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Vitalii S.

Vitalii S. Agency Contractor

iOS/Android Developer

Ukraine - Portfolio: 2

It's really easy to create a mobile app. You google the problem, find the tutorial, copy the code, tweak it a bit and voila - the job is done, which is how 90% of apps are created. However for some reason, the app gets low feedback score, looses connection to the server, feels odd and sometimes just crashes. The reason? The devil is in the detail. Creating apps of high quality requires deep understanding of an underlying platform and fully utilizing its potential. And that is the way I develop my apps: not only it should perform its primary functionality, but also do it in the most effective way and just feel right. I'm a software developer with over 10 years of experience in software development in general and over 3 years in mobile development, specifically iOS and Android. My experience covers solving various problems ranging from developing tools for statistical analysis and financial modeling to mobile operators services and web development. During the last 3 years I've built a number apps for mobile platforms for various domains intended for individual use as well as apps that potentially scale to millions of users, some of them are: - an app for drivers collaboration while they drive their vehicles. The project is based on maps, geolocation, navigation and real-time data exchange between users - a messenger scaling to millions of users. The challenge of the app was to figure out how to use resources of the phones (iOS and Android) effectively to not drain battery and choose a correct server technology - an app that tracks pull ups as you perform them. The challenging part here is creating an algorithm to determine where exactly are pull-ups among the stream of data that accelerometer and gyroscope produce - and others I hope we make a great team. Contact me to discuss your project.

Associated with: 9bits

$30.00 /hr
12,969 hours

Narendra Tiwari

Narendra Tiwari Agency Contractor

Wordpress Expert and Frontend Developer.

India - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 21

Over the last 8 years, I have developed a wide range of websites using HTML, DHTML, PHP, and MySQL including sites for start-up companies and small businesses. My core competency lies in complete end-end management of a new website development project, and I am seeking opportunities to build websites from the ground up for you or your business. We Provide Following Services:- 1) Wordpress Customization. 2) PSD to HTML, WORDPRESS, HTML5. 3) Core PHP projects. 4) Logo and Print design. 5) App testing iOS. 6) Bulk iOS App Downloads. 7) Top Quality Review for iOS Apps. 8) Social Media like and Followers.

Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers, Crossrider

Associated with: Paramount Tech Solutions & Services Pvt Ltd

91% Job Success
$11.11 /hr
1,261 hours

Bojan Sekulovski

Bojan Sekulovski Agency Contractor

Expert web developer with Wordpress and SEO

Macedonia - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 17

My biggest advantages are good communication, reliability, good understanding of the client requirements and completing them in timely and professional manner. I consider that I am best at developing websites with WordPress and optimize them with Yoast SEO plugin. I'm persistent and investing the maximum of my skills to make my work unique and all that to be on time delivered to my employer. I don't leave unfinished jobs, and do not quit. Personal website: www.bojansekulovski.com

Associated with: All In One Agency

98% Job Success
$18.89 /hr
1,036 hours

Dmitriy Danilov

Dmitriy Danilov Agency Contractor

Middle Code Guru

Ukraine - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 14

If you are reading these words, you are visiting my profile! Thank you! I am a professional web developer and I have over 5 years experience at web development. I specialize in providing all kinds of Design & Web Development related for services, business companies and startups. My best skills : - cms: Wordpress; - sever-side: PHP, PHP5, node js, - client-sidet: jQuery, javascript, ajax, HTML5, CSS3, - database technology: mySQL, - advanced technologies: AJAX, SEO, adobe photoshop, psd-to-wordpress. I’m always trying to provide excellent service, in short terms and with highest quality. So I’m hoping to have long relations with my clients once I‘ll start to work with them. Regards! For more information visit our official site: http://www.webdesignsun.com/

Associated with: Web Design Sun

90% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
1,467 hours

Pradip Krishnan

Pradip Krishnan Agency Contractor

Salesforce Consultant with over 6.5 yrs experience in Salesforce Dev.

India - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 5

Dev 401 Certified Salesforce's Force.com consultant with 6.5 yrs work experience in developing applications on salesforce platform. Worked with enterprise clients like New York times, Cisco and company85 on their salesforce implementations. Created and managing three appexchange apps. Salesforce community member and evangelist active on salesforce.stackexchange.com. Over 15 yrs of IT experience.

Associated with: CM-Focus LLC

100% Job Success
$27.78 /hr
2,299 hours

Akif Quddus Khan

Akif Quddus Khan Agency Contractor

Web Application Developer, 5+ Years Experience.

Pakistan - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 20

Today, coders are a dime a dozen. Yet true systems developers are very valuable and hard to find. Not just a coder, I am a passionate programmer with a strong basis in math, logic, design and communication. I have over 5 years of experience of Web & Desktop Application Development. With extensive programming knowledge and Wordpress like the back of my hand, I have developed hundreds of Software applications which includes 100+ Wordpress Website (Startup Business Websites / Subscription Portals and E-Commerce Solutions), 3 Management Systems like Clinic Management System , Church Management System (Desktop Application), and Library Management Systems. To quench my thirst for knowledge and programming, I also developed games like Pacman, Pong, Chess & AI based Wumpus World. I have a passion for daily learning as I adopt new technologies & programming languages. My daily goal is to breathe life into eye catching yet functional web, desktop & mobile applications. My skill sets are as follows: Frontend: * HTML5, CSS3, PSD to HTML * JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax * Responsive CSS Frameworks, Bootstrap Backend: * PHP, Ajax (Web Applications) * Java SE (Desktop/Mobile Applications) * C++, C# Databases: * MySQL, Oracle Frameworks/CMS: * Wordpress (Theme/Plugin Development) * Code Igniter I work hard everyday to bring your ideas to life. Client satisfaction & happiness is my top priority. I never leave my clients until they got 100% satisfaction.

