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  1. Ivano Conte

    Ivano Conte

    Italian translator

    Italy - Last active: 11/11/2014 - Tests: 2

    I am a native Italian speaking translator specializing in English into Italian and Spanish into Italian translation with a B.A. in “Languages for Interpreting and Translation”. In the words of a recent client, I am religious about deadlines. My commitment to delivering even the most aggressive projects on schedule – without compromising quality or accuracy – has been put to the test several times. I provide a broad range of translation, proofreading and localization services spanning multiple industries, with specific expertise translating content in the areas of economics, games, law, medical, tourism and PPC/SEO. • Earned commendation and subsequent business from Oban Multilingual agency for completing a 40K+ word financial website translation and SEO/PPC keyword development project ahead of an aggressive deadline. • Provided language expertise to work on projects for major technology corporations, from translating Google Play apps through the exclusive Google App Translation Service to collaborating on a search engine evaluation project for a major internet search provider. • Proofread 40K+ words of biology and chemistry texts, as well as several video scripts. • Completed several large-scale website translation and proofreading projects. • Webpage Translator at Instituto Picasso. Translated the institution’s website from Spanish into Italian. Provided marketing outreach, helping the Spanish language school secure advertising within the Italian market.

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  2. Mary Chauvin

    Mary Chauvin

    Expert Web Designer with Marketing Experience

    United States - Last active: 6 months ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

    I began my career as a marketing manager in the tech services industry, where I learned the importance of communicating corporate vision and values to customers. My passion for high tech soon led me into the world of user experience and web application design. I enjoy the opportunity to help clients by creating high-impact graphics and designs for marketing campaigns, product development and web design. I can create wireframes and mockups, content for newsletters or social marketing, presentations, etc. Whatever I can do to help you achieve your goals quickly, I am happy to contribute.

    $40.00 /hr
    8 hours
  3. Michele H.

    Michele H.

    Web Developer & Designer

    United States - Last active: 12/19/2014 - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 10

    I am fiercely passionate about making websites that accomplish defined, measurable goals. I have over 16 years of experience building websites. I also have 7 years of Drupal experience, including installation, theming, module development, maintenance, and end-user training. Over the last 9 years, I have managed both small & large web projects and supported end-users for 100+ websites. I am well-rounded in many web development-related disciplines. I know HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. I am also skilled in art and design, including graphic design, logo design, typography, and illustration. I also have experience in SEO and information architecture. I am strongly devoted to improving content and usability on the web via testing and teaching.

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  4. Justin Eckrich

    Justin Eckrich

    Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.

    United States - Last active: 04/24/2014 - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 23

    Appliance Repair Companies: Get More Leads, Book More Appointments, And Increase Your Cash Flow Here’s 3 Reasons Why The Appliance Repair Marketing System Is Different: 1.) You’ll Have New Customers Within 7 Days - Unlike SEO, Social Media, or other forms of marketing, which can take months to get tangible results, the ARM system will have new customers rolling in within 7 days or less, guaranteed. 2.) You'll Get Exclusive Rights In Your Territory – While Angie’s List, Home Advisor and other Lead Companies offer a “shared leads” program, the ARM System gives you Exclusive Rights in your territory. Not only are your leads 100% unique-to-you, but you control your entire sales territory, locking out your competition. 3.) You’ll Get A Positive ROI Within 30 Days – Never again will you blindly pour money into a “black hole,” hoping to someday see it again. With the ARM System, we guarantee you’ll DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT within 30 days, or we’ll gladly refund every single penny. If you're looking to rely less on manufacturer's warranties, expand your business with new vans and new techs, and finally dominate your local market like you've always dreamed, the Appliance Repair Marketing System is your answer. To find out if your sales territory is still available, please feel free to call or send us an email. Thanks again, Justin Eckrich Appliance Repair Marketing, LLC.

    $161.11 /hr
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  5. Ruth H.

    Ruth H.

