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  1. Kiran Khalil

    Kiran Khalil

    SEO Content Writer/Blogger/Creative Writer

    Pakistan - Last active: 3 days ago - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 3

    I find it best to communicate with user through simple and interactive content. I have been writing content for various projects, including, medicine, automotive industry, media, psychology, and also for android/iPhone applications. Having a diverse educational and professional career has allowed me to work on different niches. My experience and knowledge has also helped me gain expertise in writing user manuals for software (Android and iPhone). Following the SEO rules, i make sure to include relevant keywords to increase website ranking on popular search engines. My passion is to convert complicated content into comprehensible and user-friendly to get the message across to target audience.

    $8.90 /hr
    152 hours
  2. Krystallyne F.

    Krystallyne F.

    Proofreader with content editing, data entry and researching skills

    United States - Last active: 17 days ago - Tests: 4

    I studied English as my major at U.C. Davis and am exceptionally fluent verbally, as well as in writing. My most recent work has been editing and creating content using Visual Studio and Excel. I have a very strong work ethic and I will devote any time necessary toward researching a project so I can provide you with the results you are looking for. I enjoy data entry, proofreading and content writing. I have a fast Internet connection and I have always been quite good at researching information and working within virtual worlds such as "Second Life", where I built and maintained functionality of combat oriented Sims for several years. I respond quickly and am easy to communicate with. I always strive to exceed expectations and I look forward to working on the next project!

    $17.00 /hr
    114 hours
  3. Jacky Killian

    Jacky Killian

    Professional and Web Writer

    United States - Last active: 3 days ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    I'm an alumnus of Western Kentucky University. I specialize in blogging and professional writing. I am good with people, and have excellent interview skills. I am also good at public speaking and writing about issues such as bullying and sexual harassment. I also love to learn new skills, which is why I dabble in sewing and crafting.

    $5.56 /hr
    50 hours
  4. Eka G.

    Eka G.

    Translate from English into Russian,from English into Georgian,German

    Georgia - Last active: 2 days ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

    In my workplace I often get to translate documents. I can translate everything From English into Russian, From English into Georgian and from English into German. I am a native Russian and Georgian speaker and I have diploma of Masters degree in English Studies. I can Translate into the following languages: English-Russian - Russian-English English-Georgian - Georgian-English. I guarantee quality translation services: *Document Translation Services. *Technical Translation Services. *Medical Translation Services. *Website Translation Services. I am an open and easy going person and love taking on all kinds of tasks and projects that present challenge. I have great experience in translation.If you think I would fit with something you need, I will glad work with you.

    $8.00 /hr
    40 hours
  5. Karen michelle S.

    Karen michelle S.

    Medical Researcher, Virtual Assistant, Data Entry Specialist

    Philippines - Last active: 3 days ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    I do have a simple goal in my career, and that is, 'to be employed where my acquired skills, knowledge, and abilities will be fully honed, utilized, and optimized, and be able to deliver it in an efficient manner so as to satisfy the needs of my clientele. It is very gratifying to be a part of the success of one company. I am an experienced data-encoder and analyst with skills in Microsoft Office (MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint) over the last 5 years while working as a Nurse in a polyclinic in Saudi Arabia. I do internet researches and make powerpoint presentations. I also make spreadsheets to record the visits of our daily clients. But I yearn for more personal and professional growth. I do not want to limit my abilities so I am venturing on online jobs, learning new things, and improving my skills in areas apart from Nursing and Medical field. I am well-organized, highly motivated, and can work under pressure. I am fluent in English and FIlipino, and conversational with Arabic language. I would like to begin with simple jobs such as data entry,and editing essays, blogs and other articles for the clients. I am online everyday, inside GMT +3 timezone, and you can reach me via skype, facebook, gtalk, and oDesk messenger. I am willing to be interviewed and tested for skills and more than willing to serve! Your success is my success.

