Philippines - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 33

    Thanks for visiting my profile, Hello, I’m AJ web developer / designer that specializes in constructing websites and functional web applications. I apply creativity and up-to-date technology to give users easy access to your products and services. My technical expertise varies in web languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, PHP, Magento, and MySQL. I also work in Joomla, and Wordpress. Years of experience have taught me that no standard operation works for all clients; therefore, I create custom solutions to provide wide audience for your applications and services. I am proud to bring you quality service while adhering to web standards and guidelines. Best regards, Adrian M Jandongan"

    Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers, LoginRadius

    $11.11 /hr
    1,061 hours
  10. April M.

    April M.

    Content Creator, Graphic Artist and Digital Illustrator

    United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 13

    I always keep my eyes peeled for the next big moment in design, or strive to try and create it! I enjoy researching trends and staying ahead of the game! I say "You should Always Keep Moving Forward!" I am always pushing the limits of my own imagination, and for lack of a better phrase...I don't think outside of the box...I LIVE outside of the BOX! I am most interested in creating visually appealing design and rich interactive experiences on the internet! The kind of design experiences that make you sit up take notice! For the last two years I have worked in the educational/instructional design field. I help to create educational content to make I have worked in the marketing department of a major technology company and have become quite familiar with marketing techniques to enhance a company's image and revenue. Before that I spent many years working in the photography printing industry, putting myself through school studying fine arts and even a few years in retail merchandising! Which makes me pretty rounded in spatial, fashion, photo, and traditional art & design. I like to learn! Although, I have a combined over 10 years experience in fine art, photography, design and illustration, I received my degree in Interactive Digital Media. I have experience in consultation on SEO and social media implementation, and continue to keep myself on the cutting edge of these topics to better the customer and client experience! I am experienced FLASH Illustrator Illustration LogoDesign Indesign Photoshop Dreamweaver Fireworks MAYA Web Design MAC and PC platforms

    $20.00 /hr
    35 hours