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  1. Marcelo Silva

    Marcelo Silva

    Business Intelligence Analyst

    Brazil - Last active: 05/10/2014 - Tests: 1

    If you need your data moved, your systems integrated, your star models filled or any other kind of data processing using ETL I can help you. MCTS BI since 2008 I work with big telecommunication and energy companies in Brazil. Specialized in data cleansing, fast load processes, great variety of data sources and destinations. I also have some experience in the following areas: C#, Visual Basic, SAP BO and Ultimus.

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  2. Guillermo Worlicek

    Guillermo Worlicek

    Excel expert

    Switzerland - Last active: 04/16/2014

    Financial management (investing in hedge funds across all asset classes) and investment banking veteran. Implemented large projects for research, fund selection, portfolio management and risk management. NAV calculation and reconciliation, and accounting under IAS and US GAAP. Discount Cash Flow modelling (DCF) and benchmark analysis (KPI) implementations. University diploma in Accounting (CPA). Passed CFA level 2.

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  3. Nino Cocchiarella

    Nino Cocchiarella

    Sofware Engineer specializing in PHP/Pyhon

    United States - Last active: 04/28/2014 - Tests: 3 - Portfolio: 1

    Nino Cocchiarella Software Engineer An accomplished Software Engineer specializing in web software, custom enterprise software, and reverse engineering, with experience in the full cycle of software development including prototyping, proof of concept, design, back-end development, user interface development, debugging/testing, and maintenance. Summary of Qualifications: - Expertise in object-oriented analysis/design - Significant experience in Linux server maintenance - Thorough knowledge of major web technologies and mobile platforms - Years of experience with Flash/FLEX/ActionScript 3 programming - Strong background in mathematics (calculus, probability theory, combinatorics, topology, etc.) - Excellence in developing algorithms - Analytical thinker that consistently solves new problems that have eluded resolution by others Technical Expertise: Languages: ActionScript 3, AppleScript, AWK, Bash/sh, C, C++, CSS, HTML/XHTML/HTML5, IDML, Java, JavaScript, MXML, PHP, Python/Jython/Cython, XML (xPath, xQuery, XSLT, etc.) Database Management Systems: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL Frameworks: Ajax, Django, FLEX 3/4, jQuery, WordPress, ZenCart, Zend Framework Platforms: Android, Linux, MacOS X, UNIX, Windows XP/7 Other: - Thorough knowledge of javascript APIs for automating workflows in Adobe's Creative Suite - Significant experience in parsing, manipulating, and creating IDML files (InDesign Mark-up Language) - Experience in systems migration and cross-platform application development Professional Experience: Lieberman Enterprises, Inc. (2012-2014) Software Engineer Development of various projects, including major enterprise software and database-driven web software. Continued to develop software for Leed Selling Tools (described below), leading a team of programmers to expand the project. Leed Selling Tools (2008-2012) Independent contractor Developed custom enterprise software to automate the entire workflow of Leed Selling Tool's business, transforming customer service to a web interface, graphics/design into a custom automated templating system generating production-ready PDFs using input from the user, automated generation of machine files used in factory, full administrative control panel, etc. Completely reverse engineered Adobe's InDesign, writing libraries to display IDML (InDesign Mark-up Language) on-screen through Flash via ActionScript and the FLEX framework, and libraries in PHP to produce print-ready PDFs. Heritage Web Solutions (2006-2008) Out-source PHP/MySQL programmer Rapid development of various websites, including a website allowing customers to create their own designs online through a full-featured custom interface, to be printed on a large array of items such as a T-shirt, a coffee mug, plaque, etc., websites for major insurance companies, numerous e-commerce sites, etc. Mr. Owl Productions (2006-2008) Owner Created a record label, producing CDs for classical musicians. Developed an online system where users could schedule recording sessions through an automated calender interface, listen to each take from their session online, and choose which clips from which takes were wanted for final product through a custom interface where a user could select, drag, and drop portions of various clips and piece them together, gathering information for later editing in ProTools. Cocchiarella Design, Inc. (now "NINO") (2006-2008) Web Developer Developed several customized projects, including an e-commerce site where users can design their own specifications for lab tables and various back-end projects.

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  4. Stijn Neirinck

    Stijn Neirinck

    Web & Software Developer

    Belgium - Last active: 07/20/2014

    Hi, over the past 16 years I went through the whole IT chain. Starting as a helpdesk employee and worked my way up to web & software developer. I've managed to master my skills in Java, C#, MySQL and Wordpress. After all those years working for private firms. It found it was time for me to offer my services to everyone. Standing still in IT is going back! ;)

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  5. Ang Lloyd

    Ang Lloyd

    Journalist, proofreader and editor

    South Africa - Last active: 12/18/2014

    I'm a talented journalist who is available for freelance commissions and projects. My natural curiosity and storytelling abilities allow me to write about a variety of topics in a number of styles, from art to travel; features to news. I've been published in national newspapers and international magazines. I am also a sub-editor and proofreader; I have a meticulous eye for proofing, and I enjoy the challenge of editing. I have a background in business-to-business publishing, layout and English teaching.

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  6. Michael F.

    Michael F.

    PHP and JavaScript developer.

