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Divyank S.

Software Programmer

India - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 4

Divyank Shukla Email: Phone:- +919049990027 Summary:  Conceptualized, Designed and Coded Replication Software in 45 days for Linux Platform. Managed a team of 8 Engineers of less than 3 years exp.  Specializes in Delivering Products in SAN using the Device Model.  A well rounded systems engineer (exp around 12+ years) with specialization in I/O path management, Memory Management and Process management, both at host and storage controller’s end.  Specializes in building teams from scratch.  Providing Product’s Architectural Roadmap and reducing the Time-To-Market for the Product. Current Assignment: Writing Host Based Replicator for Migration and Replication use case, eBDR for Perpetuuiti, an Intel Based Startup. Most Recent Assignments: My role is to  Head the R&D Dept, build a team for the Dept from scratch. Linux/Aix/Solaris/Windows.  Perform Requirements Analysis, Design & Code the product for Enterprise quality which is easier to maintain, RAS & FTDC. Professional Experience: Perpetuuiti India Pvt Limited Tenure (2014-Present) Products: eBDR, an enterprise level Asynchronous Block Replicator. Role: Gather requirements, Design, and Code for critical modules of the Product. Present Roadmap to the Stake Holders. Developed the Product in less than 45 days. eBLC, an enterprise Block Level Cache. In Prototype phase. Role: Gather requirements, Design, and Code for critical modules of the Product. Present Roadmap to the Stake Holders. eBCD, an enterprise Business Continuity Device in SAN. In Prototype Phase. Role: Gather requirements, Design, and Code for critical modules of the Product. Present Roadmap to the Stake Holders. IBM India Pvt Limited Tenure (2014-2008) Projects: Oct 08 – March 2014 IBM India Pvt Ltd (ISL Storage Division) The product is an extent virtualization tool typically used in SAN environments. The product is well known fault tolerant clustering s/w that follows PAXOS architecture design. My role has been to lead the design, develop and unit test these project technically, in SVC. It was all hands on project. Offload Data Support for SVC: Language: C/C++, Multi-threaded, TCP sockets, Perl Libraries: STL Platform: Linux, Storage, Microsoft This is a project that off load data transfer to the storage controller. The project is about managing ROD token and Third party copy in an complex SAN environments and use cases. SVC Performance Enhancements for iSCSI: Language: C/C++, Multi-threaded, TCP sockets, Perl Libraries: STL, Boost Platform: Linux This is a project that ensured the product would be fit for cloud solutions ensuring every component is scalable and highly perform ant. We achieved 200% performance enhancement in cloud operations. VAAI support for SVC: Language: C/C++, Multi-threaded, TCP sockets, Perl Libraries: STL, Boost Platform: Linux This is a project to add the VAAI to the Host layer on the SVC box. This includes Compare and Write support of SCSI commands. SVC 10G Enhancement: Language: C/C++, Multi-threaded, TCP sockets, Perl Libraries: STL, Boost Platform: Linux ISCSI target attachment: Language:C/C++, Multi-threaded, TCP sockets, perl Libraries: STL,Boost Platform: Linux The only transport that SAN SVC supported was FC. We added the iscsi support to the existing SAN SVC product. My role was to  Write a module that ensures Fault tolerance between the nodes in the cluster. Write a kernel component that acts on top of the tcp layer for session management. Integrated the components that ensure compatibility to vmware hosts. Credit Suisse April 2007 to Oct 2007 via eBusinessware Projects: April 07 – Oct 07 with Credit Suisse via Ebusinessware : I have enhanced the Storm Framework to use XiDpl libs for Credit Derivatives Research dept of Credit Suisse.  Credit Derivatives Middleware: Language: C++, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Solaris 2.8, Sybase, XML DOM interface, STL PlatForm: Solaris Veritas 2004 to 2006 Projects:  June’04 – March'06: Veritas India Pvt Ltd (VM group) Software Engineer and Developed kernel modules or user libraries for Vendor Specific Arrays to co-exist with Veritas Volume Manager also Developed Dump capabilities in Vertias Virtual Device in AIX.  Kernel Extension in AIX (SAN): Language/Technology: C++, VxVM kernel Domain in System Storage Softwares, TED. Duration: 12 months. Team Size: 4 Role: Team Lead Description: Develop Kernel Modules/Threads for NetApp Arrays  Volume Management (SAN): Duration: 2 months. Team Size: 4 Date of Birth : 24 Oct 1977. Address for communication: D-2 , Spacia, Opp MyCar Maruti Showroom, Near Old Police Chowky Wakad, Pune 411057. E-mail : Phone No. : 9049990027 (R): Passport Nos : A6884671

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Nitesh Shriwastav

Nitesh Shriwastav Agency Contractor

Web Designer and Developer

India - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

I work as a Freelancer and my skills are. Html/css3,Php,e-commerce,wordpress,mysql,Jquery,Magento,Bootstrap,Graphic designer,Adobe Photoshop. I have completed many of comparable Projects for my regular and repeated clients and for Reputed Organizations as well by maintaining high quality of work with my dedicated skills and hard-work.

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Mohamed Abdo

Mohamed Abdo

Senior Java Developer

Egypt - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

I am software developer, graduated as an Electronics Engineer on 2005 and Grant as Web Application Developer using Java Technology on 2007; working for 3 years at partner of The Book Depository LTD ( as Java developer; currently work as IT Specialist Engineer.

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Christian Klippel

Microcontroller Programming, PCB Layout, Schematic Entry, Circuit Desi

Germany - Tests: 1

Schematic entry and PCB Layout in Eagle which i use for over 10 years now. Generation of a Gerber-Files from the layout, ready to use in PCB production. Programming of PIC microcontrollers, mainly the PIC18 series, in C and assembly. C compilers used are the open-source SDCC as well as the proprietary MCC18 compiler from Microchip. Using PIC micro's for over 6 years now. Knowledge of ARM based microcontrollers (especially the LPC series from NXP) using tge GCC compiler. Programming of PC based tools to control and communicate with the microcontroller circuits under the Linux operating system. Tools can be console based, or GUI based using the QT-Toolkit. Programming under Linux for about 8 years now. Digital circuit design according to the customers preferences and needs. Designing custom circuitry for about 8 years now.

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Parag Joshi

CAD/CAM/Stramping Analysis Consultant


Good communication and presentation skills Providing training to the field application engineers Hands on experience on various CAD/CAM and CAE products. Ability to maintain good client relationship and provide effective services to customers Deliver and present workshops, lunch–and–learns, and product demonstrations to increase awareness and knowledge of tools and new technology trends within the technical community My Goal :To improve my skills and abilities to get the core competency in my area of expertise that will help me as well to them for whom I provide my services.

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4,267 hours

Fareena S.

Data Entry Professional

Pakistan - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 10

From last 3 years, I have worked on a wide range of research projects using Microsoft office suite and Google Docs. I am good to start with data entry projects and projects that include webresearch. I also have experience in the following areas: HTML, CSS,JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY and PHP.

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