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Editing is the process of organizing, correcting and modifying an author’s original idea in order to produce a consistent and complete work. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, you’ll find content editors, copywriters and book editors to read through and correct your topic-specific web content or books, or post-editors and proofreaders who can review machine-translated text on your behalf.

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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Heath D.

Heath D.

Affordable, reliable online marketing expertise.

United States - Portfolio: 1

We are an experienced team with diverse skills in areas such as online reputation management, social media marketing and management, translation and editing. With education and experience in various levels of business we have an appreciation for and commitment to creativity and lead generation while maintaining a dedication to accuracy and integrity in our work, our process, and our client's satisfaction.

81% Job Success
$22.22 /hr
262 hours

Tobey H.

Tobey H.

Internet Marketing Specialist / Content Writer

United States

Seeking projects that primarily focus on website content creation and internet / social media marketing. Willing to take on additional types of projects after a careful review of the requirements.

$18.00 /hr
0 hours

Stephanie C.

Stephanie C.

Editor / Writer / Internet Marketer - Freelance

United States - Tests: 1

I am a seasoned editor, writer and Internet marketer. I have worked with editing, writing SEO content and website promotion for over six years. I have worked as an expert writer and editor as well as a marketing manager where I specialized in social media and SEO. I am experienced in Microsoft Office, Internet applications and various email programs. I have extensive experience in writing, editing AP and MLA format. I feel with my background in writing, editing and marketing, I would be a wonderful asset to you. I ensure all content is unique, well-researched and factual. I look forward to working with you!

100% Job Success
$22.22 /hr
2,254 hours

Carlotta C.

Carlotta C. Agency Contractor

Carlotta Chesi

Italy - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

My name is Carlotta Chesi and I am Italian native speaker, I am a translator, I also speak English, Spanish and French. I am currently doing various freelance projects such as article writing and translation, web content writing, product translation, manual translation, web site translation and proofreading. Since my native language is Italian, I choose to focus my work actvity on my own language, so most of my work consist of English to Italian translations although I am obviously capable of doing projects in the other language combinations. I have a positive mental attitude and I am very dynamic and well organized, I am adapdable and collaborative, I am creative and considered to be a people person. I will work all the hours that are necessary and will always find a way to get project done on time and on budget. SKILLS: Foreign languages Customer relationship Content Marketing Internet Mac Microsoft Office WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU: - Website translation (English to Italian/ Spanish to Italian/ French to Italian) - Article writing (Italian language) - Web content writing services - Proofreading (Italian language) - Team management (I have my own company on oDesk) - Translation project management

Associated with: CCgroup, Virtual Translation Solutions

92% Job Success
$13.00 /hr
1,404 hours

Fatima A.

