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  1. Andrey Kucherov

    Andrey Kucherov

    Senior Developer

    Russia - Last active: 05/21/2012 - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

    Have 14-year experience as software engineer. Have a strong knowledge and solid understanding of relational database design, SQL, ASP/ASP.NET, XML/XSLT, functional programming (Erlang, Haskell) and NoSQL dabase design. As well used Java (J2SE and J2EE both), made Android mobile applications. Also do a many others software development tools and languages when the opportunity arises. I consider myself a composed person, sociable with friends and colleagues. Have good analytical and organizational skills, have excellent learning ability.

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  2. Duncan Fyfe

    Duncan Fyfe


    United Kingdom - Last active: 06/06/2014

    I am a highly experienced scientist, project manager and IT professional. During my academic career I led teams of fellow scientists and software developers working on a number of major, multinational, data-driven projects. I offer consultancy and data analysis services to allow the wider worlds of business, industry and academia to draw on skills that have been applied and demonstrated in some of the most demanding data analysis settings imaginable. I undertake a range of consulting, data analysis and software development services to: * Help companies understand how data analysis can benifit them. * Turn raw data into meaningful answers. * Make complex information accessbile through collation and visualisation. * Integrate data collection, aggregation and analysis into existing projects.

    $100.00 /hr
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  3. Nick Olman

    Nick Olman

    .Net Developer

    United States - Last active: 06/26/2014 - Tests: 1

    Full-time .net developer with 8 years of professional experience in C# development, both in web and in system programming. Highly experienced with database design using Microsoft SQL Server, and implementation using Entity Framework. I have a BS in Computer Science from GVSU. I'm searching for small to mid-sized projects (depending on project duration) to supplement my current position. I am not interested in any full-time position offers.

    $30.00 /hr
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  4. Chuck Berg

    Chuck Berg

    Microsoft Technology Consultant

    United States - Last active: 05/22/2014 - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 4

    Building Software Products, Development Teams, Successful Companies. Professional Highlights: § A business-savvy technologist, a competent and creative engineering professional, and a self-motivated problem solver, decision maker and leader. § Development experience encompasses a wide range of technologies, industries, systems, languages, and tools. § Business experience extends from startup to Fortune 100 companies and from non-profit to venture-funded organizations. Technical Highlights: § Managed the development of MailSite® - Windows & .NET Magazine’s 2002 Readers' Choice Award for Best Mail Server. § Led the development of “Family Feud Slots,” named one of 10 most innovative products in 2000 by the American Gaming Summit, and described by Slot Player Magazine as “the most innovative slot machine of all time.” § Developed the process control industry's first object-oriented client/server process animation display system. Management Highlights: § Built a cohesive team out of developers working in 5 different offices, 3 different time zones, and 4 different countries. § Stabilized and rebuilt engineering and IS/IT teams recently downsized from 48 people to 16. § Played a major role in the merger of two non-profit professional organizations and the building of a unified staff/volunteer team. Business Highlights: § Led the engineering contribution to the turn-around and successful sale of a casino gaming equipment manufacturer. § In 2 years, built a 1-man consulting business into a profitable contract development company employing 7 full-time and 5 contract developers. § Maintained technical leadership and provided "hands-on" development effort on 75 different Windows products, using a range of Microsoft technologies, for 35 different clients. § Participated in raising several million dollars in seed capital for three different startup companies. Specialties: I am a senior level software developer and leader with a successful track-record of building entertainment, gaming, multimedia, and communications products for consumer and industrial markets. I am focused on Microsoft technologies – from high performance distributed system services to user mode applications. I am proficient in all versions of.NET, C#, Visual Studio, and Team System. I am also current with most of the latest technologies, including WCF and WPF.

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  5. Alexander Kozlovskij

    Alexander Kozlovskij

    Software Developer, Ninja of Haxe and Flash

    Russia - Last active: 10/20/2014

    Hello, I am a software developer & architect from Russia. Mostly write in the two languages: Haxe and Flash. Have experience is more than fifteen years. Since 2012 I am a certified developer on Flash Platform with an ACE certificate. Currently I am an indie developer, freelancer and consultant. I was work for many companies such as Clickberry, SmartGames, Dulton Media, MC’Donalds,, Leo Burnett and other different companies on the many various projects. I have a real programming experience on languages: Haxe, Java, JS, GLSL, AGAL, AS, MXML, Pixel Bender, Lingo, C, Objective-C, (M)ASM:). Love to make cross-platform games & soft.