Associated with: ExecDesks, KindHOST Web Standard CSS Design Agency

100% Job Success
$20.00 /hr
1,205 hours

Dmytro B.

Dmytro B. Agency Contractor

Software developer C/C++ Linux/Unix/Android

Ukraine - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 2

Hey! I am C/C++ developer, work mostly with Linux/Unix/Android (AOSP) systems. Expert in cross-platform development using C/C++. Have good experience in cross compilation of C/C++ code for Android and iOS under Linux host. If you are interested in any kind of Mobile development, different kinds of IT consulting, or recruiting specialists please feel free to refer my agency - https://www.odesk.com/companies/~01fcbbca95b720d021 Skills summary: Platforms: · GNU/Linux(Fedora, Ubuntu) · Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Seven · Programming languages: · C · C++ · UNIX Shell Scripting · MatLab · GNU Make · Autotools · Ruby Rake Basic knowledge of: · SQL · Java · C# · Perl · PHP · HTML · CSS · Verilog Programming paradigms: · Imperative · OOP · functional · Databases: · MySQL · SQLite · PostgreSQL · Tools/IDE: · Microsoft Visual Studio · Eclipse · Vim · GNU Debugger · Swig · Apache Thrift Compilers: · gcc · cl · Other: Basic knowledge of computer networks. Android NDK, AOSP Additional Information Computer skills Experienced both in the application and library development. Capable and always ready to learn new technologies, solve non trivial tasks and work in team. Have an idea of computer networks. Advanced user of different Linux distributions. Have an understanding of Linux OS structure, and knowledge about it's system calls. From time to time I with my friends developing different stuff: http://chordsbook.myinstapage.com/ - Chords Book http://keoa.kpi.ua/olimp/ - online engine to hold an programming of MCUs olympiad (contest). Unfortunately nobody support it now. http://dronnie.com/ - Windows Phone 8 application to control AR.Drone 2.0.

Associated with: siad

100% Job Success
$26.00 /hr
1,715 hours

Shiful Alam

Shiful Alam Agency Contractor

English to Bengali Translator | HTML | XHTML | CSS | JavaScript

Bangladesh - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 9

Flexibility is the catalyst for me to be a freelancer. The motivation for learning new ideas comes from my heart. I believe this is intrinsic. As an MBA in Marketing, I know customer is the king. From the CRM point of view, I try to look for what my clients desire. My goal is to make my client delighted, not satisfied. I believe in the customer lifetime value. If I can make my clients delighted, other things will come as a natural flow. The EzineArticle Basic Plus Authorship is the latest addition to my expertise. Here is the link: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Shiful_Alam Here is my personal blog address. You can check it out if you wish to hire me as a writer. http://www.themarketingconcepts.blogspot.com/

Associated with: e-ComFreelance Agency

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$3.33 /hr
2,984 hours

Sebastian P.

Sebastian P. Agency Contractor

Web App and Solutions Developer

Argentina - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

I'm an experienced web developer with several years working on web apps, web services and web sites. I have strong skills developing, designing and re-designing ecommerce frontends and backends, forums, dating sites, blogs and many other kind of projects where I put the best of me to get all perfectly done. In my seniors years at college (Science Computer Degree) I started to work on small web projects to start my professional career along with finishing my studies. That was about 2009. After a year of taking care of the support and maintainance of several forums sites and industry backends sites, I started to involve in projects that starts from scratch. I learned a lot under the supervision of my team leaders, about team work, agile methodology and new technologies arising like Javascript frameworks and Responsive Designs. A couple of years later I started to be totally independent, and the projects I was taking I was in charge of all the aspects from designing the visual, to implement that on HTML in a responsive way, and develope the backend engine to support the entire system behavior. Now I'm a full stack developer with a solution designer eye, who still works as a freelancer, but I've started a small web developments company and I'm the Project Manager of all our projects. At this point almost any "want" of a client I turn it into real working project. It's a matter of willing and thinking out of the box. I guess those two are my strong suits

Associated with: SmartPick

98% Job Success
$30.00 /hr
1,138 hours

Arkady Sladkov

Arkady Sladkov Agency Contractor

Android and Web developer (Android,PHP,Zend,MySQL,jQuery,Ajax,Angular)

Ukraine - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 10

Thank you for viewing my profile! I am a reliable and creative professional with over 6 years of programing experience. I specialize in delivering high-quality services with respect for strict deadlines and high expectations. I have developed a wide range of Android mobile apps along with the web services (Restful API) I am also proficient in creating web applications (both front-end and back-end) using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JS, AJAX including database modeling, integrating 3rd party services and API for mobile applications. Expertise: Android development Android SDK PHP Zend , Codegniter, Yii. MySQL, Restful API JS, jquery, Ajax, Angular HTML5/CSS3 Twitter bootstrap AuthorizeNet, Stripe payment gateway integration I look worward working with you !

Associated with: Golden Team

100% Job Success
$25.00 /hr
2,812 hours