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Jasmyn Caldwell

Jasmyn Caldwell

Public Relations Specialist - Creative Writer

United States - Portfolio: 4

Thanks for taking a peek at my profile! I posses more than four years of public relations experience including three years of public relations agency experience where I've worked in multiple industries including: F & B, fashion, beauty, nightlife, local charity and tourist attractions. Press release creation and distribution are my specialties as my work has landed client placement in the Los Angeles Times, OC Register, Las Vegas Review-Journal and on the New York Post's renowned Page Six. Below you'll also find a quick overview of additional responsibilities performed for previous clients: - Develop intriguing story ideas and promotions to present to the public and media - Cultivate strong presences on social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) for clients. - Create social media campaigns that generate interactions with the consumer and potential consumers. - Research event ideas and stunts to be used to garner media attention f

$22.00 /hr
1,503 hours

Maristell Ginco

Maristell Ginco


Philippines - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 1

Being a reliable data entry specialist is my main focus. Can work with minimal supervision and easily understands quick instructions. Also knows social media marketing, email handling, customer service and all types of administrative tasks.

$5.56 /hr
3,666 hours

Anu G. Agency Contractor

Wordpress| Magento |Joomla | Ecommerce | Core PHP | CodeIgniter

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 8

Over the past 6 years I have successfully completed websites and RIA's. Have also developed many Ecommerce websites and Social Networking websites. I can also work on the existing websites and add the necessary and required functions.

$10.00 /hr
1,170 hours

Randeep S. Agency Contractor

PPC | Google AdWords Expert| SEO| SEM

India - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 8

I have extensive experience setting up and optimizing PPC campaigns for start-ups, mid-sized businesses & for few of the giant retailers. I understand the importance in driving targeted traffic that actually converts and I make sure everytime that I am able to provide the most relevant traffic at all the times. I have worked in Google Adwords, Microsoft AdCenter, Facebook, Youtube and other ad networks. I consistently optimize Adwords campaigns to achieve strong quality scores, high Click-Through rates & the best cost per conversion numbers possible with client satisfaction being my main motive.

$8.00 /hr
1,027 hours

Mudith M.

Mudith M. Agency Contractor

Expert Web Designer/Consultant

Sri Lanka - Tests: 13 - Portfolio: 47

I began life in the web industry in 2004 and worked for a variety of graphic design agencies using conventional design tools and methods. I covered the entire range of a graphics specialist, design, visualising and production and worked on corporate identities, branding, brochures, advertising, packaging. In 2005 I began to specialise in web design and development utilising my invaluable experience as a web/ graphic designer.

$12.00 /hr
3,942 hours

Jean Louise Quino

Jean Louise Quino Agency Contractor

Customer Service Refinement and Management l Creative Writing

Philippines - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 28

On Customer Service: My communication skills, passion to please and ability to genuinely care for others have landed me into a very rewarding and fulfilling job as a Customer Service Representative, promoted me to Customer Service Consulting and Refinement in just one month's time ( see and to a Human Resource Manager in the subsequent month. Solving customers'; problems and making them feel good even in the most trying times is a great privilege that I cherish daily and the driving force that propels me on. On Writing: I'm an artist by heart, so everything I do results in a marriage of excellence and beauty. In the same manner that I can make a picture paint a thousand words, I can also paint a thousand pictures with my words. My passion for writing stemmed from my love affair with the English language and my innate zest for life. Give me a dead topic and I will fashion it, mold it, give it a lovely form, breath life into it and animate it. Whatever you want, however you want it. One of my strengths is that I am able to look at one scenario from different point of views. In the end, it's not about the writer, it's all about the reader, so I don't care whether I'm recognized or not. All I want to do is to contribute to the well-being of my collective self present in all thoughts, for in reality, I am my own reader in the person of all others. - Jean

$12.00 /hr
5,202 hours

Rojean R.

Rojean R. Agency Contractor


Philippines - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 1

For 5 years of working as a Freelance SEO personnel, I have been involved in different SEO avenues that could help the client boost their ranking to search engines. I am updated with the recent algorithm of Google particularly about Penguin, Panda, Pegeon and Hummingbird. I am expert in both ON-PAGE AND OFF-PAGE SEO: ON-PAGE SEO: - Keyword selection, research and testing. - Inner Linking - RSS Feeds - Site maps, both XML and user facing - Meta Tags (Keywords, Description, Title) OFF-PAGE SEO: - Press Releases - Article writing/blogging - Quality and Relevant Link Building - Local Directory Listing and Citation - Guest Posts Blogging - Niche-Relating Directory Submission - Competitor analysis and Link Building - Social Media Participation (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.) - Link Wheel Creation - Niche Related Forum and Blog Commenting I can probably do the task you would like in a given period of time.

