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Rajani Muralidharan

Rajani Muralidharan

Assistant Manager - Operations

India - Tests: 8

Over the last 8 years I have created and developed various business related process documents, constantly re-modeled existing training manuals and scripts related to business outsourcing in the customer service and sales verticals. Customer Service/Writing jobs would fit me like a glove, as I have spent these 8 years working really hard developing my skills.

$16.67 /hr
7,201 hours

Gerald Gawat

Gerald Gawat

Mr. Gerald G. Gawat

Philippines - Tests: 1

I am individual with over 6 years of experience in the call center Industry. With that being said I have already developed good communication skills, Mastered being effective and efficient all the time in what I do and Multitask to be productive and provide good numbers to my Client and Employer. On my previous job in Sykes I was a Collections Specialist. We do outbound calls to customers with overdue in their account. We make sure to provide Customer Satisfaction in the process and make sure to end the call with a Solid Payment Arrangement. The job entails a Specialists to have Good and Firm tonality as to not offend and set the flow of the conversation. Good Rebuttals and Reversals is a good skill that I have acquired and that made me overcome strong rejections from Customers. We are set and trained to work in a setup where there are KPIs or Metrics to be followed. Proud to say that I am able to meet them and be well compensated with Bonuses for a job well done. I would be interested for offers for a part time job that I can relate my previous experience. I would be open for offers and be open for negotiations.

$6.67 /hr
1,069 hours

Rodney Bradford Angelo Angluben

Rodney Bradford Angelo Angluben Agency Contractor

customer service representative, english instructor, tech support rep

Philippines - Tests: 6

Having worked in the call center industry for about 7 years, i have acquired enough people skills and technical knowledge to be effective in conversing and dealing with people of varied age, race and personalities. having worked abroad also gives me the edge in adapting to any obstacle i might encounter in any job i undertake. i work well under pressure and i am a fast learner.

$4.44 /hr
1,472 hours

Jon Paul Long

Jon Paul Long

Flash Animation

United States

Responsible for creating interactive online content, including games, advertisements, dynamic website intros and rich internet applications using Adobe Flash. Knowledge of other creative programs and Internet technologies. Familiar with usability and interaction design principles.

$27.78 /hr
1,750 hours

Isaiah Junel Padilla

Isaiah Junel Padilla Agency Contractor

Writer/Customer Service/Phone Support/Product Analyst


I have been working as a virtual assistant for 2 years already. Most of my jobs in the past were focused on writing, phone support and customer service. However, I also have experience in product analysis and Wordpress Management.

$5.00 /hr
1,432 hours

Divina Gracia Lopiba

Divina Gracia Lopiba

Customer Service Representative/Creative Writing/ESL teacher

Philippines - Tests: 10

Having more than six years of experience in the BPO industry, and having worked in both voice and non-voice accounts, I can assure my clients that I am perfect for the post of Customer Service representative. I am excellent in written and spoken English, whether it is communicative or in grammar, something my tests would attest to. The highest position I have ever attained in my career was when I became an English coach for 6 months. I worked under the Training department to train newhires to get better with grammar and pronunciation. I worked in Customer Service, and Technical Support for many leading companies in the US and Australia. My work experiences taught me how to be completely familiar with the West's culture. I can easily determine my customers' moods and disposition, even through their voice alone. I am familiar with almost all kinds of subtle accents in the USA and I think it's a great advantage for me because my customers would feel like they're just talking to a regular American if my accent is neutral. It's one of my strengths, being able to interact with customers as naturally as any native speaker can. I took up a Bachelor course in Broadcast Communication in college but I was not able to utilize any of the skills I had learned. I worked in the BPO industry fresh out of college. I was able to work for a bank, a credit card company, a collections company, internet providers and so on. I am also adept in doing troubleshooting over the phone. Aside from having excellent communication skills, I am the type who can work under minimal supervision. I love challenges. I can work under pressure. I love being competitive, especially if it gets me on top of things. I have passion for continuous learning and personal growth. I know I will be able to do a great job for my clients.

$4.44 /hr
1,152 hours

Maria Elena Josefa Manso

Maria Elena Josefa Manso

Customer Service Representative with Overseas Experience

Philippines - Tests: 4

I am an effective, highly motivated and result oriented individual with more than eight years experience in Customer Service in various fields. I pride myself in having an effective hands-on capabilities, good communication, intellectual and interpersonal skills. In addition, I am a hard worker who is creative, willing to learn and assume responsibility. I have a high degree of confidentiality and professionalism. I aspire to be recognized as a reputable professional working for a company that fully explores and utilizes my skills and abilities. A company that values teamwork, combined with individual effort and encourages diversity of thinking together with a shared desire towards achieving organizational goals. I believe that my role in any job will entail making the customer experience positive by working effectively in a team in a way that will realize and foster my full potential. I believe my role will be underpinned by encouragement, development and support, thus excelling in the service we provide for our customers. My role will that of ensuring that this happens and addressing customer dissatisfaction as a priority with realistic solutions where possible.

$4.00 /hr
1,378 hours

Maria Rodelia Sibal

Maria Rodelia Sibal

If you need anything done, I'm the woman for the job.

Philippines - Tests: 2

My work experiences make me suitable for any kind of job. I worked as a teacher for four years and worked in the BPO industry for more than ten years. My background includes working in sales, billing and technical support. I also have experience handling inbound/outbound calls, chat, ticket and email support, data entry and appointment setting. I have excellent customer service skills, I am reliable and take great pride in always giving my best in all that I do. If you need anything done, I'm the woman for the job.

$7.00 /hr
3,600 hours

Janice Bancud

Janice Bancud


Philippines - Tests: 2

I am an English tutor for Korean students. I am looking for ways to improve my quality of life by having a career in writing, which is by the way my first love. During high school and college, I write in school publications. I compete in essay writing contests on various issues and topics. I do poetry and write lyrics for rock bands. I host local events such as concerts and parties. At the moment, I have two blogs, one about my lifestyle and the other about beauty and crafts. I manage some facebook pages for certain establishments and bands as a way of marketing.

$4.44 /hr
1,123 hours