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Shamima Akter

Shamima Akter

SEO,SEM,SMM Expert for traffic driver.

Bangladesh - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

Dear Client, I am Shamima Akter, Twenty seven (27) years old from Bangladesh. I am very expert of SEO,SEM,SMM,IM,SMO,Google Analytics,Google Webmaster Tools and WordPress. I have over three (3) years experience in this industry and have successfully complete assorted project. I am very expert of What-hat SEO professional and have helped for Clients website reach and stay at the top in Google,Yahoo,Bing as well as other search engine first page. My specialties:-SEO-Search Engine Optimization, SEM-Search Engine Marketing, SM-Social Media Marketing, IM-Internet Marketing, GL-Google Analytics, GWT-Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo site Explorer & MSN Webmaster Center Optimization, Blog Development (Blogs pot,WordPress,Blog), Designing & Optimization, On Page and Off Page Optimization, Face Book, LinkedIn & Twitter Networking.............................. And many more:-Marketing strategies for On Page and Off Page Optimization........ 1.Weekly keyword Ranking Report, 2. Keyword research, 3. Directory submission for more traffic, 4. Article submission, 5. Blog commenting, 6. Forum posting, 7. Search engine submission, 8. Social networking and social bookmarking, 9. Press release submission, 10. Blog posting, 11. White paper submission, 12. Local submission, 13. Classified submission, 14. Search engine submissions, 15. Effective social book marking for more traffic, 16.web 2.0, 17. Ping test, indexing & rss feed 18. Word press, 19. Title & meta tags creation, 20.increasing facebook page likes, 21.increasing youtube video views and likes, 22. Seo Backlinking etc……… I am fully equipped with all the recent Google Panda and Penguin updates. I am providing my services at very affordable prices and very good services. You can trust me for honesty in my work. Please feel free to contact me. Thanks and best regards. Shamima Akter.

$4.44 /hr
1,368 hours

Kim Diaz

Kim Diaz

I studied network engineering at Informatics Institute


I am seeking for an opportunity to earn a decent income and to further enhance my skills and capabilities to be more dynamic and be a part of a team. The job you would give will be greatly appreciated and I will do my best to deliver good performance. I am one of the thousands that is seeking for anyone that have a kind heart and a risk taker to give an opportunity to a newbie with little experience a chance to have a try at it. It would be a chance to gain knowledge an acquire a new set of skills to enhance my chances for future adventure.I am determine to do everything in my ability to get things done and possess a kindred spirit that eager to learn and be flexible enough to be taught a new perspective on things.

$4.56 /hr
1,147 hours

Yordan Dimov

Yordan Dimov Agency Contractor

Motion Graphics Designer with Front-end Web Development Experience

Spain - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 1

I have 4 years of experience in Motion Graphics Design, primarily in Adobe After Effects. I have also worked on multiple websites using JavaScript and animation libraries like GSAP to add interactivity and create an unique website look. Today I am ready to help anyone with a small web development project, a need for classic video editing or creating an impressive logo animation. I'm looking forward to building prosperous business relations!

$27.76 /hr
4,243 hours

John Mark Balicano

John Mark Balicano


Philippines - Tests: 9

For the last 3 years, I have been working as a freelancer. My most notable client is, a Philippine tech blog for which I provide content, blog management, and social media management services. Since joining NoypiGeeks in October of 2012, the site has grown from being among the Top 10 Philippine tech blogs in terms of traffic to being in the Top 3 or 4. In addition to my freelance experience, I also have 4 years of experience in the BPO industry. One of the accounts provided customer support for a satellite radio service based in the US. My job description included the resolution of technical, billing and other issues with customer accounts. There, I adopted an attitude to resolve the customer's issue within a single phone call to ensure customer satisfaction. Two other accounts were telesales where I sold credit card revenue programs to existing card holders. Although I was a part-timer, I consistently outperformed veteran full timers and earned more in commissions than I did my basic salary. Currently, I maintain a personal tech blog,, which also focuses on the Philippine tech scene. On my own, I have grown it into one of the Philippines' recognized tech blogs, providing news, reviews and updates and covering various tech events in Metro Manila.

