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Denis K.

Denis K.

Expert .NET/C++ developer

Ukraine - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 16

* 10 years of experience in software development * >40 projects was complete as a remote employee * 40 technologies in skillset * 7 certificates from Brainbench, oDesk and Smarterer * Perfect understanding of fundamental concepts of software development * Fast learning C# .NET senior developer, C++ compiler developer, self-motivated remote employee

86% Job Success
$34.00 /hr
8,213 hours

Eugene Shcherbina

Eugene Shcherbina

C++/Qt/QML crossplatform software developer

Russia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

For the last 8 years I've been working primary with C++ and technologies/libraries related to it; such as: boost, Qt, log4qt, STL). And not so related: RegExp(PCRE), XML, QML, Javascript, SQL. I have a good knowledge of the old-school C++98/03 as well as modern C++11/14. Have an experience with VSS, CVS, SVN and Git. But hugely prefer Git. Have about 5 years experience with CMake. Also I have an experience in software architecture and design patterns(GoF, primary). I prefer projects with unit tests and clean code requirements. Besides, I can help with the whole project infrastructure creation(tests, continuous integration, review etc.) and manage a developer team. For the purpose of unit testing I've used Qt tests, boost test and Google test and Google mock. Currently I work with gtest&gmock combination, mostly. So, my primary goal, at the moment, is to apply my developers skills for some challenging software-developing job which being written using modern C++ language.

83% Job Success
$61.11 /hr
4,422 hours

Teodor Moroz

Teodor Moroz

Software Engineer

Ukraine - Tests: 1

Hello, My name is Teodor Moroz. I believe my strong points are my creativeness, purposefulness and punctuality. When working on a new project, I like to speak with the client, so that I can have a clear understanding of his needs and vision of the project. I have overall 4 years of commercial programming experience. Most of my experience is C++ related. From 2011 I've been working on Android gallery project which involved a lot of NDK development. Last three years I am working as a server side developer on Windows/Linux platform implementing solutions for backup/restore and complex account logic. I am passionate to work on interesting project with challenging tasks. My skills are: OOP,OOD, UML C++, C, WinAPI, Posix, Boost, STL Core-Java, AndroidSDK, SQL If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

$18.00 /hr
21 hours

Razvan Coca

Razvan Coca

Linux C/C++ developer

Romania - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 4

A good system design and appropriate algorithms driving it would allow you to avoid problems rather than fix them later. I provide simple and elegant solutions to do just that. I offer design and implementation services for Linux C/C++ development (either embedded or desktop) and Networking applications: client/server, protocols. My work experience includes: - Cross platform development of backend systems (Linux, Windows and MacOsX) - Numerical computations: linear algebra, numerical integration, signal processing, optimization (GA, simulated annealing) - Medical applications both in academic environment and for commercial products - Trading systems and MT4 EA (C++/mql) - High throughput elastic cloud storage, other cloud utility software - High Availability middleware - Embedded systems (switches, Bang & Olufsen TVs, EZ80 devices - RZK and ZTP) - Layer 3-4 Enterprise Router coding, L2 netlink interface bonding - Computer Telephony and Voicemail software on Windows, Linux and OS/2 - Physics research, Computational Electromagnetism and Semiconductors

