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  1. Momin H.

    Momin H.

    VA & PA,Writer,Web Research,Data Entry,24/7 & Available Now

    Pakistan - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 8

    Approaching 20 years of formal VA,PA,IT- Specialist experience, I have scripted academic research reports and reviews,SEO,Keywords SEO, Administrative Support,Virtual Assistant, Personal Assistant,research, and I blog regularly on the topics of health, fitness, and performance My best work. Operationally minded, I am very effective on projects involving training manuals or other sophisticated documents such as research reports, Data entry, Data Analysis,Marketing,academic articles, essays, and dissertations. However, I enjoy staying versatile and adapting to the needs of a variety of projects. If you are working on a thesis in the Administrative Support or IT, I am particularly adept at list research,Data entry, editing copy, and giving strategic advice on your project. However, I will not participate in any unethical "All Admin" practices. In all, I am known for my expediency, resourcefulness, and trustworthiness.

    $8.89 /hr
    3 hours
  2. Barbra Anne Nakar Dumlao

    Barbra Anne Nakar Dumlao

    Music producer, songwriter, composer / Music teacher / Voice talent

    Philippines - Tests: 5

    I have worked many years in music production and music ministry and I continue to keep this passion alive by finding people I can work with in this field. I have an inclination for music in the Christian genre, but have also done music for mainstream. I also have experience doing voiceovers for audio and audio-video projects. Seeking for interesting projects in these areas.

    $16.67 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Mohamed El-Kateb

    Mohamed El-Kateb

    Filmmaker / Editor / Media Producer

    Egypt - Tests: 3

    Hello, a bit about me: Hello! I am Mohamed El-Kateb, a young filmmaker from Alexandria, Egypt. In 2012, I studied filmmaking in Film School El-Nahda Association forScientific and Cultural Renaissance- Jesuits Cultural Center in Cairo, Egypt. Since 2008, I have participated in a number of workshops as a director, DOP, editor, script writer and actor. I created and produced the first mini web series in Egypt entitled “Plan B” in 2014. It is a drama that consists of 15 short episodes that all events take place in Alexandria. I have acted in a short film called “Un-damageable” which won first place in Tropfest Arabia Competition in Abu Dhabi in 2012. My scenario “Black and White” as an adaptation of Ibrahim Aslan’s short story has been chosen among 3 other scenarios in the short list of Bibliotheca Alexandrina Plaza Competition for short movies in the fourth edition in 2011/2012. Currently, I am working on opening my personal studio ”Varphi Studio” in Alexandria for all those who are passionate about filmmaking in specific and arts in general. Visit My Online Porotofolio My Vimeo Channel My Youtube Channel My Flickr Account My Linkedin Link

    $10.00 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Skyler Mccarthy

    Skyler Mccarthy

    Google Sheets and Google Docs specialist

    United States - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    I have decided to pursue goals in life that require me not to be constrained to one area or office. So I am now pursuing the ability to be mobile with my work. My main and certainly best area is that of Google Sheets, I specialize in all aspects of it. Excel to Sheets migration / Design of new Sheets that are user specific for your team in terms of permissions / Data clean up and visualization in both Google Sheets and Excel. However I can of course work with Excel as well. I aim to turnaround timely visually beautiful and intuitively laid out sheets that bring a users data to life creating superior user interaction with the data.

    $12.00 /hr
    2 hours
  5. Daniel H.

    Daniel H.

    Have you reviewed my writing samples and job list?