$4.44 /hr
2,495 hours

Christian Duran

Christian Duran Agency Contractor

Real Estate Virtual Assistant / General Task Virtual Assistant

Philippines - Tests: 6

My goal is to utilize my education, skills, and work experience as a Virtual Assistant in helping helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals (busy moms and dads or the socialite) manage their tasks. With my experience as a virtual assistant, I can take over significant load of tasks that will ease the burden of my clients making them concentrate on more important task and closing sales. My educational background as a Marketing graduate will help me in coming up with useful and relevant ideas that will appeal to the target market. My writing and creative skills will come in handy as they can be applied in building client’s online presence through blogs and social media marketing. As a fast learner and as someone who welcomes challenges, any tasks that will be given become easier. Such attitude will eventually contribute to the improvement and success of the client’s business.

$8.26 /hr
1,283 hours

Desiree Cray A.

Desiree Cray A. Agency Contractor

Great SEO/EA/Underwriter,Financial Analyst-Banking Industry

Philippines - Tests: 3

I am a Bank Bookkeeper/Financial Analyst with experiences in Loans and Marketing as my previous assignments. My work includes extensive review of documents and financial analysis with wide range of research for any matter related in my work.

$10.00 /hr
5,675 hours

Divina Gracia Lopiba

Divina Gracia Lopiba

Customer Service Representative/Creative Writing/ESL teacher

Philippines - Tests: 10

Having more than six years of experience in the BPO industry, and having worked in both voice and non-voice accounts, I can assure my clients that I am perfect for the post of Customer Service representative. I am excellent in written and spoken English, whether it is communicative or in grammar, something my tests would attest to. The highest position I have ever attained in my career was when I became an English coach for 6 months. I worked under the Training department to train newhires to get better with grammar and pronunciation. I worked in Customer Service, and Technical Support for many leading companies in the US and Australia. My work experiences taught me how to be completely familiar with the West's culture. I can easily determine my customers' moods and disposition, even through their voice alone. I am familiar with almost all kinds of subtle accents in the USA and I think it's a great advantage for me because my customers would feel like they're just talking to a regular American if my accent is neutral. It's one of my strengths, being able to interact with customers as naturally as any native speaker can. I took up a Bachelor course in Broadcast Communication in college but I was not able to utilize any of the skills I had learned. I worked in the BPO industry fresh out of college. I was able to work for a bank, a credit card company, a collections company, internet providers and so on. I am also adept in doing troubleshooting over the phone. Aside from having excellent communication skills, I am the type who can work under minimal supervision. I love challenges. I can work under pressure. I love being competitive, especially if it gets me on top of things. I have passion for continuous learning and personal growth. I know I will be able to do a great job for my clients.

$4.44 /hr
1,628 hours

Rajani Muralidharan

Rajani Muralidharan

Assistant Manager - Operations

India - Tests: 8

Over the last 8 years I have created and developed various business related process documents, constantly re-modeled existing training manuals and scripts related to business outsourcing in the customer service and sales verticals. Customer Service/Writing jobs would fit me like a glove, as I have spent these 8 years working really hard developing my skills.

$16.67 /hr
7,437 hours

Aidan Kinney

Aidan Kinney

Customer Service Manager/Project Manager

United States - Tests: 1

I have several years of customer service experience (including online, over the phone and in person) and, for the last 2 years, have been using Infusionsoft, Zendesk, Tender App, Customer Hub, Digital Access Pass,, 1ShoppingCart, and PB Works to offer users refunds; apply and cancel subscriptions; apply, cancel and resend individual emails as part of an email series or newsletter; troubleshoot technical issues; resend passwords; collect feedback; and plan new tools and apps. I also have a wealth of experience using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and, my new favorite, Google drive to build weekly and monthly fiscal reports, record affiliate payments and head and manage projects with a team. I have a friendly, professional demeanor and am a confident multitasker, allowing me to take on several responsibilities at once. I'm a quick learner and enthusiastic. I look forward to working with you as a customer service rep as well as your go-to guy for any additional projects you need assistance with.

$18.89 /hr
4,106 hours