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  1. Isabelle Warolin

    Isabelle Warolin

    Translator, copywriter and editor

    Spain - Last active: 06/10/2012 - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

    Born in France and living in Spain for eleven years, I'm a translator (from English and Spanish into French) in various areas: film (subtitles) fiction or documentary, corporate documents of all kinds, technological ones included, webpages, press kits, etc. I work as a freelancer or am hired by companies, just like Sublimages in Spain, highly specialized in subtitles. I am quite used to teleworking, maintaining contact with my staff through Skype, emails, social networks ... Perfectionist, I'm used to work under pressure, meet strictly the deadlines and strive for constructive dialogues with my customers. My whole background (studies in communication, my personal curiosity and experience as a theater playwriter) allows me to touch very broad topics and adapt each translation to its cultural context if necessary.

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  2. Yacob Cajee

    Yacob Cajee

    Freelance writer and editor

    United Kingdom - Last active: 11/21/2014 - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 1

    A qualified accountant, aromatherapist, hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, I have been published in “Public Finance”, “Men’s Health” and “In Essence”, the journal of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists. I have been commissioned to write specialist articles (for example on essential oil alternatives to antiperspirants) for Holland & Barratt’s "Healthy" magazine, and have recently completed an article on the diagnosis and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer. I have enjoyed a successful career in local government finance and have written many (and edited far more), policy papers, business and investment proposals and committee reports. In 2005, I compiled Diversity in Diction, Equality in Action, the guide to appropriate language in the workplace, published by the Trades Union Congress. With a background in Classics and a degree in English Literature from the University of London, I have an excellent knowledge of spelling, grammar and punctuation. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

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  3. Kimberly Fung

    Kimberly Fung

    Cantonese, Mandarin and English Translator

    Canada - Last active: 2 months ago - Tests: 1

    I am an University student in SFU currently. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English because I am born in Hong Kong then immigrated to Canada. Also, I understand Japanese in a basic level. I enjoy learning and using different languages, so I am motivated to translate any projects for my future employers within my understanding of languages. Additionally, I am interested in creative writing and novels studies.

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  4. Sandhya Valecha

    Sandhya Valecha


    India - Last active: 07/10/2012

    Hi, I am a published writer with articles published in leading national dailies of India including Hindustan Times, The Times of India, The Hindu and The Pioneer. Moreover, I am a Creative Director, Editorial Head and Website Editor. I am also writing a biographical book about India's leading female screenwriter, Ms. Honey Irani. I am an experienced editor and writer with expertise in writing various forms of content. Moreover I have been writing numerous texts for my clients for their websites, blogs, etc. I assure you that I possess excellent English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills. Moreover, I have strong research skills. Please be assured that my work will be 100% unique, providing useful and accurate information. I check all my work in copyscape before sending it to the clients. Regarding my education, I did my Masters from the London School of Economics & Political Science, (LSE) where I was awarded full merit scholarship. At the LSE, my post-graduate experience was highly rewarding as it equipped me with multi-disciplinary outlook and a broad set of transferable skills, like analytical writing, critical thinking, report writing, discipline and problem solving skills. This postgraduate experience has also enabled me to fine-tune my communication and consensus building skills as I delivered seminars at several occasions. At the LSE I submitted a thesis too. Afterwards, I worked as an Analyst at the High Commission of India, London and Analyst at the Confederation of Indian Industry, UK. Besides, I did my Bachelors Degree in Journalism & Media from Lady Shri Ram College, (LSR). My work in both electronic and print media has immensely helped enhance my writing. As a graduate of two reputed institutions, the London School of Economics and Lady Shri Ram College, India, I bring with me a combination of first-rate education and experience. I am certain that given a chance, I will successfully write for you with my creativity, outstanding research and avant-garde approach. I assure you that I will deliver excellent quality content within the stipulated deadline. I thank you for your time and consideration. I will look forward to working with you in long term. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, Sandhya Valecha

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  5. James Lacey

    James Lacey

    Designer, Marketer, Wave Maker

    United States - Last active: 09/08/2014 - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 4

    Chances are you didn't start your business with extensive design and marketing expertise. This, my friend, is where I come in. Specifically, I help other businesses and entrepreneurs market their product or service through corporate branding, internet presence, and general marketing strategy. By combing new technology trends with design and marketing experience, my clients receive highly tailored services built specifically for their needs. Ultimately, it's my job to make you look good so you can focus on your business!

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  6. Nina Boc

    Nina Boc


    United Kingdom - Last active: 11/18/2012 - Portfolio: 1

    I am currently employed as a research assistant at University of Birmingham's Institute for EU law. I hold a degree in law from a continental university (University of Ljubljana, Faculty of law) but have substantial experiences as a legal research assistant and translating from english to slovenian language. I am also fluent in croatian, serbo-croatian and bosnian language.

