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Ken Dare

Ken Dare Agency Contractor

WriteDare Copywriting ... Need Great Copy Fast? I'll Always Be There

United States - Portfolio: 157

Specializing in web copywriting with extensive experience in the following areas: long direct response sales letters, landing pages, corporate web sites, press releases, articles and email marketing. If you are in need of web content, you can rest assured that my provocative copy will communicate powerfully with your target audience! Here is more information about me: My name is Ken Dare and I am a freelance web copywriter who specializes in creating attention-grabbing, results-getting advertising/marketing materials that will: - Enhance your company's image - Improve your profit picture - Make your life easier I'm a dedicated, hard-working professional who won't stop until you (and your customers) are satisfied. In my 15 years as a professional writer, I've helped a whole who's who of today's (and tomorrow's) Internet, corporate and e-learning leaders - everyone from MetLife to FedEx to Val-Pak Direct Marketing to KPMG to Ernst & Young to Villanova University to Tulane University to Internet Gurus such as Stephen Pierce and Russell Brunson and many, many more. I am confident I can help you as well.

$50.00 /hr
86 hours

Jude Sullivan

Jude Sullivan

Proofreading // Editing // Copywriting

Australia - Tests: 5

Highly skilled proofreader, editor, copywriter and administrator. A native English speaker with over ten years experience drafting, proofing and editing government documents, corporate materials, non-native-English content and APA-compliant academic work. I have a strong business and consultancy background, and am experienced in the preparation of tenders, annual reports, technical manuals and in localising non-native English. I also have experience in proofing, editing and formatting for publishing, both e-book and print. Accurate, thorough, punctual and versatile, I offer a fast turnaround and am available short or long term to suit your needs.

$11.00 /hr
36 hours

Aigerim Bektemirova

Aigerim Bektemirova

Email Marketing Expert / Copywriting

Kazakhstan - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 9

Hi! In my portfolio, you can find my works in copywriting and some of the Mailchimp email campaigns that I've developed. I believe my strong points are my Creativeness and Punctuality. My #1 goal will always be to meet your needs and deadline. When working on a new project, I like to speak with the client, so that I can have a clear understanding of his/her needs and vision. I'm honest and fair. I am a native Russian speaker and have advanced level of English. I have a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from International University of Information Technology, in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Listed below are my experience and skills: - managing email campaigns on Mail Chimps marketing platform since 2013. - blog writing. See my articles in blog: - copyrighting for e-commerce. See my work: - fast and accurate English-Russian translations. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon. Contact: You can email me at

$21.66 /hr
0 hours

Alexey R.

Alexey R. Agency Contractor

Multilingual translation & copywriting agency

Russia - Tests: 1

Professional translation and copywriting agency with native affiliates available 24 hours/day in the following target/source languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Russian, Ukrainian. We are very flexible agency, able to work 24 hours/day and 7days/week. Email: Skype: textler_online

$10.00 /hr
0 hours

Natalia Tarnacka

Natalia Tarnacka

Specialist at writing, editing, copywriting

Poland - Tests: 1

I am a graduate in Polish language/philology from University of Warsaw with specialization in polish language for media. Polish is my mother tongue but I know Englishh very well. For the last three years I have been consistently developing my skills and experience of working in publishing house, mainly in the area of writing, editing, copywriting and communication (Public Relation). I also have some experience in the following areas: basic InDesign CS 5, translation and sales.

