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  1. Mica A.

    Mica A.

    Native Japanese, Professional Japanese Translation, Fluent in English

    United States - Last active: less than one minute ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

    **Native Japanese Speaker born and raised in Japan, living in USA since 1997. **Quality Freelance, English-Japanese, Japanese-English translator. Fast quality service, flexible fee. Specialized in Translation for: Websites, Video game localization, 3D & 2D Computer graphics, eBooks, Apps, Business, Real estate, Fashion, etc. **Video Game Localization: (RPG adventure game) iOS/Android game Runemals <by JanduSoft > iOS/Android game Pixelite <by The Angry Kraken> Android game Final Fantasy 9 <by SQUARE> Parasite Eve <by SQUARE> The Adventure of Hippo <by EigoMedia> **Website Localization: Computer Graphics, IoT (Thread/ZigBee/Smart home), Geocoding, Business consulting, PBX, Real estate, Travel, Fashion, Spa, Self-realization, Meditation, Dance, etc. **Bilingual, fluent in speaking and writing Japanese and English. I provide natural sounding Japanese translation so that your product will be easily accepted by Japanese customers. **Special Skills: Worked as a 2D Graphic designer; Graphic/Web design experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver. Studied at University of Hawaii. (Majored in speech and communication) and Translation Academy in Tokyo Japan. **Translation for: -3D & 2D Computer graphics (Maya, Photoshop, etc) -Video game localization -Various websites/Apps -eBooks -Technical/Programming -Business documentation -Hardware/Software manuals -Real estate -Travel **Reviews: Mica provides more than just translation services. She is thoughtful and instructive, providing insight. Translations aren't always literal or easily made. Differences in cultures often make this difficult at times. Mica will tell you if a literal translation is awkward or undesirable; then offer a better way. She therefore offers clients a valuable and additional service. In the end, I realized that a literal translation would be embarrassing. Mica took time to evaluate the intent and provide a translation that is at the heart of the matter. This makes her an outstanding translator. Richard

    $23.33 /hr
    21 hours
  2. Nicole Panzani

    Nicole Panzani

    Translator and creative writer

    Italy - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 12 - Portfolio: 3

    Natural sounding and accurate translations from English to Italian and from Italian to English. Short-stories or novels with depth and well constructed characters, with interesting and exciting plots. Hi, I'm Nicole. I'm an Italian college student, currently specializing in Languages, Cultures and Societies of Eastern Asia at Università Ca' Foscari, Venice. My curriculum is Japanese Language and Culture and I have a conversational level of Japanese. I'm a native Italian speaker but I also have a vast and detailed knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary. You can check as much under the Certificates' section of my profile: I have a CPE earned March 2015 stating that my level of English is equal to that of a native speaker. I have experience in the field of translating although not all of them were official, paid projects. But feedback has always been great and everyone I've worked with has been left satisfied with my performance. These works include translations of subtitles from English to Italian, translation of a Japanese manga (graphic modifications and photo-manipulation were also involved) from English to Italian, and I took care of some tri-lingual blog posts in both English, Italian and Japanese. As for the short-story writing, I've written several pieces in my free time, none of them paid for or published, but they gave me quite the experience I needed to consider myself capable of changing styles and to adapt to different genres and situations. In addition, I could help you take care of matters concerning the knowledge of the Italian language, if you ever need a consultant regarding Italian culture and traditions. I've studied Italian for my whole life and its Literature (that could come in handy) for 13 years. My knowledge of Italian grammar is spot-on and I guarantee no weird translations but natural sounding ones, easy to understand and pleasant to read. I can adapt my register when speaking (or writing) to accommodate different types of documents, from children books to official documentations. I'm professional and dedicated. I am familiar with most word processing programs and I guarantee fast responses and easy communication. I'm motivated and I'll deliver quickly but not without ensuring that the quality of the work is high first. I'm a perfectionist and I always spell-check (using both the built-in spell checker, as well as checking everything myself) and proofread before handing in the final product. ABOUT ME: • My name is Nicole, I'm 22 y/o and I live in Northern Italy. • I'm bilingual, with native levels in both Italian and English. • I can speak, write and translate EN-IT, IT-EN and from and into Japanese to some degree. • I guarantee 100% human translations that are natural sounding and which take into account the different contexts. EDUCATION: • Compulsory Italian studies that gave me knowledge concerning Sciences, Art & Literature as well as Italian and English language and culture. • High School Diploma at Liceo Scientifico (scientific studies), specializing in Chemistry & Biology. • A CAE (Certificate of Advanced English - C1 level) earned in 2012 - A CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English - C2 level) earned in 2015. • Currently attending Università Ca' Foscari (University of Ca' Foscari, in Venice, Italy) and working on my degree in Japanese Language and Culture. WHAT I CAN DO: • IT-EN and EN-IT translations. • Spell-checking and proofreading Italian and English documents. • I specialize in translations of (but not limited to): artistic or literature related articles/documents, articles (blog, webzine or printed), product description, travel articles/documents, app description or in-app text, agreements, certificates, nature related articles, brochures and/or fliers, books and novels of any genre and length, scripts or dialogue-based documents, web content and much more. • I can translated subtitles or transcriptions given or directly from the audio feed. • I can write short-stories or novels of any kind, with varying tones and styles, to accommodate your requests. • I can provide plots and character development support for short-stories or novels. • I can transcribe documents from PDF or scans into Word or Excel, according to the situation, and I can type quickly but without losing quality and accuracy. KNOWLEDGE & ABILITIES: • Microsoft Office, Word, Excel • Adobe Photoshop CS6 and earlier • Dropbox • Research • and more... WHAT I LOVE: • Traveling (especially Japan and I have a wide knowledge of its culture and traditions). • Movies, TV series and pop culture. • Creative writing, reading and reviewing. • Videogames, so I could for example do reviews or translations for them. • Photography, especially nature related. • Languages, learning them, practicing them, using them, working with them! Thank you for reading my Overview. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll answer as fast and accurately as possible.

