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Last updated: August 1, 2015
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  1. Md firoz H.

    Md firoz H.

    Expert of HTML5 with PSD to HTML CSS3 jQuery,Bootstrap Skills

    Bangladesh - Tests: 10

    Hi, I am a man who is Enthusiastic, visionary, imaginative. I am a man who has- Hawk-like attention to detail Dog-like dependability Ox- like work ethic Cat-like reflexes I am Md. Firoz Hosssain and 38 years old. I have completed my Honors in English Literature in 1998 and Masters in English Linguistics in 1999 from the most renowned Dhaka University, Bangladesh. I have been working as a freelancer since 2012 in various Skills and working platforms. MY REQUIRED SKILLS: I am Skilled and have working experience by my-self in HTML,HTML 5 ,CSS3 ,various Adobe software like Adobe Photoshop CS to CS 5. I am practicing all the features of the listed software. So, I am skilled in working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign for T-Shirt Design, Logo Design, flyer-design, Banner Ad Design, Photograph Color Correction, Photo Manipulation, Image Editing, Photo Editing, ebook design, Packaging Design etc. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT HTML- I have Skills in PSD to HTML Coding and Stylize in CSS3.I have explained what I know about HTML and CSS3 in brief. 1. HTML BASIC 2. HTML ATTRIBUTES 3. HTML HEADINGS: I know everything in details about- HTML headings, horizontal rules, head. 4. HTML PARAGRAPHS: I know everything in details about HTML paragraphs, The use of line breaks , Poem problems, the <pre> tag. 5. HTML STYLES: I know everything in details about HTML- styles, background color, text color, text font, text size, text alignment. 6. HTML TEXT FORMATTING 7. HTML QUOTATIONS AND CITATIONS 8. HTML COMPUTERCODE ELEMENTS 9. HTML CSS 10. HTML LINKS 11. HTML IMAGES 12. HTML TABLES 13. HTML LISTS 14. HTML BLOCK AND INLINE ELEMENTS 15. HTML CLASSES 16. HTML LAYOUT 17. HTML IFRAME 18. HTML HEAD ELEMENTS 19. HTML SCRIPTS 20. HTML FORMS 21. HTML FORM ELEMENTS 22. HTML INPUT TYPES: I am able to input – text, password, radio, checkbox, button, number - with restrictions, number - with steps, date - with date picker, date - with restrictions, color - with color picker, range, month, week, time, date time, date time-local, email, search, tel, url. 23. HTML INPUT ATTRIBUTES: 24. HTML5 CANVAS:I am able to Draw on the canvas with JavaScript, a line with lineTo(),a circle with arc(),a text with fillText(),a text with strokeText(),a linear gradient, a circular gradient, an image with drawImage(). 25. HTML5 SVG: I am able to Draw SVG Circle, SVG Rectangle, SVG Rounded Rectangle, SVG Star, SVG Logo 26. HTML5 MEDIA: I am able to Play video with controls, autoplay. 27. HTML5 GEOLOCATION 28. HTML5 LOCAL STORAGE-I am able to Store a name permanently, a counter permanently, a counter for one session. 29. USE OF HTML5 : I am able to work with HTML5 for drag and drop, application cache, web workers, server sent events. WHAT I KNOW ABOUT CSS3 I am skilled in using CSS3 with HTML in all the following Properties of CSS3. 1. CSS SELECTORS 2. CSS BACKGROUNDS 3. CSS TEXT 4. CSS FONTS 5. CSS LINKS 6. CSS LISTS 7. CSS TABLES 8. CSS BORDER 9. CSS OUTLINE 10. CSS MARGIN 11. CSS PADDING 12. CSS DIMENSION 13. CSS DISPLAY 14. CSS POSITIONING 15. CSS FLOATING 16. CSS ALIGNING ELEMENTS 17. CSS Combinators 18. CSS Generated Content 19. CSS Pseudo-classes 20. CSS Pseudo-elements 21. CSS Navigation Bars 22. CSS Image Gallery 23. CSS Image Opacity 24. CSS Image Sprites 25. CSS Attribute Selectors 26. CSS3 Rounded Corners 27. CSS3 Border Images 28. CSS3 Backgrounds 29. CSS3 Gradients: 30. CSS3 SHADOW EFFECTS 31. CSS3 Text 32. CSS3 Fonts 33. CSS3 2D Transforms 34. CSS3 3D Transforms 35. CSS3 Transitions 36. CSS3 Animations 37. CSS3 Multiple Columns 38. CSS3 User Interface 39. CSS3 Box Sizing REQUIREMENTS: I am -Highly organized -Creative - able to work on my own responsibilities -Fluent in English in all skills -Almost always available on Skype and Cell Phone. -12/7 Skype service So, I think I am the best to conduct my clients work smoothly, sincerely, effectively and efficiently and so I am waiting for your quick response and invitation.

    $3.00 /hr
    0 hours