    Writer, Editor & Public Relations Professional

    United States - Last active: 04/09/2011 - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 6

    I currently work full time managing public relations for a national brand, and my passion is in storytelling. I love the challenge that comes with telling a story, whether a news story, blog article, company web about us page, a fictional short story or something else. Beyond creativity, I am passionate about the mechanics of writing and find proofreading to be one of the most exciting activities in the communications field. As an undergraduate student in journalism and mass communication and a graduate student in integrated marketing communications, I focused on gaining a broad knowledge of the world, marketing communications, social media and business. Additionally, my education helped me to truly develop my writing skills and my ability to pay attention to details. I am interested in short-term opportunities that allow me to use my writing, editing, marketing, social media and other experiences to help organizations and individuals achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

    $20.00 /hr
    9 hours
  6. Lucinda N.

    Lucinda N.

    Photo Editing expert with photography & project management experience

    South Africa - Last active: 3 months ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 11

    Lucinda is a South African freelance retoucher with eleven years of experience in digital retouching and has worked with some excelent photographers and great South African brands such as Clicks, Oxford University Press, Musica, Monoi South Africa and many more. Lucinda uses high end retouching techniques to achieve a subtle perfection without relying on common blurring techniques and filters which destroy pore-detail and clarity; strictly using non-destructive retouching techniques that look perfect at any resolution.

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  7. Scott B.

    Scott B.

    High Value Customer Service Rep

    Australia - Last active: 11/25/2014 - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 1

    Hi There, Thank you for checking out my profile. I have been working in customer service roles for the last 6 years of my working life. I have been lucky enough to work for some of australia's most reputable company's from Ip Service providers, Large factories right through to small family run business's. You can find my current projects : This website is still in production stage but it gives you an idea of what I am capable of. Recently I have been taking nature & street/nightlife scenes with my dslr & have had surprising results, so if you need any photographs of australian wildlife, generic scenery or any other footage/photography I would be pleased to help you . I have also been working with many programs over the last few years such as Microsoft Office Suite, Gimp, Heartbeat, Buzzbundle, wordpress, Hootsuite + Heaps More I have experience using payment gateways sending & receiving correspondence transcribing audio to text setting up word press blogs & websites basic translation I have a reliable & fast internet connection, on call mobile phone, Mac Laptop, Skype & can adjust to any new software or business policy

    $36.00 /hr
    2 hours
  8. Celine C.

    Celine C.

    Writer, Editor, Customer Service

    United States - Last active: 4 months ago - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 1

    I have over 10 years experience with communications, marketing, sales and advertising. Developed small business website from the ground up and increased business sales by 30%. Social Media savvy to increase your overall reach and gain new clientele. I'd enjoy helping small business or individuals market their services or talents and see the results.

    $12.00 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Philip zesar B.

    Philip zesar B.

    Electronics Layout Designer/Graphics Designer/Web Developer/Writer

    Philippines - Last active: 05/23/2013 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 11

    Have a long term experience in the field with specializations in Graphic designs, Web Development, Article or Blog writing, and most Specially in Electronics with schematic designing/PCB layout designing that involved with tutorials, research, development, testing, and evaluation. Well experience in Developing and designing Schematic diagram and PCB lay out designs as my long term experience and until now as one of my prime job at 3GX solutions. It includes Analog and Digital Electronics designs.

    Groups: Corona Labs

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  10. Thomas B. Ricciuti

    Thomas B. Ricciuti

    Revenue Generator

    United States - Last active: 09/20/2014 - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

    Hi there, I coach people in business and sales! That's what I do best! My unique past experiences with my own businesses for the last 25 years have positioned me perfectly for the coaching industry. If your business looks, tastes, smells and feels like all the other businesses out there, you won't be effective. I teach you how to look different, run faster and stay agile in the concrete jungle! I'm happy to discuss your plan for your future growth and profitability, or coaching you to the next step in your success. Group coaching is also available. Thank you for your interest, hope to speak with you soon! ~Tom Ricciuti

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