    $20.00 /hr
    26 hours
  3. Wojciech G.

    Wojciech G.

    IT expert, native Polish speaker for your service.

    Poland - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

    Native Polish speaker, experienced IT expert. Professional translator with huge experience on various fields, from technical documents, through travels, medicine and online gambling to software and complete websites. For example I'm the author of Polish version of, world's largest freelancing website. I can assure perfect language skills, perfect grammar and style. I've written and translated lots of various types of texts: technical articles, travel texts, official documents, made complete localization of large software packages etc. Thanks to my IT background, I can handle all technical aspects of translation like character encoding, converting texts and databases, choosing fonts -- all aspects that typical translator hasn't even hear about!

    $16.00 /hr
    1,275 hours
  4. Bozena P.

    Bozena P.

    Polish translator

    Poland - Last active: less than one minute ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 3

    Experienced native Polish-English and English-Polish translator, proofreader and teacher with a BA degree in English Philology. 100% human high quality translations, always on time. I feel best doing translation jobs in such fields as: - website translation, - applications, - tourism, - literature (you can see samples in my portfolio), - philosophy, - religion, - psychology, - personal development, - health - diet.

    $13.33 /hr
    358 hours
  5. Andrey Sviridov

    Andrey Sviridov

    Software developer (both desktop and web solutions)

    Russia - Last active: 20 hours ago - Tests: 4

    Hi, my name is Andrey Sviridov. I like to solve complicated, challenging tasks and problems. Since 2012 i develop python/django web applications. Now i still work with python. But i'm not only a backend developer. I know js and js frameworks like angular, extjs, backbone. During my work for a new project, I like to speak with the customer to have a clear understanding of his/her needs and vision of the project. I have a masters degree from Moscow Univercity of Radiotechnics, Electronic and Automatics and here is a full stack of tchnologies, that i know i have worked with. Languages: Python, Java, C, Javascript, OCaml front-end: angularjs, backbone, extjs, bootstrap, css, socketio Python: django, flask, south, celery, django-rest-framework, piston, xlwt, xlrd, soaplib, pandas, oauth, factory-boy, alembic, haystack, flask-restless, flask-restful social network api's: graph api, twitter, instagram, vk; db: mysql, postgresql, mongodb

    $20.00 /hr
    299 hours
  6. Aiko Y.

    Aiko Y.


    Japan - Last active: 20 hours ago - Tests: 3

    I'm a translator of English-Japanese of specially business documents, although I may accept some other sorts of translation as well. Accurate, speedy, care for details with sincere. These are my policy in completing any jobs with my responsibility. I am also good at starting up and maintaining the online stores. Recording products on your online store with attractive sales catch, friendly customer support in both English and Japanese. PPT creation, Data input, blog writing, small software for work optimization are available as well. Working from home, 24/7. Long term contract welcome! Looking forward to working with you pleasantly.

