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  1. Jon Jack

    Jon Jack

    Moodle designer / E-learning Developer

    United Kingdom - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 5

    I am a Moodle theme designer / e-learning developer based in Norway. I have been working in e-learning for the past 14 years, and have been fortunate to work for clients such as Glaxo Smith Kline, FMC, University of Edinburgh, Bank of Australia, Halliburton and Shell. I am an award-winning e-learning developer and a designer who also codes. Context is everything in design, and I consider the whole user experience when designing responsive moodle user interfaces and themes. I have a BA in art and design and a Post graduate certificate in Multimedia and information technology, I also have Moodle Certified Course Creator Certificate and ITIL introduction to service management (Version 3). I am passionate about design and all things visual, and I’m a lifelong learner. When I’m not learning new stuff you can find me creating things in Lego with my wonderful 3 year old daughter. I now live and work in Lillehammer Norway If you feel like I’m the man for the job, then lets get started! You can have a look at my portfolio examples or check out my external portfolio here

    $65.00 /hr
    12 hours
  2. Danny Johnson

    Danny Johnson

    Brand Strategist | Media Design | Motion Graphics | CRM | e-Learning

    United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 6

    Experience: I have the most Diverse Range of education, certifications and skills on the planet the span beyond my expert level of Brand Strategist and Creative Design. Social Media Strategies, Web Design, Flash Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, e-Learning Authoring, and Media Production. Continue on through a broad base range of strategic planning and business management skills that includes; Customer Relation Management, Budgeting, Project Management and Training Program Development. Specialties: Adobe Creative Cloud 2015 rock star! Brand Collateral and Design Specialties Include: Adobe CC 2015 Production Premium that includes, Acrobat Pro CC 2015 , Photoshop CC 2015 ,Flash CC 2015 , Illustrator CC 2015 , Dreamweaver CC 2015 , Fireworks CC 2015 , InDesign CC 2015 , After Effects CC 2015 , Premier Pro CC 2015 , Audition CC 2015 , Edge Animate CC 2015 , and Captivate 8, iMovie, Garage Band and, NetBeans. IT/Computer Specialties Include: Over 15 years experience with MS Office applications. CRM customization in both, SugarCRM and Maximizer. Both Mac and Windows operating systems. Marketing Specialties Include: All Social Media platforms, Inbound Marketing, SEO, SEM, Keyword Strategies, Public Relations, and print advertising. Web Based Specialties: HTML5, XHTML, XML, JQuery, CSS3, JavaScript, FBML, WordPress, Drupal, Google Drive/Docs, Dropbox, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Evernote, and many others. Business: Small business start-up, non-profit, project management, budgeting, strategic planning, CRM implementation, customization & training and planning. CRM strategies and tools, integrated marketing. Innovation/Inventions: Market Analysis, Incubation, Brainstorming, Design, Prototyping, Production, and Crowd Funding.

    $43.33 /hr
    16 hours
  3. Gerry Litwin

    Gerry Litwin

    Senior Application Developer

    United States - Tests: 1

    Highlights: Demonstrated record of high performance standards, including attention to detail, schedules, deadlines, budgets and quality work. Extensive experience in: Visual Studio (2005-2013) ASP.NET (2.0 - 4.5.1) SQL Server (2000-2014) DevExpress Excel C# ASP JavaScript Object Oriented Programming .NET Compact Framework SQLLite MySQL Oracle Sybase HTML DHTML XML MS Visual Studio 6 MS Visual Studio .NET 2002/2003/2005/2008/2010/2012/2013 MS TFS MS IIS MS Project MS Visio MS SQL Server SQL Azure Windows Azure Adobe Photoshop. Freelance -Application Development -Database Administration

    $38.89 /hr
    50 hours
  4. Madeleine Hughes

    Madeleine Hughes

    Photographer/Graphic & Digital Media Artist

    United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

    I have spent the past twenty years dedicating myself to photography and digital media. In 2002, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute of Photography, majoring in Digital Media. I started my career in the Photo Publicity Department at The WB Television Network, where I worked with countless photographs, maintaining their publicity press website. For the past seven years I worked as a high school photography teacher, utilizing my knowledge, skills and passion for photography and digital media to inspire young minds - teaching traditional and 21st century photographic techniques. Some of my strengths are taking my knowledge, skills and passion and developing strong professional relationships with my clients, while creating art that represents the client's vision, as well as my own.

