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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin

Passionate about iOS Apps/Games

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

I am very passionate about iOS apps and games. I have developed two apps on the Apple App Store in the past year and have been very desperate to finish an iOS game. I believe that mobile devices are the future of technology and entertainment, so that is what I am focused on. I obsess over small details and will not stop until everything is perfect. I am known for donating free overtime to projects and really squeezing a lot of progress into every hour of work. I currently work part time (20 hours a week) at my local school district's tech support where I live. I am the Mobile Expert dealing mainly with mobile devices (iPads, iPods) and developing apps. I have worked there for a year and a half but need more income to support my family. I have gained advanced knowledge of IT administration and have a very broad understanding of computers down to complex byte array communication. I have created a few PHP APIs for use with web and applications and would prefer that next to app creation. I also have experience with (no order) LDAP, mySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Objective-C, PHP, Flash ActionScript 3, Java, Moodle 2.0, Unity3D, Blender3D, Applescript, powerShell and much much more... I think of innovative ideas without trying but do not act on them unless instructed to. I really enjoy programming, it is relaxing and keeps me up at night. I can do interface design in photoshop, but my skills in GUI are very limited. While I knowledgeable in several 3D editors I have a hard time getting my ideas out, so what i lack in artistic abilities I make up in programming knowledge and fast work flow. I own a semi large variety of hardware including: two iPad 3's, iPad mini, MacBook Pro(2007, OSX 10.8), iPhone 4, iPod Touch (3rd and 4th Gens), 7 inch android tablet(Jelly Bean 4.2), 2 samsung android phones, and several Windows desktops/laptops. I have access to some paid software including: CS6 creative suite, Unity3d 4.0 (iOS pro and Android Pro), xCode/Apple Developer Account, and a few others.

$8.33 /hr
36 hours

Sid D. Agency Contractor

PHP, Mysql, Codeigniter, Laravel, WordPress, HTML/CSS, JS, Photoshop

India - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 6

I am a Game / web developer/designer having vast experience in the industry and providing compete IT solutions. I am myself a gamer who loves to develop games and use my knowledge and experience for creating exciting games. My work profile includes:- Game development for Android, PC using Unity3D with C# Blender 3D Modeling, Photoshop designing and editing. PHP, Mysql, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, High Quality XHTML, CSS, jQuery, Frameworks Codeigniter, Laravel, HTML5, CSS 3.0 and browser friendly coding. HTML to Wordpress, I am looking for a regular work and seeking opportunities to build projects from the ground up for you or your business.

Associated with: Techtive Solutions

98% Job Success
$11.11 /hr
2,048 hours

Gervel Giva

Gervel Giva

The Awesome Programmer

Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 12

I am an experienced programmer. I like to design and create websites, games and applications. I have a lot of experience on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (client side and server-side -- Node.js and Express.js), Websockets, PHP (with or without frameworks like Silverstripe CMS and CodeIgniter), Ruby on Rails, Java, C programming, C++, Objective C (IOS programming) and Scripting languages (like Bash scripting, Shell scripting and autohotkey)

$11.11 /hr
279 hours

Joel Urbina

Joel Urbina Agency Contractor

Multimedia production specialist

Italy - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 4

Hi, My name is Joel Urbina and I am the Creative Director of ShinyGoldShoes, a multimedia production agency in northern Italy. We specialize in animation (2d/3d), video post-production and corporate video production. Take a look at my personal website at: and my company's website at:

Associated with: ShinyGoldShoes Agency

100% Job Success
$27.78 /hr
618 hours

Janina R.

Janina R.

Graphic Artist / Art Director / Final Artwork Artist

Philippines - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 13

I am a professional Graphic Designer and have also worked as an Art Director and Final Artwork Artist in advertising companies. I can work on projects like the following: • Logo Designs • Company branding and positioning • Print Ads • Ambient Ads • Flash/Animate Gifs/Static Web Banners (that adhere to different specifications) • Advertising Campaigns • Final Artworks • Landing Pages & E-mail Blasts • Responsive Pages • Social Media Branding & Identity • Adult Banners / Materials In addition to those, I have basic knowledge in photography, video editing and music scoring. I am also interested in copywriting and have produced copies for various advertising materials.

96% Job Success
$16.67 /hr
457 hours

Ruben Cadena

Ruben Cadena

3D artist, Motion Grapher & Video Editor

Hungary - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 8

I'm a 3d generalist, or in other words, a CG artist. I became interested in video making and 3d graphics at 2007. Shortly thereafter, I began to work with Video Editing, 3d and Digital compositing software. During 6 years I made videos and designs with softwares like 3ds max, Combustion, Premiere Pro, Fusion, Photoshop, Blender, Krita, inkscape, etc. Parallel to learning the different tools, I learned different techniques of visual communication through workshops on writing, directing and filmmaking. Also my university studies in Theory and History of Cinema - Cultural Anthropology, have helped me to better understand different aspects of plot in video and visual communication. Since 2011 I began to form a collective of freelancers for the purpose of mutual support and conduct more complete and stylized works. I have a global knowledge about creating audiovisual content, but my best skills in this area are: script, direction, digital compositing, modeling environments, animation and general design. Mostly I use CGI (computer-generated images) to make video and animation.

