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Khurram Hameed

Khurram Hameed

UX/UI Web Graphic Designer, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery, HTML5, CSS, Flash

Pakistan - Tests: 16 - Portfolio: 11

I’m a web and interface designer and I love what I do. I’m specialized in hand-crafting beautiful and intuitive websites using latest trends and code. I also design interfaces, Iphone Development, web and code cool stuff in a simple and beautiful way. Sees technology as a way of facilitating and improving communication between users, understanding that people come before technology.

Groups: Bluehost Developers and Designers, PBwiki Professionals

$15.00 /hr
651 hours

Assad Ullah

Assad Ullah Agency Contractor

Professional Web Designer WordPress Expert

Pakistan - Tests: 1 - Portfolio: 2

a Business graduate from University of Central Punjab, Pakistan, Assad Ullah is Pakistan based entrepreneur. He's currently running a technology company "Go Easy Web Solutions" and a design studio "Sam Design Studio" focusing on affordable web technology solutions and design needs to small and medium size businesses. With a team of passionate, dedicated professionals, Assad is helping individuals and businesses to take their business on next level. Services and Skills Logo Design & Branding Corporate Identity Kit Design Brochure Design Print Stationary Design Label & Packaging Design Icon Design Mobile Graphics Design UI/UX Design Static Website Design HTML 5, CSS 3 PSD to HTML 5, CSS 3 PSD to WordPress Twitter Bootstrap WordPress Design Custom WordPress Design Joomla eCommerce Solutions - WP Commerce - WooCommerce - OSCommerce - BigCommerce - PrestaShop - Shopify - Magento - Joomla Virtue Mart Landing Page Design Blog Design & Programming Mobile Apps UI/UX Design & Development - Android - iOS

Groups: PBwiki Professionals, Samasource

$15.00 /hr
607 hours

Ruth S.

Ruth S.

Experienced Technical Writer, Business Writer and Copywriter

South Africa - Tests: 5 - Portfolio: 24

Talented, detail-oriented technical writing professional with over 7 years of experience communicating technical information clearly and effectively. I have written numerous user manuals, software system guides, administration guides and configuration guides. For the last 6 years I have produced technical documentation for a Java-based CMS. I can write in almost any environment and have experience with Jira, Confluence (Wiki), SVN, Git and more. My writing is backed by more than 20 years of varied commercial, legal and technical experience. I own and run two successful websites and keep current on new SEO and web strategies and advancements.

Groups: PBwiki Professionals

$66.67 /hr
10,786 hours

Abbey Santos

Abbey Santos Agency Contractor

Web Researcher and Data Entry Specialist

Philippines - Tests: 22 - Portfolio: 15

I have worked in different service-oriented and data processing companies and gained relevant customer handling and computer skills. Working for those companies taught me how to handle pressure and deal with all kinds of people. I work with minimal supervision and accept comments for future improvement regarding my work. I am willing to extend my hours if necessary in order to meet deadlines. If given the chance, I assure you that I will be an asset to you. Service Description Data Entry Data Mining Database Creation Email Harvesting/Collection Highrise Lead Generation Mailing List Development PDF to Excel PDF to Word Prospect List Collection Web Research

Groups: PBwiki Professionals

$6.00 /hr
10,864 hours

Mae C.

Mae C. Agency Contractor

Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Consultant, Inbound Marketer