Fatima A. Agency Contractor

Your All-in-One Website Solutions Provider

Pakistan - Tests: 26 - Portfolio: 18

Setting up a site? Pick your CMS--or don't--and let's go. I can handle both plain HTML/CSS (that includes HTML5/CSS3) websites and Wordpress-based websites. I can install Wordpress, upload and customize your selected theme, customize templates, set up the most important plugins, add pre-existing content, do basic troubleshooting, act as a liaison between you and site developers you may have already hired (being fluent in both Geek and Human!), and make sure you get a shiny new website that's powerful yet simple enough to run all by yourself if you want. Need to fill up your shiny new website with equally shiny content? I'm a versatile writer, editor, and blogger who's full of ideas, handy with Powerpoint and Word (read: presentations, ebooks, infographics) and can even come up with a graphic or two when you need me to. You can hand over your content development, production and management tasks to me knowing they will be done with the utmost dedication and attention to detail--while you focus your energy on other things, like running a business. Got a shiny new website filled with awesome content nobody's visiting? I hear you. And I can help you. I can take a look at your SEO, social media presence, AdWords campaign, email marketing, copywriting and anything else we need to get that ball rolling. You throw the party, let me find the guests. There are some things I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole though: blackhat SEO, blackhat SMM, article spinning, and generally wasting your time, my time, and the customer’s time. --- I'm all about 3 things: Words. Websites. Web Marketing. 1. Words: My first love is wordsmithing: I find the written word seductive and am fascinated by everything about it, from the diversity of meaning it can hold to the impact it can generate and even down to the way strokes of ink are arranged on a page, digital or otherwise. I’ve been interested in creating languages since childhood. The combination of an engineer’s curiosity and something of a pedant’s perfectionism pushed me to pay particular attention to the formal rules that govern how we express ourselves through language while simultaneously trying to find new and better ways to do so. Tasks such as editing, analyzing and proofreading come to me naturally. 2. Websites: I fell in love with the WWW at the tender age of 13, when I made an online news magazine monstrosity back in 2002-2003, created in Microsoft FrontPage using HTML I’d painstakingly learned from Neopets, and hosted on Angelfire. I would rush home every day to fire up my computer, wait for the old 14.4 kbps dial-up modem to connect, then spend long hours working on what fit a prepubescent’s idea of the “front page of the Internet” in the time before Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and Buzzfeed. Childhood bliss. Three years ago, I decided to take our relationship to the next level, and things have only gotten better since. My standard-issue tools include WordPress and the meat-and-potatoes of frontend development: HTML/CSS/JS. I can also manage servers insofar as they affect website performance, security, and SEO. 3. Web Marketing: This should be “digital marketing”, but alliteration is fun. I never thought I’d be interested in marketing: I’m not some soulless hype machine, I scoffed. So why am I sending out these email newsletters, you ask? Why do I enjoy spending time trying to analyze buyer personas from campaigns covered by the national trade magazine, you wonder? Why do I hear about an interesting new idea or product and instantly start to think about the best ways to persuade more people of its merits? I finally had my coming out in 2012, when I realized my long-time secret love affair with sales funnels, ad campaigns, and marketing tactics was more than just a passing fling. You cannot be a sixteen year old who hoards issues of marketing magazines, re-reading them obsessively, and not be in it over your head. In addition to the usual marketing mix, I can also handle client communications, customer support, and other aspects of customer relations–because great customer service is great marketing. Marketing doesn’t have to be soulless. --- Working with Me: Because I tend to invest myself heavily in the projects that I take up, I prefer to be selective and would rather commit myself to jobs that inspire me on a personal level. I take pride in my work and I enjoy devoting myself to things I can believe in–products, ideas, people, causes.

Associated with: Aisha Haleem

96% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
384 hours

Krislyn emely G.

Krislyn emely G. Agency Contractor

Linkedin Sorcerer | Lead Gen | SMM | VA | Proj Mgr

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 24

As a Social Media Specialist for the past 4 years, I have had the opportunity to plan initiatives to target new clients that led the company to create a bigger exposure in the industry. I have shared new marketing strategies to be collaborated with the company’s existing clients that led me to improve my knowledge regarding the continuous and fast-paced change of the business industry. I am looking for an organization in which I can apply these skills and work together with like minded individuals to carry on this development and trend of success. Allow me to highlight my strengths: ● Innate entrepreneurial talent that allows me to easily connect with clients and eventually achieve my business objectives. ● Seek out for solutions where none seemed possible and discovering new opportunities for growth at the same time. ● Excels at targeting new possibilities for more business revenues. ● Increase and build LinkedIn Connections based on targeted keywords ● Create and Manage LinkedIn Company Page ● LinkedIn Research ● LinkedIn Lead Generation ● LinkedIn Connections Tagging ● LinkedIn Sending Messages ● LinkedIn Sending Invitations to your target niche ● LinkedIn B2B Sales & Marketing ● LinkedIn B2C Sales & Marketing ● LinkedIn Group Creation ● LinkedIn Group Management ● Increase LinkedIn Visibility ● Post Daily Updates on LinkedIn Home Page and LinkedIn Company Page ● Collecting Leads through LinkedIn ● Facebook Marketing ● Free Advertisements in Facebook ● Application Marketing ● Driving Unique Views and Website Traffic ● Pinterest Marketing ● Pinterest SEO ● Twitter Optimizations My other skills: ● Medical Research ● Medical Article Writing ● Recruitment (IT, Medical, BPO) ● Health Product Marketing ● Health Teaching ● Health Assistance (VS, Bedside Care, IV Infusions, Drug Administration) ● Hiring Freelance Contractors in different categories ● Project Management (Freelancing/Outsourcing) ● Virtual Assistance ● Appointment Setting ● Sales and Lead Generation

Associated with: KEG Advertising Services

83% Job Success
$16.67 /hr
9,088 hours

Jose Ralph Christopher Fernandez

Jose Ralph Christopher Fernandez Agency Contractor

Video Producer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Animator, Illustrator,

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 6

I'm a very creative and educated professional artist & designer I also have a background in film production and cinematography. I have deep experience in design layouts, print materials, video editing, visual effects, illustrations, brands, logos, info-graphic, advertising, photo retouching and photo manipulations. I have shot a few video ad's from local and international companies. I am extremely knowledgeable in all of adobe's products (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator,Final Cut Pro X,Davinci Resolve, etc), Camtasia, Office suite and have a fluency in the best video and audio editing software in the market. Regarding the process of work. I always do my work clearly by the stated requirements and I always maintain all the conditions with the client in advance. If the customer changed their mind in the process of the realization of the project by the fixed price or ask me about things that were not agreed, I do not refund the money, because I do not work for free. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and proposal. Thank you very much for your interest in me!