    Ireland - Last active: 4 months ago

    Full-stack PHP developer with over 10 years professional experience building web sites, web applications and web services to suit a wide variety of needs and desires for start-ups and clients in the small to medium size business market. Currently specialising in the Laravel PHP framework and also proficient in JavaScript, including AngularJS, and frontend technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

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  7. Jonathan Storm

    Jonathan Storm


    United States - Last active: 04/28/2014 - Tests: 10

    I value intellectual honesty, equanimity and dispassionate discourse, diversity of perspective, creative collaboration, scientific inquiry, and a healthy, nuanced sense of humor. I value people, not organizations. I draw a lot of diagrams and carry a notebook and whiteboard wherever I go. Given a pot of coffee, or a few pints, and a lot of markers, I'll talk shop for hours. I recently took up juggling just so I can think faster. Incidentally, it's also fun. Some wordier information follows. Since entering networking in 2004, I've had the good fortune of being given unfettered access to a smorgasbord of technologies from numerous vendors in a wide variety of implementations. The gestalt of this practical experience is enhanced pattern recognition, which has proven invaluable when encountering new technologies and unfamiliar systems. I've also developed a fairly unhealthy relationship with the Internet, and for all her vexing inconsistencies and mind-boggling architectural flaws, I always run right back. BGP had me at "Open." I strive always to distill recursive complexity from seemingly inextricable intricacy, reducing special cases to degenerate ones (though, in the wild, an 80% solution is often quite good). I prefer primary research and the considered development of new processes and best practices to the repetitive application of existing ones, and this drives me to automate the tedious bits wherever possible. I'm always in search of new and interesting problems--and new methods with which to solve them. To that end, I spend a great deal of time writing code and studying mathematics, all the while finding new applications to ground the theory. If I stumble upon a particularly recalcitrant problem, I teach everyone I see about it until some vital insight reveals itself or I find someone to instead teach me.

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  8. Bill Fletcher

    Bill Fletcher

    Technical Project Manager - embedded Linux multimedia

    United Kingdom - Last active: 05/16/2014 - Tests: 1

    I can solve the following for you: Defining upfront the models for managing complex backlog issues, continuous integration, open source ingestion, licences obligations. Relationship management: customer expectation, sourcing hard-to-find services for e.g. Secure code analysis or legacy code experts Putting in place risk management as an extension of Agile processes & achieving a shared view of risk and risk ownership. Product definition, project scope, make/buy decisions and sharing experience on outsourcing. Recent projects: Integrating specialist teams into an Agile flow Adding risk management to Agile processes Product definition for software services-as-a-product Skills: Agile, Product Owner, Waterfall, requirements, business analysis, project management, program management, C, gcc, bash, embedded, MPEG2 TS, H.264, DVB-S, DVB-T, HLS, CAS, DRM, RDK, CDI, UML, Linux, TI Sitara, CVS, git, STM32, GPL, software licensing, IP licensing, statements of work Bachelors in Engineering

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  9. Leslie Claire

    Leslie Claire

    Instructional designer with years of editing and graphics experience

    United States - Last active: 11/12/2013 - Tests: 1

    Do you need a killer presentation? How about the gorgeous handouts to go with it? Do you need a completely custom publication? Or perhaps a straightforward but appealing web site that you can either update yourself or that I can maintain for you? How about a logo or business collateral? No matter what you're looking for in this regard, let's talk about it! You want to look great to your clients. Let me help. With an extensive background and ninja-level skills in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, PowerPoint/Keynote, WordPress, and more, I can help you come up with everything you need, both in print and online. You can be certain that your information is understood by your audience. I'm certified in instructional design technology (I will finish my master's in instructional design in May 2014), so that I can help you to craft your message through clearly presented information and education-based marketing. Your message will be comprehensible and focused in every detail. As an award-winning publications designer and a college instructor in graphic design, I have a solid grounding in color theory, typography, layout, and other design principles to make sure the right ideas will be conveyed to your audience. You can be confident that your writing will be just as it should be, too. With truly old-school language skills, I'm an experienced editor who can make sure that your text is absolutely correct. Just as a bonus for you, I work with a brilliant business consultant and marketing expert who is ready to help you target your message to get the results you're looking for. Together, we've created many acclaimed business plans, one of which was approved for more than $750,000 in funding. We can help point you toward success. I'm friendly and easy to work with, too. Plus, if I'm not confident that I can give you everything you're looking for, I promise to be up-front with you about it—even then, I can put you in touch with one of dozens of other great designers and editors I know who might be a better fit for you. Please contact me today to discuss your upcoming needs. Because I'm an individual and not a design firm, I can only accept a certain number of clients each month—let's make sure to schedule your project in time for your deadline. I'm looking forward to working with you!

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  10. Vinícius K.

    Vinícius K.


    Brazil - Last active: 08/28/2014 - Tests: 1

    A full stack developer, with high experience in PHP + CakePHP and Node.js. As well in build rich applications with javascript, using angularjs and emberjs. I've also write applications in several different languages/frameworks such as: Symfony2, Zend, Wordpress, Drupal, Typo3, Ruby, Rails, Python, Flask, Silex, Puppet, Objective-C. I'm always seeking to learn new technologies and approaches to best serve the customers/projects needs.

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