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  6. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson

    Software Developer with focus on integration

    United States - Last active: 08/23/2014

    SFDC integration includes various custom applications, including C# development with standalone console applications and custom ribbons using the REST and MetaData APIs. Salesforce Advanced Developer Certified. Certification # available upon request. Custom APEX development with loads of jQuery integration/experience. Can focus on native APEX development, or can focus more towards web-based application. Biological knowledge - I earned a MS in Bioinfomatics for the University of Georgia in 2012.

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  7. Gabriela Dalmasso

    Gabriela Dalmasso

    Senior GRAPHIC Designer - Creative - UXD Design

    Argentina - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 3

    I'm an Argentinian freelance designer I lived in Milan for five years, where I initiated my first professional practice as a designer. During this period, I began to interact in the world of international design. I had the opportunity to work with important institutions and to have experiences in different areas of design. Today, I am self-employed as a graphic designer specializing in the fields of corporate identity (logo) design, web design, print design and branding with the majority of my time spent designing and implementing marketing promotions for businesses such as logos, websites, letterhead, business cards, packaging and more I acquired orientation in an innovative and creative activity in the field of graphic as well as in multimedia, animation, illustration, communication and exhibition. You are welcome to visit my website anytime: I am: 1. Passionate (I absolutely love what I do) 2. Enthusiastic (I want to learn) 3. Sceptical (I think critically) 4. Focused (I have the right attitude)

    $35.00 /hr
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  8. Max H.

    Max H.

    Tried and True Web and Mobile Developer

    Ukraine - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 5

    I'm a web and mobile developer based in Campbell, California. My core competencies are Ruby, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Objective-C , and .NET development. When you partner with me, you get a dev who believes in: Myself- I've been developing since 2007. I've worked with long list of partners from Red Bull and Scholastic to small startups building their first MVP. My Projects- I like to do things I've never done before, and if that means stepping outside my comfort zone so be it. That doesn’t mean I need to break the sound barrier with every launch. What it does mean is that I look for ways to innovate with every project. My Partners- I don’t just work with project specs and documentation--I work with people and companies. When you work with me, we become a team. That means I expect your input and ideas every step of the way. No excuses. Our Process- I'm a hard-core agilist. I believe that trial and error fuel creativity and innovation, and that those who get it right the first time aren’t working hard enough.

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  9. Alexey Guzenko

    Alexey Guzenko

    Our DNA is written on Objective-C

    Ukraine - Last active: 04/13/2014 - Tests: 4

    • 7+ years of expertise in the Information Technology (IT) industry • Rich background in Object Oriented Programming and Development • Solid experience in Objective-C development • Solid experience in JAVA development • Solid experience in RUBY development • Rich experience in Unix Administration and high-load solutions • Good team player and team lead • Solid experience in design & development of mobile solutions • High-level of theoretical knowledge and utilization expertise for the following development methodologies & techniques: o Object-Oriented Design o Design Patterns o MVC (Model-View-Controller) metaphor

    $33.33 /hr
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  10. Christos V.

    Christos V. Agency Contractor

    Head of an Expert Team in Development and Design and e-marketing

    Greece - Last active: 12/11/2009 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 12

    With more than 14 years of experience in the market of branding and web services for large and aim-to-be-large brands acting as a partner in various companies and organizations with commercial, research and volunteer character. Managed to assembly a small group of specialists in all aspects of services ChannelDoubler provides. And this group has been tested in all kinds of cooperation. The group now is well tuned and works like a clock. We approach the project scope by determining its goal. Summing up some credentials we can mention strengths in the areas of: **Development** Flex, PHP, ASP, Java, HTML, XML, C++, Pascal, Javascipt, Visual Basic, DHTML, CSS, etc **Database** mySQL, MSSQL, ODBC, DAO, ADO, OLEDB programming, Microsoft Access, VBA, Oracle, etc **OS** Windows, Netware, Unix **Project analysis** Content & navigation design and deployment, goal and milestone setting, audience and technology researches, statistics evaluation & logical outcomes implementation. **Online marketing ** S.E.O, Affiliations, PPC/PPP concepts, Blogging, etc **Design** Adobe/Macromedia packages (i.e. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks...), Sound editors, 3D S/W, etc **Education** BA's, PhD's, Advanced and continuous seminars on building business networks, project management, finance. **Experience** Involved, developed and managed more than 400 projects through our career.

    Associated with: ChannelDoubler Agency

    $39.44 /hr
    160 hours