    $27.78 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Gurgen Tokhmakhyan

    Gurgen Tokhmakhyan

    Head of Network & System Division

    Armenia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 1

    Network Types: LAN, WAN, Wireless, SS7: Planning, Designing, Implementing innovations, Administrating, Debugging, Monitoring, Analyzing and Troubleshooting Operating Systems & System Administration: UNIX (especially FreeBSD), Windows (All versions), Linux, Ms-DOS (with batch scripting), etc…: Planning, Designing, Administrating, Monitoring, Analyzing and Troubleshooting, Data Center management Cisco Systems and Network Administration 1) Devices: Catalysts, Switches, Routers, Access Servers, GGSNs (GPRS Specific). All Cisco devices: Maintenance, Administration, Configuration, Project Design, Debugging, Interconnecting, Implementing, Analyzing & Troubleshooting. 2) Routing: Static, Dynamic: BGP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP: Design, Implementation and Administration 3) Switching: Virtual Switching, SKS design, Port-Security, Mac Filtering 4) VLANS: VLAN security, Trunks, VTP, Inter-VLAN Routing 5) Firewalls: Access-List Systems with relevant hardening using international baselines, Access groups with SYSLOG server logging, IDS/IPS (Fortinet) 6) NAT/PAT: Translation of pools and local, Port Forwarding, ACL based NAT/PAT, route-maps 7) Bridging&Tunneling: IP-sec, IP-sec over GRE, L2TP, Crypto Mapping. 8) Packet Based: Prioritization, Traffic Shape, Load Balancing, Route-Mapping, Rate Limiting, etc… 9) Redundancies: Redundant dynamic routing, failover atomization, HSRP 10) Authentication: Radius AAA with redundancy and alternative local methods 11) Documenting:: Procedures and Policies, Business Continuity planning System Administration Mail, Proxy, DNS, Web, Radius, Syslog, MRTG, Active Directory, DFS (etc…) Servers: Configuration, Maintenance, Administration and hardening. Mobile Telecommunications Network and SS7 Signaling Signaling SS7 Network administration, support and monitoring, administration of mobile switch commander (MSC), administration, support and troubleshooting of Mobile customers (Siemens subsystems), administration of SMSC/GPRS GGSN subsystems Engineering of Hardware/Software and Support Troubleshooting and administrating hardware and software, Diagnostics and Analysis of Hardware/Software functionality, Cabling infrastructure management and SKS designing and support Programming and Scripting Perl (Advanced), JavaScript (Normal), C++ (Normal), Turbo Pascal (Advanced), Web Design: Web Management, HTML, CGI(pl), MySQL, PHP Other SQL Databases (Advanced) Adobe Photoshop, Ms Office, Visio, ManageEngine products VMware ESXi and relevant data storage management