$5.00 /hr
0 hours

Josh Margulies

Josh Margulies

My Sales Copywriting Will Make You Money

United States - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

"Josh is a genius! I don't have the words to describe exactly how damn powerful this stuff is but it's unlike anything I've ever seen!" "I couldn't be happier...I literally won't be able to sleep tonight thinking about all the sales it will bring in! I'm so excited!" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You're here because you want CONVERSIONS. You've got a landing page, email campaign, or video script to create. You may want to increase traffic, get more sales, boost profits, or all of the above. Either way, you need a Direct Response copywriter who will knock it out of the park...and get results. As you can see from my testimonials, I've got the talent, experience, and track record to get the RESULTS you're thirsting for. I'll NAIL your message, so you can... *Attract and excite customers *Get more retention and repeat business *Optimize your copy for sales and conversions Look, I know it’s hard to trust a stranger to invest the time, effort, and dedication to get this right. Nothing compares to doing it yourself. But you have a mile-long “to-do” list, overflowing inbox, and--oh’re busy running your business. If only you could “press pause” and give this project the attention it deserves... No worries. I will give it the attention it deserves FOR you. I'll spend the time YOU don’t have, to craft copy that: --Is written in the exact language your target audience thinks and speaks --Nails their deepest needs and pain points with surgical precision --Triggers readers to take action Together, we will generate maximum results, like getting folks to buy your product, use your service, submit their email address, download your offer, or call for more information. You will have an easy, smooth, user-friendly experience. I will explain every detail of my process before we begin, and you can feel comfortable asking me your questions, and sharing your thoughts anytime. I'm available when you need me, I listen and respond, and I'm easy to talk to. In short, you'll get the benefits of doing this yourself, without doing it yourself. You need someone you can trust, a conversion strategy specialist with years of marketing experience. A member of your team, a perfectionist, who cares as much as you do, and obsesses over details...from headlines and hooks to call-to-action text. As you can see from my reviews, my process is about YOU. Your needs. Your growth. Your profits. I will deliver top quality copy, a smooth ride, and positive experience--especially meaningful in today’s noisy, unpredictable freelancing world. In a few short days, you can be holding a high-converting piece of sales generate leads, boost conversions, and increase profits. What are you waiting for? Simply click the handsome "Contact" button above, and let's talk!

$130.00 /hr
70 hours

Chrissie Mayes

Chrissie Mayes

B2B copywriting to build and engage

United Kingdom - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 33

“In all honesty I cannot fault Chrissie's professionalism and skill as a writer. She is an exemplary freelancer and I am extremely grateful for her superb work and ability to turn jobs around in an astoundingly short time frame.” "Chrissie did a great job for us. It was on completed on time, and beyond expectations. I'm already planning another job for her :)". So you have a product, service or website you want to promote to the business world. As you are here, you’ve realized that one of the most effective ways to do this is to engage your audience. You need RESULTS, and the best way to achieve that is through compelling content. As you can see from my testimonials, I can deliver exactly what you need – content to keep your audience on your website and ready to buy from you. This I achieve with the help of storytelling - making a reader connect with writing and achieving that nod factor - "yes that's my situation!". As a B2B writer I have one aim… To keep your prospects reading and engaging with you, your website and your brand. Which leads to increased exposure, conversions and action from your leads. With this aim in mind, I specialize in: • Web copy • Articles • Blog posts • Case studies • Newsletters • Emails • Press releases • White papers • E-books As someone who takes research seriously, I can write across any industry and any subject, but the niches I can give the most benefit to include: • Cloud-based software • SaaS • Education • Personal and professionaldevelopment • HR and staffing • Technical • Training and professional development • Equestrian, pets, animals and veterinary The World Wide Web is a competitive market-place and more and more businesses are turning to content marketing. Working with me, you’ll… 1) Keep your visitors onsite for longer 2) Have customers that enjoy interacting with you 3) Build your brand 4) Have customers that think of you first when they are ready to buy I appreciate that hiring a total stranger to work with you to build your business can be a tough call, and with many contractors vying for your attention it becomes harder still. Sometimes it just comes down to instinct – could you work with this person? Can they offer you what you are looking for? If you are looking for content that people actually want to read, and are actively looking to build relationships with your prospects via your content marketing, then the answer is yes. Invite me to apply for your job, and let’s start building our own working relationships. I look forward to hearing from you!

$55.56 /hr
12 hours

Joshua Soto

Joshua Soto

Social Media, Proofreading, Editing, Copywriting, Content Creation

United States - Portfolio: 1

“Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don't have.” – Anthony Bourdain I'm a hard worker, a stickler for proper grammar, and as reliable as they come. I bring professional experience writing, editing, and managing social networks for a handful of large, international, professional organizations to the table. I've always been a people person—the type to be scolded in elementary school for chatting too much in the back of the room while making new best friends or finding joy in striking up a passionate conversation about travel and great food with a random shopper in line at the grocery store. My passion for making connections with individuals has inevitably drawn me into the world of social media—a field that allows my character and personality to shine. Generating creative content, embracing modern technology, making connections, communicating effectively, taking on the role as a voice for a business or group—these are the cornerstones of my skillset.

$27.00 /hr
118 hours

Svetlana Moskalenko

Svetlana Moskalenko

EN-RU-EN Translator, Copywriting, Rewriting

Russia - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 4

Certified professional English - Russian translation expert with great experience! My native language is Russian and I am fluent in English. I also work with rewriting and copywriting. If perfect translation & superb customer service is important to you then look no further :)

$11.11 /hr
91 hours