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Shikha Gupta

Shikha Gupta Agency Contractor

5+ years exp in mobile app development

India - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 7

Great ideas, Excellent talent, WOW results, this is what I promise. Young, energetic and result oriented professional smart phone app developer, developing Native iOS(iPhone/iPad) and Android apps & Games, including cross platform apps using PhoneGap, Titanium and Flex which saves you time and money. Providing Customer Satisfaction by offering the best quality within a set time frame is my main discipline. I am aiming at building highest quality apps which should be more competitive than others in the market. Equipped with most up-to-date technologies and always keep a sharp eye on the trends of markets. I have strong expertise in the followings major area of developments: Extensive experience in following technologies ✮ IPhone SDK(4.0 - 7) ✮ Android SDK(2.1 - 4.X) ✮ Titanium ✮ Xamarin ✮ Ruby on Rails ✮ NodeJS ✮ (Backbone.js , AngularJS) Apps + Games.. ✮ Social Networking Apps ✮ Chat and Dating Apps ✮ Health & Fitness Apps ✮ Food & Drink Apps ✮ Multi-restaurant Apps ✮ Navigation Apps, GPS & Location based Apps ✮ Photo Editing & Sharing Apps ✮ Photo & Video Apps ✮ Travel Apps ✮ Utility Apps ✮ Trivia Quiz Games ✮ Interactive Book and Magazine Apps ✮ Augmented Reality Apps ✮ Games ✮ Bar-code/QR Code scanner based Apps Frameworks, APIs.. ✮ iOS, Android, jQuery ✮ Web Service ( PHP, JSON, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Parse, Google App engine framework) ✮ In App Purchase, Paypal, Google checkout, iPay88 and others ✮ Push notification/GCM ✮ Face book API, Twitter API, LinkedIn API, Google+ API ✮ Google API, GeoLocation, Instagram API, Youtube API ✮ Advertisement ( Ad Mob, Ad whirl, RevMob, Chart Boost, Google Ad) ✮ Flurry, Test flight ✮ MySQL, SQLite, HTML5, PHP, JSP ✮ Cocos2D, Box2D ✮ Game Centre ✮ Camera & SMS API I am always available to provide my clients.. - Excellent Support. - Effective Communication. - Commitment to Quality. I am good in staying in touch with the clients to give them proper and regular updates. I dont disappear in the blues. I have a proven track record of quick turnaround. I have latest android and apple products for application testing i.e. iPhone 5S, iPad 5 with Retina Display and iPod Touch 4th Gen, HTC1, Samsung S4, S3, Nexus 5, Dell tab, Samsung tab and so many more... all this, to ensure the best quality and and to provide the best app. With me you will have a pool of great experience at a very nominal cost. I look forward to work with you on your upcoming projects.

$25.00 /hr
413 hours

Nilay Khandhar

Nilay Khandhar Agency Contractor

Expert Web Developer with 6+ yrs. of exp in Java and Angular JS

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

Hi, I am Java Developer, I have 6 Year of Development Experience. I am self-motivated, self-organized developer. I believe more in Agile development. I have following skills. - Solid written English communication skills - Expert level on Java SE - Solid experience with Spring, Hibernate, Angular JS - Very good understanding of the Java Framework - Object-oriented and multi-threaded software design - NoSql development experience with MongoDB, DynamoDB and Neo4J - Administration of MySQL, MongoDB, Amazon Cloud - Good knowledge of the Window, UNIX environment, and basic administration of Linux and windows. - Expert with Amazon Infrastructure and Web service development # Programming - Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring Security, RESTful WebService, SOAP, Apache Shrio, Hibernate, JPA 2, Maven, JSF 2, Primefaces and Richfaces, JSON, Tomcat 7, Jboss, Spring Data, Spring social - Third party tool integration (JavaScript with AJAX, webservice and java based.), GWT, Vaadin, Grails. - Native JS skill with framework like Angular JS # Other java API - iText, Jasper Report,, Twitter Bootstrap, Apache POI (For microsoft document), Social API (Twitter, Facebook, Google+), Quartz Scheduler, Microsoft API # Testing Tools - JUnit # IDE - Eclipse, web Strom # Database - Mysql, NoSql like MongoDB, DynamoDB, Couch DB #Other - OpenShift, Heroku -- Amazon - Webservices development - EC2, S3, RDS, Bean Stalk, Block Storage load balancing etc. Version Control - SVN, GIT, Bitbucket

$15.00 /hr
298 hours

Didin N.