    $27.78 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Walter Mulder

    Walter Mulder

    ERP Functional - Technical - Developer


    Summary 15 years SAP, 25+ years IT, 40+ projects Roles: Project Manager, Team Lead, Configurator, Trainer Scoping, Rolling, Upgrade, Integration Configuration, Programming General SAP Skills NetWeaver Portal 7.0, NetWeaver 2006, ECC 6.0, 4.7, 4.6C Company Code Splits: 3 – Data Migrations: 7 – Euro Conversions: 4 Developments: 5 – Lifecycle 5 – Rollouts: 7 – Upgrades: 4 Implemented and secured SAP certification for a Global CCC Primary Skillset: FI / CO, SD, MM Additional Modules: BC, BI (BW), HCM (HR), PP, PS, QM, TR, WM BCS, ECCS, FI-LC, KW, Workflow General Programming Skills C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, .NET, VB, VBScript ASP, CGI, CSS, DTML,HTML, JSP, PHP, SSI, XHTML, XML, ZPT Eclipse, LAMP, Mono, NetBeans Apache, IIS, JBoss, Tomcat, Windows Server HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, UNIX, VMWare, Xenix, Windows Crystal Reports, Excel, VBA, Outlook and Powerpoint Object Libraries Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex CICS, Essbase, Hyperion, Palo, TM1 Assembler(s), FoxPro, Pascal, Python, Smalltalk Access, Informix, MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase Croquet, Erlang, jQuery, Moodle, Plone, Pyjamas, Pylons Sakai, web2py, Zope Avid, Blender, Gimp, Maya, Photoshop Rational, UML, Visio SAP Programming Skills ABAP, Netweaver ABAP Adobe Forms ALE, ALV list, grid reporting BADI’s BAPI’s BDC batch input & call transaction BSP Business Server Pages BW update / transfer rules Code Inspector Dialogue programming (flow logic, pai, pbo) Dynpro, Webdynpro Function Modules, Function Groups HANA Studio, SQLScript, MDX, mdXML Module Pool Programming NetWeaver Developer Studio SAP Query SAP MDX SAP mdXML SAPscripts Screen / user exits Smartforms SQLScript SQL Trace Static and interactive reports System upgrades with SPAU, SPDD and Custom Objects Workflow Industry Areas Apparel, Automotive, Banking, Book & Document Libraries, Chemicals, Consumer Products, Construction, Customer Support Centers, Defense, Distribution, FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Government, Logistics, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Printing & Publishing, Pulp & Paper, Reservations, Retail Sales, Securities, Semiconductors, Shared Service Centers, Telecom, Textiles, Warehousing, Wholesale

    $125.00 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Frank Fenneran

    Frank Fenneran

    Seasoned IT Professional

    United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

    I have been in various IT roles, both in corporate and consulting positions, managing projects and teams from minor upgrades to full system changes for over 20 years. I am certified in MS CRM 2011 and have been working with it for over four years in an on-premise installation. I have a strong background in data analysis and visualization as well as SQL and data mining, using such tools as SQL Server, IBM SPSS and Tableau. I have developed, deployed and maintained websites for clients using the Joomla and Wordpress CMS systems and am well-versed in their use as a framework for a company's web presence.

