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Irene P.

Irene P. Agency Contractor

Korean English Translator

Canada - Tests: 3

To find a position in the translation industry which I can utilize and gain experience as a translator. ( and to munch on snacks while working :) ) - Enrolled and educated at early age in Korean literature program for gifted students in Korea. - Educated in Canada from Grade 7 to 12 and United States for college. Fluent in both writing and speaking of Korean and English. I work hard and love to challenge myself with new projects and learnings. Have experience as designated interpreter and translator for promotions and marketing at my current work.

$22.22 /hr
4,779 hours

Stanislava T.

Stanislava T. Agency Contractor


Bulgaria - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 2

I am a professional translator with aproxinately 7 years of experience. I have a MA degree in comparative languages and literatures in the Italian Language Univesity - "L'Orientale". I have worked as a translator and interenational data research and entry specialist for three big multinational companies - an Italian, Canadian and one based in the USA. My hobby and passion are languages. Thanks to my roots I speak Bulgarian as native language, I have lived more than 10 years in Italy and studied and mastered Italian language. During my studies I have studied German and English and I am fluent in both languages. I have also experience in interpreting for Trade Shows and Events, business communication translations, translating e-mails, website content, business catalogues, pricelists and brochures. Can handle from technical to easy translations - technical manuals, sales documents, web sites. I have experience as a data research and entry specialist. Currently I am working for an International company as a customer support representative supporting clients in English and Italian, handling technical and and other requests about the functions of high-tech electronical devices. I am on upwork because I wish to find a reliable long-term job from home. Looking forward to collaborating with you!

$11.11 /hr
4,955 hours

Nikola M.

Nikola M.

Data Entry Specialist

Serbia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 2

I am a dedicated and thorough professional with an excellent computer skills. My goal is to deliver a quality service with respect for strict deadlines. I can deliver work on time with 100% accuracy. Experience: - MS Office Suite (more than 10 years) - HTML & CSS- (5 years) - Photoshop and Illustrator (5 years) I am proud to showcase my skills in: - Data Entry - Writing HTML & CSS - Converting PSD to HTML - Admin Skills

$4.90 /hr
927 hours

Martina M.

Martina M. Agency Contractor

SEO - Italian Translator/Writer - Webmaster, Data Entry, Localization

United States - Tests: 5

I'm Italian mother tongue but I have a good knowledge of the English language too, as I lived in the USA for 3 years. I started to work online mainly as writer and translator back in 2005, and I also had few website for which I was taking care of SEO and Coding; then from 2006 I started to work as a SEO for other people too. I work as Seo/translator for clients I find in freelance sites and through my own website, and I also collaborate with few foreign SEO agencies. As I've been working online since 2005, I also acquired good research and data entry skills, and as you can see from my oDesk profile, I have a good amount of experience/hours in that field too. Feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to answer to any question and send you my complete resume! Remember that once you decline an offer, I won't be able to answer back to any of your question, so if you want to talk to me, first accept interview (which doesn't mean you will have to hire me, but just that you are taking it into consideration and so we are allowed to exchange messages). At the moment, I prefer to accept only fixed price jobs instead of jobs per hours as I prefer to be flexible, you may think as that as a risk, I think as that as my own risk as I surely don't want to ruin my good feedback and I love to keep up with my quality and standard. Don't expect me to work for a very cheap rate. If you want a quality service, I'm your gal, but if you want to pay a low rate, be ready to accept the consequences of a poor job, which most of the time will force you to hire someone else to repair the damages! So while cheap contributors here on oDesk are appealing, think about the quality you want for your project. I say this to avoid receiving tons of job offers that will waste my time and your time too as I won't accept it. Thank you for visiting my profile and best of luck with whatever project you want to realize !

$25.00 /hr
5,766 hours

Blesila G.

Blesila G. Agency Contractor

Industrial Engineer, Data Analyst, Technical Support, Admin Officer

Philippines - Tests: 5

My objective is to provide an excellent quality of work while applying what I have learned from my previous jobs. I am a self-disciplined and a well organized individual who can work with minimal supervision. I have skills on the following: 1. Typing/Data Entry 2. Data Analysis 3. Microsoft Office (Google Docs) – Excel, Word, Powerpoint 4. Hardware and Networking 5. Math and English 6. Customer Service 7. Problem Solving 8. Management

