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Brandon Simonds

Brandon Simonds

Veteran Game Designer

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 7

Veteran game designer with over 15 years’ experience designing highly successful video games across multiple platforms and genres. Expert user experience creator with an eye for clean, engaging, and intuitive interface designs. Creative and technical expertise seamlessly blends for rapid design, iteration, and prototyping new concepts. Continual involvement in social media, industry trends, and emerging technology. Adept at gamification, monetization, and free-to-play design methodologies.

79% Job Success
$38.89 /hr
25 hours

Robert Pale

Robert Pale

C++ Designer and Optimizer

United States - Tests: 23

I'm a self taught programmer with experience largely in C++, but also in Haskell, PHP, Pawn, Lua, and NASM. I have a full decade of work in game modding communities, and have worked on linux patches, game engines, and the intricacies of the C++ compiler and object model for many years now. If you need to squeeze more speed out of your code, or come up with expressive and elegance solutions to unusual or involved problems, that's what I excel at.

86% Job Success
$50.00 /hr
1,224 hours

Michael Eilers

Michael Eilers

Producer, Game Designer, Tech Writer and C# Developer

United States

I am a creator of videogames, serious games, games for medical therapy and educational games and was an educator and curriculum developer for higher education. I specialize in working with grant-funded projects and educational and medical professionals, but have also developed games for entertainment and recreation with teams as large as 30 members. As an independent designer I've worked on games for the Discovery Channel, InstantAction and the Department of Defense. I am experienced with the production pipeline and am comfortable with many development tools as well as Scrum and Agile production methodology. I am an ardent believer in prototyping before production and during development. As a designer for serious games and educational software, I am extremely wary of "gamification" that is just adding "gold stars" to a quiz or flash cards. Games excel at demonstrating systems, not delivering facts. My games give you a personal and compelling reason to keep playing, not superficial rewards. During my years at the University of Advancing Technology I designed, developed and delivered over 30 courses and shaped the game program's deployment. 65% of the school's population takes courses I developed. I led or pioneered numerous student and staff projects, mentored hundreds of students through their program of study and helped to create one of the most complete, well-rounded "game degree" programs in education today, using the very latest APIs, tools and platform--all of it hands-on. I created and delivered courses such as Rapid Game Prototyping, Writing for Interactive Environments, Evolution of Electronic Games, Game AI Concepts, Experimental Gameplay, Serious Game Design and Casual Game Design. All of these courses terminated in portfolio-level projects and were as grounded in industry practice as possible. I'm also an accomplished writer and editor, at one time the Senior Editor of Inside Mac Games magazine, as well as a contributor to numerous publications. Specialties:My primary skills are in game design, interactive writing, editing, rapid prototyping, curriculum design and development and producing small projects. I'm also an experienced video editor (Avid, Combustion, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack) and Photoshop user with 18 years of web design and creation experience. I am comfortable programming in Python and various game engine scripting languages including ActionScript and iOS development tools as well as C# and XNA.

$44.44 /hr
0 hours

Aldo Tirelli

Aldo Tirelli Agency Contractor

Casting - Project Director/CEO of 3A Sound

Canada - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 8

I started my career in the Entertainment business as an actor in my mid 20’s. After many notable appearances in major film and television projects both in Canada and the US, I made the decision to move from in front of the camera to behind the camera and founded The Montreal Casting House in the late 90’s. I went from casting commercials at the start to today being an Emmy nominated casting director. I have cast major motion pictures and working alongside award winning producers, directors, and talents such as, George Clooney, Brian Singer, Martin Scorsese, Paul McGuigan and John Maybury and with companies such as Miramax, The Weinstein Company, Paramount, Warner Bros, Universal and Atari. RECENT CREDITS Eve Online (Video Game) (Expansion Packs) Black Mirror 2 (Video game) Spore Hero (Video Game) Need for Speed: Nitro (Video Game) Huxley (Video game) Funball (Animated Series) Mysteries of Alfred Hedgehog (Animated TV series) Compass & Alarm Clock (Animated Series) Specialties Voice and live action casting, voice director, casting director, project management, entertainment law, contract negotiation, team leader.

Associated with: 3A Sound

$95.00 /hr
0 hours

Pier Gorges

Pier Gorges


Luxembourg - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 2

In the last few years i have been studying Languages like German, English and French and I want to study English now.I speak all of these four languages fluently and I am now trying to use my language skills to earn some pocketmoney for university fees and costs.

88% Job Success
$11.11 /hr
0 hours

Richard R.

Professional Video Game Writer and Producer

United States - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 5

With over 17 years of industry experience, I've worked on more than 3 dozen video games as a designer, writer, and producer. I've written concept documents, pitches, presentations, press releases, newsletters, copy, voiceover dialogue, storylines, while designing and managing small and large projects. Outside of the gaming industry, I write product descriptions, handle data entry, do creative writing, write screenplays, and more. I'm a native English speaker, and if you need anything written, I deliver top-quality work to your specifications. Please visit my Linkedin profile for more information about my career history:

$50.00 /hr
12 hours

Robert Madsen

Robert Madsen Agency Contractor

Studio Director, SynapticSwitch, LLC

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 14

My studio, SynapticSwitch, focuses on contract programming in the game and entertainment industries. We specialize in web and mobile apps. We can provide the entire range of services ranging including design, production, coding, art, and audio. Contact us when you need help with your next game project.

Associated with: SynapticSwitch, LLC Agency

$55.56 /hr
790 hours

Daphne L.

Daphne L.

Chemical Engineer (with Masters in Management Engineering)

Philippines - Tests: 7

I am a registered Chemical Engineer in the Philippines. I am working as a university professor handling subjects in Thermodynamics, Chemical Engineering Plant Design and Economics, Industrial Stoichiometry and Quantitative Management. I have also worked as a Chemical Laboratory Analyst and as a Quality Analyst in a manufacturing company. I also have experience in a network company as a Technical Support Specialist. I have a Master's Degree in Management Engineering. My English communications skills are above par,both in writing and speaking. I am also a mother to a wonderful baby boy. I have retired from corporate life to have more time for him, but I am not retiring from work and from my pursuit to higher learning. I take pride in my skills and education, and I believe that I can still pursue a career without compromising my time as a mother.

$8.89 /hr
0 hours

Winston Miller

Winston Miller

C# .Net Developer

United States - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 1

I am a Software Developer with a wide variety of programming experience. I have worked on both desktop and website applications.. I specialize in C# (.Net) applications, but also have knowledge of C++, Java, JavaScript, VB, and more. Also a background in video game development, which brings extensive knowledge in User Interface and Graphics Design & Implementation. I am also looking to gain more experience designing and implementing mobile applications (Android or iOS) and website design and deployment using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

$25.00 /hr
0 hours