    $40.00 /hr
    4 hours
  8. Niko Sluzki

    Niko Sluzki

    Creative Technologist + Full-Stack Developer


    Hello! I am a creative technologist, conceptual strategist, and full-stack developer. Born in Buenos Aires, I was schooled in the U.S. in both programming and design. For almost 20 years, I've studied the integration of business, design, and technology as a process architect, systems consultant, interaction specialist, and web application developer/programmer. My objective here is to help you find your way around any web development project. I excel at asking the right questions and translating your ideas into tools that do the work for you. My philosophy is "Run your business, don't let it run you." I build modern, Enterprise-grade web applications and data processing pipelines. Custom eCommerce solutions, customer relation systems, authentication / access systems, inventory management systems, custom APIs and frameworks ... any kind of data, any scale, any type of interaction. I can build your Crate & Barrel / Facebook / Youtube, and help it scale and evolve as needed. From concept to completion, I provide the full spectrum of services at every layer of web development. This includes project planning, prototyping, design and front-end development, back-end development, A/B testing, QA, performance testing, and server deployment. For many years, I directed the web division in a prestigious ad agency, taking lead on web campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Citibank, and Mitsubishi. I've travelled the globe, pursuing inspiration and interesting projects. I've worked with corporations, agencies, governments and non-profits alike. But I most enjoy engaging one-on-one with small businesses and startups. I can work independently to translate your idea into digital form, creating solutions that serve your needs for years to come. For faster deployment, I can help you build and manage a team here on Upwork. And if you already have a great team, I am plug-and-play friendly, and can be counted on to do my part towards the collective goal. When working in larger teams (7+), I tend to serve best as either team leader, spec consultant, or back-end architect. I have an insatiably curious and capable mind that works magic wherever its lens is focused, solving your most complex problems. The majority of the solutions I spec utilize HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP5, and MySQL on a cloud hosted server running Apache (with or without cPanel) on SSD drives. For very high-volume builds, I'm also fond of Redis + nginx. I won't touch ASP/.Net under any circumstances. I'm comfortable with Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, and C/C++, but for most web applications, I prefer PHP. It "gets out of the way", imposing fewer obstacles. I produce clean, elegant, resilient, reusable, well commented, water-tight code, classes, libraries and applications that work seamlessly on all browsers. I am an efficiency and performance optimization fetishist, and am both detail and big-picture oriented. I man-handle every algorithm and function, tweaking the application engine until it purrs like a BMW S70/2. I've studied and worked with many popular development frameworks (including RoR, CakePHP, Symfony, Laravel, Qcodo, CodeIgniter). For many projects, they are overkill, adding unnecessary bloat and complexity. When appropriate, I'll suggest and demonstrate the benefit of utilizing one of my own optimized frameworks. But I will always recommend the best tool for the job. I have a metric ton of experience with ... * coding (primarily PHP5, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery) * design patterns + principles (MVC, DAMP + DRY coding, SoC) * version control (Git, SVN) * graceful + intuitive UI / UX (responsive design, AJAX, bespoke CMS, Photoshop, Illustrator) * SEO / "friendly URLs" / analytics * SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, PDO, topology + schema design, optimization, indexing, locking) * NoSQL (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis) * staging + deployment infrastructures (DNS, hosting) * security (SSL, encryption, authentication, session protection, firewalls) * mission-critical backup + redundancy * caching (server + browser side) * load / performance / QA / penetration testing * thread / process optimization * email pipeline (custom email parsing / mailinglist / CRM libraries) * realtime image / video / data processing (GD, FFmpeg, Apache Spark) * CDN (CacheFly, Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDN, CloudFlare) * payment gateways (Bitcoin, PayPal, credit cards APIs) * shipping integration (geolocation, label printing, tracking) * embedded systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, RFID, YubiKey) Since I'm new to Upwork, and having chosen to freelance here full-time, I am committed to building and maintaining a 5-star reputation. I will devote myself to ensuring the success of your project and your 100% satisfaction. I've personally spent tens of thousands outsourcing here as a client, so I understand what's expected. You will profit (in every sense) from my knowledge, integrity, persistence, and transparency.

    $111.11 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Hector Rivera

    Hector Rivera


    Puerto Rico - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 2

    I am a retired combat veteran with over 25 years of experience in Systems and Database administration, photography, project management and personnel management. I am currently dedicated to artistic, event and portrait photography . In my 25 years of military service I have acquired valuable experience in human resources, computer systems applications and integration, and photographic journalism. My extensive work in these fields has expanded my capabilities with outstanding skills in team work, management, communications, development and mentoring. I speak and write fluently in English and Spanish. My set of skills and experience will allow me to share knowledge, and experiences with the industry that will prove essential in reaching effective and efficient resolution to any challenge for the common benefit of the firm and myself.

    $50.00 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Dima Serg

    Dima Serg Agency Contractor

    Developer Symfony 2, WordPress VIP, Amazon ASW

    Russia - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 5

    I am back-end developer on Symfony 2 and WordPress for complex project over 4 years. Working with me means that you are sure that project will be done in time, and with highest standards of quality. I worked for, some info about project - , and . Only bugs free, hi-load ready projects. I take responsibility for your project, and you concentrate on marketing, but not development.

    Associated with: Umbrella Enterprise

    $35.00 /hr
    3,616 hours