$7.78 /hr
2,484 hours

Khrystyna Basali

Khrystyna Basali Agency Contractor

Ukrainian / Russian / Turkish / French - English Translator

Ukraine - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 3

I am a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian, proficient in English and French and I also have intermediate level in Greek and Latin. I am experienced Russian/Ukrainian- English/French translator and vice versa, content writer, proofreader. I have got university degree and graduated with honors (Bachelor of Arts in Philology, Master of Arts in Philology). I am an expert in the following areas: 1. Translation: I have 5 years of experience in translation field. I work with the following language combinations: from Russian to English from English to Russian from Ukrainian to English from English to Ukrainian from Turrkish to English from english to Turkish from Turkish to Russian from Russian to Turkish from Turkish to Ukrainian from Ukrainian to Turkish from Turkish to French from French to Turkish from Russian to French from French to Russian from French to Ukrainian from Ukrainian to French from English to French from French to English from Russian to Ukrainian from Ukrainian to Russian I work with wide thematic variety and can translate texts of different topics (from the most complicated terms stuffed texts to the easiest texts for children’s literature). Samples of my translations you can find in my portfolio. 2. Creative Writing Since Human imagination has not limits, therefore one cannot confine creative writing with the list of some specific topics. I can write about anything my client wishes. The wish of a client is a law for me! I am experienced in blogging, writing content for blogs. You can find the sample of my blog in my portfolio. I am highly proficient in MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe Acrobat. I am also familiar with Wordpress, SEO, blog commenting. I am interested not only in big long-term projects but also in small projects which doesn’t demand so much time, I think it will be great opportunity for me to improve my skills and abilities one more time. Summing up, I can say that I am hard-working, reliable and responsible worker. You will have a chance to see it during our fruitful cooperation.

$11.11 /hr
7,839 hours

Venice Barias

Venice Barias Agency Contractor

Data Entry | Web Researcher | Virtual Assistant | Lead Generator

Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 3

Experienced, reliable, and accurate professional ready to facilitate your success. To contribute outstanding administrative, communication and technical skills, customer service and strong commitment to achieving your company's goals. QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS - Entrepreneurial self-starter - Hard-working, dedicated professional - Highly motivated, dependable troubleshooter and problem-solver - Enthusiastic learner who quickly grasps concepts and technical skills - Excellent oral and written communication skills - Skilled in use of internet and software applications - Proven initiative and ability to work with minimal supervision Specialization: Web Research, Data Mining, Data Entry

$6.11 /hr
21,909 hours

Maricel Dingal

Maricel Dingal Agency Contractor

Virtual Assistant, eBay, Amazon, Data Entry, Bookkeeping, Xero, QB

Philippines - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

I am a dependable Filipina virtual assistant. I also manage a group of virtual assistants here in Upwork and staff manager of Tala Data Services. You may hire me for the skills I have below or to help you manage your day-to-day work life so you can finally achieve real work-life balance while still be able to focus on what you do best = building and improving your business. My abilities and skills as well as the tools I know how to use are listed below: - Bookkeeping through, Quickbooks * Spanish-English, English-Spanish Translation * eBay, Amazon listing proofreader and product description writer * Back office administration, clerical services, technology support, data management * content management * virtual assistance * general administrative duties * data entry support * Translations Services (English-English, Tagalog/Filipino-English, English-Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish-English, English-Spanish) * Admin support for Joomla, Magento, and Wordpress * eCommerce support (e-mail correspondence, chat, secretarial duties) * Clearing emails * Providing administrative support in Social Media * Data entry * Excel Spreadsheeting * Weekly, monthly tasking in software * Web research into Excel * Photo touchups * Document designing * Database management * Website development in Wordpress * Website maintenance in Wordpress * Blogging * Online marketing * Transfer of data and upkeep of CRM * Prepare and execute email campaigns * Prepare website analytics reports * Operate and schedule content for different timezones * Assist with systems and tasks creations * Basecamp * Backpack * Highrise * Campfire * Freshbooks * Dropbox * Google Docs * Mailchimp

$10.00 /hr
5,569 hours

Manny Lyn Flores

Manny Lyn Flores Agency Contractor

Virtual Assistant /Admin Support

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 7

I have been working for 6 years now as an Online Freelancer. My working experiences cover a variety of special areas such as Virtual Assistance, Email Marketing, Store Management (eBay, Amazon, Volusion), Keyword Research, Data Entry/Scraping/Mining, Lead Research, Sales, Customer Support, Administrative Support and some Article writing. From those experiences, I have been able to grow and expand my knowledge and skills. I became extremely versatile and companies benefit from my expertise in any of the given fields. I am seeking opportunities to enhance my abilities more, learn new things and become an asset to your organizations. I respect other people's time, effort and money that's why I always provide high quality deliverables in quick turn around time. I am computer savvy and can speak and write English fluently. I can work under pressure with little supervision. I am capable of solving problems on my own. I have knowledge in Microsoft Office, Blogging, Back Linking, Google Adwords and Google Office Features.

$7.78 /hr
16,486 hours

Christian P.

Christian P. Agency Contractor

Social Media and SEO Expert - since 1998

Austria - Tests: 16 - Portfolio: 1

My two core competencies are social media optimization and translation (English/German). As a native German-speaker and thanks to my seven-year stay in South Africa I have insight into how languages are actually used compared towhat you learn in school. I have worked as a freelance translator and am doingtranslations now through Over the past 15 years I have worked in different fields of administration, sales, social media and search engine optimization. I worked 10 years in Austria both in sales and SEO before I moved to South Africa to be in sales for an online shop of a large electronic consumer company. I currently live in Austria working as a self-employed social media consultant and translator.

$34.90 /hr
4,102 hours