Associated with: Terra Nostra Studio

64% Job Success
$12.00 /hr
0 hours

John S.

John S.


United States - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 10

Over fifteen years of experience in copy writing and editing, technical writing, creative writing, online ad campaign management and search optimization. I produce concise and attractive copy and web content, and can proofread, ghost-write or research documents on a wide variety of subjects. I always meet my deadlines.

100% Job Success
$22.22 /hr
1,089 hours

Anne Balke

Anne Balke


United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 30

Recognized as a top Upwork contractor. I have the skills and experience necessary to complete any of the following jobs: complex research, skilled writing (Ex. website content, articles, blog content, ebooks, white papers, just to name a few), editing, basic websites (my preference is to set up websites where I can train the client to "take over" after I am done so that they don't have to keep paying a web designer), business consulting (online marketing strategies for small businesses) or other similar projects. My rates depend upon the complexity of the project. Let me be upfront - if you are looking for someone to work at "outsourcer rates" or to provide any work that is unethical or "black hat," then I am not that person. But if you are looking for a person who will provide HIGH QUALITY and ORIGINAL work, completed by someone with both an attention to detail and a creative mind, then that's me. I stand by all my work and won't work on anything that I wouldn't be proud to put my name on. My portfolio has numerous examples of the different types of work that I have done for clients and I have others. [Note - if you are trying to view my actual website from my profile, I am in the process of changing hosting providers so my site is temporarily unavailable.] One of my specialties is helping people develop well-written informational content that brings organic and natural traffic to their sites. I provide writing, editing and formatting services for online website content. I am fortunate to have a gift with writing and truly enjoy it. Over my lifetime I have met many people with brilliant ideas and thoughts who struggle with getting them into writing in a way that effectively conveys the message. I have a passion for helping people take their thoughts and put words on paper so that the ideas can be shared with others. There is a great sense of satisfaction that I get when a client tells me “that’s exactly what I wanted to say!” Although I have not been formally hired as a writer until recently, I have an extensive writing history. I am conscientious and thorough in all that I do, often going above and beyond employer expectations. I have an inner passion for knowledge and answers. If I don't know something, want new information or want to learn how to do something, I do whatever is necessary to find the answers. My preferred jobs are advanced Research and Writing projects that require someone with great attention to detail and an analytical approach to finding information, not just "collecting data." {Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the data collection process, but typically simple research jobs don't pay equivalent to my experience & expertise.} Outside of freelance work as a writer, I provide business consulting, web design and online marketing services for small businesses, "from one small business owner, to another." As an entrepreneur who has been through the struggles of learning how to succeed when resources were limited, I understand what it is like to build a small business from the ground up. My formal training is in Psychology and this background gives me a unique perspective on the world of marketing and behavior. I have been a work-at-home mother since 2002 and absolutely love the freedom that being self employed provides. As a business consultant, it is my job to Research and Find Solutions for my clients, as well as find information relevant for their business/industry. As a web/internet consultant, with knowledge of how content and keywords affect search engine results, I have a full understanding that there is "much more to be found" beyond the first Google results pages. On the educational level, I have a Master's Degree "plus" in Counseling Psychology from a school that was extremely research oriented, preparing students for Doctoral Programs. Not only did the regular coursework require routine research and report writing, but the program included completion of a Master's Thesis. I also have an undergraduate minor in statistics. Prior to becoming a freelancer, I have over twenty years of experience working with children in social and school settings. My specialty was working with children with emotional and learning disabilities. As the Director of a Youth Shelter, I also have experience supervising and managing teams. In 2002, after 20 years in the corporate world, working full time "plus," I made the decision to change focus. With these new priorities I started down the path of being a "work from home mother" (WAHM) and home business owner. "Enjoy Life Enterprises" is the umbrella for all of my entrepreneurial and freelance endeavors. Because I am completely self-employed, I have flexibility in the hours that I can provide, based upon what is required. I am located in the United States (North Carolina) and can be reached by email or if you are US based, we can talk by phone. I have a Skype account if you are outside of the US.

94% Job Success
$44.44 /hr
3,718 hours