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Last updated: October 1, 2015
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John Francis Guanco

John Francis Guanco Agency Contractor

Customer Service Experience with Microsoft Office Skills

Philippines - Tests: 2

Hi I'm John Francis Guanco 26 years of age an enthusiastic, self motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken. Offers: the ability to motivate others, proven leadership abilities within team environment: extensive experience and understanding of the importance of customer service. I enjoy keeping myself busy and put extra effort in my tasks and that kind of attitude is what brings me to the top.I have 4 years of Customer service experience plus billing representative and technical support and during my stay in the BPO industry I became a top agent for technical and billing. I love working with other and able to work unsupervised. I have excellent communication skills and telephone technique to add up to that I also have the skills for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. I am reliable, I strive to always keep a positive attitude and have the ability to learn quickly.

Associated with: JobHub

$5.56 /hr
731 hours

Emmadell Dela Cruz

Emmadell Dela Cruz

Call Center Agent

Philippines - Tests: 2

My previous work as a Virtual Assistant for a prestigious real estate company based in the USA has provided me with a stable knowledge and rich understanding of the needs and challenges of being a Virtual Assistant. I am highly trained in using Boomtown, Top Producer and MLS. I am very versatile, having both database management and appointment setting as part of my responsibilities. Other work experiences include working as a call center agent, trainer and recruitment specialist.

$4.00 /hr
0 hours

Julie S.

Julie S.

Project Manager, Executive VA to the CEO, Customer/Client Support

Philippines - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 2

I am a highly capable professional with over 5 years of customer relation and sales experience. I have a solid background in customer relationship and account management. I also have experience in team and project management. I can work with very minimal supervision. I have a fast and reliable internet connection, headset with noise cancellation and quiet working place.

92% Job Success
$8.89 /hr
4,368 hours

Isak Munther

Isak Munther

Swedish contractor

Sweden - Tests: 4

Hi! Swedish freelancing contractor. Well-educated in English. Translation skills towards English, Swedish and Norwegian is something that comes natural to me. Currently taking on various translation and telemarketing tasks. Six years experience in Customer support, telemarketing, sales and translation from English - Swedish or the opposite. Always follow up my deadline and i always double-check my work so no mistakes are left behind. Fast learner with a great way of speaking and build trust with people i meet or work with. Positive attitude even in stressed situations and always strive to go beyond my clients expectations. NOTE: I currently stay in Sweden, Stockholm until the end of September 2015. I will later move to Thailand, Bangkok. Available for part-time 50% until September and full-time after that and forward. Best regards, Isak Munther

100% Job Success
$18.00 /hr
164 hours

Jessica Rumeral

Jessica Rumeral

Training Supervisor for Customer Service

Philippines - Tests: 4

• Training Supervisor for more than a year (Current Position) • Product Trainer for 1 year • Customer Service Relations for 7 months • Six Sigma Trained • Trained on Effective Communications • Trained on Communicating with Results • Trained on Advanced Problem Solving Skills Levels • Trained on Effective Leadership Styles • Trained on Time Management • Trained on Manager's Indoctrination • Trained on Training Needs Analysis • Trained on Conflict Management • Excellent Written and Verbal Communications Skills • Great People Skills • Excellent Customer Service Skills

100% Job Success
$11.11 /hr
2,962 hours

Dennie lester Q.

Dennie lester Q.

