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  1. Mihai Pop

    Mihai Pop

    Embedded Software Developer

    Romania - Last active: 29 days ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 4

    I characterize myself as a self-learning person, extremely motivated when working on different projects, with an extremely will to learn new technologies. I am a student, currently studying Computer Science, and working in the same time in a company specialized in Embedded Systems Engineering. I have lots of experience with Embedded Systems such as communication protocols, different APIs, Realtime-OS, embedded stacks and others, Electronics also.

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  2. Satish Vodapally

    Satish Vodapally

    Technical Architect and Software Engineer - C/C++ Embedded Development

    Australia - Last active: 2 days ago - Portfolio: 6

    Software Engineer and Technical lead with ten plus years of diversified experience in embedded real-time software development and project management. Extensive knowledge and experience in system software and multimedia development. Five plus years of practice in senior roles for variety of projects and teams. - Ten years of expertise in the field of Embedded domain - Over five years of experience in leadership roles as Senior SW Engineer, Technical Lead. - Involved in full lifecycle and development of an multimedia program. - Provided a complete Multimedia solution based on OpenEmbedded framework for customized embedded linux flavour and C++ based middleware, application for design/development of media solution. - Strong programming skills in C, C++ and RTOS concepts - Experience with working and debugging on Linux and QNX environments - Worked extensively on multimedia standards (DVD, VCD/SVCD, and DivX). - Good expertise on streaming architectures (MME, MMF & GStreamer) and frameworks

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  3. Tan Trinh

    Senior Embedded Software

    Vietnam - Last active: 8 days ago

    Have 10 years-experience of embedded software development. Porting OSs on new platforms: FreeRTOS, Micrium, Microsar, Linux, Android Designing and development firmware experience. Develop drivers for peripherals in MCU and device drivers on platforms. Validation for MCU, FPGA and devices on platforms. Experience in Cadence, PADS2007 Software. Experience in programming C, C++, assembly. Experience in programming for Renesas’s Chips: Biscayne SH7760, SH7263, Wheat SH7723, Diamond-Head 7723, SDK SH7264, Denali SH7264, Weisse SH7776 , H8S CPU, Bock-W Board, Keeper Board, Panda Board, Beagle Board, Milan SH7778, SH726B, SH7267, SH7269, RZ1H(ARM Core),.. Good background knowledge electronics and computer. Good knowledge and experience in computer architecture. Good knowledge and experience in FreeRTOS, Micrium, Microsar, Linux, Android. Soft Skills: communication Skill, presentation.

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  4. Mohammed Yassine

    Mohammed Yassine Agency Contractor

    Embedded systems Developer

    Morocco - Last active: 1 day ago

    Hi there ! I'm an experienced embedded systems engineer. My core competencies are : - Embedded dev in different environments (Linux, Unix, vxWorks, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, FPGA) - in different language : c, verilog, vhdl, assembly-language - Network programming : Wifi stacks, Zigbee, BLE, Bluetooth, Ethernet, TCP/IP. - Linux Drivers and modules development - embedded protocols : I2C, SPI, UART, CAN,... I am a fast learner, self-motivated and hardheaded person who can integrates easily in teams. My English is fluent and I have no worries to speak with customers. Feel free to contact me for any job.

    Associated with: MITDEV

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    8 hours
  5. Sergii Nedosiekov

    Sergii Nedosiekov

    Embedded Software Engineer

    Ukraine - Last active: 20 days ago - Tests: 1

    I have more than 10 years experience in software development My main area of expertise is embedded software and system level development. Have developed Linux kernel modules, refactoring scheduler and writing drivers for micro-kernel operating system, OS less solutions, Broadcom WICED. Good understanding of multitasking and multiprocessor developing. Have experience with cooperative multitasking. Developed drivers for UART, SPI, I2C bus Main programming language is C and C++ Similar with POSIX, sockets, stl Able to drive projects from the scratch. Good understanding of software architecture and scaling design

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  6. Devendra Sen

    Devendra Sen

    Embedded software engineer

    India - Last active: 23 days ago

    Working as Embedded Software engineer since last two years. • Responsible for Analysis, Design and Development of new and existing requirements to set processes. • Enhancing the functionality of existing objects as per the requirements. • Developed Ethernet protocol for data transmission and receiving. • Bluetooth interfacing with various microcontrollers. • Developed multiple Wireless &Wired protocol based embedded software. • Developed the various Android technology based embedded software. • Working experience in application of motion control, auto detection mode. • Delivered embedded software component for multiple product ensuring quality of code and design in adherence to product specification and schedule. • Supply source code and final image to embedded hardware designer • Participated In architecting new product and features. • Interface various Motors to other devices. • Worked in embedded automotive environment. • Provided sustaining engineering for product line. • Developed software design and code that conformed to established coding standards.

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  7. Peter Kisfaludi

    Peter Kisfaludi

    Embedded software developer

    Netherlands - Last active: 1 day ago - Portfolio: 3

    I am an Embedded Software Engineer with 5+ year’s commercial and 10+ year's hobbyist experience in embedded systems design and development, including building the hardware and developing firmware for it. This gives me a good overview on embedded devices and I can efficiently debug both on hardware and software level. I am enthusiastic about the Arduino platform, and I have been working with AVR, PIC and ARM-based microcontrollers. With arduino, it is a matter of hours to get a new sensor up and running and that really excites me, as I can have a working prototype fast and work on the real challenge for my clients. As part of my daily job, I develop real time embedded systems using FreeRTOS most of the time, and I write low level code for communication buses like I2C, SPI, UART, device drivers for various peripherals like Accelerometer, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, light sensor, medical sensors like ECG, PPG and GSR. My personal favorite languages are C++, Python and C. You can check out my portfolio here:

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  8. Emma Puls

    Emma Puls

    Computer Science Student

    Australia - Last active: 18 days ago

    I am a student of Curtin University, Western Australia. My transcript is available on request. I enjoy engaging in extra-curricular studies and work and I have a broad range of general knowledge about many topics. Things that I have worked on include: Embedded Systems (microcontrollers, assembly, procedural C, etc.) Heuristics (neural networks, genetic algorithm, travelling salesman, etc.) Android (basics of app development) Languages (Java, PHP, Python, C)

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  9. Mohamed Baidaq

    Mohamed Baidaq

    Embedded Software Developer

    Egypt - Last active: 12 days ago - Portfolio: 1

    I'm a Junior Engineer,Just Graduated from Faculty of engineering from the Electronics and Communications Department . I have worked In Developing Embedded system Applications since 4 years . I worked on multiple platforms such as AVR,ARDUINO based AVR and Arm-Cortex-M4 Processor . I have Very good skills in Embedded C , Assembly and Software Engineering and also In PCB Design using Altium Designer Summer 09. My career Objective is To work in a position where my skills in embedded applications are utilized to the fullest extent and to make a positive contribution to the Life.

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