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  1. Ignacio Molina

    Ignacio Molina

    Supply Chain Professional

    Mexico - Tests: 1

    I'm a Supply Chain professional with wide experience working in multinational companies and in many different roles especially within Nafta Region. My abilities to connect complex ideas and translate into practical business processes had been very useful for complex projects like implementing SAP, APO and in the adoption of best practices for Trade Controls, Planning, etc. There is a large amount of waste in the Business world one example is the time we spent writing standard operating procedures that no one follow or the bureaucratic steps an organization suffers from misunderstood internal controls. I can help you translate not only language but making sound inputs from my professional background. Areas I’ve been working on are: Safety, Health and Environment Supply chain management Planning and Forecasting ERP Systems: BPCS, SAP, APO, BAAN Demand Planning Trade controls SOx Compliance and Audit Quality Assurance Logistics and Transportation Inventory Management Nafta Regulations I'll be glad to help you

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  2. Mundy Obilor Jim

    Mundy Obilor Jim

    Author/Technical Writer : Expert in ePub2, ePub3 and Mobi creation

    Norway - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 4

    I have a passion for writing, having published four eBooks, all of which are available on the major eBook stores ( in both ePub and MOBI formats). I design and eBooks without using conversion software but by making use of XML, XHTML CSS. I use Photoshop and Illustrator for the graphics. I can hand-craft ePubs to any specifications from content perfection to validation and can make the eBook available in strict adherence to the guidelines of retailers, including Amazon Kindle and Apple iBooks. I have very good skills for documentation and I am growing in my passion for digital/print publishing and technical writing.

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  3. Devon G.

    Devon G.

    Virtual Assistant / Content Writer / Proofreader

    United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 3

    ╔═╗------------- ╔╗- ╔╗ ║═╣╔═╗╔╦╗----║╚╗╠╣╔╦╗╔═╗ ║╔╝║╬║║╔╝----║║║║║║╔╝║╩╣ ╔╗ ╚╝- ╚═╝╚╝ ---- ╚╩╝╚╝╚╝ -╚═╝ ╚╝ _______________ Now that I have your attention, here's a little information about myself. First, I am "Rising Talent" Certified by Upwork (click my profile to see). I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Linguistics from the University of Florida, a part-time EMT, and Nursing school student. I am an accomplished academic and technical writer with experience creating blog content, some fiction writing, and excellent at utilizing web research/search engine techniques. I would love to provide my client with professional and timely quality content at a reasonable rate. Skills: EFFICIENT WORKER - organized - great time management - resourceful - motivated - task-oriented yet analytical - taking on unique projects EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION - video chat - instant messaging - email correspondence - texts - phone calls NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER - proper grammar - spelling, punctuation - formatting and syntax EXPERIENCED WRITER - academic research - technical content - non-fiction - fiction - web-formatted content - blog posts - ebooks - web articles COMPUTER COMPETENCY - MS Office Suite - Mac Pages/Numbers/Keynote - Google Docs - graphics & video editing software - some HTML coding - website design experience (Wordpress and SquareSpace) ACTIVE SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE AND STRATEGIES - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn - Tumblr - Google+

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  4. Nathan Rowland

    Nathan Rowland

    German Translator and English Editor

    Germany - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

    In my capacity as a freelance English teacher, I work with professionals from the top companies and government organizations in North West Germany. Through my work with these companies and organizations, I have gained knowledge and experience in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, bioenergy, wind energy, meat processing, automotive/railroad engineering, criminal investigation, architecture, petroleum engineering, risk management, linguistics, wheelchair lift technology, conveyor systems, recycling, accounting, human resources, purchasing, product design/management, audio technology, pharmaceuticals, education, waterway management, and aviation among others. Not only do I teach my students in these areas the key vocabulary of their trades, but I also consult with them on how they can best approach technical writing and conversation. In addition to teaching, I also regularly translate from German to English and edit technical documents in English for companies on a freelance basis. Although I am uncertified, I have received only positive feedback from my clients.

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  5. Reynaldo B.

    Reynaldo B.

    Expert Academic/Technical Writer

    Philippines - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 1

    Marketing and management professional working in academe with over a decade of experience who has mastered the craft of writing academic papers, marketing, and business proposals/plans. Has access to a wide range of sources/references to support a topic. Expertise in writing topics in the subject area of Business, Management, Marketing, Economics, Literature, Science and Technology, Education, and English. Original and Plagiarism free and on-time work guaranteed with proper citations. Holds a Doctorate in Business Administration.

