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  1. Lance Sison

    Lance Sison

    Rockstar for hire. Graphic, Web and Brand Identity Design.

    Singapore - Last active: 9 days ago - Tests: 8 - Portfolio: 37

    I have extensive experience in corporate branding and in the publishing industry (I've worked on several publications in Singapore such as GOLF, Computer Era, Motoring, Motherhood and to name a few); ATL and BTL design, art direction, prepress, planning, styling and directing photo/fashion shoots for various publications. I'm also experienced in designing websites, user interfaces and enhancing usability of web/mobile applications. On top of my years in professional designing experience gained from full-time employment with Fortune 500 Global MNCs, I've also enjoyed running my own graphic design consultancy and have successfully worked on projects of companies based in the US, UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the Philippines. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of working with blue chip brands such as Citi(Citigroup), Eli Lilly, Puma, TaylorMade, Ping and adidas. If you have a really interesting project or if I could proudly show-off your project in my portfolio, I want in.

    Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers

    $42.78 /hr
    286 hours
  2. Pavel S.

    Pavel S.

    Magora Systems - Russian Software Development Company

    Russia - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 42

    Hi, I'm Pavel, a leading Project Manager and senior-level Developer in the international freelance software development field. I have at least 5 years of experience in each of the following disciplines and am ready to offer you the highest level of expertise in JavaScript, PHP, iOS, Android and ASP.NET. Get in touch and we can discuss the best approach to make your project a success through and through. I am a team player, first and foremost, let's play on the same team! Thanks, Pavel

    Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers

    $60.00 /hr
    6,801 hours
  3. Matas K.

    Matas K.

    Not your casual freelancer.

    Lithuania - Last active: 12 days ago - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 20

    Warning! This is not some default copy-paste template profile about how professional and great I am and that I'm so good at what I do that I even poop rainbows and sparkles. No, this is real life. Good luck reading. Hello, my name is Matas, I am a freelancer web dev available for hire via Upwork. I am available for and only work with small businesses and private clients. - I am not available for your greedy agencies, so stop trying recruiting me. Look for the fools elsewhere. - I am not available for clients from Middle East or South Asia. No disrespect to those countries, but I got burnt and scammed way too much from those regions. - I am not available if you don't have a milestone ready, a confirmed payment method, positive feedback and history (this includes Elance and Freelancer). - I am not available if you don't know what you want. Having a vision is not enough, you're not a psychic. - I am not available if you can't communicate like a grown adult, answer emails daily or respond to Skype messages. - I am not available to your made up excuses that you got sick or that you had to take your husbands mothers daughters sons dog to the hospital or any other made up crap as an excuse to the project which I finished 2 weeks ago and you still didn't pay for it. - I am not available to your stories about how great and talented your kids are, they know Photoshop and other crapola, that you could get someone to get this or that done for cheaper or whatever. I charge only 15$ an hour! This rate is a joke! And it's still too much for you? Stop wasting time then. - I am not available to make you a 'favor' - we are not friends. And it's not a 'favor' you're looking for, but a free work. - And I am not available to clean up after your unfinished project which was abandoned by your previous developer. There's gotta be a good reason why he ran away from you. And remember, my zodiac is Aries and yes, I am stubborn and persistent and aggressive and straight-forward, because when you try to pull off some crap on me - it won't work. After reading this you might think something like 'woah this guy is a total jerk!'. No, I am not, this comes from my experience gathered throughout the years, lots of clients are just this bad, they look for free or cheap work and how to trick you into their scams. If you still think I'm bad, just check that Work History on the right with 100% Job Success, a Top Rated ribbon and 5.00 star rating. Well... You're still reading? Now on topic. I am web developer, I build websites from scratch, I work alone, so I won't build you a network or some app for a big corporation or whatever. I work with small clients only. I work in both web development and web design. I build websites from scratch or from PSD designs or from static CSS/HTML to a working content management systems. That would be Drupal. Why Drupal and not Wordpress? Because professionals choose Drupal while Wordpress is for kids and hippies. Skills: - Drupal - Photoshop - Sublime Text - CSS/HTML - Web design - Responsive web - Maintenance and upgrades Communications daily via Upwork, email or messaging via Skype. If you can't respond daily, I will work with your assistant. You must know fluent English. Pretty much it. I live in Lithuania, Northern Europe. I am 27 years old. Currently trying to work full-time as a freelancer online and it's a hell to succeed with this great variety of 'amazing' clients. No, I'm not married, I'm in a 6 year relationship. With a woman (just to clear this out). No kids. Nor pets. I'm pretty boring. I hang on computer 24/7, surf the web, listen to 90s progressive, watch movies. I'm currently reading Frank Herbert's 'Dune', so yeah, I'm a bit into sci-fi. Best TV shows of all time The Sopranos and The Wire. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I try to workout every other day or so. You know, trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Oh and I don't eat meat. I'm not a vegetarian! I never said that. So, I don't know, I simply don't eat it. So yeah, don't forget to hire me or just run away, all scared and screaming like in a horror movie after reading this horrible curriculum vitae. Thank you for your time. Cheers, Matas

    $14.99 /hr
    53 hours
  4. Faye Tiu

    Faye Tiu

    oDesk TOP RATED Web Designer 2015/Expert in Graphics,Website,Print Ads

    Philippines - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 370

    I'm an IT Professional, Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Computer Science and an expert Graphic Designer. I am hardworking,honest and efficient. For the past 14 years, I developed my skills in Graphic designs. I am expert in Web Layout Design, and all web graphics like logo, Website button, icons, letter heads, banners, and print designs like Magazine ads, all types of invitations, business cards, leaflets, flyers, editting photos, movie making and many more. I can work with minimal supervision. I believed that every project will improve my skills and talent in graphic designs. My highest goal is to deliver the best amongst the best result in every project. I'll make sure to meet all your requirements but still welcomes the suggestions for the improvement of the project. As an online provider, I can assure you of my dedication and honesty.