75% Job Success
$36.00 /hr
112 hours

Georgiy Pankov

Georgiy Pankov

Senior C++/Java/Python/Node.js developer. Highload, Big Data

Russia - Tests: 4

Greetings! My name is Georgiy, and I have more then 15 years of commercial programming experience. During my carrier I participated in several large and small projects of various level of complexity. I worked as a Developer, Team Lead, QA, DevOps and System architect, and I look forward to apply my knowledge and experience during work on your projects and ideas. My mathematical skills are good and I have a wide range of interests. During my career and used a lot of technologies. Here are my main skills... I am an expert in C/C++ (primarily network applications, system services, data processing systems, real-time systems, network protocol implementations). Have a good knowledge of stl and boost. Multi-threaded programming, synchronization mechanisms, interprocess communication. I use C++11 if it appropriate by conventions of the project. I love Python and use it very often (web applications, console applications, system services, various scripts). I know Java Core well enough and used it for some commercial projects (collections, algorithms, system services, selenium, junit, testng). I have significant experience with JavaScript and CoffeeScript (Nodejs, Express). I also used jquery and react.js for client side. I think of myself as an expert in Postgress database, however I worked with mysql (mariadb), mongodb, couchdb, vertica. I used to work as a DevOps specialist, and have a good knowledge of amazon web services (Elastic Beanstalk, EC2, S3, DynamoDB, sqs, sns, Kinesis). (Have an experience with Java and nodejs aws sdk). At the same time I also worked with real servers and have experience with real virtualization (xen, kvm, have some experience with openstack), with docker and coreos. During work on some of my previous projects, I managed to organize Continues Development (using ansible and salt (not simultaneously :) ) and Continues Integration (mainly jenkins) processes. I also have a real experience of scaling of high load projects (10000 views per second in peak) and designing of fault tolerance. I'm always focused on the final result and I try use my experience for creation of the most simple and flexible design of project or application. I spend some of my free time on learning about new technologies and tools to ease and reduce time spent in application development and deployment. People, who worked with me, could tell that I am a communicative and friendly person, easy to work with. Do not hesitate to contact me and ask any question about me, my experience or skills.

$40.00 /hr
1,416 hours

Iurii Sergiichuk

Iurii Sergiichuk

Software developer

Ukraine - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 1

Java developer with 2+ years of development and maintenance experience. Good communication skills, experience of working with foreign customers and managers. Fast-learning, strong analytical skills, ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Knowledge summary: Technologies: Java SE, Java EE, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, Servlets, AspectJ Testing frameworks: JUnit, Mockito, Spock, Geb, Selenium, PowerMock IDE: Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEA Application servers: Tomcat, WebLogic, Glassfish OS: Windows, UNIX DBMS: Oracle, Apache Derby, MySQL, Sqlite Build Tools: Maven, Ant, ivy, gradle Version Control System: Subversion, git Management Tools: JIRA, Confluence, Gerrit Organization: SCRUM Additional skills: technical documentation writing, knowledge transferring Additional experience: Python-Django development, automation of Android security applications, basic C/C++ knowledge, Groovy for unit testing with Spock framework, basic JS knowledge with jQuery, basic knowledge of PHP with template engine Smarty3. Additional tools: MSVS 2010/2013 IDE, PyCharm IDE, PHPStorm IDE,

100% Job Success
$24.00 /hr
29 hours

Vladimir Prokofev

Vladimir Prokofev

Senior C, C++ and x86 Assembler Developer

Russia - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 9

I'm a professional developer for 25 years experience in high level(C, C++, Pascal, Prolog) and low-level (x86 Assembler) languages, data processing, algorithms developing, code optimization and electronic devices controlling. I have logical kind of thinking and like researching and development. I like increasing my knowledge – it is interesting for me to study new technologies all time. I like working independently, it helps me to deep into projects, explore them from internal points of view, understand details and to solve problems. I have high problem solving. I like generating ideas how to improve, make better and optimize code and involved algorithms. Areas of my knowledge: * Software languages: - x86 Assembler. Professionally for 26 years. - Assembler for Z80, Sparc, Mips, Atmel - 2 years. - C. Professionally for 25 years. - C++. Professionally for 22 years. - Prolog. Professionally for 6 years. - Pascal. Professinally for 12 years. - Perl - 10 years. - Javascript - 5 years. - HTML, CSS - 6 years. - XML - 3 years. - jQuery - 2 years. - Bash - 8 years. - SQL - 4 years. - Fortran - 3 years. * Technologies: - Data processing - 7 years. - Virtualization - 10 years. - Algorithmization - all time. - Optinization code and algorithms - all time. Apply for processor pipe line optimization, resourse usage, speed and size of executables. - Multithreading - 10 years. Win32, Linux, IPC, locks, mutex, guards, atomic. - Low-level access of devices. RS-232, LPT, ISA slot, IR, I2C, UART, SPI, PWM. - Cryptography - 5 years. RC6, RSA. Symmetric and nonsymmetric keys. - WEB. CGI, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Postgres, dBaseII, Perl, AJAX, Json. - Client - Server. Access, confidentiality, security, multithreading. - QT. 1 year. - Turbo Vision. Graphics Vision. 6 years. Upgrade system parts. Professional. - STL. 10 years. - boost. 4 years. * Operating Systems: - DOS. 3.30 - 6.22. Administration, Drivers, Applications - Windows. 3.11 - 7. Administration, Applications. - Linux. SuSe, Gento, Ubuntu, Debian, LynxOS. Administration, Applications, scripts. * Versioning control: - Source safe. 5 years. - Clear case. 4 years. - CVS. 3 years. - SVN. 5 years. - Mercurial. 4 years. - Git. 1 year. * Developing tools: - Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 - 2010. for 16 years. Professional. - Kate, QT Creator. - Delphi. 3 years. - Visual Prolog 5.0 - 7.0. 6 years. Professional. * Compilers: - MS VC 6.0 - 2010. - GCC 2.95 - 4.x. - Turbo Pascal. - Delphi. - Fortran. - cross-compilers. Mips, Sparc.

