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  1. Alexandr S.

    Alexandr S.

    Software Engineer

    Belarus - Last active: 09/11/2013 - Tests: 4

    I'm a software developer with experience in creating web application backend in Ruby using most popular frameworks - Ruby on Rails, Grape API, EventMachine) and other related technologies - PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch. In client-side development i have experience with the latest HTML5 technologies (Websockets, Web Workers, Filesystem API, Packaged Apps) and most popular frameworks - jQuery UI, React.js, Backbone.js. Also I have a little experience in creating chrome extensions. As an DevOps Engineer, I have experience with some deployment and automation software - Docker, Ansible, Vagrant, Debian packages. Lately I've been very interested in using golang to handle bigdata processing.

    $30.00 /hr
    36 hours
  2. Omar K.

    Omar K.

    Cognos Business Intelligence (BI) profetional

    Canada - Last active: 3 months ago - Tests: 1

    IBM certified Cognos BI Administrator with over 8 years of experience in IT industry. I have hands on experience with the following Cognos BI tools: - Cognos series 7 - Cognos 8 - Cognos 10 I am experienced with Cognos environment migration from Series 7 to Cognos 8 and to Cognos 10 as well as from Cognos 8 to Cognos 10. I manage multiple large projects including Cognos BI environment migration, capacity planning and sizing, installation and configuration, performance tuneup. deployment releases. My goal is to keep leading Cognos BI projects more efficiently and keep managing Cognos BI environments. Specialties: IBM Cognos BI tool: - Administration - Installation and Configuration - Capacity planning - Environment architecture design - Environment management - Migration Cognos BI Project Management Cognos BI Consulting

    $77.78 /hr
    29 hours
  3. David Losada

    David Losada

    Cloud operations and devops consultancy

    Spain - Last active: 06/30/2013 - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 4

    I am an experienced IT professional with background in system administration and backend development. I take satisfaction in building and running information systems which optimally serve their purpose. Nowadays, I am excited about the possibilities of cloud computing and the great positive impact that well managed devops have in a project. Because of my experience and my passion for powerful and positive changes, I am confident that you will enjoy working with me! My services are catered towards small to medium organizations running websites or Internet applications. My target is to deliver efficient and tightly integrated solutions. Experience on automated medium-scale complex deployments, configuration management tools (Puppet, Chef, ansible) and the full range of AWS infrastructure services. Over the last years I have occupied several positions and taken part on a range of projects. My skills cover software design, development, infrastructure planning and system administration.

    $77.78 /hr
    2,336 hours
  4. Cesar Melendez

    Cesar Melendez

    Technical Resolution Expert & Process Lead

    El Salvador - Last active: 06/24/2014 - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 4

    My Experience began on 2003 by providing Technical Support for Microsoft's Internet Service (MSN). It was a great jump start to my technical career by providing high quality technical support and great customer service to U.S. Customers. In 2005 I had the opportunity to begin working for Dell Computer's - Technical Support. I've been an Resolution Specialist from 2005 up to June 2012 managing the technical aspect of the teams and providing support to the agents that take calls. I am CompTIA A+ Certified - Remote Support Technician (COMP001006357057). Developed various Web-based Tools utilized by Dell Technicians for the departments I've worked on. My duties as a Resolution Specialists range from Technical Knowledge on the Software and Hardware end. Troubleshooting know-how, Knowledge on dispatching & shipping parts through FedEx, USPS, Unisys, Bantec & Qualexserv, Call auditing & quality assurance, Trained on irate caller deescalation process. An experience I think that has great value is being Manager on Duty on the department's (SMB - Small & Medium Business) floor. Which meant that my duty was to manage all the calls coming in to our group and make sure the process would meet all the goals set by Dell's Global CCO (Call Forecast Dept.). This were I learned the call center aspect of the job such as metrics like AHT (Average Handle Time), ORR (Offer Run Rate), Measuring Inbound calls vs Intervals. Staffing vs Breaks & Lunches. From June up to know I have been working on the Process Engineering department as a Process analyst providing various reports on Call Handling, Staffing, RDR (Repeat Dispatch Rate) Metric. Have Advanced Excel & Intermediate MS Access skills. On the relationship & teamwork side of my work experience. I’ve been able to succeed with my teams by establishing great relationships with my teammates and this way, drive to influence them in a positive way, so they can visualize a goal in a manner they can reach and exceed the business’s expectations. My main focus has been to learn as much of the business and understand the best way at approaching the role I’ve had the opportunity of undertaking. Also, I’ve taken the task at analyzing and determine the most efficient path to reach the goals on the teams I have been a part of, and have definitely been successful at making the teams reach top spots in group rankings.

    $11.11 /hr
    1,108 hours
  5. Shabbir R.

    Shabbir R.

    PHP/MySQL Developer (Magento, WordPress, Symfony, CodeIgniter etc.)

    Pakistan - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 14 - Portfolio: 1

    I like to call myself an old-school programmer. I believe that a programmer should be language and platform independent. My objective is to improve my understanding of the very basics of computer science and to utilize those skills on the latest development platforms using the latest techniques and methodologies. I am looking for long term opportunities which let me focus on my career objective and keeps me challenged with the latest that the technology industry has to offer.

    Groups: Magento

    $12.22 /hr
    15 hours
  6. Philip R.

    Philip R.

