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Ioana S.

Ioana S.

Front-End Developer, Web Designer / Graphic Artist

Romania - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 29

Hello :) A little about me...Since I was 4 years I started painting on papers, then on walls, and I didn't stop, I went on cars, motorcycles with the air brush gun and on statues too so as you will see the art for me is a lifestyle. In the year 2009 I started working in Photoshop and I simply found a path for my ideas to have shapes and colors. My portfolio reveals that from 2009 until now I've went from graphics to webdesign and I always keep in mind and follow the latest trends on the market. As a developer, I started to enjoy the coding part and I wanted to be really good, as I am today in my humble opinion in: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JQUERY, MEDIA QUERIES (from 200px-1024px), WORDPRESS, PHOTOSHOP, GIMP. The most important quality that I have is an unstoppable ambition. I am communicative, dynamic, inventive, love working in a team, I have the ability to make decisions under stress with a smile on my face. I hope you enjoyed my little monologue and perhaps we can turn it into a real conversation. I really am looking forward to that. Best wishes!

$19.00 /hr
1,739 hours

Ciprian A.

Ciprian A.

UI/UX Web Designer - HTML5 / CSS3 / Bootstrap - Responsive design

Romania - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 8

I specialize in building websites from the ground up. My core competences include User Experience Design ( UX/UI Design) HTML/CSS (HTML5 and CSS3), Bootstrap, Foundation, Mobile design, excellent Photoshop skills, a good visual taste and good interaction design principles knowledge. I also have experience in Javascript/JQuery, quality assurance, SQL and usability testing.

$33.33 /hr
3,982 hours

Adela T.

Adela T.

Creatologist | Content Strategist | Content Manager |

Romania - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 9

Experience makes the difference between the average and the excellent. In creating online experiences that matter, you need a dedicated professional who works hard and has native skills - qualities I own and use with great respect towards the team I work with and your audience. How can your presence be different, unique and appealing in an online environment many times ruled by cliches and patterns? By adapting rules and innovating according to your distinct needs. By believing in all the differences people share and striving to customize your online presence accordingly. From the name of your company to deploying a project, your business has to speak to various people's needs and relate to their feelings. By helping you communicate who you are through a reliable online experience from start to finish, I support your causes and give others reasons to believe in you. If you feel we're on the same length, than we have a professional future together and I'm looking forward to sharing my skills and commitment with you and your business.

$40.00 /hr
2,584 hours

Oleg Repetskiy

Oleg Repetskiy

Content Manager, Translator (English-Russian-Ukrainian)

Ukraine - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

Since 2010 I am a trusted member of Upwork community. I chose working as a freelancer because it allows me to manage my time a lot better and encourages to grow as a person. Working as a freelancer I was able to reveal my true potential and receive fair reward for the work done. I have always followed one simple principle “Whatever job you do – do it the best way you can.” I am always responsible for the work I do and I never fail to provide quality results. In 2011 I started my own translating company "Logos" which specializes in translating all sorts of texts including legal, medical and economical from and to English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. We managed to establish firm contacts with a variety of companies and work with them on constant bases. Since we are based in kind of a small city, we decided to move our business to Upwork since it gives a variety of potential. As a person of different interests and skills, I am open to almost all kinds of jobs that include writing, editing, blogging, data-entry, audio and video editing, WordPress, transcription, translation and else. But, here are three main working groups that I am truly experienced in. ----------------------------------- Blogging (Content Manager) ----------------------------------- During the last couple of years spent on Upwork, I became proficient in WordPress content management. I have been a leading content manager on a number of sites and also became an expert in on-page SEO optimization, including proper formatting, key density, alt text, featured images and etc. I know how to make that SEO button always shine green. I also specialize in social integration, which includes social media sharing using popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and VK. I am great with proper timing, making titles catchy, and using Social Network Tools like HootSuite and etc. -------------------- Creative Writing -------------------- Since 2010, I completed all kinds of jobs that require creative thinking and interesting approaches. I enjoy writing about various topics but the more creative they are – the more interested I get. I write well in all three languages – English, Ukrainian and Russian. From my previous Upwork contract writing about new happenings in the mobile technology world, I became an expert in Android / iOS devices and their characteristics. I also have experience writing about tourism, gambling, economics, computer games and creative things that happen around the world. For some examples – feel free to check my portfolio. --------------------------------------------------- Translation (English / Russian / Ukrainian) --------------------------------------------------- I have been doing English / Russian / Ukrainian translation work since 2006. I am proficient in general topics but I am comfortable with technical, economical, medical and document translations that require following strict rules. With a Master’s in Roman-Germanic Philology, I understand cultural peculiarities of every language and know how to adapt translation to make it sound natural and catchy. Translating for various travel, gambling, economic sites and taking part in conferences as personal interpreter has helped me become translation expert. I am constantly enriching my vocabulary by reading books and communicating with native speakers on a daily basis.