$25.00 /hr
0 hours

Mikhail Stolyarov

Mikhail Stolyarov

Linux/FreeBSD programmer/admin

Russia - Tests: 2

I have a lot background with *nix servers. I worked with FreeBSD and Linux servers in local ISP "RosTeleKom". I did a bash/python scripting for many tasks include online video streaming ( city webcameras), backup, automatical configure network devices using telnet/snmp. I can setup and admin zabbix software, dns, dhcp and much more. But my passion is programming. I love it. I know C++, Qt framework, Python, Bash, not much SDL and Boost. And my hobby is DIY with microcontrollers.

$13.33 /hr
0 hours

Sasun H.

Sasun H. Agency Contractor

Software Engineering Expert

Armenia - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 3

Software engineer with 6 years professional experience. Proficient on all steps of software development flow - defining requirements, writing specifications, designing and implementing solutions. Excellent knowledge of C++, object-oriented programming, metaprogramming with templates and generic programming. Good knowledge and practical use of C++11. Strong basis of algorithms, data structures and mathematical background.

Associated with: Qube

100% Job Success
$33.33 /hr
977 hours

Volodymyr Kostanda

Volodymyr Kostanda Agency Contractor


Ukraine - Tests: 42 - Portfolio: 41

Owner and CEO at AdoriaSoft LLC. AdoriaSoft offers full cycle software development services and implements all stages of projects for our customers: - Research and estimation - Requirements definition - Architecting - Development - Graphical design and User experience design - QA - Support and updates Platforms that we develop for: - iOS (iPhones and iPads of different versions) - Android phones and tablets - MacOS - Web - Windows desktop - Windows Server - Windows CE - Windows Mobile PPC and SP 5.0, 6.0, 6.5, 7 editions We - have different real devices for testing (Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads of different generations, Macbooks, etc), no emulators. - work with both native and crossplatform frameworks - use an established design/development/testing lifecycle, follow scrum - have our own development servers with tasks management system (JIRA), source control (Git), continuous integration and build server (Bamboo), etc. - can easily work with time zones like PST, EST, etc. - offer high quality and cost effective solutions for our customers Technologies/Languages/Libraries/Frameworks: - ObjectiveC, iOS SDK, Mac OS SDK, XCode - Java, Android SDK - C++, STL, Boost, ATL, WTL, COM, MFC - Windows API, DirectShow, DirectSound, Sockets, Completion Ports, OLEDB, TAPI, GDI - C#, Managed C++, ASP.NET, LINQ, ADO.NET Entity Framework, WPF, Compact Framework, Mono.NET, Monotouch, Xamarin - Appcelerator Platform, Titanium, PhoneGap - MS SQL Server, T-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB - Cloud platfoms: Amazon Web Services ( AWS ), Microsoft Azure - Web technologies: REST and SOAP web services, JavaScript rich client libraries, HTML5, CSS3 Our competences: - business automation software - System utilities for MacOS, Windows and mobiles platforms - Information security, cryptography, steganography - client-server applications - Wireless 3G/4G, Bluetooth, WiFi applications - VoIP, voice codecs, data signal processing - Complex Web applications and portals (ASP.NET, PHP, REST web services, JavaScript rich clients)

Groups: Application Developers Alliance

Associated with: Adoriasoft

100% Job Success
$29.00 /hr
15,549 hours