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Iveta R.

Iveta R.

Facebook marketing strategist,

Czech Republic - Portfolio: 1 I am just starting as a freelancer building my portfolio. Do not mind to work for nice reference or experience. Would love to help you with Facebook and Instagram ads!

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Ashutosh D.

Ashutosh D. Agency Contractor

Google AdWords Qualified Individual PPC SEO Expert

India - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

I am providing my SEM/ PPC services since 2008 and have a solid background in managing relevant keyword universe, levels of investment, keyword bidding strategies and measuring success of online marketing efforts to ensure high ROI. I have not just optimized several PPC campaigns but also acquire certified skills in my career. My certifications include- • Google AdWords Qualified - Search Advertising Advanced • Google AdWords Qualified - Display Advertising Advanced • Google AdWords Qualified Individual • Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam • Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Professional MY SUCCESS STORIES: > Total Conversions (One Per Click): 362 (+513.56% from previous month) > Total Conversions (Many Per Click): 758 > Cost per Conversion: $80.91 (-87.33% from previous month) > Conv. Rate: 0.79% (+116.34% from previous month) > Average CPC: $0.63 (-35.53% from previous month) > Total Phone Calls: 348 I posses 4 years of experience in Lead Generation and can help you to devise and manage your full advertising campaign across a number of PPC platforms including: Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads etc.

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Rabeya Khanom

Rabeya Khanom

Sales & Marketing Consultant

Bangladesh - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

Hello There, I am Sales & Marketing expert. I have 6 years experience in Sales & Marketing with sales, sales-management, marketing-strategy, facebook-marketing, social-media-marketing, email-marketing, leadgeneration, classifieds-posting, ebay-marketing, amazon-web-store, twitter marketing, youtube marketing, salesforce, insufficient and other. I'v excellent english speak and writing. I'm full time worker. Sales and Marketing These are terms mistakingly used interchangeably. To explain the difference, let us go through the different processes from starting the business to handling the products to the end user and identify which is marketing and whcih is selling. 1) Study the market needs. See what the consumer wants. Marketing 2) Study the market offers. what competitors are currently offering in terms of price, location, etc. Marketing 3) Brainstorm on the approaches and strategies to be used to satisfy the customers in terms of price, location, messages, tone of voice, and so on. Marketing 4) Tell and advice the people whom are going to meet the clients what to say and what not to say. Marketing 5) Convince the customer to buy. Sales 6) Get proper feedback from the customer about their experience. Marketing i believe you can get the sense of the difference between them. Sales and marketing are another set of business terms that are often used interchangeably. Selling and marketing, however, are not one and the same. In fact, marketing and sales are two completely different activities. Marketing encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. These are, primarily: promtion, distribution, pricing, and advertising. Selling is NOT marketing. Selling is the process by which I convince a prospective buyer to barter my services or products for money or other services or products. When you are one on one with a prospect, sales is the techniques and tools you use to get someone to sign a contract or make a purchase. Marketing activities support sales efforts. They are what you do to attract potential customers before a sale is ever made. For example, say you create a new kind of chewing gum. There are very few people that would buy it without some kind of packaging and labeling. This is an act of marketing. Without marketing, the sales process becomes an almost impossible feat. Marketing is the set of processes that include determining channels of distribution, pricing, and developing the "brand". A Layman's Answer Marketing is the umbrella of processes that allow a brand to communicate the advantages of the product or service they offer to a viable customer or set of customers through a series of coordinate and planned efforts that deteremine where the product is sold, at what price, when and how. Sales is the process by which a product or service is bartered against money or other goods.

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Karol Flores

Karol Flores Agency Contractor

Sales and Marketing Specialist

Philippines - Tests: 3

- Highly experienced in outsourcing with strong account management skills. Well versed in Software, IT, Insurance related accounts as well as credit and collections and customer service related accounts. With over 6 years managerial experience in business process outsourcing companies. Trained in both outbound and inbound call center services. Efficient in handling any outsourcing campaign/project. - Can quickly organize a team needed for any outsourcing project. - With strong verbal and business communication skills. Capable of handling tough negotiations. - Had worked with several leading Software companies in lead generation and sales and marketing campaigns (i.e. SAP, ORACLE, SAGE, MICROSOFT, IBM COGNOS, and etc.)

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Md Omar Ali Mollah

Md Omar Ali Mollah

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Bangladesh - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

Hello There, I am sales and marketing expert/ consultant. I have good knowledge main category sales and marketing with all sub-category sales and marketing. I have 6 years experience in sales and marketing with social-media-marketing, marketing-strategy, sales, lead generation,, customer-support, classifieds-posting, ppc-advertising, advertising, translation, tele-marketing, cold-calling, google adsword, all social media marketing and more them. I have excellent english and pc skill. I am full-time worker. Marketing is based on thinking about the business in terms of customer needs and their satisfaction. Marketing differs from selling because (in the words of Harvard Business School's retired professor of marketing Theodore C. Levitt) "Selling concerns itself with the tricks and techniques of getting people to exchange their cash for your product. It is not concerned with the values that the exchange is all about. And it does not, as marketing invariable does, view the entire business process as consisting of a tightly integrated effort to discover, create, arouse and satisfy customer needs." In other words, marketing has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product as it does developing a demand for that product and fulfilling the customer's needs.

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Eduardo D.

Eduardo D.

Sales Director - Hospitality - Marketing

United States - Tests: 2

Mr. Duque is a hospitality professional with over four years of experience providing expertise in customer service, sales, and operations of hotels and the retail industry. With strong leadership and collaborative skills, Mr. Duque specializes in managing successful relationships and brand promotion. By continuously increasing his effectiveness in the field, he has completed several professional development courses to continue managing in the hospitality and travel industry. LinkedIn

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Ludwig Guzman

Ludwig Guzman

Business Administration / Marketing & Sales


The acquisition of knowledge and experience having served as Customer Service manager, Call Center Manager, Marketing Supervisor and Sales Manager. It has allowed me to apply global marketing concepts and contribute to the development and growth of the different companies which I used to work.

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Ren Eborde

Ren Eborde Agency Contractor

Sales and Marketing

Philippines - Tests: 9

With 7 years supervisory experience. 4years course graduate in office Administration.knowledgable in Customer service,Sales and Marketing.Can handle people effectively and with good leadership.Can deliver good decision in every situation that benifits the company.Excellent in negotiating with client.

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23 hours