    Java/.NET/Javascript Developer, Creative Artist, Writer, Voice Talent

    United States - Last active: 08/21/2013 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 8

    For the past 25 years I have performed a variety of technical roles ranging from Analyst [documentation of project requirements], Project Coordinator, Programmer, Team Lead, Back-End Administrator, Customer Service Rep as well as levels 1 through 3 Telephone Technical Support. I am comfortable with all roles and phases of project work flows. I have a wide range of creative and analytical skills. My core competency is learning and implementing new technologies emphasizing Microsoft based tools, with C# & Java being primary. I am actively seeking creative projects, particularly voice work, or short term programming projects involving internet technologies. Programming: * 15+ Years as VB3/4/5/6 programmer * 15+ Years VBScript/.HTA Programming * 15+ Years classic ASP * 15+ Years .Net VB/C# (1.1/2.0/3.0/3.5) * 15+ Years HTML/CSS Web site * 10+ Years Javascript * 5+ Years PHP * 5+ Years Java * Project Managment: * 10+ Years as Lead Analyst, coordinating resources, gathering requirements, ensuring timely delivery * 5+ Years Programming Team Lead on various long term [1-2 yr] projects involving up to 3 programmers Customer Service / Help Desk: * 20+ Years Customer Service, including 800 call center ICSA level professionalism * 15+ Years 'Level 1' through 'Level 3' Customer Service Technical Support Administrator: * 15+ Years IIS Adminstration & configuration * 10+ Years Wordpress setup/configuration * 3+ Years Joomla Setup/configuration :: Artist: * 18+ Years Photoshop v4/5/6 cs1/2/3/4 * 8+ Years Photography - nature/abstract Writer: * 20+ Years Technical writing * 15+ Poetry writing * 10+ Years Blogging / Journaling writing Voice Talent: * 5+ Years Toastmaster International Public speaking * 2+ Years Voice Mail Menu systems * 1+ Years Audiobook Narration Audio Multimedia Skills: * 8+ years using soundforge software, 4+ years using Audacity software. * 3+ Years Mixing Artist I have worked long-term, full-time, with a stable company for 22 years now, however do many internet based consultancy projects as well.

    $55.56 /hr
    11 hours
  7. Chavdar Trendafilov

    Chavdar Trendafilov

    Lead Performance Engineer

    Bulgaria - Last active: 11/26/2013 - Tests: 1

    I am Lead Performance Engineer with 11+ years of experience in QA. My experience is as folows: - 3 years in Hardware Validation - 2 years in Software Validation - 6 years in Test Automation and Performance Analyzes. Specialties: - Performance Analysis, Performance Engineering, Performance Tuning - Agile Methodologies for Software Development - Test Automation - Embedded Systems Highlighted projects: - Implemented and setup automated test framework on Jenkins/Hudson. Maintenance of more than 10 products running concurrently every night. (Technologies and tooling: Java, ant, sql, junit, jms, web services, xml, json, soap, http, ajax, jmeter, Silk Performer, Selenium) - Setup and configure 20 nodes (app servers) in Cluster using distributed cache. Execute tests and prepare benchmark report. - Profiling of Java applications using Jprofiler; Thread dump analyses; JVM/Heap tuning; TCP/IP tuning; Oracle tuning; OS tuning

    $27.78 /hr
    12 hours
  8. Bernie P.

    Bernie P.

    Alfresco/JAVA Developer

    Philippines - Last active: 09/16/2014 - Tests: 3

    Over the past six years, I have been in a project involving the customization of Alfresco. This also includes Alfresco installation on different OS, web client customization as per clients need. I have done several projects in customizing Alfresco. Has also performed complex migration of data from Alfresco 3.0 to Alfresco 3.2. Proficient in writing/coding web scripts to access Alfresco repository. I am also an experienced Java developer. My main goal is to help provide quality services to clients in need. Below are my Alfresco Skill Sets: 1. Creating custom content types and metadata 2. Creating custom behaviours 3. Customizing Alfresco Share 4. Creating Java backed and javascript web scripts 5. Creating Alfresco cron jobs 6. Alfresco Development Setup with Maven 7. Alfresco Content Model 8. Alfresco Installation and Administration Technical Skills: Java, J2EE, jQuery, JavaScript, YUI, CSS, HTML, XML, Spring Framework, Hibernate, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, Sharepoint, Alfresco, REST, SOAP, SOAPUI, Eclipse, Maven, SVN, Git, Jenkins, jUnit, Linux, OSGI, LDAP

    $25.00 /hr
    194 hours
  9. Merle W.

    Merle W.

    Virtual Assistant

    United States - Last active: 01/20/2014 - Tests: 1

    Hi, I am new to oDesk, however, my goal is to become one of the best contractors Odesk with a reputation for being reliable, honest, and an asset to your organization. I have good English skills to be used in verbal and written communication, strong customer service skills, efficient data entry skills and a passion for writing. I believe the measure of success is completely up to me and I am committed to providing my best effort in completing any project awarded to me in order to be valuable asset to my employers. My education includes a bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Instructional Technology. My experience in the workforce includes several years working in computer help desk environments, managing a help desk and providing technical support to IT personnel via phone. I have a strong knowledge of computers, the internet and Microsoft Office Apps.

    $14.44 /hr
    23 hours
  10. Michael Pupkin

    Michael Pupkin

    Video Editor

    United States - Last active: 12/15/2014

    Strong professional and work experience, seeking opportunities in postproduction, production and website management. Proficient in Final Cut X, Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, CSS, CMS and FTP. Experienced in creating and editing websites, camera operations, assisting on production set, and using social media applications. Editor of Emmy-nominated for Best Short Fiction Film for New England Colleges and Universities.

    $16.67 /hr
    38 hours