Philippines - Tests: 16 - Portfolio: 23

Outsource your social media management. Here is my little alphabet about social media: S - share Here lies the power of social media - the ability to share. Customers tend to share a lot of information on the net through links, videos, images. If you have these multimedia available about you and your products, you are making it easy to market and have your presence available. O - open Search is power. Google is power. Having your business out in the open with SM gives you an opportunity that others missed. You may a few hundreds of people reached through your email marketing campaign, but think of the millions you can reach through the net. C - content Customers don't want to hear news about just you and your products anymore. They want to hear what you think about the industry you are in through the value you bring into their lives. Maybe toot your own horn sometimes but overall you must be a content provider, the go-to persona, of your industry in this medium. I - interact Gone are the days of push marketing. Customers are smarter nowadays. They use these channels to be able to immediately interact with you. Email server down? Phone out of reach? Try to tweet! A - aggregate Keeping a close eye on your competitor? Try aggregating and clue in on their latest gimmicks, news, promos and maybe it will give you a hint on what to do next with your own business. L - loyalty As a social media user myself across networks and sites, the thought of businesses listening to what I have to say is overwhelming. My ranting about GoDaddy lead to a GoDaddy CS to help me out with my concern. Weeks later I found myself purchasing domains over again. Moral? Customer loyalty rakes in trust and believe me, it rakes in dollars too. M - mix Mix photos, videos, text, audio. Facebook lets you do this easily and the more you share, the more customers know you and makes you 3D. Whether is be as a topic starter or getting a point across, the ability to mix these is something that you cannot do on an FHM magazine. E - engage To be authentic gains you more listeners than a bot, of course. SM users are smart people. They can immediately detect fake accounts and know when interactions are not authentic. Just like walking into a party with a fake smile, they know when your engagement with them in this medium is real or driven by lust for cash. D - distribute You have an interesting thought to share. You mass update your favorite social sites. Are these the right ones for you? SM is not a one-size-fits-all thing. It has to be customized and researched. What networks work for this business may not be the same as what works for yours. Distribute your social media content in the right networks to the right niche. I - integrate Integrate social media into your website, your email campaign and you will see the returns far greater. In a rush to convert leads to customers, most marketers focus on what currently works. If it's not broken, why fix it? Again, it is lost opportunity. A - accelerate Start your social media campaigns and accelerate returns. Coupled with SEO and SEM, adding a dash of social media can never be a wrong move. What you will be doing is increasing the range of your reach to potential customers in your niche and hey, it is better than actually cold-calling or sending unsolicited email or messages. The opposite of what SM does. Know your customers and make them feel relevant. In return, expect loyalty and mention and close a sale or two. I am learning social media too but overwhelmed does not mean uninformed. ;) The internet is a powerful tool for anyone eager to learn. How about cashing in on your prospects eagerness to learn about you?

Groups: PBwiki Professionals

$16.67 /hr
9,241 hours

Debora R.

Debora R.

If You Want It Done .. I'm The One

United States - Tests: 12

I have worked in the technology field for over sixteen years, I can design and build Telephone & Voice Mail systems, along with WANS & LANS. Some of my customers include The Anti-Defamation League & The Miccosukkee Tribe of Indians. I recently finished school, majoring in English, writing is my core objective. I finished school with a 4.0 GPA. I excel at Creative Writing, Copywriting, actually anything in the writing field, I excel at.

Groups: PBwiki Professionals

$22.22 /hr
785 hours

Rafiq Elmansy

Rafiq Elmansy Agency Contractor

Certified Graphic and Web Designer, UX Expert, Creative Director

Egypt - Tests: 4 - Portfolio: 24

Over the last 15 years, I have worked as senior graphic designer and creative director in different projects including graphic design, web design, logo design and branding, Flash design and animation, video production, UI design, UX research, and design management. I am an official Adobe professional, certified expert (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Flash), and Adobe certified instructor. I got master degree in design management with focus on creativity and innovation. Strength points: - Technical and creative experience - Creative directing and consultations - Before deadline delivery and work flexibility - Available for online communication most of the time.

Groups: Intuit Partner Platform Flex Developers, PBwiki Professionals...

$35.00 /hr
927 hours

Susan O.

Susan O. Agency Contractor

Magento Data Entry, Forum Administrator, Web Researcher, Data Entry

Philippines - Tests: 9 - Portfolio: 7

Over the past years, I dedicated myself in giving quality work, and providing reliable services to my clients. My objective as a freelancer, is to satisfy my clients by rendering quality service and timely projects, at the same time earn a decent income.

Groups: PBwiki Professionals

$3.50 /hr
5,730 hours

Maria Rowena Josephine A.

Maria Rowena Josephine A. Agency Contractor

Your Capable Bookkeepper - Quickbooks, Xero, etc.

Philippines - Tests: 23 - Portfolio: 1

I am a capable Bookkeeper and versatile Virtual Assistant. I am looking for jobs that will help me grow professionally as well as personally while also challenging me to do my best. I'm a fast learner, friendly, thorough and trustworthy worker. I am not afraid to speak my mind when there is a need to do so. I do my best to provide my clients with high quality results.

Groups: Kampyle, PBwiki Professionals

$7.78 /hr
1,012 hours