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Victor Ernesto De Las Montañas O.

Victor Ernesto De Las Montañas O. Agency Contractor


Bolivia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

I am a hard worker person, who can do whatever task, I have been working in several projects like Web and Windows applications for the last 6 years. I am good at understanding the requirements and implementation, also i offer low-cost and high-quality applications. I have solid experience in .Net Framework, C#, PHP, ASP.Net, MVC, Laravel, Telerik UI, DevExpress Components and SQL Server and MySQL databases, Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3.

$18.00 /hr
1,305 hours

Vivek J.

Vivek J. Agency Contractor

ASP.Net, Telerik, Sitefinity, DNN Expert

India - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

I have deep expertise in ASP. NET,DNN, ADO.NET, C#, MVC 3, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, MS SQL Server, LINQ and Content management systems like Dot net nuke and Sitefinity, I aim to use my skills for the betterment of the organization I work for. Accomplished many projects in ASP.Net / SQL Server and related technologies projects. Always in search of finding cost effective ways of delivering quality software solutions to each of our clients that completely meets their needs.

$16.00 /hr
943 hours

Anurag Bhartia

Anurag Bhartia Agency Contractor

Expert Android Apps Developer

India - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 10

I have 2.5 years of experience in Android Development (native) , Client Server Applications , Web Services. I have developed a wide range of apps mostly for small businesses/ startups. Have good hands-on experience working with Camera,GPS, Telephony, SMS, Widgets, Audio/Video and other features of the hardware. I have experience managing projects related to PHP, JSON/XML , SOAP, REST , LAMP for implementation of mobile-web interaction.

$10.00 /hr
55 hours

Divya B

Divya B Agency Contractor

PHP & MAGENTO Developer

India - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 22

I have extensive track record on Magento & Custom E-Commerce store development, more over I can bring solution to any kind of online store requirements you might have. Me & My team of creative designers, UI Developers & Magento Engineers can deliver industries best and truly world-class online stores in really best time slots. Contact me for any of my services below: - Magento theme customization - Magento Web Design & Development - Magento Product Inventory Management (Adding Products) - Magento Extensions Installation ( Any type ) - Custom E-Commerce store development - Magento Support for back end operations - E-Commerce Store Maintenance Great communication, quick response and great quality of work is my core strengths. Reach me out for any requirements you have. I am here to help you as best as I can.

$15.00 /hr
164 hours

Binoy Mohan

Binoy Mohan Agency Contractor

Web and Software Development Experts

India - Portfolio: 8

Cerulean is the #1 ranked service provider on Elance and offers complete end to end software design, programming, consulting and maintenance services. We have a team of 60+, with an in-house studio and a strong programming team. We have representative offices in the USA and head quarters in Bangalore, India. Customers include marquee names like Citibank, Honeywell, CISCO, CNBC, News Corp, Duke University Health Systems, Temple University, and many small and medium sized businesses across the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

$15.00 /hr
3,646 hours

WRC Technologies Pvt Ltd

WRC Technologies Pvt Ltd Agency Contractor

Expert Web and Software Application development company

India - Portfolio: 9

A qualified Post Graduate in IT and a seasoned professional, having over 14 years of rich and professional experience, including over 24 months of working in International (Ireland) environment as well as an entrepreneurial venture, gaining extensive expertise in over all Business Management, Business Development, Client Interaction & Satisfaction, Project Management from Initiation to Delivery & Support Service, while Managing Technology for Project Execution Specialties: Excellent Experience In Managing Projects, Client Satisfaction & Technology Deployment Hands-on proficiency in Product/Project Management & Delivery from Project Initiation to Solution Delivery and Support Services. Extensive experience of Web Portals as well as Client-Server Applications for Media, Retail, Financial Services, Hospitality, Utility, Real Estate sectors to name a few Demonstrated People Management ability in Team Development & Management

$22.00 /hr
26 hours

Webita Code

Webita Code Agency Contractor

Web development / WordPress experts / SEO

Serbia - Portfolio: 23

Webita is an established Web development company delivering Web development services to clients all over the world. Webita customer list includes companies of all sizes, ranging from small business owners to enterprises. All of our clients have in common their awareness that they need a professional Internet solution to develop serious web solutions. Whether a client's need is for appealing website design complex multi-tier Web system development, or custom programming using the latest technologies and trends, Webita will be able to help you. - Deliver Maximum Value Our fundamental corporate values stem from understanding that our success is tied to the success of our clients. -Understand Clients' Needs We present all available options and provide a competent advice to guide clients to informed business decisions. -Partner with Clients We are committed to becoming our clients' long-term, trusted partner. -Earn Clients' Trust and Confidence

$36.00 /hr
28 hours

Isuru Hewage

Isuru Hewage Agency Contractor

Software solutions for all kinds of web scraping

Australia - Portfolio: 12

I'm the founder of scraping solutions. I believe imagination is powerful than the knowledge. I have my skills mainly around .NET and i'm using my imagination to explore its depths in Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Web Scraping. Areas of expertise • Web Crawling (C#/.NET/Java/Python) • Website automation & Data Extraction • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization and Development (.NET/JavaScript) • ASP.NET MVC Web Development • ADX Studio Web Portals (XRM) Development • MS CRM Integration (Scribe/TaskCentre/FBIMS) • Web Services Development and Deployment (.NET) • Windows Application Development (C#/.NET) • Sage SalesLogix CRM Customization and Development (.NET/VB6) • Database Programming (MSSQL, MySQL) • Mobile Application Development (iOS/Android)

