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Christopher James

Christopher James

PHP Web App Developer: Any Framework, APIs and UI. 15+ years (USA)

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 12

Since 1998 I have developed dozens of web applications focusing on a wide-range of industries including custom search engines, affiliate marketing, real estate solutions and worker safety. As an autodidact, I pride myself on learning new technologies and continually improving my skill-set. As a freelancer, I believe in professionalism, clean code and representing my craft to the highest degree possible. On the server-side, Laravel is my current PHP framework of choice, although I am comfortable working with Zend, CodeIgniter, Cake and Yii. For the database layer, I have 14 years of experience with MySQL. On the client-side, I prefer jQuery, Backbone and Twitter Bootstrap. Although I am not a graphic designer, I know my way around the Adobe software suite. I write standard compliant HTML5 and CSS3. I have an eye for useable, clean and obvious functionality. I have experience with many APIs, including Amazon,, Infusionsoft, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, eWay, and Google. I can write APIs from scratch and give your application a RESTful interface. I am seeking opportunities to build custom web applications from the ground up or taking an existing code base and improving upon it.

$110.00 /hr
6,973 hours

Drew Ulmer

Drew Ulmer Agency Contractor

[Upwork Top 5 Percent] Professional Rails Developer

United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 6

When you hire me, you're hiring a top 5% Upworker with multiple successful projects and universally happy clients. I am an expert Ruby and Rails developer with more than 6 years of successful projects with Ruby on Rails versions 2.3 through 4.x. I enjoy working on everything from ecommerce to line of business applications and I specialize in identifying and fixing security issues. I can occasionally be found on the #rubyonrails freenode IRC channel and my github can be found under the username latortuga. I have contributions to major open source projects including Ruby on Rails, Devise, ActiveAdmin, cache_digests, warden, spree, and zeus. I am generally interested in Ruby or Rails development proposals, provided they include information about the actual project and not merely a list of skills.

Groups: Twilio

$150.00 /hr
1,104 hours

Jordon B.

Jordon B. Agency Contractor

Laravel & WordPress Senior Developer

United States - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 5

Do you need help with a Laravel or WordPress project or other general PHP, MySQL, CSS, JS, or HTML troubleshooting? I'm an English speaking critical thinker and problem solver living just outside of Grand Rapids, MI. (EST) and I'd like to work with you. In my 14 years of professional experience I have filled many roles. I've been tech support, virtual assistant, project manager, designer, analyst, marketer, software engineer, and business owner. My goal here at Upwork is to find others needing help on their new projects, whether it be a small blog redesign or a complex web application. I take each project on as if it is my own and focus on delivering a great product on time, and under budget. I would love to talk to you about your specific problem and try to see if we're a good fit!

$55.56 /hr
220 hours

Josh M.

Josh M.

SQA/Testing/Security/Networks/Development/Technical Writing(Canada)

Canada - Tests: 9

Over my career I have been handed a great many challenges and I have throughly enjoyed finding solutions for my clients problems. I have not limited myself specifically to one area but many, and have enjoy a diverse technical career. I am a skilled, hard working, dedicated IT professional with over 10 years of experience. I have development experince in numerous languages and specialize in PHP/MySql web development and Linux/Windows scripts and applications. I have excellent communication skills and am available at your need.

Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers

$55.00 /hr
8,385 hours

Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed

Canadian web developer working full-time on Upwork(3,000+ Hours)

Canada - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 19

--Computer Languages: =========================== Python, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, JSON, CSS3, HTML, MSSQL, ASP.NET, Objective C, C#, MongoDB, XHTML, XML --Tools and Systems: =========================== WordPress, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Apache, cPanel, Ektron CMS, Google Analytic, Firebug, GIT, SVN, iContact & Mail Chimp, IIS6/7/8, Joomla CMS, Kayako Support Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, SSH, JetBrains, Netbeans, Plesk, Selenium, Sitefinity CMS, SSL, Visual Studio, VMWare, WHMCS Billing System, XCode, OpenCart, Zendesk, Adobe Analytic(Site Catalyst) --APIs and Frameworks: =========================== Django, Laravel 4, CakePHP, Codeignitor, PhoneGap, AngularJS, BackboneJs, RequireJs, UnderscoreJs, Facebook Graph API, jQuery Mobile, jQuery UI, REST, SOAP, Twitter Bootstrap v2.3.2/v3.0.0, Google Maps API, WordPress Codex API, SASS, LFTP, Amazon S3 API, Amazon Cloud Front API, Amazon EC2 API, Linux Bash Script, Object-Oriented Programming, Django, knockoutjs --Platforms: =========================== Windows (98,2000,XP,Vista,7,8, Server 2003, Server 2008), Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Mac OS Lion --Languages: =========================== English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

$75.00 /hr
3,184 hours

Scott P.

Scott P.