Didin N. Agency Contractor

Seasoned PHP, Yii, Ruby on Rails

Indonesia - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

since 2008 I started my professional career as Web Developer. I familiar with these technology: # Programming: - PHP - Ruby # Framework - Ruby on Rails - Yii - Codeigniter # Database - Mysql - Sqlite - mongodb - redis - casandra # Testing - TDD - BDD - Codeception - PHPUnit # OS - Mac - Ubuntu # Server - Apache - Nginx - Gearman - NodeJs # JavaScript - jQuery - AngularJS - PhantomJs - ExpresJs # Other - HTML5 - CSS/ CSS3 - LESS, SAAS - Memcached - REST - FacebookAPI Now, I'm looking for Ruby on rails jobs. Thanks

$11.11 /hr
2,248 hours

Rajni Rani

Rajni Rani Agency Contractor

Full Stack Web Developer

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 4

I am Senior Web Developer. I offer a wide range of services; to include website development, CMS creation, Software development. Experienced in following field: - PHP Frameworks: Yii, Cakephp, Laravel, Codeigniter, Zend - Programming skills : PHP, MYSQL, Jquery, Javascript, Angularjs, Nodejs - APIs integeration : Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Maps etc). - Front end tools: HTML5, Css3, Bootstrap etc. - Platform : Wordpress, Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Squarespace

$22.22 /hr
1,339 hours

William T Miller

William T Miller Agency Contractor

Certified FileMaker Pro Developer (FM 14,13,12,11,10)

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

HighPower Data Solutions provides customized FileMaker solutions for businesses to access their data on mobile, web, and desktop. As certified FileMaker Pro developer, HighPower has been developing commercial FileMaker solutions since the mid 1990's. We can provide a great database solution for you and your business. We are based in Minneapolis, MN and certified in FM 10,11,12, 13 and 14. We will provide you with Excellence, Value, and Confidentiality.

$94.44 /hr
360 hours

Ivan Anishchuk

Ivan Anishchuk Agency Contractor

Python/Django developer

Russia - Tests: 19 - Portfolio: 11

I am a Python developer. I can use Python in almost any task and context. And I love using Python, although I know other languages if you need something occasionally. Just contact me if you need a web developer without ophidiophobia :) I have more than four years of web-programming experience with Django framework (on both large and small projects, plus some experience with Flask and other frameworks) and more than six years of professional Python coding. And I want to continue it: participate in web-development with Django or otherwise, developing desktop applications, writing various helpers and integration scripts and so on. Working on different projects, I've got a vast experience with different version control systems (strongly prefer Git, but can use Mercurial and Subversion if needed) and common workflow techniques, like Gitflow. Collaboration services and task trackers I worked with are too numerous to mention. Additionally, I have some experience with other technologies and experience of Linux system administration and know the best practices for system design, performance and search engine optimization, web application deployment, setting up hosting servers, continuous integration, monitoring. And I can learn new things, of course. Technologies I can use for front-ends (when I have to do them): - HTML5, - CSS3, - Javascript, - jQuery, - Twitter Bootstrap. For back-ends I can build both usual MVC-style applications and REST APIs. I have experience with a lot of Django reusable apps and know what to use for which task. Just to name a few I'm familiar with: - Tastypie, - Django REST Framework, - Haystack, - Celery, - Storages, - Factoryboy. In terms of deployment and systems administration, I know a thing or two about - Nginx, - uWSGI, - Supervisor, - systemd, - Fabric. On top of it, I know a lot about various useful SaaSes, like: - AWS (EC2, RDS, S3/CloudFront) - DigitalOcean, - Twilio, - Stripe, - Firebase. I tried to keep those lists short and clear, so if you need some particular technology I haven't listed feel free ask me about it; chances are that I worked with it or at least know something about it. (And please never mind the "agency contractor" thing — I am my own staffing manager in that agency and I don't work for anyone else. The agency was formed only for payment consolidation with a couple of friends.)

$25.00 /hr
1,531 hours

Joga Singh

Joga Singh Agency Contractor

Top Notch Web Developer

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

I am expert in Web application developer. I offer a wide range of services; include website development, CMS creation, Server managing administration, Software development. Listed below are my experience and skills: - Core web: JS, PHP, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SVG; - Frameworks and libraries: ReactJS, Flux, AngularJS, jQuery, LESS, SCSS; - Adaptive and cross-browser development; - NodeJS, ExpressJS (MEAN stack); - MongoDB, MySQL; - BEM, Scrum, Git, Jira, Redmine; - Knowledge of cloud computing(Amazon,FC2), Apache HTTP server. - Worked with 3rd party projects. - Understanding of backup technologies & disaster recovery methods - System administrator tools such as Hyena, Dameware. - Social hardware technologies like UNIX, SQL ,LANs, WANs. - VMWare, Window 2003, Active Directory Group Polices, TCP/IP, DNS. I am methodical but technical person. I like to solve problem and figure out things and that is why I enjoy writing and developing new software as it requires a great deal of thought and logical like solving puzzles.

$22.22 /hr
1,414 hours

Raad A.