    $6.00 /hr
    417 hours
  6. Jenny Kadavy

    Jenny Kadavy

    Health and Fitness Writer and Editor

    United States - Last active: 1 month ago - Portfolio: 1

    I am an English teacher, Communications Academy Coordinator, Cross Country Coach, Race Director, and competitive runner. My thorough knowledge of writing styles (creative, argumentative, expository), grammar, voice, and tone makes me a valuable asset to any company wanting to reach a particular audience. I have written letters of recommendation on behalf of a variety of personalities, created marketing campaigns (including writing press releases and promotional/followup emails), and successfully communicated verbally and in writing with diverse groups of people. In 2014, I qualified for the February 2016 Olympic Trials by running the Napa Marathon in 2 hours and 40 minutes. I mention this because it is a testament to my discipline and drive. The focus required to be successful in the areas mentioned above is channeled into every task set before me. I am confident that you will be pleased with my work.

    $11.50 /hr
    18 hours
  7. Danielle Levesque

    Danielle Levesque

    Enthusiastic Writer, Editor and Lifelong Academic

    United States - Last active: 28 days ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 2

    I am a special educator and writer with a keen eye for detail and a desire to create quality work for my clients. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Ohio State University with a degree in Psychology and am currently pursuing a master's degree in Special Education. I completed a journalism internship at the Fairborn Daily Herald in 2009 and wrote a variety of published articles. I also have experience writing papers on a variety of academic topics, from religion to psychology. I have written between 10 and 50 papers per year since 2008. I am attentive and self-motivated, and I pick up on new skills quickly. I always make a passionate effort to pursue my clients and exceed their expectations. I would love to work with you and see what we can create together!

    $12.00 /hr
    30 hours
  8. Timur M.

    Timur M.

    English-Russian translator. Expert in blog writing. M.Sc in Chemistry

    Ukraine - Last active: 21 days ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 2

    I have a professional experience in the sphere of theoretical and practical chemistry, which was obtained on a position of organic synthesis engineer in an international chemical company. Also, additional work practice was carried out in the frame of my bachelor chemical research project. Moreover, as a consequence, I have highly developed professional and academic skills, such as: - Usage of text, data and media editors (MS Word, Excel, Power Point; Origin Lab, Math Lab, Photo Gallery) - Basics of other Natural Sciences (Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Nanotechnologies) Furthermore, I have two year practice of proofreading and translation of English texts: articles, reviews and abstracts. Considering this, work experience in US and intense TOEFL courses I attend regular; Russian/English and Ukrainian/English translation and/or writing is another basic job I seek on ODesk. I also have experience in following areas: marketing, advertising, Ebay usage, trading, formal e-mailing; inasmuch as I have been managing trade business for 2 years. Please, check out my profile for more details and feel free to mail me for any questions.

    $4.00 /hr
    14 hours
  9. John Marco Oscillada

    John Marco Oscillada

    Technology writer/editor

    Philippines - Last active: 2 days ago - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 1

    Hi there! Welcome to my Upwork profile. I am a blog writer that focuses on the latest news about technology. Having a strong foundation as a former editor-in-chief of a high school broadsheet for 2 years, I have extensive hands-on experience in news and opinion-editorial writing. Being highly motivated to do anything and having a great attention to detail, I deliver great results to any writing job. Aside from my writing skills, I am also Internet-savvy, equipped with social media management skills and Wordpress proficiency.

    $5.00 /hr
    302 hours
  10. Miguel Caetano

    Miguel Caetano

    Newbie freelancer with background in Pharmaceutical Sciences/ Research

    Portugal - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 4

    I graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences, with experience in scientific research. I am expanding myself because I do not feel accomplished with my profession. I´m a organized person, with experience working on the computer for long periods of time daily. I´m Portuguese but my experince in research increased my level of english and my work with computer programms like Excel, Origin and Prism, statistical programs. Used to translations of pappers from English to Portuguese or Portuguese to English. Best regards Miguel Caetano

    $8.00 /hr
    91 hours