100% Job Success
$16.00 /hr
19 hours

John Ernest Guadalupe

John Ernest Guadalupe Agency Contractor

Expert Android App Developer / Part-time Content Writer

Philippines - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 7

I have 2+ years worth of experience creating and maintaining Android Applications from the ground up. Often, before I delve right into coding I make a habit to list down every task that I will do to serve as my implementation checklist. This also helps me in analyzing the project and the features to be implemented, allowing me to generate suggestions or comments for inquiry on the client's Application Design. I also have fun in contemplating for the perfect Code Design, which concerns about the implementation details of the project and helps as a guideline in creating maintainable, developer-friendly code. I am confident in my skills and am interested to learn more so that I could provide efficient, high-quality applications for my clients. Here are the skills I can offer : - Android Development - Environments * Eclipse * Android Studio - Expertise * Advanced UI Design * Creating efficient User Experience designs * REST APIs * Location-based apps ** any others I am confident I can learn about it's implementations - Unit Testing Applications * Espresso * Robotium * Spoon - Version Control (Repository Setup and Usage) * Github + Sourcetree * Github + BitBucket + Sourcetree ** Code Review, Pull Requests, Merging, Resolving Merge Conflicts - PHP * Basic CRUD functionality * JSON encoding - MySQL Database Setup - Incorporation of 3rd Party Libraries * Social Media Integration * Billing SDKs * Marketing SDKs * User Analytics SDKs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I respect my client's time and as such do my best to deliver high-quality output by the stipulated deadline as agreed prior to development. I am confident in leading or being a member of any development teams. For organizing projects, I often create documents and sheets for task management, schedules, and reports so that the client may know about it's current status. I often incorporate the following technologies for management of teams and projects : - Google Docs - Google Spreadsheets and formulas - Google Presentations - Google Drive - Dropbox - TeamViewer - Skype -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, I also have the following skills having used them during my university years for part-time jobs here at oDesk to support my financial needs : - SEO Managament - Technical Content Writing with SEO - Link Building - Social Media Marketing

Associated with: A.R.K., The Technology Vessel

$15.00 /hr
948 hours

Shahid Mehmood

Shahid Mehmood Agency Contractor

Senior UI/UX Designer

Pakistan - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 16

=====> My price rate and services: 1. Mobile app design for both ios and andoird only A. $250 for upto 10 screens and 2 colour revisions. B. $300 for upto 15 screens and 2 colour revisions include app icon. C. $350 for upto 20 screens and 3 colour revisions also include app icon and slicing. D. $400 for upto 25 screens and 4 colour revisions also include app icon and slicing. E. $500 for upto 40 screens and 5 colour revisions also include app icon and slicing. 1. Logo designs only A. $50 with 2 initial design proposal to choose and upto 7 free revisions. B. $60 with 3 initial design proposal to choose and upto 10 free revisions. C. $85 with 5 initial design proposal to choose and 10 free revisions. D. $100 with 7 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. E. $150 with 10 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. 2. Business-card design only A. $35 with 2 initial design proposal to choose and upto 7 free revisions B. $45 with 3 initial design proposal to choose and 10 free revisions. C. $55 with 4 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. D. $65 with 5 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. 3. Stationery set design (Businesscard, Letterhead and Envelop) A. $50 with 2 initial design proposal to choose and upto 10 free revisions B. $65 with 3 initial design proposal to choose and 10 free revisions. C. $80 with 4 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. D. $95 with 5 initial design proposal to choose and unlimited revisions. 4. Bundled Set A. Logo designs plus businesscard - $70 with 2 initial design to choose. free 10revision. B. Logo designs plus businesscard - $85 with 3 initial design to choose. free 15revision. C. Logo designs plus businesscard - $110 with 5 initial design to choose. unlimited rev. D. Logo designs plus stationery set - $100 with 2 initial design to choose. unlimited rev. E. Logo designs plus stationery set - $120 with 3 initial design to choose. unlimited rev. F. Logo designs plus stationery set - $150 with 4 initial design to choose. unlimited rev. 5. Vector tracing/conversion of logo to vector format - ( pls ask for quotation, price may vary depending on the type of graphics) 6. Icons design - ( pls ask for quotation, price may vary depending on the type of graphics) ********************************************ABOUT ME**************************************************** I am self-employed as a graphic designer , specializing in the fields of mobile app design according to the latest design guideline and amazing user experience and also corporate identity (logo) design, branding with the majority of my time spent designing logos, business card, corporate stationery. I also do apps icon , apps logo , graphic vector tracing , any flat vector graphics, conversion of old logo (low resolution) to a vector logo (high resolution). I am inviting you to check my portfolio to see my works.. I love doing flat and clean logo designs. I am based in the Pakistan but has a wide variety of clients throughout United States, Canada, Asia etc. I strive hard to give my clients the most superior, quality and cost efficient branding design services in this vastly competitive market

Associated with: Virtual Proz

100% Job Success
$22.22 /hr
132 hours

Anastasiya G.

Anastasiya G. Agency Contractor

Graphic Designer. 3D Modelling, Illustrations, Matte-Painting.

Belarus - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 28

OBJECTIVE: Senior Graphic Artist Highly creative and talented artist experienced at completing large projects within time and budget using both waterfall and agile methodologies. Expert in: • Hand-draw illustrations at “game development” level • Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw at Senior level • 3D Graphics and modeling • Flash, MS Silverlight, HTML5, JS, CSS3 • Web design, logo, banners, custom icons, favicons, etc • High-end designer tools: hardware and licensed software • Web Customers Psychology and Design Marketing • Brand Design and Development • Advertising Tools: Adobe products, Carel Draw, After Effects, etc CORE ACCOMPLISHMENTS: See my portfolio.

Associated with: LifeFiveIT, Amvoir

$50.00 /hr
269 hours