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  1. Juan Pablo Suarez Gomez

    Juan Pablo Suarez Gomez

    Industrial Engineer

    Mexico - Last active: 10/06/2014 - Tests: 1

    I'm a translate, error correcting and creative writing specialist. Although this is the first time I offer my services for a fee, I am very professional. As a SAP consultant, I'm also trained in instruction manuals creation, corrections and translating. Give me a chance, and you will receive a professional and over satisfying result.

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Jennifer Souza

    Jennifer Souza

    Teacher, translator, writer, editor and grant writer

    United States - Last active: 06/26/2013 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    Results-driven, reliable, and creative writer, translator, teacher, life coach, fundraiser with a well developed ability to use technology to accomplish tasks, connect research to practical experience, and motivate a wide range of readers, students, and staff. Brings a high level of successful experience in the areas of text content, quality of writing style, and depth of resourcefulness. Masters thesis: Human Rights and Education

    $27.78 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Sundayjoy Grajo

    Sundayjoy Grajo

    Excellent in Microsoft Office / Administrative Support

    Philippines - Last active: 4 months ago - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

    Looking for transcription jobs here in oDesk as well as administrative works. I am a Physical Therapist by profession so I could also do medical transcription. I used to work as an admin assistant where I am required to produce admin letters. My goal is to keep my clients happy by producing the output expected of me on time. I am new to this on-line job but I know my skills, and I am confident that I could easily learn the basics of this job.

    $8.89 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Alexander Hart

    Alexander Hart

    Japanese Translator / bilingual support

    Japan - Last active: 07/18/2014 - Tests: 2

    Native English speaker with fluency in Japanese, passed top level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test [JLPT N1] and intermediate Mandarin skills. I am passionate about language as communication and regularly use Japanese in a professional context in my work as an analyst. I work very closely with the Japanese community here in London and am a committee member of the Japan Society of the UK, where I work with a small team to organise events.

    $22.22 /hr
    2 hours
  5. Laura Hernandez

    Laura Hernandez

    MarketingQueen/Writer/Voice-over Talent/ Author

    United States - Last active: 03/06/2013 - Tests: 4

    A former MTV personality, Laura graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in 2009 with a degree in Writing-Literature. She's written everything from television bits to web copy, and her work has been featured in the HuffPost Blog, Huffington Post Divorce Section, PopSugar Moms, Yahoo Parenting,, the Oklahoma Review, and more. Her first book as a co-author is being published in April-- "The Complete Bartender's Guide." She is a digital media manager for a major Italian food company as well. She is looking for very part-time or project work doing the following: write copy, features, or edit for any field (minus the food industry due to conflict of interest)/in any style--varying from technical copy to blogs. She is also available to ghostwrite or edit any small body of work/textbook(s). When you work with Laura, you will get your money's worth. If you need creative juice or copy/ features, she's got a unique voice and style that will make your product/work memorable. Her work ethic is from the old generation: honest and respectable. You won't regret your choice to work with a solid Ivy League graduate and comedienne!

    $33.33 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Erinda Malaj

    Erinda Malaj


    Albania - Last active: 02/27/2014 - Tests: 6

    I have a Bachelor Degree in Banking and Finance and a Master Degree in Economics from an English-speaking University in Cyprus. Since 2004 I have been a part-time lecturer in different universities. I have considerable experience in financial analysis, feasibility studies and building financial models. I can easily use financial software and data processing software. During my seven years of working experience I did write several theses for master students in my fields of studies. Working as a director in both public and private sectors developed my organizing skills. I do know how to work under time pressure. My career goal is to become a well known financial analyst. I am working hard for achieving it, and I am most of the time next to my desk gathering financial information for many sectors, reading the latest financial and economic news and updating my knowledge on professional matters. I am good in performing investment appraisals, risk analysis and feasibility studies.

    $11.11 /hr
    0 hours
  7. Kazi Yasin Islam

    Kazi Yasin Islam

    Electrical and Computer Systems Engineer, Expert Audio Editor/Designer

    Bangladesh - Last active: 5 months ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 3

    I am a Monash University graduate in the field of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering. Besides studies, I spend quite some time in the creation of audio tracks and sound effects. I have worked with a wide range of audio production software such as Nuendo, Reason and FL Studio. I have successfully completed several jobs in oDesk which involved the production of music and sound effects. All of my previous employers rated me with 5 star rating. That is because I always try my best to deliver my employer whatever they need, and in due time.

    $5.00 /hr
    6 hours
  8. Shannon Scroggins

    Shannon Scroggins

    Let me help you.

    United States - Last active: 07/13/2014 - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 4

    Hello, potential employers. I've been writing all my life, and professionally for about the last five years. My price is always negotiable, but I like $2.50 per 100 words. Negotiable means package deals, regular employment or an extra fun topic that I'm interested in. I am almost an entirely fixed price contractor, but I am willing to try hourly jobs if the conditions are right. I charge $10 an hour. Because I am fixed price contractor, however, oDesk does not guarantee my payments so I feel it necessary to remind you to pay me on time. If you decide that what I've written isn't worth the money, I am more than willing to accept criticism, offering up to 3 rewrites of what you ordered. Beyond that, if you refuse to pay I will take my own legal action against you if I find my articles being used. Here's some tips on working with me: -If you want things to go smoothly, make sure that your deadlines are clear. -I have a Chromebook, so a lot of my documents are generated here. I also do not have Skype, but I do use Google Hangouts. Thanks for your consideration. Further down my profile, you will see that I have several samples of my work for you to peruse. Please enjoy them. Best Regards, Shannon

    $11.11 /hr
    0 hours
  9. Andri Már Sigurðsson

    Andri Már Sigurðsson

    Translator and article writer

    Iceland - Last active: 4 months ago

    I'm an experienced writer and consider myself highly able in writing both fiction as well as non-fiction. I have experience in writing for conferences in topics relating to media and communication but I have no trouble writing about other material, be it simple or complicated. I have a bachelor degree in Icelandic and Journalism and a masters degree in Journalism.

    $20.00 /hr
    5 hours
  10. Magnus Ydhag

    Magnus Ydhag


    Sweden - Last active: 09/30/2011

    I have studied English on university level. I have also worked as an English teacher, and I have heard from friends in England that I speak immaculate English, most often with a scouse accent apparently. Apart from this, I have a feeling for the English language, that gives me an advantage over most native Swedes.

    $16.67 /hr
    0 hours