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Robiul Saiful

Robiul Saiful Agency Contractor

Expert - Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing

Bangladesh - Tests: 1

I am expert in this category related task Administrative Support >>> Data Entry >>> Personal Assistant >>> Web Research >>> Other - Administrative Support Sales & Marketing >>> Advertising >>> Email Marketing >>> SEM - Search Engine Marketing >>> SMM - Social Media Marketing >>> SEO - Search Engine Optimization Business Services >>> Recruiting If given the opportunity, I can assure you that I will become an asset for your team.

$5.56 /hr
382 hours

Gary Garrett

Gary Garrett

Experienced sales, marketing, and customer service professional

United States - Tests: 11

I have over 30 years experience in training sales teams and creating marketing campaigns for various sized retailers and wholesalers. Just retired as sales manager for a designer-wholesaler of home decor and bedding products. Need ideas and/or copy for sales manuals or marketing campaigns? I'm ready to put my experience and talents to work for you.

$10.00 /hr
83 hours

John Poplin

John Poplin

Sales/marketing, photographer, photo editor/restoration, writer

United States - Tests: 2

In regards to my Sales and Marketing/ Business Development profession, I've been in the luxury CPG industry for 18 years; fine wine and spirits. I started as a sommelier in Atlanta nearly two decades ago, and got into the distribution side of fine wine in 2001. From there I rapidly accelerated in the industry and took on several management roles, even running the last two distributors I worked for. Over the years I've learned multiple aspects of the industry, from the sales side to the management/administrative side. I've been a Photographer and writer/blogger for a decade. Though I started out photographing mainly landscapes, I've also photographed lifestyle portraits, head-shots, special events (incl. wedding), and sporting events. I'm also a contributor to multiple stock photography agencies. I enjoy blogging/writing about about my photography and other life experiences, and even have begun writing a novel. Today... I'm looking to continue to follow my passions in life and apply my experience and skills to create a more independent living.

$25.00 /hr
36 hours

Anna Tihencaia

Anna Tihencaia

Administrative Support, Customer Service, Sales and Marketing

Moldova - Tests: 3

My name is Anna. I'm progressive 5 years of professional experience in customer service administration and 4 years experience in office administration. I possess outstanding problem solving and customer service skill, have strong management, organizational and relationship building skills, good analytical and interpersonal skills. I'm an excellent team player with good negotiation skills

$4.44 /hr
12 hours

Martin D.

Martin D.

Voice Talent, Sales and Marketing Pro

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 3

Without customers there is no business. It's that simple and I've always carried that at the forefront of my mind when voicing for a product or service in a commercial, podcast or infomercial for the public or in a corporate video that will speak with the people who make, market and sell the products. It means a lot to me that my customers trust my voice, words and abilities to represent them. I also have experience in the following areas: Marketing, Promotions, Copywriting, Blog and Article Writing, Graphic Art utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Web Design in HTML and WordPress including creation and installation.

$27.78 /hr
307 hours

Denise C.

Denise C.

Photoshop (cs5), InDesign, Illustrator, Advertising/Marketing/Sales

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 20

Graphic Arts/Marketing/Advertising Degree- USC My goal is to create a beautiful product! I enjoy creating ads/banners/logos/marketing that will stand out above all others. I am fluent in Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Flash Professional CS5, and Adobe Illustrator and can work in Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.I have been in the print advertising (newspaper) business for over 8 years in both the design end and the sales end. I started with the newspaper as just sales, but found that I had to relay the idea that the client was working towards to our art department, when it was much easier to create the ad myself from their direct request. I am a stickler on getting the turn around time on a project quickly! Many have asked me to take an Adobe project done in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign and turn it into an editable word document. I have pretty much mastered this task and would love to help in that area too! Note** Great communication is the key when designing online! I may have a completely different idea of what you need so will need to communicate with you frequently.

$13.33 /hr
22 hours

Gitta Ocarol

Gitta Ocarol

nurse researcher/ entrepreneur/transcriptionist/sales and marketing

Philippines - Tests: 4

With proven experience in the field of research, sales and marketing, costumer relation. IELTS passer so can speak and write English well. Able to focus on specific tasks, keeping overall project goals in mind. Can meet demanding time goals. Proven to be able to design, develop and implement all aspects of a complex project. Committed to excellent service and customer satisfaction.