$20.00 /hr
45 hours

Dustin Robb

Dustin Robb Agency Contractor

Dynamic Website Specialists

Canada - Portfolio: 15

Discounted rates are available in some circumstances. This is generally based on volume of work, and the nature of your organization. Please contact us for details. We have several years experience building and customizing dynamic websites. We are able to assist with everything from simple websites, right up to full blown custom content management systems(CMS). We have plenty of experience with many open source and commercial applications, as detailed below. We also have strong database skills. We deliver on budget and on time.

$85.00 /hr
37 hours

Andrei Volkov

Andrei Volkov Agency Contractor

Linux specialist (Sec/Opt/Dev, C/Perl/Python/PHP/BASH)

Belarus - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 13

Important: ------------------- Enhanced shield of your Web application with mod_security! Should be always. It is task #1 after installation ANY web application! ------------------- About Me and more: ------------------- I have over 16 years of work experience with Linux systems. This is the list of software and technologies with which I deal. This list is not full and expands day by day. I always can find right decisions if I found some problems. And I am always interested in looking for mostly economical and productive solutions. Of course, Cpanel, WHM, Webmin, Plesk .... I know how are working these web-wrappers and I support their. I can will tune and to make the checking of these wrappers. But that more important !! I can work without this))) Directly use configuration files of services and etc etc. Usually, it is better way on dedicated servers. ) TCP, IPv4 , IPv6, IPX ... - WiFi, WEP, WPA, WPA2 ... - SElinux, Apparmor, Smack, Tomoyo ... - LAMP ( Apache, Nginx, PHP, Perl, Mysql, Mongo), REDMINE ... - Cpanel, Zpanel, ISP ... - MySQL clustering and replication DNS servers ... - SENDMAIL, EXIM, POSTFIX (POSTFIXADMIN,MYSQL,DOVECOT,POLICYD) ... - HPC system: Torque, Maui, Moab for HPC clusters, Infiniband, FC interconnect, iSCSI, SCST, DRBD, OFED, OPENMPI ... - OpenLDAP ... - VPN with OpenVPN, PPTP, StrongVPN ... - Nagios, Zabbix, Ganglia, OSSEC ... - SVN, CVS, GIT ... - KVM, Xen, OpenStack, Proxmox ... - NBD, RAID, LVM ... etc etc During these years I have been in a large number of tasks related to administration of network devices, as well as with simple and complex server systems. I manage servers for the HPC tasks and for network infrastructure of Internet and Intranet - DNS,DHCP,*FTP,HTTP(S),MAIL etc etc. The main goals - the monitoring of the performance and the security. I also implement tasks of data backup and troubleshooting, support for the users. I have comprehensive work skills with systems based on Debian, Redhat, CentOS, SLES, OpenSuse. I've got more than 8 years of experience in developing the different software with use of C, Perl, Python, Bash, HTML on system and user levels. For example, very important skill in developing and the modification of RPM packages (rpmbuild, rebuild, kernels), custom kernels and etc etc. ------------------- Often: ------------------- How the standart service for VPS's and VDS's projects and dedicated servers: IDS, IPS, the control of contents of log's files, the control of load of the cpu, the memory, the hard disks; the backups of the databases and the files; install or update software, consultations. Emergency call via sms to cell phone. ------------------- STOP Windows and U/K/buntu etc. TIPS WITHOUT PAYMENT: ------------------- 1. VERY OFFTEN: IF YOURS WP WAS HACKED 1. disable plugins 2. execute # diff -r dir1 dir2 3. repeat for plugins if you have last version of WP code: ~ 80% cases - problems: plugin low quality (look on author: from where and who is) ~ 15% cases - problems: theme low quality (look on author: from where and who is) ~ 5% 0day of WP also you need disable all shell function in php and enable suphp/suexec modes. STOP Windows and U/K/buntu etc. TIPS WITHOUT PAYMENT: ------------------- 1. I am getting a lot questions about reliability and quality distributives/clones Ubuntu. Results on practice - Ubuntu clones - worst for server. It is truth. If you $buntu guy, I can't help you right now. I only can recommend Debian way for server. =============== 3. Nginx of course is good program. For small/middle vps. But in serious projects - apache. Nginx will be suitable for frontend. It is only practice. Always for all web application should be mod_security module. Firewall of level of web application on 7 level of OSI. Each web application/site should be under own user in environment of vps or on dedicated servers. =============== 4. By topic Wordpress. For optimisation services of OS , namely system IO(type of disks or partitions) and DB(type of engines of tables), need to use empty installation (default variants). Most problems of work WP contains in itself - customized plugins or themes. For analyze pages need begin with such services as =============== Sunday - day of rest. Or in emergency case - payment with double rate. best regards, Andrei / PS: With love from USSR. ;-)

$16.00 /hr
1,034 hours