    $23.00 /hr
    6,962 hours
  5. Camilla W.

    Camilla W.

    Microsoft Office Consultant and Trainer, Layout and Design Specialist

    United States - Last active: 16 days ago - Tests: 7 - Portfolio: 8

    The ideal positions will allow me to use my experience and education as well as challenge me, introducing new skills and programs. I have a BA in English Communication and am an experienced Adult Education instructor of computer software, specializing in Microsoft Office, layout and design. I am proficient with computers. a self-starter and self-motivator, who works well in a challenging environment. I enjoy learning and researching for personal and professional gain.

    $25.00 /hr
    1,179 hours
  6. Maria C Sanchez Aramayo

    Maria C Sanchez Aramayo

    Database Developer

    Brazil - Last active: 2 days ago - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 1

    Over the past 10 years, I have developed database information systems using Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Access; developed websites using HTML, DHTML, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, Jquery and Javascript. In addition, I have experience in Object-Oriented Design and Development, Systems Analysis and Design, data transformation (SSIS), Excel Macros and VBA. I'm focused on efficiency and automation, insightful analysis, and producing high quality work for my clients. I like challenges and ready to face difficulties. It makes me always learn something new and be on top of the hill.

    $24.00 /hr
    523 hours
  7. Robert P.

    Robert P.

    Graphic Designer

    Romania - Last active: 8 days ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 27

    Hello! I am Robert, graphic designer. People say I am quite extraordinary at what I do, but take a look for yourself. In my past years, I have worked with small start-ups and helped them get a head-start in their field, but I have also contributed to big marketing companies as an individual contractor. Contact me if you are in need of my services and I will make it my responsibility to give you an exquisite final product.

    $22.22 /hr
    311 hours
  8. Aleksandr M.

    Aleksandr M.

    Web Developer

    Russia - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 2 - Portfolio: 2

    I'm web developer with about a 5 years of non-fulltime web development, focused on developing Single Page Javascript Applications with AngularJS, REST API with ruby and hybrid mobile applications with Ionic Framework, with all necessary background such as native JavaScript knowledge (closures, prototype inheritance), most popular JS libraries as jquery, lodash (underscore), Ruby knowledge (EventMachine) e.t.c. My primary tools now is Gulp, AngularJS, Ruby, Grape, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Debian. I'm looking to be involved in interesting projects, ready to solve complex problems as well as study new technologies. You should fell free to contact with me, if you have questions about my skills or hourly rates - i'm sure we will find a common ground.

    $28.00 /hr
    466 hours
  9. Den B.

    Den B.

    Senior Web-Mobile(iOS/iPhone/iPad/Android-PHP/Zend/JavaScript) Expert

    Ukraine - Last active: 1 day ago - Tests: 10 - Portfolio: 14

    My overall experience in programming is about 10 years. Over the last 5 years, wide range of client-server applications based on PHP, JavaScript, iOS and Android have been developed for various types of businesses. My solid experience provides development process smoothly, fast and with high quality thus the applications are stable, scalable, transparent and easy to read. I am open to discuss any ideas in order to find most appropriate way for implementing into real application. My English is excellent for discussion by voice. I have rich experience in: 1. Startup development. 2. Project management. 3. Building backend for web applications using: Linux, PHP(Zend, CodeIgnitor), Node.js(Express.js), MySQL. 4. Building responsive frontend using: Ajax, JavaScript(Backbone.js, AngularJS), JQuery, HTML, CSS. 5. Building API for communication with external consumers. 6. Using already existing API: Google API, Facebook, Freshbook, Popshops. 7. Building mobile applications using Objective C, Java. 8. Building games for mobile applications.

    $40.00 /hr
    4,414 hours
  10. Corey Lewis

    Corey Lewis

    Web Designer and Developer, UX/UI, Wordpress CMS

    United States - Last active: 11 days ago - Tests: 6 - Portfolio: 18

    I am seeking great opportunities to build both short-term and long-term relationships with clients focusing on web design, development and Wordpress customization. Located in Sacramento, California (United States), my web design and development knowledge and skills consists of 8+ years of professional experience. Providing you and your clients with professional, unique and creative products is the level of expertise I look forward to offering you! Highlighted skills: Web Design UI-Design UX-Design Wordpress CMS customization and development Email Marketing (Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Exact Target) Tumblr design and development HTML5 CSS3 PHP jQuery Photoshop CS6 Adobe Master Collection CS6

    $35.00 /hr
    588 hours