Experienced Business Development Manager/Sales Associate/Real EstateVA

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 5

I worked in the call center industry for 8 years before deciding to work from home. I handled and dialed UK, US, and Australian campaigns, both B2B and B2C, engaging in cold calling, upselling, cross selling, and appointment setting. I am looking for opportunities for a Telemarketing, Marketing, or Support role where I can contribute for mutual growth. I was a Business Development Manager for an Australian government grants consultancy firm which specializes in R&D Tax Incentive Scheme for the software and technology industry. I sent proposals to potential business clients through lead generation and then I screened/qualified them. This also entailed discovering and exploring opportunities for the upper management. I worked as an Inside Sales Associate for an Australian company based in Melbourne, assisting in the lead generation and marketing strategies processes. Cold calling was also one of my tasks, closing sales and managing accounts, when needed. I worked as a Personal Virtual Assistant for a real estate firm in the USA, booking appointments and managing captured leads from Commissions Inc and Market Leader. I also worked for four Australian firms, all part time projects, setting up appointments and assisting in their marketing strategies and campaigns (inbound marketing, email marketing, Social media marketing, etc.) to increase sales and market visibility by utilizing platforms/applications such as MailChimp and Pipedrive. I am tasked to handle clients’ email account to send out newsletters, answer emails from customers, etc. I have handled various campaigns marketing different products and services such as solar panels, testing and tagging services, credit cards, subscriptions, charity events, and the likes. Both markets, B2B and B2C, have been assigned to me and I have excelled in both doing cold calling and follow ups. Before I decided to work from home, I last worked for Affinity Advanced Solutions, Incorporated as Consultant and Director for Quality and Process Improvement. I was in charge of the Voice Services department of the company where I was supervising both Inbound and Outbound teams. I was also training Engineers in properly setting up appointments with merchants and clients outside the office. Before that, I had 6 years of experience working in a BPO company, supervising both Inbound and Outbound campaigns dealing with various products/services like telecommunications, cable tv, internet services, appointment setting, charities, fund raising events for foundations, window pane replacement, etc. I moved through departments as Team Supervisor in Operations and in Support, as Quality Assurance Analyst and Sales Verification Supervisor, assisting in the effective management and efficient performance of the floor. As an agent and as a Team Leader, I have always excelled in UK and Australian outbound campaigns. Outbound campaigns were my niche back then, handling cold-calling and appointment setting sales calls, always being included in the Top 5% of every campaign I dialed for or I have handled. I directly led the acquisition and transfer of the Sales Verification department of Charter Communications from TRG Pakistan to TRG Philippines. I have the expertise necessary to efficiently set up a Sales Verification Department which includes developing the process flow amongst the different departments and structuring standard templates and guidelines needed to verify sales for all sites

80% Job Success
$10.50 /hr
879 hours

Logan S.

Logan S.

Professional Administrative Assistant

United States - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 1

My extensive education has allowed me to build up a robust reputation of being thorough and professional with all of my clients! I am a credentialed Administrative Assistant with training in Records Management, Scheduling and Receiving Visitors, Mail Processing, Telecommunications, Banking and Acconting Basics, and Travel Arrangements. To gain some experience, I have informally worked on pro-bono projects periodically for the past few years in areas relatable to Admin. Assisting such as: data entry, records managment, and office assisting. After having neared the end of my formal training, I am ready to move into the virtual office environment and workforce. I am interested in working for a medical or legal office in particular, but am willing to work for any professional. I specifically envision my part time free lance work as a Virtual Assistant or Virtual Administrator.

$9.26 /hr
19 hours

Cherie Lyn Maglinte

Cherie Lyn Maglinte

Administrative Assistant/Project Manager

Philippines - Tests: 3

For the past 5 years of freelancing online, I have developed many of my skills, not only in writing articles but as well as on handling different administrative tasks. Working online does not only bring better earning opportunities, it has also brought so much improvement on how I effectively manage and handle my time.

42% Job Success
$4.44 /hr
836 hours

Mary Jane Romuar

Mary Jane Romuar


Philippines - Tests: 5

I am a team player and I am also good at multitasking. I have an experience in data entry and product content writing in which i did meticulous searching important information. I have a good command of english. I attended some workshops and seminars that honed my ability.I have been teaching english to Koreans, Chinese, Russians, Indians and Portuguese nationals for four years. I provide quality education to my students and at the same time, make sure that students don't just learn but also enjoy while studying. I teach little children, elementary students, high school, college and working people too. I teach Basic Grammar, Business English, TOEIC , TOEFL, OPIC, IELTS, Free-talking class, and etc. Prior to my teaching experience, I also worked as a receptionist and I have learned a lot of things. One thing is handling and addressing the clients' concerns nicely, properly even in worst situations. I also dealt with different kinds of nationalities. I handled check-in and check- outs, walk-in and online reservations, telephone calls , and a lot more. I also worked as an outbound Sales Executive for Discover Acquisition at Epixtar It was a rewarding experience and I have learned a lot of things there that sharpened my english skill, good customer service skill.

100% Job Success
$5.96 /hr
106 hours

Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos


Philippines - Tests: 3

Over the last 5 years, I have seen different types of personalities in my workplace and interacted with different types of customers, co-workers, and as well as employers. I am expose to different kinds of people which makes me flexible enough to deal with situations. My core-competency lies in ensuring a good rapport to the customer and satisfying their needs and wants in accordance with the company’s regulations. I have done some selling, marketing and have a strong training in customer service and believe that these skills would benefit your company. I am seeking to obtain an entry-level for the position befitting my qualifications. I am open to any work assignment and work schedule.

100% Job Success
$4.44 /hr
2,501 hours