Raad A. Agency Contractor

Excel Automation, Data Mining and VA Services Provider

Bangladesh - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 2

Working as a freelancer ever-since completing a masters degree from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. My current area of expertise is in writing simple to complex programs with VBA for automating MS Excel Data manipulation tasks. I also own and operate an agency named BDCodas which provides regular services to clients in the fields of Internet Research, Data Mining, Virtual Assistance, Social Media Interaction services and all things related to data. I am good in English and my scores in the upwork tests are high. During my high school years I used to work as an assistant programmer where I used Visual Basic to create programs that manipulated data from MS SQL Servers. I know database relationships and normalization of data, so that they can be stored and extracted efficiently. I offer data research, mining and social media interaction services as well to my valued clients with the help from my agency workers who work within the same office under my supervision. For a full list of VA jobs please consult the BDCodas profile. I am a dedicated full-time freelancer working from my own workplace. I can always be reached via Skype, email and telephone during and after working hours, 7 days a week. Work hours: --------------- 03:30 AM to 11:30 AM GMT (UTC), which is 9:30PM to 5:30 AM (CST) on weekdays. Availability Hours: ---------------------- I can be reached (for communication) via skype, upwork messaging, email and telephone up till 4:00 PM GMT or 10:00 AM CST every day, 7 days a week. Client satisfaction is my top priority, and I am always ready to go an extra mile to keep my valued clients happy and satisfied with the jobs I deliver.

$8.00 /hr
155 hours

Feeroz S.

Feeroz S. Agency Contractor

12 Yrs Specialzation in Web Apps - Php MySql Opencrt Magento Wordpress

India - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 26

BEST UPWORK PROFILE FOR WEB DEVELOPMENT AND DESIGN ● PHP4 = Top 10%   ● PHP5 = Top 20%   ● MySQL 5.0 = Top 30% ● HTML = Top 30%   ● Css = Above Avg   ● HTML 4.01 = Top 10% I provide SUPERIOR CONSULTING services in software development, serving the web, desktop and mobile sectors for more than 12+ years. I am an avid analyst developer and designer with exceptional FUNCTIONAL & TECHNICAL expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes me the ideal choice for clients. COMMUNICATION: I provide convenient CONVERSATIONAL ENVIRONMENT to represent thoughts and ideas in effective manner. (Verified by UpWork English test) FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY: I understand value of client precious MONEY and TIME. My customers gain HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT as i offer specialized services at very COMPETITIVE rates.    PROJECT MANAGEMENT            DEVELOPMENT / DESIGN ---------------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------------- ● Budgeting   ● Cost Control          ● Analysis & Documentation ● Leadershiop   ● Decision Making        ● Database Design & Management ● Planning    ● Scheduling           ● Responsive web Designs ● Resource Mgnt ● Architecture         ● Coding ● Quality control ● Risk Mgnt          ● Communication ● Web hosting  ● Domain Mgnt         ● Testing                            ● Implementation I have remarkable Post Graduate EDUCATIONAL EXPOSURE in IT that reflects excellent levels of both motivation and cognitive ability. I am Upwork certified professional to rely on to develop secure robust application.       EDUCATION                   UPWORK TEST ---------------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------------- □ Master In IT, AUSTRALIA            □ Ms Sql Server 2005   Top 20 □ Master In Computer Application        □ Ms Sql Server 2000   Top 20 □ PGPIT (Post Graduage)             □ Asp.Net with Sql Server Top 10    □ Bachelor Of Science (Chemistry)         □ MCSD (Microsoft Certified Professional) I have extensive expertise in your REQUIRED SKILL SETS to deliver technologically ADVANCED applications.       SKILLSET                       DATABASE ---------------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------------- ■ PHP       ■ C#.Net             ► MS Sql Server ■ Html5      ■ Css3             ► Mysql ■ Design Patterns ■ OOPS           ► Postgre ■ Xml       ■ Json            ► Oracle ■ Javascript    ■ Jquery            ► Pl Sql ■ Web Service   ■ Ajax ■ Unix shell script ■ SEO I administer the track of every implementation in software development to ensure that all business requirements are met within Budget restraints and Time schedules.     FRAMEWORK                  CMS / ECOMMERCE ---------------------------------------------     --------------------------------------------------- ► MVC       ► Laravel          ■ Magento    ■ Opencart ► CodeIgniter    ► CakePhp         ■ Pestrashop   ■ Zencart ► Symfony     ► Zend           ■ OsCommerce ► Yii        ► Kohana          ■ Wordpress Ecommerce                           ■ Wordpress    ■ Joomla I only deliver HIGH QUALITY OF CODE that meets professional engineering standards to make software maintenance and extendibility easier. My goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Hire me and be prepared for FAST, EFFECTIVE and RELIABLE online solutions that truly make a difference for your business. THANK YOU for stopping by. I am sure, we can work together.

$8.00 /hr
104 hours

Irfan S.

Irfan S. Agency Contractor

Data Entry Operator, Web Researcher & Administrative Support

Pakistan - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 8

** Full-Time Upwork Freelancer ** A well-organized and highly motivated individual with 8 years of working experience in data entry/document processing and 8 years of professional expertise in internet researching. I have a very keen eye for details and have the ability to perform multiple tasks effectively and efficiently. I always make sure to give 100% quality and commitment to my work.

$3.33 /hr
1,835 hours