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Ruby is an open-source dynamic and general-purpose programming language that is similar to languages like Perl, Lisp, Python and Smalltalk. On Upwork, the world’s largest online workplace, companies hire Ruby freelancers for various Ruby development projects, from web applications and threaded database servers to chart libraries, desktop GUI applications and image recognition engines.

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Last updated: September 1, 2015
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  1. Ramkrishan P.

    Ramkrishan P. Agency Contractor

    Sr. Ruby on Rails Developer

    India - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 7

    I am an experienced full stack Ruby on Rails developer with 4 years experience. Best Key Skills are: language: Ruby (1.8.x - 2.x), Ruby Meta programming Framework: Rails (2.3.x - 4.x) Front-end: - HTML/HTML5, - CSS/CSS3, - Javascript/jQuery, JSON, AJAX - CoffeeScript, Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3 - SASS, XHTML, XML, HAML, ERB, Slim - Responsive Web Design DataBase: - MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite Payment gateways integration: Stripe, Paypal, Chargebee and card payment integration. Services/API: - Amazon Web Services S3/EC2 - Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in) - API Integration (LemonFree, Songkick, Foursquare, Twilio, Sendgrid, Lastfm and many more) - API Development Version Control: Git, SVN Project Management/ Repository Management tools: - Github, Bitbucket, Redmine, Basecamp, Asana, Assembla, Trello JavaScript Framework: - AngularJS Web Server : - Nginx and Apache Web hosting server: - Heroku, EC-2, Digital Ocean App Server - Unicorn, Thin, Puma, Passenger Other Skills: - Ruby Gem Development - Object Oriented Programming - Server Configuration, - Scripting - REST Web Services - Debugging

    Associated with: GemsEssence Infotech pvt ltd

    $22.22 /hr
    0 hours
  2. Mohammad F.

    Mohammad F.

    PHP & Ruby on Rails Expert

    United States - Tests: 2

    I have over 10 years of web development experience, with a focus on open source languages. My specialties are Ruby on Rails, PHP and Symfony2. I am a big believer of Agile methodologies and BDD. My strengths include all backend development as well as server infrastructure. I am also skilled in HTML5, CSS3, HAML, SASS, ERB and the usual rails stack.

    $900.00 /hr
    0 hours
  3. Marco Meden

    Marco Meden

    Junior Ruby on Rails Developer


    I first started coding in 2001 with learning PHP but then came over Java to Ruby on Rails. First of all I want to satisfy my customers needs but coding is also huge fun for me and I'm about to improve my skills as well. You will get an appointment via Skype within 24 Hours at GMT+1 daytime. Thanks for being interested ;)

    $11.11 /hr
    0 hours
  4. Alexandr Dobrovolsky

    Alexandr Dobrovolsky

    Ruby on Rails Backend Developer

    Ukraine - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 1

    Hello. I'm student from Ukraine. Studing in Kiev Polytechnic Institute. I have experience with: -MySQL -Front-end: css(SASS), HTML(HAML), Bootstrap, JavaScript -Back-end: Ruby on Rails -Git -In deployment use Capistrano, Heroku. As my personal qualities I share : Analytical, broad-minded, calm, energetic, flexible, hardworking, optimistic and motivated.

    $9.53 /hr
    0 hours
  5. Arif Hossain

    Belgian Ruby on Rails developer

    Belgium - Tests: 1

    Hi, I'm Arif! A web developer based Brussels, Belgium. Mostly working on web and iOS application(Rubymotion) using Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MYSQL, postgresql, mongodb and javascript. i also do server maintenance using linux. I've years of experience as a web developer. I also worked with different web development agency in my local area. See my portfolio for more information. Note: I don't do Graphic design! It's lack of creativity.

    $15.00 /hr
    0 hours
  6. Lukasz O. Agency Contractor

    Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

    Poland - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 4

    Hi there! If you've been looking for a very experienced RoR developer, you've just found one ;) I've been programming and developing my skills for over 7 years now, thus you can definitely call me a RoR guru! For the last two years I was working as a Lead Developer in one of the Polish biggest property portals, My experience is not only RoR-related though. I've developed a couple of websites using Wordpress. As far as my other skills are concerned, I can help you with front-end tasks, (although I specialize in back-end) CSS, HTML/DHTML, JS or jQuery is not a problem for me. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MVC, Memcache, SEO, SVN - let's go for it! :D Look forward to working on your projects!

    Associated with: Polcode

    $30.00 /hr
    5 hours
  7. Kateryna Tsymbaliuk

    Kateryna Tsymbaliuk

    Automation QA Engineer


    • overall 4 years of experience in web, desktop and mobile (Android and iOS) projects testing; • overall 3 years of experience in automated testing of back-end and front-end web, mobile (Android and iOS) applications, framework design and development; • experienced in setting up CI process with automated testing support, investigating and evaluating an automation tools; • experienced in release and deployments processes planning, monitoring current project development and testing status and risks, communication with customers, participated in Agile (Scrum) software development process; • strong competence in automated testing technologies, types and approaches, experienced in automated testing process planning, organizing and improving. Technical Skills: • Languages: Java, C#, Objective-C, Ruby, JavaScript; • Testing tools and frameworks: Calabash, Appium, Espresso, Selenium WebDriver, XCTest, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, QTP; • Technologies: REST API, SQL, Git, TFS, Maven, Gradle, JSON, XML, Git, Jira, .ASPNET, WPF, HTML, CSS; • Tools: MS Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, MS SQL Server Management Studio, Xcode, Eclipse, RubyMine, Jenkins, TeamCity, VMware vSphere, VirtualBox, Splunk, WFetch;

    $22.22 /hr
    550 hours
  8. Raymond Doran

    Raymond Doran

    Senior Software Consultant

    United States - Tests: 2

    I am an experienced, motivated and detailed Software Architect / Engineer with a complete end-to-end understanding of the software development process. Over 17 years of professional experience in software development, technology support, and graphic arts. Software development skills include Rich Internet Applications and Web 2.0, Object Oriented Application Design (OOAD), including the use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), SQL, JAVA (J2EE, Hibernate, Spring, Struts), JSP, ActionScript, PHP, EJB, C++, HTML, XML, BlueMartini, Design Patterns, and managing small development teams. The past 15 years of my career have been mainly focused on the Java family of technologies with a strong emphasis on distributed applications over the internet or corporate intranet. I have also spent the last 6 years with Flex and Actionscript front ends. The ability to speak comfortably in large groups, one on one with clients, or mentoring peers is a skill that I have been able to acquire as well.

    $105.56 /hr
    1,286 hours
  9. Emilio Bustos

    Emilio Bustos

    Erlang and XMPP expert

    Argentina - Tests: 1

    If any of the following looks like what you need to be done, then I can help you reach your goal. * Add chat capabilities to your web site, social network or online game * Create a mobile chat application in the likes of WhatsApp / Line / Kakao / Telegram. * Obtain reliability and responsiveness on unstable network connections * Scale to millions of users * Unique features to you product * Need guidance on the next step to take * Someone who can deliver you a solution from start to finish Great expertise on Erlang, XMPP, Node.js, High-concurrency and Massive scalability. I have done custom developments for chat applications, including: * Ejabberd modules and core modifications * Web chat client (using strophe.js) * Android chat client (using aSmack) * Desktop XMPP clients (using XMPP4R, SleekXMPP)

    $45.00 /hr
    43 hours