$5.56 /hr
11,814 hours

Ruby Leslie L.

Ruby Leslie L. Agency Contractor

Chat/E-mail Support/Transcriptionist/ QA Analyst/ Web Researcher

Philippines - Tests: 4

With the experiences I've had, I can say that I'm flexible, a self starter and can work well with minimal supervision. As a chat support agent, I'm responsible in addressing customer's concern/ queries about their telephone account, finding resolution about their bill, doing the best option possible in resolving phone issues ( troubleshooting ), tracking their orders and providing them updates about our product. I also became a Quality Assurance Analyst, responsible for the validation of audio files making sure that a particular sale made by the agent has followed the guidelines given by the client. As a QA, I'm the facilitator during calibration sessions and at the end of the day, it is my duty in sending end shift reports to clients. I also became a freelance transcriptionist, you can rely on me in providing quality transcripts and efficient in submitting them before deadline. I'm also a content writer, doing research, providing quality articles about a certain topic and submitting it before deadline.

$5.56 /hr
2,677 hours

Andrew Hessel

Andrew Hessel

Wordsmith - Writer and Business Consultant

United States - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 4

Think of me as a Content Whisperer. I'm a gifted storyteller, dedicated to helping clients tell theirs. I say this unabashedly and with complete confidence. The proof, of course, is the words. Today, finding the right words is more important than ever, and I strive to under-promise but over-deliver. The name of my company says it all: words-are-my-biz And my philosophy is simple: The right words sell. The wrong words leave sales on the table. WHO AM I? I’m a professional writer living in Portland, Oregon with a lifelong passion for the power of the written word. I’ve written everything from novels to blogs, sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans and training manuals. Not to mention a few thousand papers getting my four kids through high school and college. I love what I do. WHAT IS MY BACKGROUND? I bring more than thirty years of sales and marketing business management experience to every project, and by this I’m talking about major corporations to mid-size companies and start-ups, working in fields including software, real estate, law, publishing, advertising and services. I confess to having a particular fondness for high degree-of-difficulty challenges. JUST HOW DO I DO WHAT I DO? By asking questions, listening and considering what I hear, followed by collaborative brainstorming to develop a plan we both embrace with confidence and enthusiasm. As you seek synergy within your organization, I seek it with my clients. It pays huge dividends. The common thread is in finding the way to communicate more effectively, internally and externally, with staff, customers and prospects. The common challenge is in identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and unique competitive factors confronting each client. HOW CAN YOU LEARN MORE ABOUT ME? Visit my website, home to my novels, blog and publishing company, Old Dog Publishing.

$95.00 /hr
1,139 hours

Christine Antoinette G.

Christine Antoinette G.

Superstar Writer/Customer Service Pro

Philippines - Tests: 11 - Portfolio: 4

Top-Rated Contractor with 6000+ hours! Pro Customer Service Group Member and an Experienced Online Writer. I have been on Upwork/oDesk for half a decade now - and I offer each and every client a combination of skills and passion. It is what I call STELLAR work. It's what I offer YOU. I am currently available to take on CUSTOMER SERVICE, LIVE CHAT, and EMAIL SUPPORT JOBS. I'd also be happy to do WRITING WORK and other CONTENT CREATION tasks. The jobs in progress on my profile are mostly on as-needed basis. My rate may be higher than a few others, but I am more than just someone who puts words together so readers can have something to read on your site. I am a writer and a communicator. Each article will be crafted in a way that would bring you and your business the utmost benefit. I personally adhere to the belief that clients should invest in their employees, as they had invested on their business. Good quality work may cost a bit more, but when you have the right contractor, it's definitely worth it. With me, you're assured that you're working with an individual who will give you the output you require, and perhaps, a little bit more. I have written snippets, product descriptions, and full-length website articles. I have also penned email marketing content, and had briefly assisted in creating e-books for a couple of clients. In addition to my almost five years of work offline as a customer service representative, I have also done email support, live chat support, and a bit of guest post management via the oDesk/Upwork platform. I respect deadlines and I'm very communicative. But over and above anything else, I value honesty in people, so I make sure that I remain steadfast in staying honest as well. I believe the numbers and the variety of jobs I've had say a lot about the quality of work I do, and my passion for the tasks that were entrusted to me. As an Upwork contractor, and an all-out family woman, I am always at 100%. If you want me on YOUR team, all you have to do is send me a message - let's talk.

Groups: Customer Service Professionals

$11.11 /hr
6,946 hours