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  7. Brita Popma

    Brita Popma

    Visionary Freelance Writer and Editor

    United States - Last active: 02/25/2013 - Tests: 2

    Lustrous beads of sweat gather at her temples to take the long slide en masse over the crimson glow of her cheekbones and down the craned arch of her neck. Her grip tightens like a fleshy wrench around her husband’s wrist as she settles herself with aplomb into a deep squat against the bathroom sink. Finally, she sounds her battle cry: “The baby’s coming!” … That was my last job. After earning a BA at UC Berkeley and an MS from Columbia University I’ve spent the last five years in joyful service as a nurse midwife; now I'm making a steady transition back to writing, my first true love. I enjoy creative writing, but that’s not the whole story. I also have experience producing fresh website content, articles, brochures, and educational materials. My knowledge base lies mainly in conventional and holistic medicine, nutrition and the culinary arts; however, I take delight in researching new topics and relish a challenge. When it comes time to deploy your vision I can assist with setting up and designing custom content management systems and blogs. I have refined my practices of collaboration and precise communication during five years of working closely with doctors, nurses, administrators and patients from all walks of life. I am impeccable with my word, maintain excellent time integrity, and insist on submitting only the finest quality of work. I look forward to turning your project into a masterpiece.

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  8. Walter Friedman

    Walter Friedman

    I approach all my assignments as a scientist

    United States - Last active: 4 months ago - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 25

    I have 6 years of experience as a Network Security Consultant. Previously I worked as a Data Modeler and Object Oriented Designer. I liked my past jobs. But my current job is different, it is more intellectually satisfying because it puts me at a direct competition with the hackers who want to steal datum from the network security systems that I designed. I have to be smarter than my opponents to prevent them from winning our duel. As a Network Security Consultant, I was doing the following: Was partitioning databases in such way that there were no Internet connections to the most sensitive datum. Was determining where to install firewalls and how to configure them. Was establishing the rules of data sharing and transmission, which is essential to successful functioning of intrusion detection software packages. Was monitoring computer networks for the purpose of determination if there were hackings. If necessarily, was redesigning databases to make sure that the probability of data theft was minimized. In case there was a suspicion about the hacker software operating inside a network, was designing and implementing strategies aimed at identification of hostile software. Was advising clients how to use the VPN (virtual private network) for secure data transmission. Was working in the field of NAC (network access control) to integrate various data protection techniques such as host intrusion prevention, antivirus software, vulnerability assessment, etc. Currently I am working on the book, How to Protect Your Computer Network from Hackers. Chapter 1 of the book presents an overview of network protection methods. Overview of existing data protection methods. The most heavily advertised data protection method is data encryption. Indeed, some companies offer complicated schemes of data encryption that even the most sophisticated hackers cannot crack. But they do not have to -- they can break into your network by exploiting software glitches and then use your decryption programs to decipher the encrypted data. For example, both Sony and Target had their credit card numbers data encrypted. But the encryption did not prevent their datum from being stolen. The encryption approach creates false sense of security, and we do not recommend relying solely on it. If you have one or two data entry points into your network system, and a small number of customers, a strong firewall may be the best solution for you. But if you have hundreds of points of entry and thousands of customers, you should consider additional means of protection working in conjunction with your firewalls. Modern intrusion detection tools capable of data mining are very good, although they have two weaknesses: a) usually, it takes several weeks to detect a malicious software; b) you need employees with a specific kind of training to use these tools successfully. This doesn’t mean that we do not recommend using intrusion detection packages; on the contrary, we believe that you should use them together with the method that we will be describing in this book. Finally, in this chapter we are going to briefly mention the most powerful method of data protection, and will elaborate on this topic in the subsequent chapters. Ideally, this method of design of network systems and their databases makes data theft impossible. However, a comprehensive design meeting this goal might cost plenty of money and not every company can afford it. Fortunately, there are many less expensive ways of keeping possibility of extraction of valuable data close to zero. In some cases the ideal result can be reached without major investment of money. Take power plants, for instance -- there were reports of hacking into their computer networks. But this could have been easily avoided if instead of using the Internet to transfer the data the power companies were using standalone networks to control their plants, which is an achievable goal because a power plant is a classic example of an isolated facility that doesn’t need access to the Internet. Frankly, only a fool would use the Internet to run his power plant. The core of this method is a redesign of a computer network and its database in such way that most of the vital data is beyond the Internet’s reach. Of course, every network is unique, and there is no universal solution applicable to all systems. However, it is possible to discern certain properties that are common to a large number of networks, and use the experience acquired during the design of some of them to the others.

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  9. Sheena Poston

    Sheena Poston

    Writer and Investigator

    United States - Last active: 06/10/2013 - Tests: 4

    For the last four years, I have written professional, concise reports on a daily basis as a private investigator for the US government. I enjoy gathering information and reporting it in an effective, timely manner. My objective is to provide professional and friendly service, while producing written pieces that are informative and enjoyable to read. As an investigator, I have written numerous reports daily, all of which require perfect punctuation, grammar, and fact-checking. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics, from biographies to business development and growth, and am eager to apply my expertise to my clients’ needs.

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  10. Marilina J.

    Marilina J.

    Photoshop Expert // Lookbooks // Vectors // Fashion

    Argentina - Last active: 05/17/2014 - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 9

    Hi! I'm a Graphic Designer that became a Fashion Designer over the years. I do lookbooks, I can do whatever you need in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc, but always things that are related to the fashion world, you can check my website o my Pinterest account where you'll see a little bit of the style that I like to work with. I'm responsible, I'm extremely professional, and I love deadlines. If you're not sure about me, check out what my clients have to say about me below! So... hire me! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    $13.33 /hr
    6 hours