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  6. Italo Ribeiro

    Italo Ribeiro

    Translator - English/Brazilian Portuguese

    Belgium - Tests: 2

    * BA in Applied Linguistics and English; * 3 years experience as an English teacher to Brazilian learners; * Currently living in the Netherlands and Belgium; * 4 years experience in translation: general texts, websites, news items, tourist information and technical texts; * Open schedule to work freelance; * Functional knowledge of French and Spanish; * Excellent internet skills; *Creative and people oriented; *No current projects.

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  7. Allyson Moon

    Allyson Moon

    Writer and Editor

    United States - Tests: 1

    Greetings all! First off, my given name was Allyson -though I do prefer to go by Ally. I have worked in retail management for 6 years and have a passion for all things regarding working with people! So, "why" you ask -"with this passion and love for people am I making a far-fetched attempt at working from my mac-book in the privacy of my small humble abode?" Well you see -unfortunately so, I'm battling some medical sorts that leave me unable to be active on my feet for a number of months -for the first time in my entire existence. Ultimately, this has left me to the confines of my bed and unable to efficiently run a sales floor! Anyway, enough blabbing. I am proficient in multiple areas and catch on to new concepts and ways at lightening fast speeds! I was discovered to read and write at a college level at the age of 5! So proofreading, writing reviews or anything of the like would be effortless for me! I love to read and write, as they are two of my biggest passions in life. I'm college educated in the field of psychology and would be willing to share more about my expertise if you are interested! I'm an open book, ask me anything. I'll try anything once, and twice if I enjoy it! I'm here to make YOUR life less than 50 shades of crazy!

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  8. Marinda Louw

    Marinda Louw

    content writer and photographer

    South Africa

    As an experienced writer with a scientific background (B.Sc in Chemistry), I create original content based on thorough research. My experience include travel writing, motoring journalism, digital and online marketing, writing for SEO rankings (no keyword stuffing) and photography. My photography skills include travel photography, portraits, landscape, product shots and editing. I use Adobe Lightroom as a catalogue and editing program and as stock photographer, my images sell with Africa Media Online. Virtues: I can create good content, fast. Deadlines are sacred. I write in Afrikaans and English Comfortable with all races, creeds and nationalities Wicked sense of humour Vices: I am impatient Don't like administrative tasks Don't drink coffee

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  9. Jeff Mastrofrancesco

    Jeff Mastrofrancesco

    Senior Windows/VMware Administrator

    United States

    20+ years experience with IT Infrastructure excelling in Windows Server, VMware, enterprise hardware, etc. I am currently seeking to branch out into Technical Writing. Over the years I have created a number of procedural and architectural documents in my role of IT support. I've always found this component of my work very fulfilling, and I now wish to pursue writing as more than just an occasional activity. Specialties: - Windows Server (NT 3.5 - 2012) - VMware (2.x - 5.5) - HP, Dell servers Related Skills: - ITSM Methodology - Technical/Process Documentation - Solutions Architecture

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  10. Gary Newman

    Gary Newman

    Premium content-maker

    Australia - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 3

    Great content requires great story-telling. It doesn't matter if it's a newspaper article, cost-benefit analysis, blog post or presentation — engaging an audience requires a sharp narrative that keeps the their eyes on the page, on the screen, or on you. That's what I do best. I'm a highly-versatile content-maker with a background in journalism, law, policy and digital media. As well as being a feature writer for the most reputable newspapers in Australia, I'm an accomplished policy analyst, report writer, public speaker and digital filmmaker. I use words, data, pictures, audio or video to create content that homes in on the target audience like heat-seeking missile. Working alone or as a team, I deliver crisp copy, irresistable reports, pugnacious presentations or delicious digital video. If I need more resources to get the job done right, I tap into my network of highly-skilled writers, policy analysts, editors and digital media gurus. I'm currently seeking refuge from city life and am on sabbatical in South East Asia, but I would welcome an interruption that comes in the form of an interesting or challenge work assignment. My consultancy rate back home is over $100 AUD per hour, but seeing I'm on sabbatical in SE Asia and an unknown quantity on this site, I'm charging myself out at a fraction of that price. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to discuss further. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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