$3.89 /hr
525 hours

Michael Wiggill

Michael Wiggill

Business Consultant, writer, Sales and Marketing professional

South Africa - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 12

Having Served Artcles with an Auditing firm while studing (late 1970's), I then moved into accounting and financial management with a large National group, where I became part of Senior Management at Head Office level by the age of 23. With the advent of PC's I was put in charge of the project to computerise the accounting, and travelled the country installing euipement, implementing systems, and seeing that all the staff at branch and factory level were trained on the new systems. This was the beginning of my "love affair" with technology, and also made me realise that I preferred ealing with people than simply "crunching numbers". 20 years ago I moved into a sales environment, initially with a company selling computer hardware, accounting software and training. I then set up my own business doing the same, and developed the business offerings as the technology developed. Found new technology overseas, obtained the local distribution rights, and doing my own marketing with an extremely small budget had articles published in various magazines and newspapers. This attracted the interest of very large corporate entities, and I sold out. I then got involved in sales and marketing in various industries, and 8 years ago ended up in the electronic security (CCTV, Access Control an CCTV) industry. Although I was in a Sales Management position, I have always had an interest in technology itself. I put myself through training provided by the equipment manufacturers, and 5 years ago formed my own company to sell and install equipment, while staying away from the physical security (guards, response officers etc) side which did not interest me. With my technical knowledge, and in particular on CCTV, networke integration of the security systems, off-site video monitoring etc, I found that there was a niche market as a consultant to other smaller companies without these particular skills. The business pretty much "runs itself", as my sales force bring in the deals and my installations crew install, while I simly schedule their calls. This leaves me with a lot of free time, and when I am not in meetings as a consultant to other small companies on their planned projects, I am available online. My time is spent either keeping abreast of new technological developments and products, working on books I am writing, or available o oDesk. This is not my main income source, but rather a way to utilise my skills, fill up my spare time, and earn money towards the "special extras" in life. Unless I have meetings to attend, I am available online most of every day. I have a love of reading and writing, and am also working on 2 books, for which I have publishers interested. As such I would really enjoy writing projects. Simple web pages would also be a project I would enjoy, as website building has been a money-making hobby ever since the early days of the internet. I enjoy using my excel skills, office administration and business knowledge, and the skills and knowledge gained in over 30 years of working to help others.

$22.22 /hr
215 hours

Fionn Sirrenberg

Fionn Sirrenberg

sales + marketing, business deveopement, Medical + IT

United Kingdom

After 4 years of university experiences studying Communication Studies and the work related experiences gained in three placements in a branding and advertising company as well as a business development manager, enhanced my scope of knowledge to be a determined, supportive, open-minded, creative and hardworking individual who helps your business to grow. Even in stressful situations I keep calm and focus on the achievement of the goal. I am a good communicator and a real team player. I am self-motivated, enthusiastic, hard-working and possess a good sense of humour. I also like working and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. For myself was just working for 3 Months as an Area Sales Manager for the company Acorn Stair lifts, Leeds. My role was to make sure that I was increasing the sales and relationships on the German, Swiss and Austrian market with new and existing dealers. Before I was working as a Business Development Manager for the Company BLK Beverages who is launching a new Fitness Drink on the UK market. Before I was working 2 months for Amazon for the Instant Video, Lovefilm sector as a Customer Consultant for the German market. My job was to give IT support to consumer who had problems with their devices. Next to it I have been working for a Research Companies, Kudos Research in London. My role is to talk to the German Business and ask them questions related to different IT and Finance related surveys. I did in average 80-90 calls per day. During my internship in a branding agency Pepper Corp, my role was it to conduct market research within different UK market sectors (insurance, hotel, construction, gas, water). I outlined the ongoing trends, changes and opportunities, including the major players. Once completed a creative minded advertising campaign was undertook. After that I have called a few businesses and informed them about the advantages of working together. I have been working as a sales executive for an international insulations and energy efficient solutions company, Mark Group, SRJ Marketing. My mind set is to treat every person with the same respect and dignity, since every potential customer is equal. For me I am trying to create a connection which is based on trust and appreciation. Next to it I am always having a smile on my face in order to give the consumer a feeling to be welcome. During my internship within the advertising company MediaCliq, I engaged with the social media, whereby I took care of various profiles of different clients, including the status reports. I also have a very high English level, as well as my German mother tongue and finally French which I took during my university. On top of it I stayed for about 2 and a half years in Thailand during my high school education.

$8.00 /hr
72 hours

Tracy B.

Tracy B.

Sales, Marketing, Writing and Brainstorming Maven

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 7

I am a native English speaker and writer with a corporate trained work ethic. My greatest strengths are brainstorming, strategizing, and implementing campaigns. From a technical perspective, I work with both Word Press and Blogger every day, actively Tweet (rather than schedule Tweets), use the Microsoft suite of office products, and edit, upload and publish my own photographs. My professional tenure in sales, marketing and writing have given me a broad level of experience from which to draw for almost any job opportunity. My motivation, drive to learn, strong leadership skills and ability to communicate effectively have made me a valuable asset for more than 13 years.

$33.33 /hr
316 hours