    $22.22 /hr
    12 hours
  7. Jenny Ng

    Jenny Ng

    English-Chinese Translator

    Hong Kong - Last active: 19 days ago - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    Hello! I am Jenny Ng, a Hong Kong-born Native Chinese speaker who offers professional English-Chinese translation. I specialize in translating academic, commercial and promotional texts, such as informative articles, brochures, leaflet, websites, posters, reports etc. Studied in Hong Kong and Canada for both Chinese and English, I am in love with the two languages and cultures. I always strive to deliver the best and most suitable styles of writings in my translations. I have been working with NGOs, financial companies and universities. With my undergraduate training as an English-Chinese translator, I am sure I can help with your needs as well! I am prompt and responsible. Deadlines are always kept, with great attention to details.

    $16.67 /hr
    98 hours
  8. Tina Mišan

    Tina Mišan

    Croatian/Latin/English/Italian Translator and Proofreader

    Croatia - Last active: 20 hours ago - Tests: 4

    I am majoring in Croatian Language and Literature and Latin Language and Roman Literature and I am fluent in English and Italian. I have worked as an assistant on the CroALa Project at the University of Zagreb, where I gained experience in transcribing Latin texts from Croatian authors. I am seeking opportunities to translate to and from any of the following languages: Croatian, Latin, English or Italian.

    $11.11 /hr
    3,091 hours
  9. Hanna T.

    Hanna T.

    Business Student, Translator, Linguist

    Finland - Last active: 11 days ago - Tests: 9

    I am a master's student in business management. Previously I majored in English for four years. I have ten years of experience in customer service and I have also gained knowledge in general office work and accounting. I enjoy writing and tasks that demand great precision. I'm a Finn but I have also been living in Great Britain and Estonia. I can translate from English to Finnish and vice versa and simple texts from Swedish, Spanish and German into Finnish. Areas of interest and knowledge: languages, translation, cultures, intercultural communication, academic writing, business life, accounting, marketing, civil and commercial law, environmental issues, gender issues, politics, pets, sports, travelling, 19th and 20th century history, cooking & baking, outdoor activities, agriculture and forestry, cars.

    $14.00 /hr
    51 hours
  10. Ahmad Beetar

    Ahmad Beetar


    United States - Last active: 20 hours ago - Tests: 2

    Working as "on demand" translator for a couple of international organizations, translation is my passion and also my career... With my latest translation project with famous "THE NEW YORK TIMES", before that with the international CASIO Co., THE CHINESE MINISTRY OF CULTURE, and others, I knew that I reached the highest possible degree, in terms of English to Arabic translation, that gave me the ability to be recognized and hired by these well-known establishments (and many others). I am a professional interpreter/translator with 10 years of experience. I have a B.A. In Translation/interpreting from the University of Homs, Syria, and I am a native speaker of Arabic and reside in the US. I am also a professional journalist with 6 years of experience. With New Your Times, I have translated the series of “Turning Points: Global Agenda 2015, a year-end package of opinion pieces and features, photos and cartoons covering events and trends in 2014 that will influence 2015 and beyond”. With CASIO, I have translated tow User’s Guides. ------------------------------------ I have five published books, translated from English to Arabic, with my name on it, for Ray Publishing House, Syria. They are: - Social Media Marketing an Hour a Day - Exploring Public Relation, - Email marketing - 1 hour a day, - Facebook; the Missing Manual, - New Perspectives on the Internet. ------------------------------------ I have a dozen of other translated books, for different clients, in Islamic History, Electricity and Engineering, Chinese History and Poems, IT and other. Examples of the titles are: - The history of ancient China - The ancient poets of China - Electric Circuits, 9th Edition - MECHANICS OF MATERIALS I have translated approximately 100,000 pages, over 9 years of continuing work. A journey that I have enjoyed through learning from those papers and satisfying my clients by my work. My list of clients is from all the global: USA, Canada, China, UAE, Egypt, Syria, and from other places too. ------------------------------ Name of the most distinguished organizations I have worked for: - The New York Times - Casio Co. - UNICEF (Hanoi, Vietnam, and in Damascus & Aleppo in Syria) - Arab Urban Development Institute, Syria - Syrian Red Crescent, UNHCR - The Swiss Embassy in Syria - and many other… ------------------------------- Being a professional journalist enabled me to gain a remarkable writing style, in both Arabic and English. The reason is the fact that my translated text is easily readable by the reader, sometimes there are no indications that they are translated in the first place – because of their fluency and simplicity, which would be great for the reader in order to understand the text, and act according to it, perfectly. Based on my work and expertise, I would be more than happy to provide samples of my previous works and/or to do tests. Based on my history, I have always come either the first of the second (thinking, “Who got No.1?”). Usually, I do not accept any money before, or at least, submitting some samples, or a part of the project. This way, my client is aware of my potentials, satisfied, and happy with the result. You are more than welcome to contact me for any new, or upcoming, projects. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Thanks Ahmad Beetar

    $18.99 /hr
    60 hours