    United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

    Strategic Words with a Voice>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please review my online writing portfolio at, which includes samples of my published blog posts, articles and recent web content projects. I spent the first 20+ years of my working life in sales, marketing and finance working with clients of almost every type, from high-powered executives and business owners to individuals working in a factory setting. This experience has proven extremely valuable in my writing career, as it allows me to understand a wide range of topics and the broader scope of projects. The content I provide includes, but is not limited to: >Articles and Blog Posts >Researched Articles and Reports >Partial and Complete Web Content >Sales Copy for Landing Pages & Product Pages >Sales Copy for Email Marketing and Web Pages >SEO Content >Keyword Research

    $32.00 /hr
    6 hours
  6. Justin Hayward

    Justin Hayward

    English travel and finance writer

    United Kingdom - Tests: 1

    Experienced writer specialising in travel and economics. I am a native UK writer currently based in China, where I write extensively for both the travel and finance / economics industry. My focus is always to produce fresh, original content, aimed at any target market. I write often for adventure and leisure, corporate and luxury travel, as well as providing robust economic views and though-points, mainly regarding the Asia market. I have lived and worked in China for 7 years and whilst an expert on the country, I also have strong experience across Asia and globally having lived and worked in 15 countries, working in both the finance and media industries.

    $45.00 /hr
    2 hours
  7. Emil Antonov

    Emil Antonov

    A passionate writer, blogger, social media manager and dreamer

    Bulgaria - Tests: 7

    For the last 4 years I have been managing the social media strategy for two big companies - a logistics company and for an entertainment website. They both have different audience, which gave me a broader look at the picture of social media. Among the websites that I have developed profiles for, are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Now that I don't work for the logistics company anymore, I am looking at a career as freelancer, so I can be better at organizing my time and work, as well as have more control over everything that I am going after.

    $8.89 /hr
    0 hours
  8. Nick Baron

    Nick Baron

    Freelance writer

    Canada - Portfolio: 5

    A non-fiction writer for over twenty years, a fiction writer for my entire life, I have recently gone freelance. Recent work has included - novels, short stories, legal, news articles on an ad hoc basis for several sites, and academic ghost blogging and writing for MBA students attending American Ivy league schools. Prior to freelancing I spent over a decade in Asia - China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, India and Pakistan - working as a Communications Consultant for large multinationals, governments and educational institutions - all the while writing fiction based on my travels. Samples of my work are available for your perusal in my portfolio.

    $20.00 /hr
    0 hours
  9. April Mae Aragones

    April Mae Aragones

    Corporate Branding Expert, Logo and Poster Designer

    Philippines - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 16

    Guided by a bachelor’s degree in Communication, April Aragones is now become a competitive graphic artist and a video editor through her experience of working on different companies and individual clients. Though a fresh graduate, April is already been in a business of graphic designing and video editing for almost three years. She worked as freelance graphic artist and video editor during her college years. Today, April is working as a project-based graphic artist on of the biggest record label in the Philippines under the biggest television network in the country. To be specific, April designs and creates album inlays and digital covers which are distributed worldwide and uploaded in online music stores like iTunes. She also designs online flyers and posters which are uploaded on social networking sited under the name of the company. Aside from this, April is trained in creating promotional materials for a clothing company which she co-owned. April is an experienced artist in creating promotional and visual materials for different companies that the consumers will surely find impressive. Service Description - Logo & Corporate Identity - Logo redesign - Business Card design, Letterhead, Envelope, Folder design - Brochure design - Video editing - Icon design - Illustration design I look forward to working with you.

    $15.00 /hr
    0 hours
  10. Lena K.

    Lena K.

    Bachelor degree in languages (LMU Munich), skilled translator

    Belgium - Tests: 5

    Translations in Swedish to English, Swedish to German, French to English, French to German, English to German, German to English, Danish to German software translations, technical translations, manuals, literary translations creative writing Due to my outstanding achievements in my literary and language/translation studies at one of the best universities in Germany (LMU Munich) and my ambitious style of work, I had the chance to gain a lot of great working experiences with different companies. Five years of translating for companies as e.g. super quam GmbH, dadazunano GmbH, banks like the Genfer Bank in Switzerland or NGOs such as Amnesty International in Brussels, have contributed to my excellent knowledge in the areas of software and technical translation and translation of humanitarian and political issues. Being used to handling work, studies, voluntary commitments and a large family at the same time, I am a very well organized person. I am dedicated to my work and easily inspired by multiple topics and issues.

    $16.67 /hr
    0 hours