Full Stack Developer - PHP - Magento, Wordpress - Obj-C - iOS, OS X

United States - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 8

I am a software engineer with over 12 years of real-world experience. Since October 2012, I have been working as a full-time contractor. My recent experience has primarily focused on web and iOS applications, specializing in custom-designed solutions or the expansion/modification of off-the-shelf software to better suit the needs of my clients. I enjoy a very organized workflow and am extremely efficient working both with teammates as well as solo tasks. My ideal project typically requires that I adhere to unique client specifications, strict budget constraints, while keeping a keen awareness of deliverable timelines. I possess the necessary education, experience, technology, and tools to get the job done right. I hold a degree in Network Engineering, but my career is re-enforced with over 12 years of experience software development. I have delivered custom applications and designed solutions which have been integrated into countless existing platforms. As a programmer, I write, manipulate, and customize code. I am fluent and proficient developing under many languages, including: PHP, Objective-C, C#, C++, Swift, Java, Python, and Ruby. I also have extensive experience with front-end development using the best practices in Javascript, CSS, jQuery, and HTML. In addition, I have over 6 years of experience with the following Content Management Systems: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, ZenCart, as well as experience supporting and creating many custom CMS platforms. I am equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience needed to decipher lines of code or recover sites for clients who have started a site, but may have encountered design, compatibility, or logistical hurdles along the way. Having experience building custom web applications from the ground-up, I can easily provide a solution to just about any request. In addition to custom software, I can offer cost saving alternatives such as 3rd party software to achieve any functionality you may require. In cases where 3rd-party software lacks client-desired features, I can modify the extension or plug-in to specifically deliver the goal. My abilities extend beyond development, into design, in which I create CMS themes, custom logos, banners, and more. Custom-designed Interactive Sites: I can cater your site to the precise level of interaction you prefer. Your website can be customized to be highly interactive, allowing you to follow-up and easily make changes as your business grows and develops. As an alternative, you can retain my services for future consulting and site maintenance on an as-needed basis. Communication: I am a full-time freelancer, available virtually anytime for design, updates, quick fixes, or consultation. My work style is highly adaptable to each my clients’ unique needs. You can be as involved or as detached as you wish. If you like to be included in every aspect of the design and development, I’m your guy. If you want to take a hands-off approach, preferring instead to focus on your busy schedule, I take the initiative and handle your project in its entirety until it’s ready for your review. Qualifications: My extensive experience in the corporate world prior to owning and operating 737 Consulting has given me extensive experience in every aspect of Information Technology from a business perspective. I am able to deliver general IT consulting services, advising on network design as well as suggesting hardware and software solutions. After earning my Network Engineering degree, I worked as a Help Desk analyst in my early days and ultimately became the IT department manager for a national life and casualty insurance firm. Early in my corporate career I was on the front line and experienced a vast array of user level issues which heightened my troubleshooting skills with both hardware software platforms. After becoming the department head I gained valuable knowledge and priceless experience by directing a team of technicians and engineers and resolving complex issues that were escalated to me by lower-tier support. I also acted as a Project Manager which involved adhering to tight programming delivery schedules and managing IT resources in order to meet tight deadlines - all while maintaining strict security guidelines and auditing compliance. These daily projects typically involved zero-downtime policies, which meant that time was of the essence in restoring any system failures and maintaining a constant level of redundancy.

Groups: LoadedCommerce

$33.33 /hr
3,753 hours

Yauhen T.

Yauhen T.

Reliable & Fast ASP.NET MVC | AngularJS | Bootstrap|HTML5|CSS3 | UI/UX

Canada - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 10

Quality End-to-End development - I specialize in creating new and improving existent solutions utilizing latest front and back end technologies since 2003. ASP.NET: MVC, WebForms, Entity Framework, Web API, Single Page Applications JavaScript: AngularJS, JQuery, Breeze, Knockout.js/Durandal DB: SQL or NoSQL CSS/LESS/SASS, Bootstrap, Foundation, Compass Blogging: BlogEngine, WordPress Social Services: Facebook API, Twitter API, YouTube API, Google API

$49.99 /hr
4,275 hours

Andrew W.

Andrew W.