$10.00 /hr
8,465 hours

Andrey Solovyov

Andrey Solovyov

Software developer

Russia - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

Experienced software developer. I have the experience in the development of projects for the Web (ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, HTML5), PC (WPF, WinForms), and mobile applications for Android. My main goal is continuous self-improvement. I am taking new and new experience while learn and practicing. My personal qualities are single-mindedness, strength and rationality in work.

$22.22 /hr
43 hours

Andrej S.

Andrej S.

UX Designer / Front end dev.

Slovenia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 10

I have been working as information architect, UX expert and project manager at different companies in IT for several years, and because of mine background as UX expert and partly designer and programmer I have better perception when planning and executing projects. My ability to work as a team player, meet deadlines and go the extra mile with my need for details have contributed to my success in IT projects. I am an expert in prototyping with Axure software. My Axure library for Windows Phone can be found on Axure webpage. A good webpages starts with good prototype ;) I'm good at front end development - Css3 / Html5 / JS. Working with bootstrap ...

$44.44 /hr
640 hours

Ivan Anishchuk

Ivan Anishchuk Agency Contractor

Python/Django developer

Russia - Tests: 19 - Portfolio: 11

I am a Python developer. I can use Python in almost any task and context. And I love using Python, although I know other languages if you need something occasionally. Just contact me if you need a web developer without ophidiophobia :) I have more than four years of web-programming experience with Django framework (on both large and small projects, plus some experience with Flask and other frameworks) and more than six years of professional Python coding. And I want to continue it: participate in web-development with Django or otherwise, developing desktop applications, writing various helpers and integration scripts and so on. Working on different projects, I've got a vast experience with different version control systems (strongly prefer Git, but can use Mercurial and Subversion if needed) and common workflow techniques, like Gitflow. Collaboration services and task trackers I worked with are too numerous to mention. Additionally, I have some experience with other technologies and experience of Linux system administration and know the best practices for system design, performance and search engine optimization, web application deployment, setting up hosting servers, continuous integration, monitoring. And I can learn new things, of course. Technologies I can use for front-ends (when I have to do them): - HTML5, - CSS3, - Javascript, - jQuery, - Twitter Bootstrap. For back-ends I can build both usual MVC-style applications and REST APIs. I have experience with a lot of Django reusable apps and know what to use for which task. Just to name a few I'm familiar with: - Tastypie, - Django REST Framework, - Haystack, - Celery, - Storages, - Factoryboy. In terms of deployment and systems administration, I know a thing or two about - Nginx, - uWSGI, - Supervisor, - systemd, - Fabric. On top of it, I know a lot about various useful SaaSes, like: - AWS (EC2, RDS, S3/CloudFront) - DigitalOcean, - Twilio, - Stripe, - Firebase. I tried to keep those lists short and clear, so if you need some particular technology I haven't listed feel free ask me about it; chances are that I worked with it or at least know something about it. (And please never mind the "agency contractor" thing — I am my own staffing manager in that agency and I don't work for anyone else. The agency was formed only for payment consolidation with a couple of friends.)

$25.00 /hr
1,528 hours

Alex C.

Alex C.

Reliable Writer, Translator and SEO Specialist

Greece - Tests: 15 - Portfolio: 3

As a native speaker of Greek and Dutch and fluent in English I can translate anything, from technical specifications to literary texts. I also do Copywriting and Creative Writing in all three languages. I have a strong background in IT, as I have worked as an Oracle DBA and a programmer for more than 12 years, but for the last 5 years my main job has been Web Design, Web marketing and SEO. I have strong communicative skills, can work well both in a team and solo and I learn fast. Satisfaction guaranteed!

$24.44 /hr
101 hours

Myroslav M.

Myroslav M.

Translator, Twitter Webmaster, Data Researcher, Freelancer all th way

Ukraine - Tests: 12

Hi. I'm native Ukrainian and resident of Ukraine. Fluently Speak Ukrainian and Russian. Have great command of English. Little knowledge of Polish and Spanish languages. I'm able to perform English to Ukrainian+Russian translation with HIGH quality and asap. I had many experience of doing this kind of work with great feedback! I'm PC and internet savvy. Have basic knowledge of HTML and PHP5. Can easily handle with different kind of software and perform high quality job within deadlines. Great MS Office knowledge. Performing a lot of reasearch jobs. Performing Twitter Media Marketing and Media Marketing at other Social networks also. Basic SEO knowledge. Studying fast. Don't have bad habits. :) Responsible. Internet-connection speed = 5(download)/1(upload) (M/s). Have very strong PC. Able to communicate via: google talk Yahoo messenger skype Windows Live Messenger ICQ

$6.00 /hr
1,671 hours

Gregory G.

Gregory G.

PHP WordPress integration

Ukraine - Tests: 3

My purpose is find partner for a long term cooperation for developing highly qualified sites built on WordPress(themes, plugins, widgets, etc from scratch, also can include fixing bugs) using: - PHP, - JavaScript(Dojo, jQuery, Ajax), - CSS(3), - HTML(5), - XML, - social services(Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and Google API. I have 4 years of experience in working wiht technologies listed above. Hope I'll find good partner.

$22.22 /hr
0 hours