Laravel & MVC OOP LAMP Professional

United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 11

8 years of professional PHP, MySQL, Linux and Apache experience. - US Based, 5 star, Full Time Freelancer My freelance portfolio ranges from large companies to small start-ups. I've created production applications from the ground up, both by myself and as a member of a team. I know it is frustrating to work with flakes, frauds and poor communicators; That's is why I'm dedicated to timely, clear communication, reliability and professionalism. I want you to understand that your project is important to me and deserves my attention. I'm looking for expert level opportunities to work with possible clients for challenging projects using the LAMP stack(Linux,Apache,MySql,PHP). Including frameworks like Magento, Laravel, Zend, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Yii, Slim, Phalcon, etc. I have high level experience with all of these technologies and various supporting libraries and tools. I've completed production applications with the following: Zend Framework 1+2 Codeigniter 1+2 CakePHP 2+3 Laravel 4 + 5 Magento 6 - 9 Common libraries I've used extensively - Guzzle (Curl, Rest) - FBSKD (Facebook) - GoogleSDK (Google) - Twillio (Telephony & SMS) - Maxmind (IP Geolocation) & more Some of the tools that I use - Bower - Composer - Git - Grunt - Gulp - Jira - Node - Ruby - Vagrant -- Frontend I am very proficient with HTML5, CSS3, Pixel Perfect or otherwise, PSD to HTML, jQuery, Ajax, JS, SCSS, COMPASS, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap, Various Grid Systems, Responsive Design. -- General Development I have experience working with the creation and interaction of Restful API's, the creation/release of production SDK's, Unit Testing, Functional Testing, Continuous Integration, High Availability, Performance Tuning, Debugging, Micro Services, Single Page Applications, Social Integration, Large Media Touchscreen applications. -- Network & Server I've worked with CentOS, Ubuntu, Apache, Nginx, MySql, MongoDB, AWS, Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Vagrant as well as shared, shared VPN, Dedicated, Clustered etc. -- Other Languages I have beginner/intermediate level experience with Angular.js, the MEAN stack, Node.js, Rails, Ruby. ------------------------------------ Additional Background ---------------------------------- Although I've not devoted my life to these skills, they can bring an added benefit to my clients. Through my experiences working with my clients, I've been exposed to the business end of many skillets including Graphic Design, SEO/SEM/Paid Search, Affiliate Tracking, Project Management. GRAPHIC DESIGN ----------- For three summers I sidelined as a photographers assistant. I was responsible for photo retouching and have a good mastery of Photoshop & Lightroom for photo manipulation. I've also worked for a design/development firm locally that has won a number of national awards. I was exposed to the graphic design process that took place there. SEO , SEM & Paid Search ---------- I was exposed to high volume paid search through a 4 year startup that sold sporting goods equipment. I was one of 3 in the original team, and SEO/SEM/Paid search had to be learned from the ground up. I also worked in house closely with the dedicated SEO/SEM specialist at another ecommerce startup shortly afterwards. I worked at this location for 2 years as the lead developer/project manager. I have experience with: Google Analytics Google Paid Search SeoMoz RavenTools Affiliate Tracking ------------ One of my freelance clients is a start up with a group of vertical marketers. They are highly data driven. I was in charge of making sure the data on 5 different conversion tracking platforms matches up (Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, Cake Affiliate Tracking & Inspectlet, Split Test Accelerator). We use a piece of software that I retrofitted from a no longer supported application to run multi-variant testing on a multi-domain , multi-funnel, mobile/desktop system. Project Management ------------ I've always worked under an Agile Management philosophy for my projects excepting a very few cases. I've worked small to midsized teams(1 - 30) and managed teams of up to 5 developers. I like using task management software like JIRA & Bitbucket. I've been in charge of writing requirements for numerous ground up projects that later went into production. Thanks for reading!

$80.00 /hr
1,790 hours

Tawnya Perdia

Tawnya Perdia

Social Media Marketer & Blog Content Writer

Canada - Tests: 5

Freelance Objective: To obtain part-time freelance work to build up my portfolio and encourage more companies to utilize social media - it's the way of the future. I enjoy Blog Writing and Editing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing the most from my experiences, and have worked with private, non-profit and public companies to gain an edge in the ever-growing media sector. Relevant Experience: Over 6 years experience in Communications, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Blog Writing, Content Editing, Graphic Design and Media Advertising Social Media Strategist Certification from SMMU Social Media Marketing with Facebook & Twitter Certification from Facebook Advertising Fundamentals Certification from I have extensive social media experience with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, Youtube, Vine, Google +, WordPress, Foursquare, Flickr, Skype, Meetup & Tumblr. As for graphic design, I am fully comfortable using photoshop, illustrator, indesign and publisher. Client Objective: To ensure that the client receives one-on-one support to build their social media presence, create a brand and marketing scheme. I help clients to reach an audience to build awareness, sales and word-of-mouth through the powerful and accessible social media outlets available. This can all be done through an hourly or fixed project rate - I am flexible with pricing and put my clients first always. I stand by everything I produce as I wish to make a lasting impression on all my clients. For more career-related information:

$22.22 /hr
70 hours

Matthew F.

Matthew F.

Senior full-stack Ruby & Javascript developer for over 9 years

Canada - Portfolio: 10

Over the last 9 years, I've helped innovative start-ups and businesses with all their web development needs. I am a full-stack senior developer, providing a complete range of services, including project planning, back-end development, front-end development, design, and server provisioning. Writing rock-solid, reliable code that achieves your business goals is my priority. Please see my portfolio for some examples of my previous work: ** Back-end ** Ruby on Rails Node.js PHP Various MVC frameworks ** Front-end ** JavaScript / CoffeeScript / ES6 AngularJS jQuery CSS3 / SASS / Twitter Bootstrap HTML5 / HAML Responsive Design ** Data ** PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Redis ** Design ** Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator ** Process ** Test Driven Development (TDD) Git / GitHub Regular doses of Caffeine

$90.00 /hr
2,130 hours